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Lesson 11 .

Talking about the Weather

Dia loE ue l: Tomorrow's Weather

Ufill Be Even Better!
I. Llstening Comprehension
A. Textboo k Di a I o g u (Tru e/Fa lse) (i NTERPRETIVE)

( ) 1. Yesterday's weather was very bad'

( ) 2. Today's weather is better, but still a little cold.
( ) 3. Cao Xiaoyin l<new that her brother had invited Bai Ying'ai to go skating with
him but didn't tell him that Bai Ying'ai had gone to New York.
( ) rt. Cao Xiaoyin seems better informed than her brother about a lot of things.
( ) 5" Cao Wenzhong will watch ice sl<ating on DVD at home tomorrow.

B. Workbook Dia lo$ ue (True/False) (trumRPRErlvE)

( ) 1. This conversation probably took place in a sporting goods store.

( )2. Bai Ying'ai and Wang Peng went skating togetherwithout inviting Li You
and Cao Wenzhong.
( ) 3. Bai Ying'ai skates the best among the four of them'
( )4. CaoWenzhong will hire a coach for himself and Li You'
( ) 5. Cao Wenzhong and Li You have decided to go to the park tomorrow,

C. Listening Rejoinder (INTERPERSoNAL)

will hear two speakers talking. After hearing the first speaker, select the best
In this section, you
from the four possible responses given by the second speaker.
2 lntegrated Chinese' Level 1 Part 2'Workbook

ll. Speaking Exercises

A. Answer the questions in Chinese based on the Textbook Dialogue. (INTERPRITIVE/PRESENTATIONAL)

1. How was today's weather in comparison with yesterday's?

2. What was Gao Wenzhong's plan for tomorrow?
3. Where did Gao Xiaoyin read the weather forecast?
4. Why did Gao Xiaoyin tell Cao Wenzhong to change his plan?

B. Ask your partner what he/she usually does when the weather is not good. {INTERPERSONAL)

C. Checkthis weekend's weather forecast. Find out if the weather will be nice or not and describe what
you plan to do according to the predicted weather conditions. (INTERPRETIVE/PRESENTATIONAL)

lll. Reading Comprehension (rNrERpRElvE)

A. Building Words
lf you combine the hud in hud brng with the shuiin he shui, you have hud shui, as seen in
#1 below. Can you guess what the word hud shuimeans? Complete this section by providing the
characters, the pinyin,and the English equivalent of each new word formed this way.You may consult
a dictionary if necessary.

new word pinyin English

1. "'ifr)r]r.-" hl a(
iff" + " oS rl<" hl " [."
) ,ft+rK
2. "'ifr)rK.-" hl
tFJ " + "Tg" hl "$"
) ,ff+' )


Pti" hl "ii. + ,./} EI,, htr H'' .C

) tL+ E
Lesson 1 1 . Talking about the Weather

" HFto" hl " ilfr" + "xfu" hl 66fu"

) W+fu
5. " lfri&" hl " /fr" + "6frft" htr "rt*"

B. Read the following passage and answer the questions.

EFAaT I J-nn k4t X.-*z} H )'ff^,)l<

T + h-Elfr o

{ fr tr,in,Lhl XFLIAJIU-Zt ; fl+l i hl Xfi'j *t , T g' o

J- Fn;i/i ;A, +'aft*t E!;A^ 4 *z} E T . &y.A X

35+ &-4t
I+ J- flfl ?fr + h-*4t hl ffi +fr nF , { fr_ E_Fn x. hl xfi"4k
fi > $.'fepTg t frE^trWHX_fi" o f nni|"z "v\iA$,inLiX,
eT g' ' +\,fru ii/i { v\*z} H rtLft.. ifr.LiN"xftLilkFt , +\
,lrl;ii; Rfrv,ETftn+t o "
Questions: (True/False)

( ) 1. The story took place in the summer.

( ) 2. They had to change their plan for Sunday because of the weather forecast.
( ) 3. Wang Peng got the weather forecast from the internet.
( ) 4. The forecast predicted that it would snow.
( ) 5. Wang Peng was glad that he and Li you were not out on Sunday.
( ) 6. According to wang Peng, the weather forecast is not reliable.

C. Read the following passage and answer the questions,

tfr'ttL' ft_-At, rf ft_T4g^Tg t frj4|n|_fi" o

XX*fs4VAX, {ft,J.+f JiE9+ " it +h-: "- n hl P"l

X fr"K W tW+ n - tfy'r'T ? tt EH+4,R t AoE ? " + h-T,lH

4 tntegrated Chinese 'Level 1 Part 2'Workbook

,1. + *t4t fXftiAX'*Q+ , i/i* f"l A + ' 7f 4r.'J'4}.'fE

E-F'nH t *4+')F fr h4r*ft 7.4 '
Questions (Muitiple e hoice)
( ) 1. The season described in the story is

a. spflng
b. summer
c. autumn
d. winter
( ) 2. Which of the following best describes the current weather conditions?

a. seasonably cold
b. unseasonably warm
c. seasonably rainy
d. unseasonably snowy

( ) 3. To Li You, Xiaomei's comments on the weather were

a" interesting
b. annoying
c. expected
d. perplexing

( ) 4. Which of the statements is most likely to be true?

a. Xiaomei knows both Li You and Bai Ying'ai.

b. Xiaomei l<nows Li You but not Bai Ying'ai,
c. Xiaomei knows neither Li You nor Bai Ying'ai.
d. Xiaomei knows Bai Ying'ai but not Li You.

( ) 5. According to Bai Ying'ai, Xiaomei is quite eager to

a. experience cold weather

b. experience typical October-like weather
c. wear her new overcoat
d. return her new overcoat
Lesson 11 . Talkinq about the Weather

D. Answer the following questions based on the authentic material provided.

rfrfi fiiE("C) I'Tfi ffi,iE('c)L

#H+F s4-24 +ft#E 3,5*27 |
?ila\ 32-23 t#.Rffi 3e-25 g

F-,TJEH 26-18 HHff+ 26-1 5 i

i&tftw 24-17 grtht+tr 26-'!5 F

EALU 20*12 ,fFHftEfrffi 30-21

tE++ 22-11 ilF!{ 34*25
#ffifrjffi 26^:16 ?,#effi 27-15
effi& 2B*2A fitr E 28-12 i',
FEI+)EH 24-11 tEffi'HiE 25-14 i
Etrf|JH 25*13 ffiil 21*x1 i
Ef;!ffiFJE 2E-17 iEtr 20-13 i
,J-,JrJ+ll.t/ JJ. +, I l+r

,*flulE 29*25 Hft#.+ffiE 19-12 i

HFfrIE 30-23 E{F,E 37-17 ii
Etra*r s2*25 EE#fiF 2s-22rf. i
HE+F "!3-s xffi 2s-18 i
*trE, 16-8 +i' 23-12

JliE_ ::_f:t?_l 16-6 i

?t&Q- X-hl ift"Ar6H8ft" z

4t'&*v'flp,tJ]ti it 6t A + z
lntegrated Chinese. Level 1 Part 2'Workbook

EV, rEEng xercEses

A. This is how a retailer touts his merchandise:

+\,fn frt fr-fr T4uat > fr_H-{qE o

Other selling points:

? ' *n . +Tfr . if IfJ i fr X+ifk. +/-gifi ; j.^gifi -



However, his customers think otherwise:

4+,4t1hl K& T 1g^47 , ,fr-tr T4F_E "



E. Little Wang has become environmentally conscious, and is trying to save energy in any way he
ca n.


>,J. E vl;if f inntY XJL , ,fl'ty4 j-kqnfy Xt{_,1 o

Lesson 11 'Talking about the Weather


q. \l
2. s"n.

3. f


EXAMpLE 1,& v/ tfflR4fr + ' tL-,fin gF* T o

EXAM'T-E 2,&v\gf f. +WL+ tr X ' tL-,fv+iik'L1 o

tntegrated Chinese ' Level 1 Part 2 ' Workbook

D.Weather Forecast
Here,s a weather forecast for New York and Beijing tomorrow. Interpret the forecast to write whether it
will snow in each place, and if it will be colder or warmer than the place where you are.


New York 40" F 4aK El*.


Beijing 30"F rbfr Fll i

E. Translate the following into Chinese. (PRESENTATIoNAL)

1. The weather forecast on the internet just said that it will not only be very cold tomorrow
but it will also snow.

Lesson 1 1 . Talking about the Weather 9

2. My older sister likes to shop. She bought a white shirt two weeks ago. Last week she
bought a pair of blue pants. She liked them very much, so yesterday she bought another
pair. She said she would like a pair of black shoes. This afternoon she'll go out shopping
again. She really has a lot of money.

F. Compare two of your favorite or least favorite celebrities in the same field or profession. Based
on your previous knowledge and information you can find online, describe who's younger, taller,
richer, whot more beautiful/handsome, and who is better at singing, dancing, playing sports, etc.
tntegroted Chinese' Leve! 1 Part
10 t

+ H F+EH**{:
19 45
Rffi Efr 6f*
tr-J , 4R) h r&2.3 (&- ,27 826" C

FE E +EE+AIJ".4:s4

+XT',!I: f'*fr
6r+t, 4ffiAA
2 .3 {k ,28 826" t-

z?.fr- ,23 825" C

\+ ;r

&re4'h +AflL+ "

aPiE, 4
+:* E
LttU I o

newspaper c|ipping give?

In addition to a weather forecast, what other advice does th]s
Lesson 1 1 . Talking about the Weather 11

Dialogue ll: The Weather Here ls

l. Listening Comprehension

A. Textbook Dialogu (True/Fatse) (tNTERIREIvE)

( ) 1. Cao Wenzhong and Bai ying'ai are talking on the phone.

( ) 2. Bai Ying'ai is surfing the internet for weather information.
( ) 3. cao wenzhong is moving to california for its good weather.
( )4. Bai Ying'ai is interviewingfor a job in NewYork because she does not like
( )5. Bai Ying'ai will cut her trip short because she can't stand the local weather

B. Wo rkbook Dia log ue (M u ttipte Choice) (tNTERPREIVE)

( ) 1. lt's been raining since at least yesterday.

( ) 2. The woman likes rainy weather.
( ) 3. The woman is from another city.
( ) 4. The man doesn't care whether the woman stays or not.
( ) 5. The woman probably would consider watching a different DVD with the man.

C. Listen ing Rejoinder (rnrrnpERsoNAL)

In this section,you will hear two speakers talking, After hearing the first speaker, select the best
from the four possible responses given by the second speaker,

!1, Speaking Exerclses

A. Answer the questions in Chinese based on the Textbook Diatogue. (tNTERpRET|VE/

1. How did cao wenzhong and Bai ying'ai communicate with each other?
2. Why didn't Bai Ying'ai go out?
3. What kept Bai Ying'ai from going home?
4. Does Bai Ying'ai think that the weather in California is nice? Does she wanr to go
there? Why or why not?

B. Ask your partner what his/her favorite city is and to describe what the weather is like there
(in each season), (tNTERPERSONAL)
12 Integroted Chinese. Level 1 Part 2'Workbook

EEE" ReadinE Corrrprelxension (rNrERpRErvE)

A. Building Words
lf you combine the yd in xid yd with the yl in yrfu, you have ydyr, as seen in #1 below, Can
you guess what the word ydyr means? Complete this section by providing the characters, the
pinyin and the English equivalent of each new word formed this way.You may consult a dictionary
if necessary,

new word pinyin English

rr +
T. "T ffi " hl rr,-:F
" i.f1|" h4J " +"

2. "Tffi" hl "ffi" + "#L"

3. "-+!+" hl "+" + "4"&" hl "t{"

s. " F4Ftr" hl ti" re

+ " + x" h4J " 4'

B. Read the passage and answer the questions (True/False).

+,Lv\fr fy hs )t'l r-4F " hs r'[ + X. 6 ,+ ' H_ X6l,& ,


d.X. fi"/,dRe 4?nU . f, ft,+_t7,.fi.ft fuK L4+ " 4&.,in?..t*4J E

XiLlj* ' d:X.f{^tl4Jrdim ' 2-i.X. fi"-fH*i , f'4s4k
;f : 'fr-tffiffiTg " 4&'k4JH-,J.4x-'fgilt.*ho)'t'l!rLJ{,, E
,J'/lLeNiTu )'t'l XfL*tft-{t : {ft rA_,K "

Lesson 1 1 . Talking about the Weather 13

) 1. Mr. Huang used to work in California.

) 2. The four seasons were equally comfortable in New york.
) 3. In New York, winter is the worst season.
) 4. Mr. Huang would like to spend a weekend in California,
) 5. Ms. Xia declined Mr. Huang's invitation because she liked the weather in her own
city better.

C. Read the passage and answer the questions (True/False).

At ,1. t+,fr_Jt fr/. , t'y fiu ),tl J-,lF " ,t, ht &Ar,Fi,6 *ls,ft lU,
F , ffi,J..4EffiH'+frAtftT " Tfr_ie,^+iEkE_^.s*, [J
A ii 6i E_ x4y<',.fe . ?4t ,J. ix_ ?6 +t,&ar,F ilr.t ei e{ hu ),tl

ft , {4t, frt EAr,6r,F irt , rts )'tl?f fr_fi , ;f fraF t{_,hl nn k

IV,)U.A'y4s ? " Ft v\4&,4t1ffi/+Jb frEfi/,{ XfrLTit , -ef fr_vU
)tu')l'l X-e ,9- "

( )1. ?4i'J. nnhlaar,Fr,F ffi ft *rto nl o

( )2. ?4t'J"*x-F ltlvil n sJb,F .

^++fr fr 4k? nn a
( )3. ?ft'J. *Lhlaa4,6 \frt'v)b
( ) 4. ?4t'J' ,Lffi/+hv )tl H- Xhl Xfi".tib fr*f
( )s. '64t'J" nE"hIAAr,6 tfi4q+ryk t1,t .
14 lntegroted Chinese. Level 1 Part 2'Workbook

D. Read the following dialogue and answer the questions.

(*t4"*4Jr;affrx,. )
*t z ft+ , afr J-4+T,fi , .*tu,trLfu "
++ : tfr,.ttft+{ , e_ft,XfLlFFA "

tt: {=X'fo?
+ + : rbfr6 Xhl Xfi"A fin+tt.&,4k.lr*+,i r

tt: f x,ro?
*+ : flX.ft6x.{_+B*i t s.4sfikfjv,fr_ilffi*ft"Tffi o

tt: ufl {^T*T ,6^Z^it , fi4l T],t , 4r^ftia

+\.*Jt,t ' g+q6 z
t + : fi. . -6, 4Fft4\, &AThl nn k " a\,fr iA4,f.fr(i^ : [J
A tl,fr4,(X.&.4ixR "
*I ' flls AT , +\,fdi* .

Questions: (True/False)

( ) 1. The telephone conversation took place in the summer.

( ) 2. Lao Li lives in Beijing.
( )3. According to Lao Li, the best season in Beijing is autumn.
( ) 4. lt is not very cold in winrer in Beijing.
( )5. Lao Li doesn't want Lao Wang to come to Beijing.

E. This sign indicates that this is a place for

#E \Fr
ffi^ Fs\ ffi

Lesson 1 1 . Talking about the Weather 15

F. Answer the following questions based on the visual given.



r. 'AF -l4lt\
z ofll3-R&.1.& z

3. &Re^eTffi ?
16 Integroted Chlnese' Level 1 Patt2 'Workbook

!V. Writing Exercises

A. Building Characters
Form a character by fitting the given components together as indicated.Then provide a word or phrase
in which that character aPpears.

EXAMpLE: a El on the tett witn a I on the right: lt is the chara.,.r 4F] in 9E i.

1. u h onthe left with aE on the right: It s the character as in

2. a three-dot water radical on the left with rhe 7L in *tL: nis the character

a5 In

3. JC on rhe left with a Eon the right: lt is the character as in

4. 4 on the top with a
rir'at the bottom: It is the character as

5. a three-dot water radical on the left with the R i&R on the risht: lt is the
character as in

B.Shoe shopping

Person A really likes this pair of shoes. She loves the color, the style, the fit, and the comfort, and would
like to purchase them. But her mother, Person B, is only concerned about the price.What would you say
to A in a diplomatic but honest way if you were B?

EXAMpLE: n, $f 6 rAA*tR fu "

a, rAetfr,fr-)#fr,' Er.ft.T .

1. A, esrrtr rfr+++tfr o

ez t&t -

2. n, $tatrjr,J.4A .

e: Jt
Lesson 1 1 . Talking about the Weather 17

3. n: q$f f,#rnl .


C. Little Zhang is a true fan of Harry Potter. He read it again and again during the winter break. Here's
part of the reading log he kept.

December 26 December 2 7 December 2B December 29 December 3O

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

{ V f' \f

=A-+x n fr t Harrypotter, l=A:+-t n t rt
T Harry Potter o

f: fl =t)ta
How about you? Are you a fan of Harry Potter or any other books, or are you enthusiastic about a
particular movie,TV show sports team, or musician? Write a recollection like the one above describinq
your repeated reading, viewing, or listening.

18 Integrated Chinese' Level 1 Part 2' Workbook

D. Translate the following into Chinese. (PRESENTATIONAL)

1. Shoot, today is even colder than yesterday! I'd better put on my new sweater, have some

hot coffee, and tell my little brother not to go outside to play,

2, I have three pairs of pants: one white, one black, and one brown. The white pants were
$l24.gg and are much more expensive than the black ones. The black ones are newer than
the brown ones, but they are a little big on me. I think the brown ones fit me the best' They
are not only good-looking but also inexpensive. lwore them three times last week' This
week I wore them three times again. I want to wear them three more times next week.

3. I like this schoolvery much. lt is big and beautiful. Everyone says it is as beautiful as a park.
Many students ice skate in the winter. The weather.forecast said it would be very cold and
it would snow next week. I hope I can go skating next weekend.
Lesson 11 . Talking about the Weather 19

given below. Focus your report on the

E. Write a weather forecast for tomorrow based on the clues
possible changes in temperature and precipitation in the morning, afternoon,
and late at night.

l-0:00am 4:00pm Midnight

I {F #{F

34'F 29'F

F. Check your local weather forecast for tomorrow, and report in writing
whether it's predicted to rain,
snoW and be warmer or colder than today. (PRESENTATIoNAL)
20 Integrated Chinese' Level 1 Part 2'Workbook

G. pick any two countries. Search online or in an encyclopedia to find out which country is bigger,

which has a targer population t*** 6i )\bV*** 6t L ? ), which country's summer is hotter,

which country's winter is colder, which country's spring or fall is more pleasant, etc.Write a paragraph
com pa ri n g the two cou ntries. (PRES ENTATIoNAL)
Lesson 11 . Talkinq about the Weather 21

H. Sto rytel Ii n g (p REsENTATIoNAL)

Write a story in Chinese based on the four cartoons below. Make sure that your story has a beginning,
middle, and end. Also make sure that the transition from one picture to the next is smooth and
22 Integrated Chinese ' Level 1 Paft2 'Workbook


bfifr xf; fiHfiif, fr'fftfilfr IrTfi Tfi fiHfi}H Fiftffiilf, -

JtHffifi22 E^#ffi ft zz
HffijH ffi 27 # 30 22 i

1s )'BH
F6 27 ]e H|5fll M 28 2&
#rr,[t.l ry= ,tA frA

2$ AfiU as 24 i

trW 2&

xi+ ffi $1 22
.f :J-
HE= ?$ 24 i:

ryilif;s 27 1$
-|.)E F="R 35
ffi or 2V

,HB^H m 37
s3 fr)E so 24 rt

E+ 24 12 FIt' ffi 24 f
$iJll . 2# 1s H=3il25$
--t- E= ,-^

ffi,rt{ # 31 r$ fniflI
$5 ,25 $

EA $5 f3 iEtH'l ffi 3$ ET i
ftffi4$s *re
ffi vv Lu
s4 afi
FI#|I $2 24 iEE $

EE 35 E5 Htll{ 38 zo 1

+ E ]ATit hl X'*LIA+W