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Specific Objective

In order to achieve the best result for the general objective, the specific objective of this

study aims to give more details and clear topics to the researchers. These are the following:

Create a system that aims for the efficiency & accuracy of inventory.

Create a system that will secure the records and inventory of products.

Lessen the time consumed in recording of information.

Speed up retrieval of costumers record for inquiry and report.

Speed up retrieval of products record for the injury and report of items.


This study covers to operate the following processes:

Recording / monitoring products information

It is able to manipulate and sort data by name

Determine the stock availability

The admin can add, update, delete, view, and search information


The limitation of this study involved the following:

Offline based.

It is only available for Northway Bicycle Store


The Northway Bicycle Store is a sole proprietorship company owned by Mr. Vicente Tan a

Chinese national living here in the Philippines, it is formerly named as JBN Brothers Company

which is named after MR. Tans brothers, it located at Sangandaan, Caloocan City, on late 2005

they decided to have branch in Pajo, Malabon City and changed its name into Northway Bicycle

Store since their products are bicycle and bicycle parts.

On 2008 Mr. Vicente Tan married Ms. Adelaida Tan a Filipina, and decided to name the

company under his wife, and not long on 2015 the Northway Bicycle Store decided to have a

branch in Karuhatan, Valenzuela City and is legally owned by Ms. Adelaida Tan.

The owner prefer to have a free-lancer worker or not regular workers, they offer bicycle

(range: 1150-25,000) and bicycle parts (range: 5,000-20,000), and is a retailing merchandise,

they are not offering delivery.


The Northway Bicycle Store is aiming for the costumers satisfaction.


Continuous and will continue in expanding the company.


Sales Department

The sales department is responsible for selling products according to the customers
satisfaction. It is also responsible for monitoring the inventory of the products as well as the
statistic of sales.


Adelaida Tan

Vicente Tan


Carrisa Dela Cruz

Sales Clerk

Michael Mabute Nacerio Reansarez

Staff Staff

Gaspan Mabutot Ambet Sadigon

Staff Staff