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The Economics Society of St.

Xaviers College (Autonomous), Kolkata takes immense pleasure in bringing to you

the twelfth edition of its annual Economics Summit, CONFLUENCE.

The past years have witnessed phenomenal success with the tremendous participation of young students from
various institutions across the national milieu. Confluence has carved a niche for itself as a platform of academic
significance. It is a platform which offers students multitudinous opportunities to demonstrate their logical
acumen and their ability to delve into the subject by grasping its underlying principles. With an array of
intellectually stimulating events, we endeavour to do justice to the immense responsibility of carrying forward
this legacy.

This years theme, Globalization and the Indian Economy aims to shed light on the implications and possibilities
of Indias evolving policy as it veers towards integration with the world economy. The primary facet of
globalization comprises of interaction between countries on three main fronts- trade, financial flows and
information technology. In the recent past, the Indian economy has had an outward looking stance; evidently,
it can no longer be evaluated in isolation.

One of the largest markets in the world, with a wealth of cheap labor, India has grown at 7% in recent years,
with a consistently progressive predictive growth rate. Proponents of globalization argue that globalization will
make capital more accessible and will improve technology and efficiency. They also cite globalization as the
primary reason behind the reduction of poverty and increase in growth of developing nations in the late 20 th
century. International institutions such as IMF and World Bank heavily endorse globalization, characterizing it
as the only answer to poverty and low growth rates.

Despite the plethora of positives promised by globalization, there are several questions and areas of skepticism
raised by opponents. Critics of globalization fear that the process may lead to unfair competition in the
marketplace, giving too much power to MNCs and too little protection to indigenous industries. Nobel Prize
winning economists, such as Joseph Stiglitz, have criticized globalization, attributing to it increase in inequality
and unemployment in developing countries.

History was made in India in 1991 when it chose to adopt the policies of economic liberalization, privatization,
and globalization and completely reinvent the face of its economy. Many cite the 1991 reforms as the sole
reason for Indias stellar economic growth during the 90s. However, whether or not the boons of globalization
recently adopted by India will be marred by some of its more insidious effects is a story that will be unfolded
through debate and deliberation in the course of this edition of Confluence.

We cordially welcome you to be a part of Confluence XII on 18th September, 2017, and look forward to
journeying with you on the mutual quest for knowledge and inspiration. We hope that this years Confluence
proves to be an intercollegiate melting pot that succeeds in providing an enriching experience for all.

Looking forward to your participation,

The Organizing Committee,

Confluence XII

St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata.


Opening Ceremony 10am - 11am

Tea 11am - 11.15am

Exposition 11.15am - 2.15pm

Equizibrium 11.15am - 1pm

C.R.I.S.I.S 11.15am - 2.15pm

State of Affairs 11.15am - 2.15pm

Lunch 2.15pm - 2.45pm

Point of View 2.45pm - 4.30pm

Expostulate 4.45pm - 6.30pm

State of Affairs 4.45pm - 6.30pm

Closing Ceremony 7pm - 7.30pm

Participants and teams please note that they cannot apply for events that are
held simultaneously. For such error, the application of any one event will be
Like every year, Confluence XII brings to you an enlightening
discussion by eminent panelists on an issue immensely germane
to the current scenario of the Indian Economy.

The topic of this year's Point of View is, Macroeconomic

management of fiscal deficit: The Indian Perspective.
Although the issue seems to be complex, the discussion promises
to be an insightful and engaging one. The session will conclude
with a brief interaction with the audience. We look forward to
sharing the thought provoking insights of highly erudite speakers
with you on 18th September, 2017.
The world of stocks is an uncertain one. In 2017, global markets have been
more volatile than ever. The risks of investing have gone up, but so have
the potential returns. An understanding of the markets and thorough
research into potential investments can prove to be very rewarding.
lnvestomania brings to you a simulation of these markets to test your
financial knowledge and acumen as you build a virtual portfolio where
transactions take place based on real time values. You must interpret
market trends and analyze global economic cues to find the perfect
investment opportunities. After all, 'you don't earn money for being right-
you only earn money if the market agrees with you.'


1. A portfolio with an initial endowment of Rs. 1 cr virtual money will be given

to each participant on the evening of 11th September, 2017 (after the
stock market closes for the day). A unique username and password will
allow them to access the same. The event will be conducted over the next
4 days (till 15th September, 2017 inclusive). No participant or team is
allowed to change their password or username in this duration.
2. Participants are not allowed to reset their accounts at any given time. All
transactions shall be monitored and any suspicious activity will lead to
3. Each team can have a maximum of 2 members.
4. Only currently enrolled undergraduate students will be considered for
assessment. There is no limit on the number of participants or teams from
each institution. This is an online, off-stage event.


Participants must register themselves on this link by 25th August 2017.


Moiz Hussain- 8910085062

Siddhanth Vijay- 9830530305

The global economy, along with our country, is burning with social and economic
issues. Want to share your opinions and concerns over these events? Untether the
writer in you, put pen to paper, express your thoughts and showcase your
proficiency in analytical reasoning by participating in our annual essay writing event,


Role of skill development and entrepreneurship in India.

Demonetization : Indias potential in becoming a cashless economy.

Importance of uniform taxation for developing countries.


1. All essays must represent individual effort, i.e. no more than one participant per
essay will be entertained.
2. Essays must be the original work of the participants. Plagiarism of any form is highly
3. A word limit of 2000 must be maintained.
4. The essay must be submitted in .dox or .pdf format.
5. Font: Times roman 12 pt.
6. Participants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate course in any of the
participating institutions. There is no limit to the no. of participants per college.
7. Each participant must submit a topic on any one of topics mentioned above.
8. The cover page must include:
a. Topic chosen
b. Details of the participant: mobile no., email id, name of institution, year of
c. Essay must have a clear title.


Participants must register themselves on this link by 25th August 2017 and send their
articles by 7th September to events.confluence12@gmail.com.

Participants are required to register themselves on this link.


Kanishka Bhowmick - 9883125803

Satyaki Sen Sharma - 8336913650

As economists, our real strengths lie in convincing others once we are convinced
ourselves. Graphs and equations are great, but sometimes one just must talk it out,
with sheer logic and strong rhetoric. We provide such an opportunity, with


1. Each team will consist of two members.

2. The debate will be held in the Oxford Style Conventional Debate format, with the first
speaker proposing the motion, and the second speaker opposing the motion.
3. Institutional cross teams are allowed. However, both members should be part of an
undergraduate course.
4. Every speaker is allowed 3+1 minutes for his/her speech. A warning bell is rung at
the end of the third minute to allow the speaker to wrap up in the remaining 1
5. After each speech, the floor will be open to interjections from other speakers for an
additional duration of 1 minute. No cross questioning is permitted. In case of no
interjections, the speaker is awarded full marks for rebuttal.
6. Each speaker shall be scored on 100 as follows: Matter: 50, Manner: 20, Speaking
Style: 15, Rebuttal: 15
7. The use of unparliamentary language will lead to disqualification.
8. There may be only one team per institution.
9. Not more than six teams will make it to the finals. Depending on registrations, there
may be a preliminary round that all participants will be notified of.
10. The motion for the finals will be intimated to the participating teams by email or text
message a few hours prior to time at which the debate is to be held.


Participants must register themselves on this link by 25th August 2017.


Prithviraj Tankha 7003972519 / 9051349009

Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application
towards some worthy end. Confluence XII presents Equizibrium where you wont
just be tested based on your inventory of facts and data but also on your ability to
join the dots and apply economic concepts to given problems.

The event also gives you a platform to showcase your presence of mind and creativity
as the stopwatch races forward in the first round, Half-a- Minute.


1. Each team must consist of 2 participants.

2. Each institution can send only one team.
3. The rules of Half-a- Minute will be announced on spot.
4. The second round of this will consist of a quiz the rules of which will also be
announced on spot.
5. Details of preliminary screening, if any, shall be intimated to the participants.
6. All participants must be enrolled in any undergraduate course
7. No cross-college teams are allowed.


Participants must register themselves on this link by 25th August 2017.


Adarsh Goutam 9051418755

Abhigyan Basu - 9163066364

Arundhati Datta - 98362 26667

Passionate about economics? Think you have the understanding and solutions to
global economic issues? Confluence XII provides you with the perfect platform to
showcase your economic intellect and invites all the young economists across the
country to its annual paper presentation event, EXPOSITION. Exposition beckons
young ignited minds to put in their best efforts towards the application of all that
they have learnt and present the fruits of their labour.


1. Child labour in a developing country

2. Monetary policy in a developing country

3. Globalisation and inequality in a developing country

4. Oil prices, exchange rate and the macroeconomy in a developing country


1. A maximum of 4 participants will be allowed per team.

2. All participants must be enrolled undergraduate students pursuing the discipline of

economics. Further, all participants of a team must be from the same institution i.e.

intercollege teams are not allowed.

3. Each team will be allotted a total of 10+5 minutes for presentation. The first 10 mins

will be for explaining the paper and the 5 mins will be an interactive session with the


4. There is no limit to the number of teams that can participate from each college. Also,

there is no limit to the no. of papers per topic, for each college.

5. Papers should be the original work of the participants.


1. A word limit of 5000 must be maintained. (excluding words used for references,

sources etc.)

2. The cover page must include the title of the topic chosen, the title of the paper,

details of the participant (name, mobile no. email id, institution name, year of study)

3. JEL classification and keywords must be present in an alphabetical order.

4. An abstract of the topic is mandatory. It must be done on a separate page, not

exceeding 250 words.

5. Font: Times New Roman, 12pt

6. All charts, tables, graphs and diagram must be self-drawn or taken from a data

source. In the latter case, appropriate data source must be mentioned in the

footnote. All diagrams should be legible.

7. All diagrams and equations must be numbered.

8. Equations must be written using MathType or Equation Editor.

9. References must be clearly mentioned at the end of the paper. (Font: Arial, 12pt)

Participants must ensure the aforementioned formats during submission. Any

requests for relaxation of rules shall not be entertained.


1. The completed papers must be submitted before the deadline to the following
email id, with subject as: <name of the event>_<topic name>
2. The file name should be as follows:
Collegename.namefoanyoftheparticipants to

DEADLINE : Participants must send their papers by 7th September.

No requests for relaxation of the deadline will be entertained.

Participants are required to register themselves on this link.


Kanishka Bhowmick 9883125803

Soumita Ganguly - 9903235167

In times of crisis the most daring course is often the safest.

When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters - one
represents danger and the other represents opportunity. The flagship event
C.R.I.S.I.S is the physical manifestation of this dichotomy.

A group of countries meet to deal with one of the direst crises plaguing the world
right now. You will be required to make optimal use of your logical and intuitive
faculties to lead your country out of the crisis. If you see opportunity in every crisis,
if you have it in you to strategize your way to the top, come be a part of the comity
of nations that will witness and react to crises like never before.


1. Each team must consist of 3 participants.

2. Each of the participants must be enrolled in any undergraduate course.
3. In the event of a preliminary screening, the teams shall be duly notified.
4. The remaining rules of the event will be announced on spot.


Participants must register themselves on this link by 25th August 2017.


Adarsh Goutam - 9051418755

Vaishali Ladha - 88207 03736

Ever thought of taking production decisions in your own hands in the wake of an
overarching societal dilemma? Ever thought how your own actions could interplay
with that of others in a free market and result in a market price that is to your benefit
or detriment? Confluence XII presents its flagship event, an unrivalled test of your
competitive and logical acumen. Strive your way through a series of challenging
logical predicaments that involve solving perplexing problems and making real-life
economic decisions with the aim of maximising your own valuation and driving out
potential competitors. Every round demands that you apply your economic and
logical knowledge to the fullest and envisage the exertions of your competitors until
you see yourself victorious, with the highest net valuation.

State of Affairs requires basic logical reasoning skills and a general idea of world
affairs. Each team will represent a fictitious economy faced with a limited resource
supply. Teams must apply their analytical skills and take uncomfortable decisions as
each state progresses from production to trade, all the while battling it out amongst
one another to remain on top.


1. Each team must comprise of 2 participants.

2. All participants must belong to the same institution and must be currently enrolled
in undergraduate courses. There is no limit on the number of participants or teams
from each institution.
3. In the event of a preliminary screening round, the teams shall be notified.
4. The remaining rules of the event will be announced on-spot.


Participants must register themselves on this link by 25th August 2017.


Prithviraj Tankha 7003972519 / 9051349009

Akanksha Sharma - 9830956482

For further details, contact:
Keshav Sureka- 8436193386
Moiz Hussain- 8910085062
Ashish Gandhi- 8961082742

https://www.facebook.com/xaviersecosoc/ xaviersecosoc@gmail.com