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Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentence below. Four answer choices are given
below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B),
(C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

1. Amy Loon and Kevin Park have not even received their high school diploma, but have already
established themselves as entrepreneurs in the field.
A. they B. them
C. theirs D. their
2. Employees on international assignment with Daniel Windmere Corporation receive financial
support when finding a place to live.
A. extend B. extent
C. extensive D. extending
3. The company management is planning to unveil its new plan to help increase and generate
more profits in the upcoming year.
A. produces B. producers
C. productivity D. productively
4. Because our supplies are , we can only make this offer to the first fifty customers who come to
the store.
A. limited B. speedy
C. available D. presentable
5. All rsums submitted to our human resources department will remain on record for one year
from the date of
A. receipt B. admission
C. ownership D. membership
6. Answering customer questions is sometimes difficult to do on , so we have created a list of
frequently asked questions.
A. yours B. yourself
C. your own D. you
7. On Thursday, Ms. Cornado should receive the of the recent survey conducted by the research
and development department.
A. chances B. results
C. matters D. events
8. The advertising team made an recovery from a late start to finish the project a week ahead of
A. amaze B. amazing
C. amazement D. amazingly
9. According to Star Watch magazine, singer-songwriter Kylie Norton has announced her upcoming
in a charity concert.

A. participate B. participated
C. participating D. participation
10. Customers unhappy with the performance of their stereo equipment have two months to request
a refund or
A. complaint B. receipt
C. replacement D. promotion
11. When online, the client should provide contact information like a telephone number and a
mailing address.
A. registration B. registering
C. registered D. register
12. The Gold Star Membership Plan seems to be the most popular option right now, but are
A. other B. others
C. the other D. another
13. The jacket you ordered is currently in the color you requested, but we will send the rest of your
order promptly.
A. related B. stylish
C. disinterested D. unavailable
14. According to the Cosmopolitan News, Gemstone Records will soon be opening a store located
on Grand Avenue.
A. conveniently B. correctly
C. greatly D. widely
15. Satyam Computer Services Ltd has extended the for submitting applications for the marketing
manager position to April 13th.
A. calendar B. intention
C. deadline D. admission
16. Due to technical problems, Nelsons Electronic Auction is not accepting any picture submissions
via e-mail.
A. quickly B. currently
C. precisely D. temperately
17. Before a new marketing campaign, the marketing director thoroughly questions staff
member about potential problems.
A. relocating B. condensing
C. launching D. convening
18. The sales manager has been asked to lead a of the Asian markets future outlook during the
board meeting tonight.
A. discussion B. goal

C. group D. happening
19. As an administrative assistant, you are responsible for ordering office such as pens, papers, ink
cartridges, and staplers.
A. facilities B. attributes
C. supplies D. members
20. Many people prefer to shop at The Bay Department Store as it offers a lifetime warranty on
A. any of B. every
C. each D. all

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four
answer choices are given below each of the sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text.
Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 21 -23 refer to the following notice.

Good news for Craft-Bilt dealers in 2008!

Many prices reduced!
There will not be a price this year. In fact, the prices of certain products imported from the US are
21. A. decline
B. negotiation
C. settlement
D. increase
actually being reduced by 2%. These include Contempo aluminum window frame components and
PanelCraft panels.
As railing kits no longer include posts, please refer to Product Buleetin #39. We will not be updating
the catalogs this year. So please make a note in your catalog to you of the changes.
22. A. provide
B. remind
C. explain
D. assign
The changes will be as of February 15.
23. A. effect
B. effects
C. effective
D. effectively

Questions 24 -26 refer to the following advertisement.

About SkiCanada
At SkiCanada, we design dream winter vacations for groups and individuals travelers to over a dozen
spectacular resorts in Canada.
SkiCanadas winter vacation destinations are close to home for Americans. Yet they provide the
adventure of a far-away jouney, a touch of the charm of Europe, unique Canadian hospitality, and a
great currency exchange advantage.
We believe that a vacation can only be when it is custom-tailored to fit the requirements and
24. A. succeed
B. successive
C. successful
D. successfully
preferences of each person. Our job is to make sure that everyone gets the right balance of comfort
and excitement produce the experience of a lifetime.
25. A. so as
B. in order to
C. for
D. therefore
Each request is given individual by one of our knowledgeable Destination Specialists who will find
26. A. attention
B. inspection
C. celebration
D. coordination
the best Canadian arrangements for each individual traveler.
SkiCanada website: www.ski-canada.com
For reservations email: travel@ski-canada.com

Questions 27 29 refer to the following letter.

To: Greg Flank gflank@mail.net

From: Jose Melendez jmelendez@abc.net
Subject: Receipt of application
Dear Mr. Flank,
We are pleased to that we have received your application packet for the position of Assistant
27. A. deny
B. apply
C. confirm
D. schedule

The application was complete, so we do not require any further documents. Our search for an
Assistant Director has been met with much
28. A. interested
B. interest
C. interests
D. interesting
In fact, the number of submissions has been This is the first time the position has become available
29. A. overwhelming
B. debatable
C. predictable
D. reduced
in more than 10 years, and many qualified professionals are eager to fill the shoes of the previous
assistant director. Due to the large quantity of applications, we do not expect to finish assessing each
candidates qualifications until the end of February. After this process is complete, someone from our
office will contact you about your application. Thank you for your patience in this matter, and we look
forward to speaking with you soon if your application is among those selected for further review.
Jose Melendez, Human Resources

Questions 30-32 refer to the following letter.

Lexon Corporation
92 Glendfield Avenue
March 1
Wendy Ward
6 Linden Road
Dear Ms. Ward,
On March 9, you will your fifteenth anniversary as an employee of the Lexon Corporation.
30. A. join
B. contain
C. celebrate
D. prosper
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for these past fifteen years of loyalty to the
We know that the company would never have been here today without strong an exceptional staff
members such as you. We recognize the contribution you made in helping us maintain the position
31. A. significantly
B. signification
C. significance
D. significant

in the industry, and we hope that you will remain with us for many years to come.
Congratulations on your fifteen years of services. As a token of our appreciation, your next salary
32. A. dedicated
B. dedicating
C. dedication
D. dedicate
check will include a bonus equal to one weeks wages.
Respectfully yours,
Jennifer Johnson
President, Lexon Corporation

Directions: In this part, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazines and newspaper articles,
letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for
each question and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Questions 33 -34 refer to the following announcement.

Muratas Books
A new bookshop with an exceptional inventory
Located on 12th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues We are open from 9 A.M to 6 P.M. from
Monday to Friday,
from 10 A.M to 4 P.M on Saturday, and from 11 A.M to 2 P.M on Sunday. We specialize in rare items,
used books, beloved classics, first editions, and signed books. All of our books are in excellent
Present this announcement to receive a 5% discount on one item of your choice.
33. What is being announced? 34. What time does Muratas Books open on
A. A change in a companys business hours A. 9 A.M
B. A weeklong sale B. 10 A.M
C. The opening of a new store C. 11 A.M
D. A book signing event D. 2 P.M

Questions 35 36 refer to the following document.

Our mission is to provide our customers with electricity and natural gas in a manner that is safe,
reliable, efficient, and environmentally sound. We intend to be the leader in the power supply
industry. In order to do so, we are committed to achieving high levels of operational excellence and
customer satisfaction as well as attaining a significant return on investment for our shareholders.
Elenga Incorporated

35. What is Elenga Incorporated? 36. Which of the following is NOT indicated as a
goal of Elenga Incorporated?
A. A consulting firm A. Expanding into international markets
B. A power company B. Makings its customer happy
C. An accounting firm C. Taking care of the environment
D. An investment bank D. Making profits for its investors
Questions 37 39 refer to the following letter.

August 19
Mr. Roy Johnson
Baton Rouge
Louisiana 70808 888 Dear
Mr. Johnson,
We are sorry about the recent inconvenience with our Internet banking and ATM service. We have
received numerous complaints in the Baton Rouge area. This was due to a cyber attack last week. We
are doing everything we can to cope with the problem and expect to fix it by next Monday. Because
we understand that some of our clients were not able to access our services, we have decided to
compensate for the inconvenience. On your next bill, you will receive an addition 5% interest on your
savings account balance.
Enclosed are our companys codes and regulations regarding compensation plans for cyber attacks.
This regulation form includes our duty, clients rights, and calculation method for the compensation.
Finally, if you insist on receiving the compensation by check, please dont hesitate to call us at 255
769 4078.
Sincerely, Ryan Devitt
Customer Service Department
37. What can be inferred in the letter? 39. What is needed to collect the
compensation by check?
A. Mr. Johnson is pleased with his Internet service A. To contact the Customer Service Department
B. Mr. Johnson suffered a loss from a hurricane B. To inform Mr. Johnson
C. Mr. Johnson was unable to use his Internet C. To send another complaint note
banking service for a couple of days D. To register for a new service
D. Mr. Johnson is the manager of the Customer
Service Department

38. What is included in the letter?
A. A coupon
B. A billing report
C. A complaint card
D. A regulation form
Questions 40 43 refer to the following information.

Cascade Falls General Information

Aquatic Club Swimming Pools
Membership information Tuesday- Friday 6 a.m. 7 p.m.
Welcome to the Cascade Falls Aquatic Club. This Saturday Sunday 1.p.m 5.p.m
leaflet explains many of the policies that you, as a Closed every Monday
member, should know about. Office Hours
We are nonprofit organization located on the Monday Friday 9 a.m. 5 p.m.
campus of Cascade Falls University. We enable Extensions
members of the local community to gain access to Ext. 110 for hours and closures
two of the schools three swimming pools. Ext. 111 for the club office
Thanks to the services that we provide, we are Ext.112 for the swimming school
able to effectively promote both good fitness and Ext. 113 for the prerecorded general
aquatic education for the Cascade Falls information
community. We periodically hold lifeguard certification
classes. The times depend upon the schedules
of the instructors. Contact the club office to
learn when classes are being held and also
register for the classes.
40. For whom is the document intended? 42. Which extension should a person call to
register for lifeguard training?
A. Swimming instructors A. 110
B. Employees of the club B. 111
C. New club members C. 112
D. Cascade Falls University students D. 113
41. The world promote in paragraph 3, line 2 is 43. What is NOT mentioned about the
closet in meaning to swimming pool in the leaflet?
A. Advance A. Members may use them six days a week
B. Commend B. There are changing room next to them
C. Advertise C. Special classes are sometimes held in them
D. Disturb D. There are three of them at the university

Questions 44 46 refer to the following announcement.

12th Annual Typing Competition

The Annual Typing Competition was created 12 years ago in order to promote typing on computers.
Now that almost everyone has at least one personal computer, the purpose of this competition is to
promote a healthy way to use a computer for more than 5 hours a day. For those who use a computer
at work, they often suffer from serious health issues caused by using computers with the wrong
posture. In order to fix this problem, the Annual Typing Competition has the following features.

- There is a forty-minute lecture on the correct posture when using personal computers by Professor
Claus Heins
- After the lecture, there is a short quiz session on the correct ways to use personal computers
- Participants are graded on both the speed of their typing and their posture while using a computer
- Based on the total score from both categories, the winner receives a prize.
Please come and join the Annual Typing Competition! You can learn the right way to use your
computer and also win a great prize!
44. What is the purpose of this announcement? 45. What is true about the competition?
A. To lecture about how to use personal A. It started over 14 years ago
computers correctly B. The competition is supposed to promote the
B. To announce the registration fee for the healthy use of computers
competition C. The competition is aimed at getting more
C. To announce the winner of the competition people to use personal computers
D. To promote participation in the competition D. The competition has no prize for the winner.
46. What is NOT a part of this competition?
A. A lecture by Professor Claus Heins
B. A quiz
C. A typing contest
D. A presentation on an ergonomic keyboard
Questions 47 50 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Alice Ryan

To: All employees
Hello All,
We will be bidding farewell to a long-time friend and employee in the Department Enrollment
Services: Karen McLean. She joined Enrollment Services twenty-five years ago, and with her extensive
knowledge and experience in the admissions area, she quickly earned the well-deserved position of
Assistant Director. For the past twenty years she has served as Senior Assistant to our Executive
Director, Paul Hanson, working on various admissions projects and automated systems integration.
Karen will be retiring in February to begin a life of leisure.
A farewell dinner party for Karen will be held on Friday, October 29th, 6:30 p.m. at Leons Restaurant,
107 Car Street in Oakland. Toasting and merriment will be integral to the evening. Please bring
memories, poems, songs and good wishes.
The cost of the fixed-price dinner will be $15 including tax and tip.
Please reply to me at coordinator@corp.org, or call me at (510) 501-3672 as soon as possible. We
must have a proper head-count for food ordering purposes by Wednesday. Special menu requests will
be taken into consideration if received early.
I look forward to celebrating with everyone.
47. Why is this e-mail written? 48. What does the e-mail NOT suggest?
A. To notify employees of an upcoming A. Special order requests should be made in
promotion advance
B. To describe the job history of a staff member B. Ms. McLean has been a valuable employee
C. To report work performance of an employee C. The event will be held in the evening
D. To ask employees to attend an event D. No fees are required for the events

49. How long did Karen McLean work as a senior 50. Who should people contact if they plan to
assistant? attend the dinner?
A. Five years A. Karen McLean
B. Ten years B. Paul Hanson
C. Twenty years C. Alice Ryan
D. Twenty five years D. Leon


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