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ArcObjects Object Model Diagrams

This PDF file contains all of the Object Model Diagrams in ArcObjects.
This document allows you to easily search all the diagrams at once for a
specific coclass or interface. To find a specific object on the diagrams, first
zoom in so that the text is at a readable scale. Then use Edit/Find to
search for a specific text string. Also, it is useful to turn on the Navigation
pane so that you can easily navigate through the document.
Application Framework IExtension
IExtension : IUnknown
Name: String
IApplication : IDispatch
Caption: String
CurrentTool: ICommandItem
Document: IDocument
ITemplates : IUnknown
Count: Long
Item (in Index: Long) : String
IProgressDialogFactory : IUnknown

Create (in trackCancel: ITrackCancel, in


hWnd: Long) : IStepProgressor

Object Model
hWnd: Long
Startup (in initializationData: Variant) * Name: String
StatusBar: IStatusBar
(Optional) IExtensionAccelerators IExtensionAccelerators : IUnknown Templates: ITemplates
VBE: Object
Visible: Boolean MouseCursor
FindExtensionByCLSID (in ExtensionCLSID:

ArcGISTM 8.3 IMouseCursor

IUID) : IExtension IMouseCursor : IUnknown
(Optional) IExtensionConfig IExtensionConfig : IUnknown FindExtensionByName (in extensionName:
String) : IExtension
Description: String IsDialogVisible (in dialogID: Long) : Boolean StatusBar SetCursor (in cursorID: Variant)
Copyright © 2002 Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. ProductName: String LockCustomization (in Password: String, in ProgressDialog
State: esriExtensionState custFilter: ICustomizationFilter) IStatusBar : IUnknown
All rights reserved. ArcGIS is a trademark of ESRI. NewDocument (in selectTemplate: Boolean, IStatusBar IProgressDialog2 IProgressDialog2 : IUnknown
in templatePath: String) Message (in pane: Long) : String
OpenDocument (in Path: String) Panes: Long IProgressDialog Animation: esriProgressAnimationTypes
PrintDocument ProgressAnimation: IAnimationProgressor CancelEnabled: Boolean
ProgressBar: IStepProgressor
Visible: Boolean
IProgressor Description: String
Title: String
SaveAsDocument (in saveAsPath: String, in
HideProgressAnimation IStepProgressor HideDialog IAppROT : IUnknown
saveAsCopy: Boolean)
HideProgressBar ShowDialog
SaveDocument (in saveAsPath: String)
ShowDialog (in dialogID: Long, in bShow: PlayProgressAnimation (in playAnim: Count: Long
Variant) : Variant Boolean) Item (in Index: Long) : IApplication
Shutdown ShowProgressAnimation (in Message: String,
in animationPath: String) Add (in pApp: IApplication) : Long
UnlockCustomization (in Password: String) Remove (in cookie: Long)
ShowProgressBar (in Message: String, in min:
Long, in max: Long, in Step: Long, in
onePanel: Boolean)
IDockableWindowManager IDockableWindowManager : IUnknown StepProgressBar
Types of Classes CoordinateDialog IAppROTEvents IAppROTEvents : IUnknown

Class Diagram AbstractClass An abstract class cannot be used to create new objects but is a
specification for instances of subclasses (through type inheritance.)
GetDockableWindow (in dockWnd: IUID):
IDockableWindow ICoordinateDialog ICoordinateDialog : IUnknown AppAdded (in pApp: IApplication)
AppRemoved (in pApp: IApplication)

Key (Optional)InterfaceB
InterfaceA Interface of interest A CoClass can directly create objects by declaring a new object.
A Class cannot directly create objects, but objects of this class can be IExtensionManager IExtensionManager : IUnknown
X: Double
Y: Double

created as a property of another class or instantiated by objects from DoModal (in Title: String, in initialX: Double,
Extension (in Index: Long): IExtension in initialY: Double, in numDecs: Long, in
another class. ExtensionCLSID (in Index: Long): IUID hWnd: Long) : Boolean
ExtensionCount: Long
Type inheritance Types of Relationships FindExtension (in nameOrID: Variant):
IExtension IComponentCategoryManager IComponentCategoryManager : IUnknown
Associations represent relationships between classes. They have defined
multiplicities at both ends.
IMultiThreadedApplication IMultiThreadedApplication : IUnknown Create (in Name: String, in Category: IUID)
CoClass Instantiation Type inheritance defines specialized classes of objects which share GetStringDialog Setup (in PathName: String, in ObjectType:
InterfaceD properties and methods with the superclass and have additional properties IUID, in Category: IUID, in install: Boolean)
Interface of interest Composition and methods. Note that interfaces in superclasses are not duplicated in GetProcessID: Long IGetStringDialog IGetStringDialog : IUnknown SetupObject (in PathName: String, in obj:
InterfaceB RegisterThreadManager (in pThreadMgr: IUID, in Category: IUID, in install: Boolean)
Class IDllThreadManager): Long
UnregisterThreadManager (in mgrCookie:
Value: String
Instantiation specifies that one object from one class has a method with
which it creates an object from another class.
Long) DockableWindowDef DoModal (in dialogTitle: String, in
InterfaceG Interface of interest getStringLabel: String, in initialValue:
String, in hWnd: Long) : Boolean
InterfaceM Composition is a relationship in which objects from the 'whole' class IDockableWindowDef IDockableWindowDef : IUnknown
(<classname>)InterfaceO control the lifetime of objects from the 'part' class. CustomizationFilter IVbaApplication IVbaApplication : IUnknown

An N-ary association specifies that more than two classes are associated. ICustomizationFilter : IUnknown
Caption: String
ICustomizationFilter CreateCodeModule (in docName: String, in Name: String
A diamond is placed at the intersection of the association branches.
moduleName: String) UserData: Variant IUID IUID : IDispatch
Association 1..* Multiplicity A Multiplicity is a constraint on the number of objects that can be OnCustomizationEvent (in custEventType: 0..1 InsertCode (in docName: String, in
Special Interfaces associated with another object. Association and composition relationships esriCustomizationEvent, in eventCtx: moduleName: String, in codeText: String) OnCreate (in hook: IDispatch) GetUserAndPasswordDialog SubType: Long
Variant) : Boolean RemoveCodeModule (in docName: String, in OnDestroy Value: Variant
have multiplicities on both sides. This is the notation for multiplicities:
(Optional) represents interfaces that are moduleName: String) IGetUserAndPasswordDialog IGetUserAndPasswordDialog : IUnknown
inherited by some subclasses but not all. Inbound Interface 1 - One and only one (if none shown, '1' is implied) RunVBAMacro (in docName: String, in Compare (in otherID: IUID)
moduleName: String, in MacroName: Password: String Generate
The subclasses list the optional 0..1 - Zero or one String, in arguments: Variant): Variant UserName: String
Outbound Interface enumeration
interfaces they implement.
firstValue - firstEnumeration M..N - From M to N (positive integers) DockableWindow DoModal (in dialogTitle: String, in stringLabel:
Interface key secondValue - secondEnumeration String, in hWnd: Long) : Boolean
(Instance) represents interfaces that are * or 0..* - From zero to any positive integer IWindowPosition IWindowPosition : IUnknown IDockableWindow : IUnknown
only on specific instances of the class. Property Get
Property Put 1..* - From one to any positive integer Height: Long
Property Get/Put <<Struct>> Left: Long ISupportErrorInfo Caption: String
Structure key ID: IUID
(<classname>) indicates the name of
the helper class required to support this
Property Put by Reference State: esriWindowState
IWindowPosition Name: String DllThreadManager
firstMember: Type Top: Long
Method Width: Long UserData: Variant
event interface in Visual Basic. secondMember: Type IDllThreadManager IDllThreadManager : IUnknown
Dock (in dockFlags: esriDockFlags) ListDialog
Move (in Left: Long, in Top: Long, in Width:
Long, in Height: Long) IsVisible: Boolean IListDialog : IUnknown
Show (in Show: Boolean) IListDialog OnShutdown
Choice: Long
AddString (Choice: String)
DoModal (in Title: String, in initialChoice:
Long, in hWnd: Long) : Boolean

Accelerator AcceleratorTable Document IExtensionManager IExtensionManager : IUnknown
IAcceleratorTable IAcceleratorTable : IUnknown MessageDialog Extension (in Index: Long): IExtension
IAccelerator IAccelerator : IUnknown IDocument IDocument : IDispatch ExtensionCLSID (in Index: Long): IUID
IPersist Count: Long ExtensionCount: Long
Alt: Boolean
Item (in Index: Long): IAccelerator
Accelerators: IAcceleratorTable IMessageDialog IMessageDialog : IUnknown
CommandID: Variant IPersistStream CommandBars: ICommandBars FindExtension (in nameOrID: Variant):
Ctrl: Boolean Add (in ID: Variant, in Key: Long, in bCtrl: ID: IUID DoModal (in Title: String, in Message: String, IExtension
Key: Long Boolean, in bAlt: Boolean, in bShift: Parent: IApplication in OKButtonMessage: String, in
Shift: Boolean Boolean): Boolean Title: String CANCELButtonMessage: String, in hWnd:
Find (in ID: Variant): IArray Type: esriDocumentType Long) : Boolean IExtensionManagerAdmin IExtensionManagerAdmin : IUnknown
Delete * FindByKey (in Key: Long, in bCtrl: Boolean, in VBProject: Object
bAlt: Boolean, in bShift: Boolean):
IAccelerator AddExtension (in ExtensionCLSID: IUID, in
initializationData: Variant)
StartupExtensions (in componentCategory:
IUID, in initializationData: Variant)
INumberDialog INumberDialog : IUnknown
Value: Double
CommandItem CommandBars
DoModal (in Title: String, in initialValue:
ICommandItem ICommandItem : IUnknown ICommandBars ICommandBars : IUnknown Double, in numDecs: Long, in hWnd: Long)
: Boolean
IPersist Action: String LargeIcons: Boolean
BuiltIn: Boolean ShowToolTips: Boolean
IPersistStream Caption: String
ISupportErrorInfo Category: String Create (in Name: String, in barType:
Command: ICommand esriCmdBarType): ICommandBar
FaceID: Variant Find (in identifier: Variant, in noRecurse:
Group: Boolean Boolean, in noCreate: Boolean):
HelpContextID: Long ICommandItem
HelpFile: String HideAllToolbars
Index: Long
Message: String
Name: String
Parent: ICommandBar
Style: esriCommandStyles
Tag: String
Tooltip: String 1..*
Type: esriCommandTypes
Delete CommandBar
ICommandBar : IUnknown
Reset ICommandBar
Count: Long
Item (in Index: Long): ICommandItem
ICommandItem CommandBarDef
Add (in cmdID: IUID, in Index: Variant):
IWindowPosition ICommandItem
CreateMacroItem (in Name: String, in FaceID:
Variant, in Action: String, in Index: Variant):
CreateMenu (in Name: String, in Index:
Variant): ICommandBar
Dock (in dockFlags: esriDockFlags, in
Command referenceBar: ICommandBar)
Find (in identifier: Variant, in noRecurse:
Boolean): ICommandItem
IsVisible: Boolean
Popup (in X: Long, in Y: Long):
ICommandItem MenuDef ToolbarDef
CustomizationErrors esriDockFlags
IMenuDef IMenuDef : IUnknown IToolbarDef IToolBarDef: IUnknown -2147221404 - cust_err_builtin_only 0 - esriDockHide
Caption: String Caption: String -2147221403 - cust_err_invalid_on_builtin 1 - esriDockShow
ItemCount: Long ItemCount: Long -2147221402 - cust_err_invalid_on_commandbar 2 - esriDockLeft
Name: String Name: String -2147221401 - cust_err_invalid_type 4 - esriDockRight
GetItemInfo (in pos: Long, in itemDef: -2147221400 - cust_err_cmdNotAvail 8 - esriDockTop
GetItemInfo (in pos: Long, in itemDef:
IItemDef) IItemDef) -2147221399 - cust_err_invalid 16 - esriDockBottom
-2147221392 - cust_err_alreadyLocked 32 - esriDockFloat
(Optional) IRootLevelMenu IRootLevelMenu : IUnknown -2147221391 - cust_err_badPasswordLen 64 - esriDockToggle
Document CommandBar COM CommandBar -2147221390 - cust_err_no_template_lock

UIControl MacroItem COM Command

(Optional) IShortcutMenu IShortcutMenu : IUnknown 0 - esriDocumentTypeNormal
0 - esriAnimationDrawing 1 - esriDocumentTypeTemplate
1 - esriAnimationPrinting 2 - esriDocumentTypeDocument
2 - esriAnimationOther
3 - esriAnimationLast

1 - esriESEnabled
2 - esriESDisabled
0 - esriCmdBarTypeToolbar
4 - esriESUnavailable
1 - esriCmdBarTypeMenu
2 - esriCmdBarTypeShortcutMenu
UIButtonControl UIEditBoxControl Button ToolControl esriMxDlgIDs
0 - esriMxDlgCustomize
IUIButtonControlEvents : IDispatch IUIEditBoxControl IUIEditBoxControl : IDispatch
ICommand ICommand : IUnknown IToolControl IToolControl : IUnknown
IUIButtonControlEvents esriCommandStyles 1 - esriMxDlgStyleGallery
Text: String Bitmap: Long ICommand 0 - esriCommandStyleTextOnly 2 - esriMxDlgOverflowLabels
hWnd: Long
Checked: Boolean Clear Caption: String 1 - esriCommandStyleIconOnly 3 - esriMxDlgMacros
Category: String (Optional) ICommandSubtype OnDrop (in barType: esriCmdBarType) : 4 - esriMxDlgVBA
Click 2 - esriCommandStyleIconAndText
Enabled: Boolean Checked: Boolean Boolean 5 - esriMxDlgOptions
Enabled: Boolean OnFocus (in complete: ICompletionNotify) 4 - esriCommandStyleMenuBar
Message: String
ToolTip: String
IUIEditBoxControlEvents IUIEditBoxControlEvents : IDispatch

HelpContextID: Long
HelpFile: String
Message: String
Interfaces 6 - esriMxDlgContents
7 - esriMxDlgZoom
8 - esriMxDlgPageSetup
Enabled: Boolean Name: String 9 - esriMxDlgPrintSetup
Tooltip: String 0 - esriCmdTypeCommand
GotFocus 1 - esriCmdTypeMenu 10 - esriMxDlgProperties
IAnimationProgressor : IProgressor IProgressor : IUnknown
KeyDown (in keyCode: Long, in shift: Long) OnClick 11 - esriMxDlgUnlockCustomization
LostFocus 2 - esriCmdTypeToolbar
OnCreate (in hook: Object) Animation: esriAnimations Message: String 12 - esriMxDlgLockCustomization
UIComboBoxControl Message: String 3 - esriCmdTypeMacro
ToolTip: String OpenPath (in animationPath: String) Hide 4 - esriCmdTypeUIButtonCtrl
IUIComboBoxControl : IDispatch
(Optional) ICommandSubtype ICommandSubType: IUnknown Show 5 - esriCmdTypeUIToolCtrl
IUIComboBoxControl Play (in frameFrom: Long, in frameTo: Long,
in repeat: Long) Step 6 - esriCmdTypeUIComboBoxCtrl
EditText: String Seek (in frameTo: Long) 0 - esriProgressGlobe
GetCount: Long 7 - esriCmdTypeUIEditBoxCtrl
Item (in index: Long): String Stop 1 - esriDownloadFile
ItemCount: Long UIToolControl SetSubType (in SubType: Long) Tool MultiItem
ListIndex: Long IStepProgressor : IProgressor
ITool ITool : IUnknown IMultiItem IMultiItem : IUnknown esriCustomizationEvent
AddItem (in itemText: String, in index: Variant) IUIToolControlEvents : IDispatch MaxRange: Long
DeleteItem (in index: Long)
IUIToolControlEvents ICommand Cursor: Long Caption: String
ICompletionNotify : IUnknown
MinRange: Long 0 - esriCEAddCategory esriStatusBarPanes
HelpContextID: Long Position: Long 1 - esriCEAddCommand 0 - esriStatusMain
ContextMenu (in X: Long, in Y: Long) Deactivate: Boolean StepValue: Long 1 - esriStatusAnimation
(Optional) ICommandSubtype OnContextMenu (in X: Long, in Y: Long) :
HelpFile: String SetComplete 2 - esriCEShowCustDlg
IUIComboBoxControlEvents : IDispatch CursorID: Long ItemBitmap (in Index: Long) : Long 3 - esriCEShowVBAIDE 2 - esriStatusPosition
IUIComboBoxControlEvents DblClick Boolean ItemCaption (in Index: Long) : String OffsetPosition (in offsetValue: Long): Long 4 - esriStatusPagePosition
Deactivate: Boolean OnDblClick ItemChecked (in Index: Long) : Boolean 4 - esriCEInvokeCommand
OnKeyDown (in keyCode: Long, in Shift: IItemDef : IUnknown 5 - esriCEShowCustCtxMenu 8 - esriStatusSize
EditChange Enabled: Boolean ItemEnabled (in Index: Long) : Boolean
KeyDown (in keyCode: Long, in shift: Long) Long) Message: String 16 - esriStatusCapsLock
Enabled: Boolean Group: Boolean
GotFocus KeyUp (in keyCode: Long, in shift: Long) OnKeyUp (in keyCode: Long, in Shift: Long) Name: String 32 - esriStatusNumLock
OnMouseDown (in Button: Long, in Shift: ID: String
KeyDown (in keyCode: Long, in shift: Long) Message: String SubType: Long 64 - esriStatusScrollLock
Long, in X: Long, in Y: Long) OnItemClick (in Index: Long) esriGxDlgIDs
LostFocus MouseDown (in Button: Long, in shift: Long, in 128 - esriStatusClock
Message: String X: Long, in Y: Long) OnMouseMove (in Button: Long, in Shift: OnPopup (in hook: Object) : Long 0 - esriGxDlgCustomize
SelectionChange (in newIndex: Long) MouseUp (in Button: Long, in shift: Long, in X: Long, in X: Long, in Y: Long) 1 - esriGxDlgCatalogTree
ToolTip: String Long, in Y: Long) OnMouseUp (in Button: Long, in Shift: Long, 2 - esriGxDlgMacros
MouseMove (in Button: Long, in shift: Long, in in X: Long, in Y: Long) (Optional) IMultiItemEx IMultiItemEx : IUnknown
3 - esriGxDlgVBA
X: Long, in Y: Long) Refresh (in hDC: Long) 0 - esriWSNormal
ItemHelpContextID (in Index: Long): Long
Refresh (in hDC: Long) ItemHelpFile (in Index: Long): String 1 - esriWSMinimize
Select ItemMessage (in Index: Long): String 2 - esriWSMaximize
ToolTip: String 4 - esriWSFloating

ArcCatalog Object Model

ArcGISTM 8.3
Copyright © 2002 Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
IGxView IGxView : IUnknown
ArcCatalog and ArcGIS are trademarks of ESRI.
DefaultToolbarCLSID: IUID
Name: String
SupportsTools: Boolean
Activate (in Application: IGxApplication, in
Catalog: IGxCatalog)
Applies (in Selection: IGxObject): Boolean
Deactivate Types of Classes
SystemSettingChanged (in Flag: Long, in
section: String)
Cla ss Diagra m AbstractClass An abstract class cannot be used to create new objects but is a
specification for instances of subclasses (through type inheritance.)

(Optional) IGxCatalogEvents IGxCatalogEvents : IUnknown Key (Optional)InterfaceB

InterfaceA Interface of interest A CoClass can directly create objects by declaring a new object.
A Class cannot directly create objects, but objects of this class can be
created as a property of another class or instantiated by objects from
OnObjectAdded (Object: IGxObject) another class.
OnObjectChanged (Object: IGxObject)
OnObjectDeleted (Object: IGxObject)
OnObjectRefreshed (Object: IGxObject)
EnumGxView GxViewContainer Type inhe rit a n c e Types of Relationships
IEnumGxView IEnumGxView : IUnknown IGxViewContainer IGxViewContainer : IUnknown Associations represent relationships between classes. They have defined
(Optional) IGxSelectionEvents IGxSelectionEvents : IUnknown Views: IEnumGxView Instantia tio multiplicities at both ends.
Next: IGxView CoClass Type inheritance defines specialized classes of objects which share
Reset FindView (in pUID: IUID, in bRecursive: n
OnSelectionChanged (in Selection:
Boolean): IGxView InterfaceD properties and methods with the superclass and have additional properties
IGxSelection, in initiator: Variant) Interface of interest C o m p o sitio n and methods. Note that interfaces in superclasses are not duplicated in
(Optional)IGxViewPrint IGxViewPrint : IUnknown
Instantiation specifies that one object from one class has a method with
IsPrintable: Boolean * InterfaceG Interface of interest which it creates an object from another class.

Print InterfaceM Composition is a relationship in which objects from the 'whole' class control
(<classname>)InterfaceO the lifetime of objects from the 'part' class.
An N-ary association specifies that more than two classes are associated.
A diamond is placed at the intersection of the association branches.
Asso c ia tio n 1..* Multip lic ity A Multiplicity is a constraint on the number of objects that can be
IExtension : IUnknown Special Interfaces associated with another object. Association and composition relationships
IExtension have multiplicities on both sides. This is the notation for multiplicities:
Name: String (Optional) represents interfaces that are
Shutdown inherited by some subclasses but not all. Inbound Interface 1 - One and only one (if none shown, '1' is implied)
GxTreeView GxDocumentationView GxTableView Startup (in initializationData: Variant) The subclasses list the optional
Outbound Interface enumeration 0..1 - Zero or one
IGxTableView interfaces they implement.
firstValue - firstEnumeration
IGxTreeView IGxTreeView : IUnknown IGxCatalogEvents IGxDocumentationView : IUnknown M..N - From M to N (positive integers)
IGxCatalogEvents Interface key secondValue - secondEnumeration
IGxSelectionEvents IGxDocumentationView (Instance) represents interfaces that are * or 0..* - From zero to any positive integer
IGxSelectionEvents only on specific instances of the class.
IGxCatalogEvents BeginRename IGxSelectionEvents Edit Property Get
1..* - From one to any positive integer
EnsureVisible (Object: IGxObject) EditProperties Property Put
ExpandSelection (in Selection: IGxSelection) IGxViewPrint Synchronize GxDocument (<classname>) indicates the name of Property Get/Put Structure key <<Struct>>
Property Put by Reference
IDocument the helper class required to support this firstMember: Type
IDocument : IDispatch Method
event interface in Visual Basic. secondMember: Type
Accelerators: IAcceleratorTable MetadataExtension
CommandBars: ICommandBars
Parent: IApplication IMetadataHelper IMetadataHelper : IUnknown
Title: String IConnectionPointContainer
Type: esriDocumentType DefaultStylesheet: String
VBProject: IDispatch IPersistStream Editor: IUID
Stylesheet: String
StylesheetPath: String
SynchronizationInterval: Long

(GxDocumentEvents)IGxDocumentEvents SynchronizationOption:
GxContentsView GxGeographicView GxPreview IGxDocumentEvents : IUnknown esriSynchronizationOption
IGxDocumentEventsDisp WebPagePath: String
IGxContentsView IGxContentsView : IUnknown IGxGeographicView IGxGeographicView : IUnknown IGxPreview IGxPreview : IUnknown Application ActiveViewChanged
Refresh (in ipObject: IGxObject)
IGxCatalogEvents IGxSelectionEvents CloseDocument
AllowMultiSelect: Boolean IGxCatalogEvents DisplayedLayer: ILayer SupportedViewClassIDs: ISet NewDocument
GxSelectionEvents View: IGxView IGxApplication IGxApplication : IUnknown
DisplayStyle: esriContentsViewStyle IGxSelectionEvents Map: IMap OnContextMenu (in X: Long, in Y: Long,
IMetadataEvents GxDialog
IPersistStream ObjectFilter: IGxObjectFilter MapDisplay: IScreenDisplay ViewClassID: IUID IApplication AreaOfInterest: IEnvelope out handled: Boolean) IMetadataEvents : IUnknown
ITransformEvents OpenDocument
BeginRename IDockableWindowManager CanDeleteSelection: Boolean IGxDialog IGxDialog : IUnknown
CanRenameSelection: Boolean OnStylesheetChanged (Stylesheet: String) IGxSelectionEvents
Catalog: IGxCatalog AllowMultiSelect: Boolean
IGxContentsViewColumns IGxContentsViewColumns : IUnknown IGxGeographicView2 IGxGeographicView2 : IUnknown IMutliThreadedApplication Location: String ButtonCaption: String
SelectedObject: IGxObject FinalLocation: IGxObject
ColumnByIndex (in Index: Long) : ActiveView: IActiveView IVBAApplication Selection: IGxSelection InternalCatalog: IGxCatalog
IGxContentsViewColumn DisplayedLayer: ILayer
ColumnByProperty (in Property: String) : Map: IMap IWindowPosition TreeView: IGxTreeView Name: String
View: IGxView ObjectFilter: IGxObjectFilter
IGxContentsViewColumn MapDisplay: IScreenDisplay ViewClassID: IUID RememberLocation: Boolean
ColumnCount: Long ReplacingObject: Boolean
DeleteSelection StartingLocation: Variant
InsertColumn (in Index: Long, in pColumn: ExpandSelection
IGxContentsViewColumn) Title: String
Refresh (in startingPath: String)
RemoveAllColumns RenameSelection DoModalOpen (in parentWindow:
RemoveColumn (in pColumn: ShowContextMenu (in X: Long, in Y: Long) OLE_HANDLE, out Selection:
IGxContentsViewColumn) IEnumGxObject): Boolean
UpdateColumns DoModalSave (in parentWindow:
IGxCatalogEvents IGxCatalogEvents : IUnknown OLE_HANDLE): Boolean
IGxCatalogEventsDisp IGxObjectFilterCollection IGxObjectFilterCollection : IUnknown
* OnObjectAdded (Object: IGxObject)
OnObjectChanged (Object: IGxObject)
OnObjectDeleted (Object: IGxObject) AddFilter (in Filter: IGxObjectFilter, in
defaultFilter: Boolean)
GxContentsViewColumn OnObjectRefreshed (Object: IGxObject)
OnRefreshAll RemoveAllFilters
IGxContentsViewColumn IGxContentsViewColumn : IUnknown
IClone Caption: String IGxCatalogAdmin IGxCatalogAdmin : IUnknown
IPersistStream Intrinsic: Boolean
PropertyName: String CachedLocations: IEnumBSTR IGxSelection IGxSelection : IUnknown
Visible: Boolean HideExtensions: Boolean
Width: Long IsRootObjectEnabled (in Index: Long) : Count: Long
Boolean DelayEvents: Boolean
PrescanFolders: Boolean FirstObject: IGxObject
Location: IGxObject
ReturnToLastLocation: Boolean
RootObject (in Index: Long) : IGxObject SelectedObjects: IEnumGxObject GxObjectFilter
RootObjectCount: Long IConnectionPointContainer Clear (in initiator: IUnknown)
EnumGxObject IGxObjectFilter IGxObjectFilter : IUnknown
EnableRootObject (in Index: Long, in IsSelected (in Object: IGxObject): Boolean IEnumGxObject : IUnknown
isEnabled: Boolean) Select (in Object: IGxObject, in IEnumGxObject Description: String
RefreshRootObjects appendToExistingSelection: Boolean, in Name: String
initiator: IUnknown) Next: IGxObject
CanChooseObject (in Object: IGxObject,
SearchResultsIdentifyObj SetLocation (in Location: IGxObject, pInitiator:
result: esriDoubleClickResult): Boolean
CanDisplayObject (in Object: IGxObject) :
ISearchResultsIdentifyObject ISearchResultsIdentifyObject : IUnknown Unselect (in Object: IGxObject, in initiator:
IIdentifyObj Extent: IEnvelope CanSaveObject (in Location: IGxObject, in
Shortcut: IGxShortcut newObjectName: String,
IGxSelectionEvents IGxSelectionEvents : IUnknown objectAlreadyExists: Boolean) : Boolean
OnSelectionChanged (in Selection:
IGxSelection, in initiator: Variant)

SearchResultsLayer GxObjectArray
IGxObjectArray IGxObjectArray : IUnknown
ISearchResultsLayer ISearchResultsLayer : IUnknown
IGeoDataset Count: Long
Path: String
IIdentify Empty
ILayer Insert (in Index: Long, in gxObject: IGxObject)
* Item (in Index: Long): IGxObject
Remove (in Index: Long) GxFilterBasicTypes GxFilterDatasets GxFilterContainers

SearchResultsLayerFactory GxObject
ILayerFactory IGxObject IGxObject : IUnknown * GxFilterFeatureClasses GxFilterFeatureDatasets GxFilterPersonalGeodatabases
BaseName: String
Category: String
ClassID: IUID GxFilterFiles GxFilterLayers GxFilterPGDBFeatureClasses
FullName: String
InternalObjectName: IName
FindDialog IsValid: Boolean
Name: String
IFindDialog IFindDialog : IUnknown Parent: IGxObject GxFilterPointFeatureClasses GxFilterPolygonFeatureClasses GxFilterPGDBFeatureDatasets
IDllThreadManager IsVisible: Boolean Attach (in Parent: IGxObject, in pCatalog:
IGxSelectionEvents GxObjectFactory IGxCatalog)
DoSearch (in pQuery: IQuery)
GetNumSearchEngines: Long
GxFilterRasterDatasets GxFilterSpatialReferences GxFilterPGDBTables
GetSearchEngine (in Index: Long) : IGxObjectFactory IGxObjectFactory : IUnknown
Initialize (in pQuery: IQuery) Catalog: IGxCatalog IGxObjectUI IGxObjectUI : IUnknown
Show (in bShow: Boolean) Name: String GxFilterTablesAndFeatureClasses GxFilterTINDatasets GxFilterSDEFeatureClasses
StopSearch ContextMenu: IUID
GetChildren (in parentDir: String, in
LargeImage: OLE_HANDLE
FileNames: IFileNames): IEnumGxObject
LargeSelectedImage: OLE_HANDLE
HasChildren (in parentDir: String, in
NewMenu: IUID
FileNames: IFileNames): Boolean
SmallImage: OLE_HANDLE GxFilterWorkspaces GxFilterDatasetsAndLayers GxFilterSDEFeatureDatasets
SmallSelectedImage: OLE_HANDLE
(Optional)IGxObjectFactoryMetadata IGxObjectFactoryMetadata : IUnknown

GetGxObjectFromMetadata (in MetadataPath:

GxFilterFeatureDatasetsAndFeatureClasses GxFilterMaps GxFilterSDETables
String): IGxObject IGxObjectEdit IGxObjectEdit : IUnknown

CanCopy: Boolean
CanDelete: Boolean
GxFilterCoverageAnnotationClasses GxFilterTables GxFilterAnnotationFeatureClasses
CanRename: Boolean
FileSystemQuery EditProperties (in hParent: OLE_HANDLE)
Rename (in newShortName: String) GxFilterPolylineFeatureClasses GxFilterCadDrawingDatasets GxFilterDimensionFeatureClasses
IFindDialogSettings IFindDialogSettings : IUnknown
BackgroundMap: String IGxObjectFactoryPriority GxMetadataFactory GxLayerFactory (Optional)IGxCachedObjects IGxCachedObjects : IUnknown
INativeType GxFilterTextFiles GxFilterGeoDatasets GxFilterRelationshipClasses
IQuery : IUnknown ReleaseCachedObjects
GxFileFactory GxMapFactory
(Optional)IGxObjectInternalName IGxObjectInternalName : IUnknown GxFilterGeometricNetworks
DatasetName: String
DatasetType: INativeType InternalObjectName: IName
Date1: String
Date2: String
IGxObjectFactoryEdit GxTextFileFactory GxShortcutFactory
SearchEngine DateOperator: esriFindDateOperator
DateType: esriFindDateType (Optional)IGxObjectProperties IGxObjectProperties : IUnknown
ISearchEngine ISearchEngine : IUnknown EngineProperties: IPropertySet
IConnectionPointContainer Envelope: IEnvelope IGxObjectFactoryPriority GxPrjFileFactory GxDatabaseFactory (Optional)IGxFile PropertyCount: Long
Enabled: Boolean EnvelopeOperator: esriFindEnvelopeOperator (Optional)IMetadata
IsExecuting: Boolean IsCaseSensitive: Boolean GetPropByIndex (in Index: Long, out pName:
Name: String NameOfQuery: String (Optional)IMetadataEdit String, out pValue: Variant)
Query: IQuery IGxObjectFactoryEdit GxCoverageFactory GetProperty (in Name: String) : Variant
NativeEnvelope: IEnvelope (Optional)INativeTypeInfo
NumFieldQueries: Long SetProperty (in Name: String, in Value:
ExecuteAsynchronous (Optional)IGxObjectInternalName Variant)
Stop AddFieldQuery (in Type: esriFindFieldType,
in op: esriFindFieldOperator, in Value:
ISearchEngineEvents ISearchEngineEvents : IUnknown String, in Tag: String) (Optional)IGxThumbnail IGxThumbnail : IUnknown
GetFieldQuery (in Index: Long, out Type:
esriFindFieldType, out op: Thumbnail: IPicture
ObjectFound (in anObject: IGxObject, in
Location: String) esriFindFieldOperator, out Value: String,
SearchCanceled out Tag: String)
Load (in pPropertySet: IPropertySet)
SearchFailed Save (in pPropertySet: IPropertySet)
SearchLocationChanged (in Location: String)
IXmlQuery IXmlQuery : IUnknown
ISearchEngineProperties ISearchEngineProperties : IUnknown
IsAnd: Boolean
LocationString: String NumExpressions: Long
Edit (in parentHWnd: OLE_HANDLE) BuildExpressions
Load (in pPropertySet: IPropertySet) GetExpression (in Index: Long) : String
Save (in pPropertySet: IPropertySet)
IGxObjectContainer IGxObjectContainer : IUnknown
GxFile GxMetadata GxObjectWizard
AreChildrenViewable: Boolean IMetadata
Children: IEnumGxObject IGxFile IGxFile : IUnknown IMetadata : IUnknown
IGxFile IGxObjectWizard IGxObjectWizard : IUnknown
MetadataEditor HasChildren: Boolean IGxObjectProperties Path: String Metadata: IPropertySet
AddChild (in Child: IGxObject): IGxObject IMetadata IGxObjectInternalName
IMetadataEditor IMetadataEditor : IUnknown Close (in saveChanges: Boolean) IMetadataEdit Synchronize (in Action: Invoke (in hParentWnd: OLE_HANDLE)
DeleteChild (in Child: IGxObject) IMetadataEdit Edit esriMetadataSyncAction, in Interval: Long)
Name: String INativeTypeInfo New INativeTypeInfo
Edit (in props: IPropertySet, in hWnd: IGxPasteTarget IGxPasteTarget : IUnknown Save
OLE_HANDLE): Boolean
CanPaste (in names: IEnumName, out (Optional)IGxFileSetup
moveOperation: Boolean) : Boolean IGxFileSetup : IUnknown
Paste (in names: IEnumName, Category: String
moveOperation: Boolean) : Boolean IGxObjectInternalName
SetImages (in hSmallImageBitmap:
hSmallImageSelectedBitmap: IGxNewDatabase IGxNewDatabase : IUnknown
FileSystemXmlSearchEngine MetadataServiceEngine CatalogSearchEngine OLE_HANDLE, in hLargeImageBitmap:
OLE_HANDLE, in WorkspaceFactory: IWorkspaceFactory
IFileSystemQuery IFileSystemQuery : IUnknown FGDC Editor ISO Wizard hLargeImageSelectedBitmap:
IncludeSubFolders: Boolean
Location: String

GxCatalog GxDatabase GxRemoteDatabaseFolder

IGxCatalog IGxCatalog : IUnknown IGxDatabase2 IGxDatabase2 : IUnknown IGxRemoteDatabaseFolder IGxRemoteDatabaseFolder : IUnknown GxFolder
MetadataImport FileFilter: IGxFileFilter IGxCachedObjects IsConnected: Boolean IGxRemoteContainer Path: String IGxFolder IGxFolder : IUnknown
MetadataExport Location: String
IGxDatabase IsEnterpriseGeodatabase: Boolean IGxCachedObjects
SelectedObject: IGxObject IsRemoteDatabase: Boolean IGxCachedObjects FileSystemWorkspaceNames: IEnumName
IMetadataExport IMetadataExport : IUnknown IMetadataImport IMetadataImport : IUnknown Selection: IGxSelection IGxObjectInternalName Workspace: IWorkspace IGxObjectProperties IGxObjectInternalName
DefaultFilename: String Close IGxObjectProperties WorkspaceName: IWorkspaceName IGxFile Gxlayer
DefaultFilename: String Name: String IComPropertySheetEvents ConnectFolder (in folderPath: String) :
Name: String IMetadata Connect IGxObjectProperties IGxLayer IGxLayer : IUnknown
Import (in source: String, in destination: IConnectionPointContainer IGxFolder Disconnect
Export (in source: IMetadata, in destination: ConstructFullName (in Object: IGxObject) : IMetadataEdit IMetadata IComPropertySheetEvents Layer: ILayer
IMetadata) IGxFile String
String) INativeTypeInfo IMetadataEdit IGxObjectInternalName
IGxObjectFactories DisconnectFolder (in folderPath: String)
GetObjectFromFullName (in FullName: String, IGxObjectWizard INativeTypeInfo IGxThumbnail
out numFound: Long) : Variant
ObjectAdded (in Object: IGxObject)
ObjectChanged (in Object: IGxObject)
ObjectDeleted (in Object: IGxObject) GxSpatialReferencesFolder
ObjectRefreshed (in Object: IGxObject)
IGxSpatialReferencesFolder IGxSpatialReferencesFolder : IUnknown
ImportMP (GxCatalog)IGxCatalogEvents IGxCatalogEvents : IUnknown IGxCachedObjects Path: String
ExportHTML ExportMPHTML IGxCatalogEventsDisp IGxObjectProperties
OnObjectAdded (Object: IGxObject)
OnObjectChanged (Object: IGxObject)
GxDatabaseExtensions GxShortcut
OnObjectDeleted (Object: IGxObject) IGxDatabaseExtensions IGxDatabaseExtensions : IUnknown GxMap
OnObjectRefreshed (Object: IGxObject) IGxShortcut IGxShortcut : IUnknown
OnRefreshAll Count: Long IGxMap IGxMap : IUnknown
Target: IGxObject
GetExtension (in Index: Long) : TargetLocation: String IGxThumbnail
ImportMPSGML IGxObjectInternalName
ExportMP ExportMPSGML
GxDataset IGxMapPageLayout IGxMapPageLayout : IUnknown
IGxDataset IGxDataset : IUnknown
PageLayout: IPageLayout
0...* IObjectClassSchemaEvents Dataset: IDataset
IGxCachedObjects DatasetName: IDatasetName
GxDatabaseExtension IGxObjectInternalName Type: esriDatasetType ShortcutName
GxFileFilter IGxDatabaseExtension IGxObjectProperties IShortcutName IShortcutName : IUnknown
ExportMPFAQ ExportMPTXT ImportMPTXT IGxDatabaseExtension : IUnknown
IGxFileFilter : IUnknown Catalog: IGxCatalog
IGxThumbnail TargetName: IName
IGxFileFilter IMetadata IPersistStream
Name: String
IPersistStream FileTypeCount: Long
IMetadataEdit IFileName
Compare (in gxObject1: IGxObject, in
AddFileType (in Extension: String, in gxObject2: IGxObject, in Ascending: INativeTypeInfo GxPrjFile
Description: String, in filePathImage: Boolean) : Long
String) GetChildren (in Workspace: IWorkspace) : IGxPrjFile IGxPrjFile : IUnknown
DeleteFileType (in Index: Long) IEnumGxObject
Filter (in FilePath: String) : Boolean
IGxFileSetup SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
HasChildren (in Workspace: IWorkspace) :
ExportXML ImportXML FindFileType (in Extension: String) : Long Boolean IGxObjectInternalName
GetFileType (in Index: Long, out Extension:
String, out Description: String, out GxDiskConnection
imageFile: String, out SmallBitmap: IGxDatabaseExtensionCompare IGxDatabaseExtensionCompare : IUnknown
OLE_HANDLE, out largeBitmap: (Optional) ExtensionManager: IGxDatabaseExtension
IGxDiskConnection IGxDiskConnection : IUnknown

IGxFileFilterEvents IGxFileFilterEvents : IUnknown

IGxFile SearchResultsRoot
IGxObjectProperties IGxCatalogAdmin : IUnknown
CachedLocations: IEnumBSTR
SpatialReferenceDialog INativeTypeInfo : IUnknown HideExtensions: Boolean
IsRootObjectEnabled (in Index: Long) :
ISpatialReferenceDialog GxContentsViewPage NativeType: INativeType
ISpatialReferenceDialog : IUnknown
IPropertyPage Interfaces Boolean
PrescanFolders: Boolean
ISpatialReferenceDialog2 DoModalCreate (in hasXY: Boolean, in HasZ:
Boolean, in HasM: Boolean, in hParent:
Enumerations SearchResults
ReturnToLastLocation: Boolean
RootObject (in Index: Long) : IGxObject
RootObjectCount: Long
OLE_HANDLE): ISpatialReference
DoModalEdit (in inputSpatialReference: ISearchResults ISearchResults : IUnknown IGxObjectFilterCollectionAdmin : IUnknown EnableRootObject (in Index: Long, in
ISpatialReference, in hasXY: Boolean, in IGxObjectSort IsEnabled: Boolean)
HasZ: Boolean, in HasM: Boolean, in Query: IQuery FirstPassedFilter: IGxObjectFilter RefreshRootObjects
coordPageReadOnly: Boolean, in IMetadata
ProjectedCoordinateSystemDialog domainPageReadOnly: Boolean, in esriGxDlgIDs IMetadataEdit
hParent: OLE_HANDLE): esriContentsViewStyle
IProjectedCoordinateSystemDialog 0 - esriGxDlgCustomize
IProjectedCoordinateSystemDialog : IUnknown ISpatialReference GxFileFilterDefinitionPage 1 - esriGxDlgCatalogTree
0 - esriCVSLargeIcons
IComPropertyPage2 2 - esriGxDlgMacros
1 - esriCVSList IGxCatalogEventsDisp : IDispatch
DoModalCreate (in hParent: OLE_HANDLE): IPropertyPage 2 - esriCVSDetails IGxObjectSort : IUnknown
3 - esriGxDlgVBA
IProjectedCoordinateSystem 3 - esriCVSThumbnails
IPropertyPageContext SortEnabled: Boolean OnObjectAdded (Object: IGxObject)
OnObjectChanged (Object: IGxObject)
TableDefinitionDialog IGxObjectFactoryEdit : IUnknown OnObjectDeleted (Object: IGxObject)
OnObjectRefreshed (Object: IGxObject)
ITableDefinitionDialog ITableDefinitionDialog : IUnknown
EditProperties (in hParent: OLE_HANDLE) OnRefreshAll
GeographicCoordinateSystemDialog DoModalCreateFeatureClass (in Parent: tagesriDoubleClickResult IGxToolbox : IUnknown
IUnknown, in hParent: OLE_HANDLE): tagesriSynchronizationOption
IGeographicCoordinateSystemDialog 0 - esriDCRDefault
IGeographicCoordinateSystemDialog : IUnknown IFeatureClass GxObjectVisibilityPage 1 - esriDCRChooseAndDismiss
0 - esriSyncNever
IGxObjectFactoryPriority : IUnknown Execute (in toolName: String, in Selection: IEnumGxObjectFactory : IUnknown
DoModalCreateTable (in Workspace: IComPropertyPage2 2 - esriDCRShowChildren
1 - esriSyncCreated IEnumGxObject)
DoModalCreate (in hParent: OLE_HANDLE): IFeatureWorkspace, in hParent: 2 - esriSyncAccessed Priority: Long GetApplicableTools (in Selection:
OLE_HANDLE): ITable IPropertyPage 100 - esriDCRNothing Next: IGxObjectFactory
IGeographicCoordinateSystem 3 - esriSyncNotCreated IEnumGxObject) : Variant Reset
TM IApplication IApplication : IDispatch

ArcMap Object Model Caption: String

CurrentTool: ICommandItem
Document: IDocument
Class Diagram AbstractClass
Types of Classes
An abstract class cannot be used to create new objects but is a
specification for instances of subclasses (through type inheritance.)

Name: String
StatusBar: IStatusBar MxDocument TOCView Key (Optional)InterfaceB
InterfaceA Interface of interest A CoClass can directly create objects by declaring a new object.
A Class cannot directly create objects, but objects of this class can be
ArcGIS 8.3 Templates: ITemplates
VBE: IDispatch
Visible: Boolean
IMxDocument IMxDocument : IUnknown IComPropertySheetEvents IComPropertySheetEvents : IUnknown created as a property of another class or instantiated by objects from
another class.
ActivatedView: IActiveView IActiveViewEvents
FindExtensionByCLSID (in ExtensionCLSID: ActiveView: IActiveView OnApply
Copyright © 2002 Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. IUID): IExtension ActiveViewCommand: ICommand Type inheritance
All rights reserved. ArcMap and ArcGIS are trademarks of ESRI. FindExtensionByName (in extensionName: ContentsView (in Index: Long): IContentsView Types of Relationships
String): IExtension ContentsViewCount: Long
IContentsView IContentsView : IUnknown
Associations represent relationships between classes. They have defined
IsDialogVisible (in dialogID: Long): Boolean ContextItem: IUnknown ContextItem: Variant
LockCustomization (in Password: String, in CurrentContentsView: IContentsView multiplicities at both ends.
Extension in * custFilter: ICustomizationFilter) CurrentLocation: IPoint Name: String CoClass Instantiation Type inheritance defines specialized classes of objects which share
NewDocument (in selectTemplate: Boolean, DefaultColor (in Type:

in templatePath: String)
ProcessEvents: Boolean InterfaceD properties and methods with the superclass and have additional properties
Application esriMxDefaultColorTypes): IColor SelectedItem: Variant Interface of interest Composition and methods. Note that interfaces in superclasses are not duplicated in
OpenDocument (in Path: String) DefaultTextFont: IFontDisp ShowLines: Boolean InterfaceB
PrintDocument subclasses.
Framework PrintPreview
DefaultTextFontSize: IFontSize
DelayUpdateContents: Boolean
Visible: Boolean Class
RefreshWindow FocusMap: IMap Instantiation specifies that one object from one class has a method with
Activate (in parentHWnd: OLE_HANDLE, in
SaveAsDocument (in saveAsPath: String, in Maps: IMaps Document: IMxDocument) InterfaceG Interface of interest which it creates an object from another class.
saveAsCopy: Boolean) OperationStack: IOperationStack AddToSelectedItems (in Item: Variant)
* SaveDocument (in saveAsPath: String) PageLayout: IPageLayout StyleGallery in Deactivate
InterfaceM Composition is a relationship in which objects from the 'whole' class control
the lifetime of objects from the 'part' class.
DataWindow ShowDialog (in dialogID: Long, in bShow:
Variant): Variant
RelativePaths: Boolean
SearchTolerance: Double Styles Refresh (in Item: Variant) (<classname>)InterfaceO
RemoveFromSelectedItems (in Item: Variant) An N-ary association specifies that more than two classes are associated.
IDataWindow : IUnknown Shutdown SearchTolerancePixels: Long
IDataWindow UnlockCustomization (in Password: String) SelectedItem: IUnknown A diamond is placed at the intersection of the association branches.
Application: IDispatch SelectedLayer: ILayer Association 1..* Multiplicity A Multiplicity is a constraint on the number of objects that can be
hWnd: OLE_HANDLE StyleGallery: IStyleGallery Special Interfaces associated with another object. Association and composition relationships
IsDockable: Boolean DataGraphWindow IApplicationWindows IApplicationWindows : IUnknown TableProperties: ITableProperties
IsVisible: Boolean have multiplicities on both sides. This is the notation for multiplicities:
DataWindows: ISet (Optional) represents interfaces that are
IDataGraphWindow IDataGraphWindow : IDataWindow AddLayer (in Layer: ILayer)
inherited by some subclasses but not all. Inbound Interface 1 - One and only one (if none shown, '1' is implied)
PutPosition (in Left: Long, in Top: Long, in
Right: Long, in bottom: Long) IActiveViewEvents DataGraph: IDataGraph
CanInsertObject (pEnabled: Boolean)
InsertObject IDocumentEvents TOCCatalogView The subclasses list the optional 0..1 - Zero or one
Outbound Interface enumeration
QueryPosition (out Left: Long, out Top: Long, IComPropertySheetEvents IDockableWindowManager IDockableWindowManager : IUnknown UpdateContents interfaces they implement.
firstValue - firstEnumeration
out Right: Long, out bottom: Long) M..N - From M to N (positive integers)
Refresh secondValue - secondEnumeration
IDataWindow IDataWindow : IUnknown IChangeLayout IChangeLayout : IUnknown (Instance) represents interfaces that are Interface key * or 0..* - From zero to any positive integer
Show (in Show: Boolean) GetDockableWindow (in dockWnd: IUID): only on specific instances of the class. Property Get
Application: IDispatch IDockableWindow TOCDisplayView Property Put 1..* - From one to any positive integer
IDocumentEvents hWnd: OLE_HANDLE ChangeLayout: Boolean Property Get/Put Structure key <<Struct>>
IsDockable: Boolean (<classname>) indicates the name of Property Put by Reference
IPersist IsVisible: Boolean IEnumPrinterNames IEnumPrinterNames : IUnknown the helper class required to support this
IPersistStream IContentsViewEdit IContentsViewEdit : IUnknown
firstMember: Type
event interface in Visual Basic. secondMember: Type
PutPosition (in Left: Long, in Top: Long, in *
Right: Long, in bottom: Long)
QueryPosition (out Left: Long, out Top: Long,
Next: String
Reset AddContentsView (in ContentsView: TOCSelectionView
out Right: Long, out bottom: Long) IContentsView)
Refresh ClearContentsViews SpatialBookmark
IExtensionManager IExtensionManager : IUnknown
Show (in Show: Boolean) ISpatialBookmark : IUnknown
Extension (in Index: Long): IExtension IDataGraphs IDataGraphs : IUnknown
DataWindowFactory ExtensionCLSID (in Index: Long): IUID Map IPersist BookmarkType: String
ExtensionCount: Long Count: Long Name: String
IDataWindowFactory IDataWindowFactory : IUnknown Item (in Index: Long): IDataGraph IMap IMap : IUnknown IPersistStream
IMultiThreadedApplication FindExtension (in nameOrID: Variant): ZoomTo (in Map: IMap)
Name: String IExtension Add (in graph: IDataGraph) ActiveGraphicsLayer: ILayer
Create: IDataGraph AnnotationEngine: IAnnotateMap
MapInsetWindow CanCreate (in app: IDispatch): Boolean
Create (in app: IDispatch): IDataWindow
DataGraph IMxApplication IMxApplication : IUnknown
Remove (in graph: IDataGraph)
RemoveAt (in Index: Long)
AreaOfInterest: IEnvelope
Barriers (pExtent: IEnvelope):
MapGrid GridLabel
IMapInsetWindow IMapInsetWindow : ILensWindow IDataGraph IDataGraph : IUnknown Reset IBarrierCollection IMapGrid IMapGrid : IUnknown IGridLabel2 : IUnknown
Display: IAppDisplay BasicGraphicsLayer: IGraphicsLayer IGridLabel2
Paper: IPaper ClipBorder: IBorder
IActiveViewEvents MapInset: IMapInset FieldSet1: String IDocument IDocument : IDispatch Border: IMapGridBorder Applies (in grid: IMapGrid): Boolean
Printer: IPrinter ClipGeometry: IGeometry
FieldSet2: String SelectionEnvironment: ISelectionEnvironment IBasicMap AOIBookmark IClone ExteriorWidth (in pDisplay: IDisplay, in IGridLabel Color: IColor
IDocumentEvents FlashLocation FieldSet3: String IObjectFactory Accelerators: IAcceleratorTable
Description: String pMapFrame: IMapFrame): Double MapGridBorder DisplayName: String
IConnectionPointContainer DistanceUnits: esriUnits IGraphicsComposite LabelFormat: IGridLabel IGridLabelExport EditObject: IUnknown
FieldSet4: String CopyToClipboard CommandBars: ICommandBars Expanded: Boolean IAOIBookmark IAOIBookmark : ISpatialBookmark
ILensWindow ILensWindow : IDataWindow MaxDataPoints: Long Export ID: IUID IDisplayAdmin IPersist LineSymbol: ILineSymbol IMapGridBorder IMapGridBorder : IUnknown IPersist Font: IFontDisp
MapInsetWindowFactory IClone Name: String Parent: IApplication IDisplayEvents
FeatureSelection: ISelection
IsFramed: Boolean Location: IEnvelope IPersistStream Name: String
DisplayName: String IPersistStream FontSize: Double
IsLive: Boolean PreviewMode: Boolean Title: String SubTickCount: Integer IGraphicsComposite LabelAlignment (in axis: esriGridAxisEnum):
ScreenDisplay: IScreenDisplay ReloadAlways: Boolean IVbaApplication IVbaApplication : IUnknown IGraphicsContainer Layer (in Index: Long): ILayer SubTickLength: Double Width: Double Boolean
Type: esriDocumentType
UpdateWhileDragging: Boolean SeriesByRecord: Boolean VBProject: IDispatch
LayerCount: Long SubTickLineSymbol: ILineSymbol IPersist LabelOffset: Double
IGraphicsContainerSelect Layers (in UID: IUID, in recursive: Boolean): TickLength: Double Draw (in Display: IDisplay, in frameGeometry:
Table: ITable
IEnumLayer IPersistStream
UseSelectedSet: Boolean CreateCodeModule (in docName: String, in IMapBarriers TickLineSymbol: ILineSymbol IGeometry, in mapGeometry: IGeometry) Draw (in labelValue: Double, in Location:
Valid: Boolean moduleName: String) MapScale: Double TickMarkSymbol: IMarkerSymbol IPoint, in axis: esriGridAxisEnum, in
IMapSurroundEvents IMapSurroundEvents : IUnknown IDocumentDatasets : IUnknown IMapBookmarks MapSurround (in Index: Long): IMapSurround Visible: Boolean Display: IDisplay)
InsertCode (in docName: String, in IDocumentDatasets MapSurroundCount: Long
Attach (in hWnd: OLE_HANDLE) moduleName: String, in codeText: String) IMapGeographicTransformations FeatureBookmark Preview (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in rectangle:
AfterDraw (in Display: IDisplay)
OverviewWindowFactory CopyToClipboard
RemoveCodeModule (in docName: String, in Datasets: IEnumDataset
MapUnits: esriUnits
Name: String
Draw (in Display: IDisplay, in pMapFrame:
QueryTextExtent (in labelValue: Double, in
BeforeDraw (in Display: IDisplay) IWindowPosition moduleName: String)
ReferenceScale: Double
IFeatureBookmark IFeatureBookmark : ISpatialBookmark
IPersistStream ContentsChanged
Draw RunVBAMacro (in docName: String, in IPersistStream GenerateGraphics (in pMapFrame: Location: IPoint, in axis: esriGridAxisEnum,
DrawToDC (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in moduleName: String, in MacroName: SelectionCount: Long FeatureClass: IFeatureClass IMapFrame, in GraphicsContainer: in Display: IDisplay, Extent: IEnvelope)
pOutputRect: tagRECT, in pGraphRect: IDocumentDefaultSymbols : IUnknown IRelationshipClassCollection SpatialReference: ISpatialReference FeatureId: Long IGraphicsContainer)
String, in arguments: Variant): Variant IDocumentDefaultSymbols SpatialReferenceLocked: Boolean CalibratedMapGridBorder
AreaPatch: IAreaPatch
ISelectionEvents PrepareForOutput (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in
ExportToFile (in FileName: String) UseSymbolLevels: Boolean Draw (in Display: IDisplay) dpi: Long, in PixelBounds: tagRECT, in
LoadFromFile (in FileName: String) Callout: IFormattedTextSymbol IStandaloneTableCollection Flash (in Display: IDisplay) pMapFrame: IMapFrame) ICalibratedMapGridBorder ICalibratedMapGridBorder : IUnknown
Print CustomTOCFont: IFontDisp ITableCollection AddLayer (in Layer: ILayer) PanTo (in Display: IDisplay) QueryLabelVisibility (out leftVis: Boolean, out
CustomTOCFontSize: Double AddLayers (in Layers: IEnumLayer, in Alternating: Boolean
Reload topVis: Boolean, out rightVis: Boolean, out BackgroundColor: IColor
Resize (in nType: Long, in Width: Long, in FillSymbol: IFillSymbol ITransformEvents autoArrange: Boolean) bottomVis: Boolean)
IDocumentDirty LinePatch: ILinePatch AddMapSurround (in MapSurround: BorderWidth: Double
Height: Long)
LineSymbol: ILineSymbol
IViewManager IMapSurround)
QuerySubTickVisibility (out leftVis: Boolean, ForegroundColor: IColor
OverviewWindow SaveToFile (in FileName: String)
IDocumentDirty2 MarkerSymbol: IMarkerSymbol ClearLayers
out topVis: Boolean, out rightVis: Boolean, Interval: Double
AppDisplay PatchHeight: Double ClearMapSurrounds
out bottomVis: Boolean)
IOverviewWindow IOverviewWindow : IDataWindow IDataGraphAreaProperties IDataGraphAreaProperties : IUnknown PatchWidth: Double ClearSelection
QueryTickVisibility (out leftVis: Boolean, out
IAppDisplay : IScreenDisplay topVis: Boolean, out rightVis: Boolean, out
Overview: IOverview
IAppDisplay TextSymbol: ITextSymbol ComputeDistance (in p1: IPoint, in p2: IPoint): bottomVis: Boolean)
IActiveViewEvents UseLogXAxis: Boolean Double
IDataGraphAxis UseLogYAxis: Boolean Count: Long SetDefaults (in pMapFrame: IMapFrame)
IDocumentEvents FocusScreen: IScreenDisplay CreateMapSurround (in CLSID: IUID, in SetLabelVisibility (in leftVis: Boolean, in
MainScreen: IScreenDisplay optionalStyle: IMapSurround): topVis: Boolean, in rightVis: Boolean, in
IMapSurroundEvents : IUnknown IDocumentEvents IDocumentEvents : IUnknown IMapSurround
IMapSurroundEvents ScreenDisplay (in idx: Long): IScreenDisplay
* bottomVis: Boolean)
IDataGraphBarProperties IDataGraphBarProperties : IUnknown IScreenDisplay (DocumentEvents) DelayDrawing (in delay: Boolean)
MapGridFactory SetSubTickVisibility (in leftVis: Boolean, in SimpleMapGridBorder
DelayEvents (in delay: Boolean) topVis: Boolean, in rightVis: Boolean, in
AfterDraw (in Display: IDisplay) BarGap: Long
IScreenDisplay2 : IDisplay IDocumentEventsDisp
BeforeCloseDocument: Boolean
DeleteLayer (in Layer: ILayer) IMapGridFactory IMapGridFactory : IUnknown bottomVis: Boolean) ISimpleMapGridBorder ISimpleMapGridBorder : IUnknown FormattedGridLabel
IPersistStream BeforeDraw (in Display: IDisplay) IScreenDisplay2 CloseDocument
DeleteMapSurround (in MapSurround: SetTickVisibility (in leftVis: Boolean, in topVis:
ContentsChanged IMapSurround) Boolean, in rightVis: Boolean, in bottomVis: LineSymbol: ILineSymbol IFormattedGridLabel IFormattedGridLabel : IUnknown
ActiveCache: Integer MapsChanged GetPageSize (out widthInches: Double, out Name: String
BackgroundRGB: OLE_COLOR NewDocument Boolean)
IDataGraphColorTable IDataGraphColorTable : IUnknown
CacheCount: Integer OnContextMenu (in X: Long, in Y: Long, out
heightInches: Double) Create (in MapFrame: IMapFrame): IMapGrid Format: INumberFormat
MoveLayer (in Layer: ILayer, in toIndex: Long)
ColorEnum (in Index: Long): CacheMemDC (in Index: Integer): handled: Boolean) RecalcFullExtent
esriDataGraphColorEnum OLE_HANDLE OpenDocument SelectByShape (in Shape: IGeometry, in env:
ColorRGB (in Index: Long): OLE_COLOR CancelTracker: ITrackCancel ISelectionEnvironment, in justOne:
PaletteIndex: esriDataGraphPaletteEnum DrawingOffset (out X: Long): Long Boolean)
hWnd: OLE_HANDLE IDocumentInfo IDocumentInfo : IUnknown
Size: Long SelectFeature (in Layer: ILayer, in Feature:
TableWindow IsFirstCacheTransparent: Boolean Author: String IFeature) DMSGridLabel
Reset IsFramed: Boolean Category: String SetPageSize (in widthInches: Double, in
ITableWindow2 ITableWindow2 : IDataWindow ScaleContents: Boolean Comments: String heightInches: Double) IDMSGridLabel2 IDMSGridLabel2 : IDMSGridLabel
SuppressResize: Boolean DocumentTitle: String
Layer: ILayer IDataGraphHighLowCloseProperties :
ITableWindow SelectionSet: ISelectionSet IDataGraphHighLowCloseProperties UseScrollbars: Boolean IPersist HyperlinkBase: String AbbreviateLabels: Boolean IMixedFontGridLabel IMixedFontGridLabel : IUnknown
IUnknown WindowDC: OLE_HANDLE Keywords: String
IActiveView IActiveView : IUnknown
CustomOverlayGrid MinutesFontSize: Double
ShowAliasNamesInColumnHeadings: Boolean NumGroupedDigits: Integer
ShowSelected: Boolean ShowHighLowTicks: Boolean AddCache: Integer SavePreview: Boolean ExportFrame: tagRECT SecondsFontSize: Double
StandaloneTable: IStandaloneTable ShowOpenCloseTicks: Boolean Subject: String Extent: IEnvelope ICustomOverlayGrid ICustomOverlayGrid : IMapGrid SecondaryColor: IColor
DoScroll (in xDelta: Long, in yDelta: Long, in SecondaryFont: IFontDisp
TableControl: ITableControl updateScreen: Boolean) ExtentStack: IExtentStack DataSource: IFeatureClass
TableSelectionAction: DrawCache (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in Index: FocusMap: IMap
FullExtent: IEnvelope CustomOverlayGridFactory LabelField: String Graticule IDMSGridLabel IDMSGridLabel : IUnknown
esriTableSelectionActions Integer, in deviceRect: tagRECT, in IPropertySupport IPropertySupport : IUnknown
IDataGraphOverlayProperties IDataGraphOverlayProperties : IUnknown IGraticule IGraticule : IMapGrid IFormattedGridLabel : IUnknown
FindViaLayer (in pLayer: ILayer):
cacheRect: tagRECT) GraphicsContainer: IGraphicsContainer
LabelType: esriDMSGridLabelType IFormattedGridLabel
FinishFeedback Current (in pUnk: IUnknown): IUnknown IsMapActivated: Boolean
ITableWindow OverlayColor: esriDataGraphColorEnum ScreenCacheID (in phase: AutoInterval: Boolean LatLonFormat: ILatLonFormat Format: INumberFormat
OverlayLinePattern: FrameScrolled (in X: Long, in Y: Long) MinutesColor: IColor
FindViaStandaloneTable (in Invalidate (in rect: IEnvelope, in erase: Applies (in pUnk: IUnknown): Boolean esriViewDrawPhase, in data: IUnknown):
pStandaloneTable: IStandaloneTable): esriDataGraphOverlayLinePatternEnum Integer AddElement (in Label: String, in Location: MinutesFont: IFontDisp
OverlayLineThickness: Boolean, in cacheIndex: Integer) IReportUnitFormat Apply (in NewObject: IUnknown): IUnknown Double, in IsLatitude: Boolean, in SecondsColor: IColor
ITableWindow IsCacheDirty (in cacheIndex: Integer): CanApply (in pUnk: IUnknown): Boolean ScreenDisplay: IScreenDisplay
UpdateSelection (in pSelection: esriDataGraphOverlayLineThicknessEnum Selection: ISelection LabelSymbol: ITextSymbol) SecondsFont: IFontDisp
OverlayMarker: esriDataGraphMarkerEnum Boolean RemoveElement (in Label: String) ShowZeroMinutes: Boolean
ISelectionSet) ShowRulers: Boolean
OverlayType: PanMoveTo (in mouseLocation: IPoint)
PanStart (in mouseLocation: IPoint) ShowScrollBars: Boolean GraticuleFactory ShowZeroSeconds: Boolean
esriDataGraphOverlayTypeEnum ShowSelection: Boolean IMeasuredGrid : IUnknown
ShareYAxisRange: Boolean PanStop: IEnvelope
TipText (in X: Double, in Y: Double): String
ShowBestFit: Boolean RemoveAllCaches
RemoveCache (in cacheID: Integer)
* FixedOrigin: Boolean IndexGridTabStyle
ShowCurveFit: Boolean Activate (hWnd: OLE_HANDLE) Units: esriUnits
ShowMean: Boolean RotateMoveTo (in pPoint: IPoint)
RotateStart (in mousePt: IPoint, in centerPt:
Layer in Clear IndexGrid IGridAxisTicks XIntervalSize: Double
IIndexGridTabStyle : IUnknown
ShowMinMax: Boolean ContentsChanged IGridHatch XOrigin: Double IIndexGridTabStyle
ShowStdDev: Boolean IPoint)
RotateStop: Double PageLayout Map Layer Deactivate IIndexGrid IIndexGrid : IMapGrid YIntervalSize: Double ForegroundColor: IColor
UseOverlay: Boolean
RotateTimer Draw (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in trackCancel:
ColumnCount: Long
IGridInteriorLabels YOrigin: Double CornerGridLabel OutlineColor: IColor
UseOverlayLineThickness: Boolean ITrackCancel)
XAxisField: String SetScrollbarHandles (in hWndHorzScrollbar: IPageLayout IPageLayout : IUnknown RowCount: Long Thickness: Double
YAxisField: String OLE_HANDLE, in hWndVertScrollbar: GetContextMenu (in X: Double, in Y: Double,
out clsidMenu: IUID)
IndexGridFactory XLabel (in column: Long): String ICornerGridLabel ICornerGridLabel : IUnknown
OLE_HANDLE) AlignToMargins: Boolean YLabel (in Row: Long): String PrepareDraw (in labelValue: String, in
StartFeedback HorizontalSnapGuides: ISnapGuides HitTestMap (in Location: IPoint): IMap CornerLabel (in corner: esriGridCornerEnum): tabWidthPage: Double, in axis:
StartRecording Page: IPage IsActive: Boolean QueryCellExtent (in Row: Long, in column: Boolean esriGridAxisEnum)
IDataGraphPieProperties : IUnknown StopRecording RulerSettings: IRulerSettings OnMessage (in msg: Unsigned Long, in Long, in pMapFrame: IMapFrame, Extent: CornerValue (in corner: esriGridCornerEnum,
IDataGraphPieProperties wParam: Unsigned Integer, in lParam: in axis: esriGridAxisEnum): Double
ElementCollection LabelSlicesUsing:
TrackPan SnapGrid: ISnapGrid
Geometry in esriDataGraphPieLabelSliceUsingEnum
VerticalSnapGuides: ISnapGuides
ZoomPercent: Double Output (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in dpi: Long,
IElementCollection IElementCollection : IUnknown IDataGraphTicks LabelUsingColors: Boolean in PixelBounds: tagRECT, in
Geometry IPersist PreventLabelOverlap: Boolean
Validate (in cacheIndex: Integer)
FocusNextMapFrame VisibleBounds: IEnvelope, in trackCancel: IMgrsGrid IMgrsGrid : IUnknown
IPrincipalDigitsGridLabel IPrincipalDigitsGridLabel : IUnknown
Count: Long IConnectionPointContainer ITrackCancel)
IPersistStream ShowConnectingLines: Boolean FocusPreviousMapFrame BaseDigitCount: Long
Add (in Element: IElement, in
IDisplay IDisplay : IUnknown ReplaceMaps (in Maps: IMaps) PartialRefresh (in phase: GridSquareBoundarySymbol: ILineSymbol
EastingSuffix: String
IPersist LinkedFeatureID: Long) ClipEnvelope: IEnvelope ZoomToPercent (in percent: Long) esriViewDrawPhase, in data: IUnknown, in MGRSGridFactory GridSquareLabelColor: IColor
NorthingSuffix: String
IPersistStream Clear IDataGraphProperties IDataGraphProperties : IUnknown ClipEnvelopes: ISet ZoomToWhole Envelope: IEnvelope)
PrinterChanged (in Printer: IPrinter)
GridSquareLabelFont: IFontDisp
GridSquareLabelSize: Double
PrincipalDigitCount: Long BackgroundTabStyle
QueryItem (in Index: Long, out Element: ClipGeometry: IGeometry ZoomToWidth SmallLabelColor: IColor
IElement, out LinkedFeatureID: Long) GraphSubtype: esriDataGraphSubtypeEnum DisplayTransformation:
Refresh GridSquareLabelStyle:
SmallLabelFont: IFontDisp IBackgroundTabStyle IBackgroundTabStyle : IUnknown
Remove (in Element: IElement) GraphType: esriDataGraphTypeEnum IDisplayTransformation IGraphicsContainer IGraphicsContainer : IUnknown InteriorTickLength: Double
SmallLabelSize: Double
BackgroundType: esriBackgroundTabType
LegendPosition: Filter: IDisplayFilter IActiveViewEvents IActiveViewEvents : IUnknown UnitSuffix: String
Element esriDataGraphLegendPositionEnum hDC: OLE_HANDLE
MeasuredGrid InteriorTickSymbol: ILineSymbol
ShowGridSquareIdentifiers: Boolean
ShowDataLabels: Boolean hPalette: OLE_HANDLE AddElement (in Element: IElement, in zorder: IMeasuredGrid : IUnknown
IElement IElement : IUnknown ShowLegend: Boolean IlluminationProps: IIlluminationProps Long) AfterDraw (in Display: IDisplay, in phase: IMeasuredGrid
ShowXAxisLabels: Boolean SuppressEvents: Boolean AddElements (in Elements: esriViewDrawPhase) FixedOrigin: Boolean
Geometry: IGeometry SubTitle: String IElementCollection, in zorder: Long) AfterItemDraw (in Index: Integer, in Display: MeasuredGridFactory IGridLadderLabels IGridLadderLabels : IUnknown
Units: esriUnits
IBoundsProperties Locked: Boolean Title: String DrawMultipoint (in Multipoint: IGeometry) IActiveView BringForward (in Elements: IEnumElement) IDisplay, phase: esriDrawPhase) XIntervalSize: Double
SelectionTracker: ISelectionTracker DrawPoint (in Point: IGeometry) ContentsChanged LadderLabelColor: IColor
IClone XAxisLabelField: String
DrawPolygon (in Polygon: IGeometry)
IActiveViewEvents BringToFront (in Elements: IEnumElement)
DeleteAllElements ContentsCleared
XOrigin: Double
YIntervalSize: Double LadderLabelColumnCount: Long ButtonTabStyle
Activate (in Display: IDisplay) EditAdvancedProperties DrawPolyline (in Polyline: IGeometry) FocusMapChanged LadderLabelFont: IFontDisp
Deactivate DeleteElement (in Element: IElement) YOrigin: Double
DrawRectangle (in rectangle: IEnvelope) IDisplayAdmin FindFrame (in frameObject: Variant): ItemAdded (in Item: Variant) LadderLabelRowCount: Long
Draw (in Display: IDisplay, in trackCancel: DrawText (in Shape: IGeometry, in Text: ItemDeleted (in Item: Variant) LadderLabelSize: Double
FrameElement ITrackCancel) String)
GetElementOrder (in Elements: ItemReordered (in Item: Variant, in toIndex: ShowLadderLabels: Boolean
HitTest (in X: Double, in Y: Double, in FinishDrawing Long) IProjectedGrid IProjectedGrid : IUnknown ShowOuterLabelsOnly: Boolean
IFrameElement IFrameElement : IUnknown Tolerance: Double): Boolean Progress (in VertexCount: Long)
IEnumElement): Variant
LocateElements (in Point: IPoint, in SelectionChanged ContinuousTabStyle
QueryBounds (in Display: IDisplay, in SetSymbol (in sym: ISymbol) SpatialReferenceChanged SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
Background: IBackground Bounds: IEnvelope) Tolerance: Double): IEnumElement
Border: IBorder StartDrawing (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in LocateElementsByEnvelope (in Envelope: ViewRefreshed (in View: IActiveView, in
QueryOutline (in Display: IDisplay, in Outline: cacheID: Integer) phase: esriViewDrawPhase, in data:
DraftMode: Boolean IPolygon) IEnvelope): IEnumElement
Object: Variant MoveElementFromGroup (in Group: Variant, in Envelope: IEnvelope)
Thumbnail: OLE_HANDLE
IElementProperties2 IDraw IDraw : IUnknown IGroupElement, in Element: IElement, in
zorder: Long)
IElementProperties2 : IUnknown IMapEvents IMapEvents : IUnknown
ClipRegion: IGeometry MoveElementToGroup (in Element: IElement,
AutoTransform: Boolean CustomProperty: Variant in Group: IGroupElement) (MapEvents)
IFrameDraw IFrameDraw : IUnknown
CustomProperty: Variant Next: IElement
IElementProperties Name: String Draw (in Geometry: IGeometry) PutElementOrder (in order: Variant)
FeatureClassChanged (in oldClass:

FinishDrawing IFeatureClass, in newClass:

DrawBackground (in Display: IDisplay, in IPersist ReferenceScale: Double
SetSymbol (in sym: ISymbol)
Reset IFeatureClass)
Type: String SendBackward (in Elements: IEnumElement)
CancelTracker: ITrackCancel) IPersistStream StartDrawing (in hDC: OLE_HANDLE, in SendToBack (in Elements: IEnumElement)
VersionChanged (in oldVersion: IVersion, in
DrawDraftMode (in Display: IDisplay, in cacheID: Integer) newVersion: IVersion)
CancelTracker: ITrackCancel) IPropertySupport CanRotate: Boolean UpdateElement (in Element: IElement) *
DrawForeground (in Display: IDisplay, in
CancelTracker: ITrackCancel) ITransform2D ITransform2D : IUnknown IGraphicsContainerSelect : IUnknown *
IFrameProperties : IUnknown
DominantElement: IElement MapSurround
IFrameProperties Move (dx: Double, dy: Double) ElementSelectionCount: Long GraphicSnap Patch LegendClassFormat

IMapSurround : IUnknown
Background: IBackground MoveVector (v: ILine) SelectedElements: IEnumElement IMapSurround
Rotate (Origin: IPoint, RotationAngle: Double) SelectionBounds (in Display: IDisplay): IGraphicSnap : IUnknown IPatch IPatch : IUnknown ILegendClassFormat : IUnknown
Border: IBorder
Scale (Origin: IPoint, sx: Double, sy: Double) IEnvelope IGraphicSnap Icon: OLE_HANDLE ILegendClassFormat
Shadow: IShadow Map: IMap Geometry: IGeometry
Transform (Direction: esriTransformDirection, Name: String Name: String AreaPatch: IAreaPatch
Transformation: ITransformation) ElementSelected (in Element: IElement): IClone Name: String DescriptionSymbol: ITextSymbol
Boolean SnapX (in Shape: IGeometry, in Tolerance: DelayEvents (in delay: Boolean) PreserveAspectRatio: Boolean LabelSymbol: ITextSymbol
SelectAllElements Double): Boolean Draw (in Display: IDisplay, in trackCancel:
IPersist LinePatch: ILinePatch
IPageEvents SelectedElement (in Index: Long): IElement SnapY (in Shape: IGeometry, in Tolerance: IPersistStream get_Geometry (in Bounds: IEnvelope): IPersist PatchHeight: Double
ITrackCancel, in Bounds: IEnvelope)
SelectElement (in Element: IElement) Double): Boolean IGeometry PatchWidth: Double
GroupElement IPersist SelectElements (in Elements: IEnumElement)
FitToBounds (in Display: IDisplay, in Bounds:
IEnvelope, out Changed: Boolean)
IPersistStream SelectionTracker (in Index: Long): IPageLayoutSnap QueryBounds (in Display: IDisplay, in
IGroupElement IGroupElement : IUnknown ISelectionTracker IPageLayoutSnap : IGraphicSnap
ISelectionEvents UnselectAllElements
oldBounds: IEnvelope, newBounds: AreaPatch
Element (in Index: Long): IElement PageLayout: IPageLayout IEnvelope)
ITransformEvents UnselectElement (in Element: IElement) IPersist
FrameElement IFrameDraw ElementCount: Long UnselectElements (in Elements:
IAreaPatch IAreaPatch : IUnknown
Elements: IEnumElement
IGraphicElement IGraphicElement : IUnknown GraphicElement IFrameElement IEnumElement)
IBoundsProperties IBoundsProperties : IUnknown
IGraphicElement IGraphicElement : IUnknown IFrameProperties AddElement (in Element: IElement)
SpatialReference: ISpatialReference ClearElements IGraphicSnapEnvironment IGraphicSnapEnvironment : IUnknown FixedAspectRatio: Boolean
SpatialReference: ISpatialReference
DeleteElement (in Element: IElement) IClone FixedSize: Boolean
IViewManager SnapAgent (in Index: Long): IGraphicSnap
SnapAgentCount: Long IConnectionPointContainer LinePatch LegendItem
SnapAgentOrder: IArray
SnapTolerance: Double IMapSurroundEvents IMapSurroundEvents : IUnknown ILinePatch : IUnknown ILegendItem2 ILegendItem2 : IUnknown
IdentityLinkElement ILinePatch
AddSnapAgent (in SnapAgent: IGraphicSnap)
MarkerElement IIdentityLinkElement IIdentityLinkElement : IUnknown ClearSnapAgents GridSnap MarginSnap CanDisplay (in Layer: ILayer): Boolean
MapFrame DeleteSnapAgent (in SnapAgent: IPersist AfterDraw (in Display: IDisplay)
BeforeDraw (in Display: IDisplay)
Columns: Integer
Graphics: IEnumElement
IMarkerElement Symbol: IMarkerSymbol IGraphicSnap)
IMapFrame IMapFrame : IFrameElement IMarkerElement : IUnknown IPersistStream ContentsChanged IClone GroupIndex: Long
SnapShape (in Shape: IGeometry) HeadingSymbol: ITextSymbol
Container: IGraphicsContainer Symbol: IMarkerSymbol ILegendItem Height: Double
ExtentType: esriExtentTypeEnum GuideSnap RulerSnap IPersist KeepTogether: Boolean
LocatorRectangleCount: Long
Map: IMap
DataGraphElement IPersistStream
Layer: ILayer
LayerNameSymbol: ITextSymbol
MapBounds: IEnvelope IDataGraphElement IDataGraphElement : IUnknown LegendClassFormat: ILegendClassFormat
IActiveViewEvents MapScale: Double Name: String
IConnectionPointContainer DataGraph: IDataGraph NewColumn: Boolean
AddLocatorRectangle (in Locator: IActiveViewEvents Map: IMap ShowDescriptions: Boolean
IDisplayAdmin ILocatorRectangle) ShowHeading: Boolean
IDisplayEvents CreateSurroundFrame (in CLSID: IUID, in IGraphicsContainerProperty DisplacementLinkElement ShowLabels: Boolean
optionalStyle: IMapSurround): ShowLayerName: Boolean
IMapSurroundFrame LineElement IDisplacementLinkElement : IUnknown Width: Double
LocatorRectangle (in Index: Long):
ILineElement MapTitle MapInset ScaleBar Legend
ILineElement : IUnknown IDisplacementLinkElement ID: Long
Symbol: ILineSymbol IMapInset IScaleBar IScaleBar : IMapSurround ILegend
* ChangeFlowDirection (RightToLeft: Boolean)
CreateGraphics (in Display: IDisplay, in
Symbol: ILineSymbol IMapInset : IMapSurround ILegend : IMapSurround
RemoveLocatorRectangle (in Locator: LegendFormat: ILegendFormat)
ILocatorRectangle) Description: String BarColor: IColor AutoAdd: Boolean
IsLive: Boolean BarHeight: Double AutoReorder: Boolean
IGraphicsComposite IElementEditVertices IElementEditVertices : IUnknown MapBounds: IEnvelope Division: Double IActiveViewEvents AutoVisibility: Boolean
IGraphicsComposite : IUnknown Divisions: Integer
UsingZoomScale: Boolean IConnectionPointContainer FlowRight: Boolean
MovingVertices: Boolean VisibleBounds: IEnvelope DivisionsBeforeZero: Integer Format: ILegendFormat
IGraphicsContainerProperty Graphics (in Display: IDisplay, in data: LabelFrequency: esriScaleBarFrequency IGraphicsComposite
IUnknown): IEnumElement ZoomPercent: Double Item (in Index: Long): ILegendItem
FillShapeElement GetMoveVerticesSelectionTracker: ZoomScale: Double LabelGap: Double
IPropertySupport ItemCount: Long
ISelectionTracker LabelPosition: esriVertPosEnum Title: String
IFillShapeElement IFillShapeElement : IUnknown MarkerNorthArrow CalculateVisibleBounds LabelSymbol: ITextSymbol HorizontalLegendItem
IMapFrameEvents IMapFrameEvents : IUnknown NumberFormat: INumberFormat AddItem (in Item: ILegendItem)
Symbol: IFillSymbol ResizeHint: esriScaleBarResizeHint ClearItems IHorizontalLegendItem
IMarkerNorthArrow IMarkerNorthArrow : IUnknown IHorizontalLegendItem : IUnknown
Page Subdivisions: Integer
UnitLabel: String
InsertItem (in Index: Long, in Item:
MapFrameResized MarkerSymbol: IMarkerSymbol Arrangement: esriLegendItemArrangement
IPage IPage : IUnknown UnitLabelGap: Double RemoveItem (in Index: Long)
IMapGrids IMapGrids : IUnknown IGraphicsComposite UnitLabelPosition: esriScaleBarPos
SnapGrid Background: IBackground INorthArrow : IMapSurround
UnitLabelSymbol: ITextSymbol IReadingDirection IReadingDirection : IUnknown
MapGrid (in Index: Long): IMapGrid BackgroundColor: IColor INorthArrow Units: esriUnits
ISnapGrid Border: IBorder RightToLeft: Boolean
MapGridCount: Long TextElement ISnapGrid : IUnknown
DelayEvents: Boolean
Angle: Double UseMapSettings
CalibrationAngle: Double
AddMapGrid (in MapGrid: IMapGrid)
ITextElement ITextElement : IUnknown HorizontalSpacing: Double FormID: esriPageFormID IPropertySupport Color: IColor
ITransformEvents ClearMapGrids IPersist IsVisible: Boolean IsPrintableAreaVisible: Boolean Overview IGraphicsComposite IGraphicsComposite : IUnknown VerticalLegendItem
DeleteMapGrid (in MapGrid: IMapGrid) VerticalSpacing: Double Orientation: Integer ITransformEvents ReferenceLocation: IPoint
CircleElement ScaleText: Boolean
Symbol: ITextSymbol
IPersistStream IClone PageToPrinterMapping:
Size: Double
IOverview IOverview : IMapSurround Graphics (in Display: IDisplay, in data: IVerticalLegendItem IVerticalLegendItem : IUnknown
Text: String Draw (in Display: IDisplay, in Page: IPage) esriPageToPrinterMapping IPropertySupport IUnknown): IEnumElement
ICircleElement ICircleElement : IUnknown IConnectionPointContainer PrintableBounds: IEnvelope AoiFillSymbol: IFillSymbol Arrangement: esriLegendItemArrangement
StretchGraphicsWithPage: Boolean OverlayGridLabelSymbol: ITextSymbol
Units: esriUnits OverlayGridLayer: ILayer
IElementEditCallout IElementEditCallout : IUnknown IScaleMarks IScaleMarks : IUnknown
MapSurroundFrame * DrawBackground (in Display: IDisplay) SetOverlayGridCell (in gridLayerFid: Long) LegendFormat
IElementEditVertices EditingCallout: Boolean DrawBorder (in Display: IDisplay) UpdateDisplay (in windowWidth: Long, in DivisionMarkHeight: Double
IMapSurroundFrame IMapSurroundFrame : IFrameElement IGroupSymbolElement DrawPaper (in Display: IDisplay, in windowHeight: Long) ITransformEvents DivisionMarkSymbol: ILineSymbol ILegendFormat ILegendFormat : IUnknown
GetMoveTextSelectionTracker: eraseColor: IColor) MarkFrequency: esriScaleBarFrequency
IMapFrameEvents MapFrame: IMapFrame
EllipseElement ITransformEvents ISelectionTracker SnapGuides DrawPrintableArea (in Display: IDisplay) ScaleText MarkPosition: esriVertPosEnum DefaultAreaPatch: IAreaPatch HorizontalBarLegendItem
MapSurround: IMapSurround SubdivisionMarkHeight: Double DefaultLinePatch: ILinePatch
IMapSurroundEvents GetDeviceBounds (in Printer: IPrinter, in DefaultPatchHeight: Double IHorizontalBarLegendItem IHorizontalBarLegendItem : IUnknown
IEllipseElement IEllipseElement : IUnknown ISnapGuides ISnapGuides : IUnknown CurrentPage: Integer, in Overlap: Double, IScaleText : IMapSurround
SubdivisionMarkSymbol: ILineSymbol
in Resolution: Integer, in deviceBounds: IScaleText DefaultPatchWidth: Double
AngleAbove: Double
AreVisible: Boolean GroupGap: Double
IGraphicsComposite IGraphicsComposite : IUnknown IEnvelope) Format: String HeadingGap: Double AngleBelow: Double
IPersist DrawLevel: esriViewDrawPhase GetPageBounds (in Printer: IPrinter, in MapUnitLabel: String HorizontalItemGap: Double
Guide (in idx: Long): Double CurrentPage: Integer, in Overlap: Double,
Graphics (in Display: IDisplay, in data: PictureElement IPersistStream GuideCount: Long
MapUnits: esriUnits HorizontalPatchGap: Double
IUnknown): IEnumElement in pageBounds: IEnvelope) NumberFormat: INumberFormat LayerNameGap: Double IVerticalLegendItem IVerticalLegendItem : IUnknown
ITransformEvents IPictureElement IPictureElement : IUnknown AddGuide (in pos: Double) PrinterChanged (in Printer: IPrinter) PageUnitLabel: String ShowTitle: Boolean
Draw (in Display: IDisplay, in isHorizontal: PrinterPageCount (in Printer: IPrinter, in PageUnits: esriUnits TextGap: Double Arrangement: esriLegendItemArrangement
MultiPatchElement Filter: String Boolean) Overlap: Double, out pageCount: Integer)
PutCustomSize (in Width: Double, in Height:
IPropertySupport Style: esriScaleTextStyleEnum IClone TitleGap: Double
MaintainAspectRatio: Boolean DrawHighlight (in Display: IDisplay, in Symbol: ITextSymbol TitlePosition: esriRectanglePosition
PictureAspectRatio: Double isHorizontal: Boolean) Double) ITransformEvents Text: String ScaleLine DoubleFillScaleBar IPersist TitleSymbol: ITextSymbol
IFrameDraw PictureDescription: String RemoveAllGuides QuerySize (out Width: Double, out Height: IPersistStream VerticalItemGap: Double
SavePictureInDocument: Boolean Double) IScaleLine : IUnknown
IFrameElement RemoveGuide (in idx: Long) IScaleLine IDoubleFillScaleBar IDoubleFillScaleBar : IUnknown VerticalPatchGap: Double
OleFrame PolygonElement IFrameProperties ImportPictureFromFile (in Name: String) LineSymbol: ILineSymbol
IFrameProperties IFrameProperties : IUnknown FillSymbol1: IFillSymbol Scale (in XScale: Double, in YScale: Double)
IOleFrame IOleFrame : IUnknown FillSymbol2: IFillSymbol NestedLegendItem
IPolygonElement IPolygonElement : IUnknown
IOlePictureElement IOlePictureElement : IUnknown Background: IBackground
ILegendLayout ILegendLayout : IUnknown
OleClientItem Border: IBorder
RulerSettings Shadow: IShadow SingleDivisionScaleBar INestedLegendItem INestedLegendItem : IUnknown
CreateOleClientItem (oleDocument: Any) ScaleGraphicsOnResize: Boolean
Edit ImportPicture (in pictureDisp: IPictureDisp) ISingleFillScaleBar ISingleFillScaleBar : IUnknown AutoLayout: Boolean
IRulerSettings IRulerSettings : IUnknown HorizontalAlignment:
EditProperties: Boolean
IElementEditVertices IElementEditVertices : IUnknown SmallestDivision: Double FillSymbol: IFillSymbol esriTextHorizontalAlignment
IPersist IPageEvents IPageEvents : IUnknown LabelEnds: Boolean
Open MovingVertices: Boolean LeaderOverhang: Double