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Grade 6 Progress Test Energy, Work & Power

Student Name: ___________ Class: ________

1. A student made a list of activities that involve energy.

Which activities on the list are examples of the use of mechanical energy?
A Activities 1, 4, and 6
B Activities 2, 4, and 5
C Activities 1 and 2
D Activities 3, 5, and 6

2. The main parts of a working clothes dryer are shown in the diagram.

This appliance dries clothes by converting:

A electrical energy to heat and mechanical energy
B mechanical energy to heat and electrical energy
C electrical energy to heat and light
D mechanical energy to heat and vaporization
3. A student drew the diagram below to show the movement of water through a hydroelectric

The student used the diagram to describe changes in the potential and kinetic energy of the
water. At which location is the gravitational potential energy of the water the greatest?

A Location W

B Location X

C Location Y

D Location Z

4.Two boxes and their masses are shown below.

Which of the following situations shows work being done?

A A student is sitting in a chair and holding both boxes.
B A student is holding the large box 1 m above the floor.
C A student is standing and holding the small box.
D A student is lifting the small box 0.5 m from the floor to a table.
5. Four students were asked to classify the activities of the people in the picture below as
examples of either potential or kinetic energy.

Which student correctly classified the activities?


6. Four students volunteered to help a librarian move containers of library materials. The
graph shows the amount of force used to lift the containers. The numbers in the bars show
the mass of each container. The results for each student helper are shown in the table.

Based on this information, which student helper did not do any work on a container?
A Helper W
B Helper X
C Helper Y
D Helper Z

8. In the classroom demonstration shown below, a rubber ball is dropped from Position 1.
The ball bounces as shown.

At which of these positions does the ball have both the greatest kinetic energy and the least
potential energy?

A Position 1
B Position 2
C Position 3
D Position 4
9. The diagram below shows a hot air balloon rising. Propane gas tanks are seen at the
bottom of the balloon.

What energy transformations occur when propane gas is used to lift the balloon?
A Mechanical light chemical
B Chemical mechanical thermal
C Thermal chemical light
D Chemical thermal mechanical
A student used a video camera to record another student dropping a marble through water in
a graduated cylinder.
The students watched the video in slow motion and made the observations shown below.

During which part or parts of the marbles fall did the marble experience unbalanced forces?
A Part 1 only
B Parts 1 and 2 only
C Part 3 only
D Parts 2 and 3 only
Four students push carts filled with sports equipment across the gym. Each student pushes
with the same amount of force. Which cart has the greatest change in speed?

Two students are playing on a swing set. Student 1 is leaning back and extending her legs as
she moves upward. Student 2 is sitting on the swing with his feet on the ground.

Which statement describes how position and work are related in this picture?
A Both students are doing work even if only one student is changing position.
B Student 1 is changing position because work is being done on the swing.
C Work done by Earths gravity prevents Student 2 from changing position.
D Work is being done on both students by the swings because one swing is changing position.

An athlete is trying to lift some weights. He successfully lifts 200 N weights, but when he tries
to lift 400 N weights, he is unsuccessful.
Which of these correctly compares the amount of work the athlete does on the weights?

A The athlete does no work on either the 200 N weights or the 400 N weights.

B The athlete does no work on the 200 N weights but does work on the 400 N weights.

C The athlete does work on both the 200 N weights and the 400 N weights.

D The athlete does work on the 200 N weights but does no work on the 400 N weights.

Citizens in a community were surveyed about the type of energy resource they would like for
a new power plant. The results of the survey are shown in the table.
How many citizens chose alternative energy resources?

Record your answer and fill in the bubbles on your answer document. Be sure to use the
correct place value.