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Popular fiction V1

Assignment A
1. What do you think there is only one focal female character in Foundation
and what, according to you, is her purpose in the novel?
2. Justify the title, Though the looking Glass
3. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a story of deceit, distrust and blackmail .

Assignment B
Case Study:
Faces, my dear she cried out, quite forgetting that the king could not hear her.
You make me laugh so that I can hardly hold you. And dont keep your mouth so
wide open: All the ashes will get into it-there, now I think youre tidy
enough , she added, as she smoothed his hair, and set him upon the table near
the .
Q.No. 1: who said this to whom? Why could the listener not hear her?
Q.No.2: What faces was this person, who was being addressed, making?
Q.No.3: Where had the ashes being referred to, come from?

Assingment C
1. Foundation has been written by
a. H.G.Wells
b. Asimov
c. Stephen Hawking
d. None of these
2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is written by
a. Sidney Sheldon
b. Agatha christie
c Earl Stanley Gardner
d. Alfred Hitchcock.
3. Through the looking glass is sequel to:
a. Treasure Island
b. Cinderella
c. Alices Adventures in wonderland
d. Snowhite and the seven Dwarfs.
4. Lewis Carolls real name was:
a. Rev.Charles Maston
b. H.H.Munro
c. A.A. Fair
d. Rev.Chalres L.Dodgson
5. Science in foundation is represented as
a. Psychomatics
b. Psychology
c. Psychohistory
d. Psychometrics
6. According to Fleming , which famous movie star does Titiana Romanova look
a. Jayne Mansfield
b. Rita Hayworth
c. Marylin Monroe
d. Greta Garbo.
7. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is written in the
a. First Person
b. Second Person
c. Third Person
d. Poetic Form
8. Where is Terminus Located?
a. Near Earth
b.Near Trantor
c. Center of the galaxy
d. periphery
9. Dr James Sheppard was a
a. Surgeon
b. Physician
c. Eye-specialist
d. Psychiatrist
10. What is Kerim Bey also known as?
a. vinto
b. Darko
c. Bianco
d. He has no other name
11. The heroine of through the looking glass is:
(a) Almost 12 years old
(b) almost 10 years old
almost 8 years old
(d)Almost 6 years old
12. According to chapter 4, what number building is:
(a) No. 7
(b) No.1953
No. 13
(d). No,3479
13. Caroline sheppard loved to:
(a) cook
(b) do gardening
meet people
(e) Gossip
14. With Gaal Dornick, how many mathematicians did Seldon have?
(a) 50
(b) : 98,572
(d). 95,234
15. Which publication did Salvor Hardin control?
(a) Post
(b) tribune
(d). Journal
16. Who in the novel is describe as a Toad-figurewho also walks in short,
quick setps?
(a) Tatiana Romanova
(b) Genearl G
(d). Colonel rosa Klebb
17. In foundation, science is seen as:
(a) malevolent
(b) benevolent
(d). exciting
18. Alice was blessed with:
(a) an active imagination
(b) a gift for writing
a skill for painting
(d). a pretty face
19. Who kills Bond?
(a) Rosa Klebb
(b) Tatiana
(d). General G
20. ralph payton planned to amrry
(a) Mrs. Ferrars
(b) Caroline sheppard
flora Ackroyd
(d). Miss Russell
21. Lewis Carolls book is a satire on
(a) Humna beings
(b) childrenss tantrums
old fashioned people
(d). adult intellectualism
22.How many were at the vault when seldom first appeared
(a) 6
(b) 50
(d). 2
23. After five days of discussing with the encyclopedists, what did Lord Dorwin
(a) We need atomic power
(b) Not one damned thing
the emperor supports you
(d). terminus will be mine
24. The game occupies Centre stage in through the Looking glass.
(a) Carrom
(b) chess
(d). Monopoly
25. Hercule poirot was:
(a) German
(b) Belgian
(d). Czechoslovakian
26.According to the top secret Zapiska file from SMERSH, what two languages is
James Bond fluent in?
(a) Arabic and Spanish
(b) French and German
. Russian and German
(d). Swedish and Italian
27. The white Queen was :
(a) Pretty
(b) Gentle
(d). wicked
28. Charles Kent is the son of
(a) Miss Russell
(b) Mrs Cecial Ackroyd
Caroline sheppard
(d). Mr.roger Ackroyd
29.In what book did Grant hide is gun, whilst on the train towards the end of the
(a) The wizard of OZ
(b) Basic Judo Throws
War and Peace
(d). the art of Cheating at Cards.
30. Carolls book also critique on
(a) Women
(b) Ignorance of values
Games played during his age
(d). Social norms
31. The novel the Murder of roger Ackroyd ends with reference to another,
(a) death
(b) Murder
(d). none of the above
32. How does the foundation control the four kingdoms?
(a) regligion
(b) heredity
(d). blackmail
33. Who is the director of planning for MERSH?
(a) Kronsteen
(b) Romanova
Rosa Klebb
(d). colonel Nikkitin
34. Through the Lookng glass is set in the context of a
(a) dream
(b) battle
(d). romance
35. The gold ring is The Murder of roger Ackroyd belonged to:
(a) Ursula bourne
(b) Flora Ackroyd
Miss russel
(d). Mrs Ferrars
36. Which book is mentioned in the opening page of the story?
(a) Alice in Wonderland
(b) Jude
The little Nugget
(d). Dracula
37. Roger Ackroyds home was called
(a) Fernly Park
(b) Manley Park
Benetton Park
(d). Davey Park
38. Hari Seldon is know by this unflattering nickname:
(a) Crow
(b) Raven
(d). Psycho
39. Through the Looking glass marks the progression of Alice to
(a) womanhood
(b) a bride
old age
(d). None of the above
40. What is the real name of Red Grant?
(a) Donal
(b) Dieter
(e) Donovan

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