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Network/ Cell doctor report number (NDxxx)

BSS Report

Fault Management

020 Alarm statistic

036 Number of alarms per object
034 Alarm types and counts. Heavy!
035 Alarm types and counts for BSC
022 Active Base Station alarms
023 Alarm Statistic by Cells
024 Active BCCH missing alarms
025 Alarm Sum Time by Cells
027 Cell outages breakdown over 10 days
030 Alarm breakdown
032 OM channel alarm stats

Benchmark and analysis

200 Network performance stats per days. Heavy, use small area
204 Network benchmark statistics. Heavy, use small area
207 Area Performance Profiles
800 Quality Survey
205 BTS GSM KPI/PI table, dynamic object and time aggregation
206 TRX level GSM KPI/PI table, dynamic time aggregation
216 Cell analyzer
213 Cell doctor
221 Base station site check
212 BSC doctor
215 Availability per unit in BSC, all BSCs
214 Tracing and Observations
217 SDCCH and TCH observation statistics
223 BSC internal HO observation cause statistics
225 Drop call trace

Find Cell

041 Base station sites

042 Radio network ordered by BSC, BCF, BTS
043 Cells with LAC and cell id
044 Find BS sites
045 Find cells having given CI and LAC
046 Find cells having an adjacent cell with given CI and LAC
047 Find cells having the given frequency
048 Find cells having given BTS number
050 Find locked BCFs, BTSs, TRXs and channels
051 Find cells having GPRS enabled TRXs


065 Adjacencies to non-existing or foreign cells

060 Adjacency discrepancies
061 Non-symmetrical adjacencies
062 Adjacent cells with same or adjacent frequency
069 Adjacent cell double frequencies
076 Adjacent cells of a cell having same NCC,BCC,freq
066 Non-unique CI,LAC
067 HO synchronization
068 BTS parameter survey
063 BTS audit
064 Maintenace Region audit
077 BSC parameter survey
078 BTS state conflict between BSC and MSC


070 BTS with max number of adjacencies

071 BTS with min number of adjacencies
072 Defined, undefined and used adjacencies of a cell
073 Undefined adjacent cells. Slow.
074 Adjacencies of cells. Long output if big area selected.
075 BTSs with max nbr of adjacencies to different Location Areas

Named Parameter Set Audit

080 Show number of named parameter sets per object type

081 Show all set names used
082 Show allocation of a named set in a Maintenance Region

Network Entities

090 Network configuration summary

091 Maintenance Regions
092 BSCs
093 MSCs
094 HLRs
095 Base Stations of a MR
096 Location Areas
097 PLMNs
099 BCF software release and HW type statistics
089 BSC option statistics
103 Routing areas

Abis links

100 LAPD links to base station from a BSC

101 Abis PCM timeslots allocation, 64kbps
102 PCM Time Slot allocation


110 Occurences of frequencies

111 Frequency plan

BSS PM Administration

120 Active measurements and observations

127 Last measurement record times, all measurement types
121 First and last measurement times per BSC for a measurement type. Slow
122 Records of a measurement type over BTS area
126 Records of a measurement type over BSC
123 Objects with active observations
124 TCH and SDCCH observation records
125 BTSs having results for undefined adj.cell measurement

SDCCH and TCH Access, availability

134 Cells having RACH rejections

130 Cells having SDCCH congestion
135 Cells having TCH congestion
138 Cells having TCH blocking, raw and call blocking
139 Cells having unavailable radio timeslots
131 Unavailability classification per BSC
132 Cells having SMS establishment failures


150 Cells having high HO failure ratio

157 Cells having high HO att./call ratio
155 TRHO handovers
156 DADLB handovers
ND153 Adjacencies having high HO failure ratio
154 Handover cause distribution, by cells
158 Intra BSS handover observation statistics
Drop Call

160 TCH Drop Call statistics by days across area

162 TCH Drop Call statistics by days for each BSC
163 Cells having high TCH Dropout or Drop Call ratio
164 Cells having TC failures
166 SDCCH Drop ratio per cell
167 Cells having high drop call count in handover

Traffic and Loading

180 TCH Traffic Per Hour, for each BSC

181 Daily TCH Traffic Profile for a BTS
182 Busy Hour Traffic for all BTS
183 Low Traffic Cell Checkup
184 BSC Unit Load per hour, for each BSC
222 Call Distribution per LA
185 Cells having max. TCH traffic
186 Cells having max. Paging Traffic
187 Cells having max. Location Updates
188 Cells having max. RACH load
189 Cells ordered by SDCCH or TCH holding time
202 Cells having most Delete indications and P-Imm.Ass.Nack
236 Cells having max. HTCH traffic
224 Cell traffic 7-day/24-hour breakdowns

Interference, Quality and Link Balance

196 UL,DL quality, UL interference per TRX, 24-hour/10-day breakdowns

190 Cells having UL interference, 24-hour/10-day breakdowns
197 UL and DL quality per TRX
194 Poor average DL or UL quality per cell
195 TRXs by DL,UL level balance
198 Cells by dominant link balance range
191 Cells having bad link balance
208 Link balance per TRX
199 Link balance of an area


203 Location update success ratio per BSC

220 Clear Code stats
219 BTS distribution by KPI !!INTERNAL. NOT IN ND!!
233 Cells by MS Speed
241 HSCSD counters

230 Power Dissipation per BS site


404 IUO meas.data availability per cell

403 KPIs per cell.
401 Cells by average traffic absorbtion to super TRXs
402 Cells by busy hour traffic absorbtion to super TRXs
400 IUO counters of a cell
405 Adjacent cells with same or adjacent frequency
407 C/I Statistics
408 UL, DL Quality per cell layer
409 HO causes with freq.range selection !!INTERNAL. NOT IN ND!!

Cell Coverage

231 Cells by dominant distance range

232 Distance ranges per cell. Long output
234 Timing Advance distribution per TRX

Call Success

250 Cells by Call Success ratio [FORMULAS NOT UPDATED, use 205 instead]
251 Call Success profiles of a cell [FORMULAS NOT UPDATED, use 205 instead]
252 S7 Call Success Factors, area profile. NOKIA INTERNAL.
253 S7 Call Success Factors, BTS profile. NOKIA INTERNAL.

BSS transmission availability and quality

518 Transmission statistics

515 DMR Profile
516 DN2 Profile
517 TRU Profile
522 BSC ET Profile
523 BSC TCSM Profile
525 TRE Profile
526 TRE-SEL Profile



237 UL PS traffic
238 DL PS traffic
239 Territory upgrades and downgrades
228 Cells by multislot allocations
240 Frame relay
213 Cell Doctor. Most GPRS counters in PCU measurement.
235 PCU measurement counters
700 Cell related SGSN counters
051 Find cells having GPRS enabled TRXs
103 Routing areas

MSC reports

Administration of MSC measurements

607 Last MSC measurements

601 First and last measurement time of all MSCs for a MSC measurement type
608 Records for a MSC measurement type

Load and availability

605 MSC CPU and MB Load

614 MSC CPU and MB Load Profiles
638 MSC Availability
637 Rejected calls
624 X25 load profile
524 SS7 link load
511 SS7 link load

Clear Codes MSC

014 Clear Codes

015 Clear Codes, shares and change
617 Set of call clear codes by MSCs
626 Clear codes of destinations
625 Signalling clear codes
622 Trafficability, calls in clear code groups
218 Clear code counts from GSM observation


633 Handover failure ratio

636 Handover adjacent cell failure ratio
619 Handover observation statistics

632 VLR failure profiles

635 LA subscriber profiles
646 VLR Authentication profiles
650 VLR Authentication statistics


621 Announcement channel statistics

628 Integrated announcement device

Traffic, success

620 Traffic category statistics for all MSCs

627 Cell measurement statistics
616 Control unit statistics
609 Destination having high failure ratio
613 Destination to destination
618 Busy period traffic of destinations
602 Circuit groups
649 Circuit group profile
645 Circuit group to destination
603 Subscriber facility usage
514 MAP statistics


600 MSC benchmark

634 Security
647 ECU routine test
648 Circuit Supervision
652 Gapped IN Services


655 MTP signalling link availability

656 MTP signalling link utilisation
657 MTP signalling link performance
659 MTP signalling point status
660 MTP signalling link and route set availability
661 MTP signal traffic user
662 MTP MTP user parts signalling traffic
663 MTP signalling link traffic matrix
664 SCCP signalling point performance
665 SCCP subsystem performance
666 SCCP single meters
667 SCCP local subsystem availability
658 TCAP performance
672 TCAP transactions
668 PCM statistics
669 LAPD error counters
670 LAPD utilisation
671 LAPD traffic

Data calls

527 MSC clear codes of data calls

528 Data call clear codes groups by number destination
529 Data service units
530 GBS data service statistics

HLR reports

Administration of HLR measurements

623 Last HLR measurements

610 First and last measurement time for each HLR, all measurements
611 Records for HLR measurement type

Load and availability, HLR

606 HLR CPU and MB Load

615 HLR CPU and MB Load Profiles
641 HLR availabilty

HLR Other reports

631 Supplementary Services

640 Subscribers in VLRs
651 HLR security counters
629 HLR Usage
639 HLR Usage profiles
630 HLR Basic Service statistics


643 AC Triplet transfer Profile

653 AC in VLR, profile

644 EIR Profiles

654 EIR requests by IMEI

Database administration ports

NMS2000 Dbase Administration

301 Show user tables and views in dbase

302 C-tables check for non-existing objects
303 BTSs having the same id under one BSC
507 Show contents of BTS Groupping Table
508 Display network in format suitable for cut and paste to rpp505mx.dat
509 Check BTS Groupping Table for existence of the BTSs
512 Cell Doctor Log Display
513 Cell Doctor Log Statistics