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Listening practice: National Park

Complete the transcript using one to three words or numbers. When you finish, check
your answers in the last page.

Mesa Verde National Park: Protecting an Ancient Culture

This week, our National Parks journey across the United States takes us to (1)_________ Colorado.

We are visiting a large U.S. national park called Mesa Verde. It was (2)_________ to protect the
culture of (3)_________ Native Americans.

Mesa Verde National Park is (4)_________ years old. In 1906, then President Theodore Roosevelt
signed (5)_________ creating the park.

Mesa Verde offer visitors (6)_________ the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people, who lived in the
area between 700 and 1,400 (7)_________. The national park protects almost 5,000
archaeological sites. They are some of the (8)_________ archeological areas in the country.

The term Mesa Verde is Spanish for Green Table. Early Spanish explorers (9)_________ to the

In geology, a mesa is a flat-topped (10)_________ with steep sides. Mesa Verde is not actually a
mesa. It is a cuesta -- a term used to describe (11)_________ with a sharp drop on one side and a
soft, (12)_________ on the other. A more correct name for the national park, then, would be
Cuesta Verde.

The gently sloping side of Mesa Verde was important in the formation of the (13)_________ cliff
dwellings within the park. Cliff dwellings are living areas that were (14)_________ in caves -- the
large, open areas in the side of the cliff.

Mesa Verde rises more than 540 meters (15)_________. Visitors can drive to the top of the hill on
a winding (16)_________. In the distance are the flatlands and mountains of an area called the
Four Corners. That is where the (17)_________ of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona

Some of the (18)_________ in the Four Corners are from the earliest people who lived there. They
were (19)_________, now known as Basket Makers.

The Basket Makers (20)_________in simple caves. The first evidence that ancient people
(21)_________ to Mesa Verde is from about 1,500 years ago. Those people lived in pit houses,
(22)_________ in the ground with wood and mud covering the top.

In the (23)_________, the early Pueblo people began building square structures of large
connected rooms, or pueblos, above ground. More than 300 (24)_________, they climbed down
the canyon walls and began building cliff dwellings.


Today, visitors to Mesa Verde National Park can see some of (25)_________ of all four kinds of
settlements. Visitors are (26)_________ several of Mesa Verdes renowned cliff dwellings. Many of
them take several hours to reach (27)_________. Signs along some of the paths point to trees and
plants used by the Ancestral Puebloan people. Visitors will also find the juniper and pinon pine
trees that make Mesa Verde green.

Cliff Palace is (28)_________ cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde and North America. It has
(29)_________. It is not easy to get to Cliff Palace. Visitors must climb down into the canyon on a
(30)_________ with many steps. They must also climb down several ladders. But the trip is well
(31)_________. Visitors can examine this beautiful structure made of stone and clay.

Spruce Tree House is the third largest cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde. It has 114 rooms. It also has
eight (32)_________ called kivas. Pueblo Indian men gathered in the kivas for ceremonies.

Spruce Tree House is usually the easiest cliff dwelling to visit. The path winds down into the
valley and then up to the ruins. But visitors (33)_________ able to explore Spruce Tree House
since October of 2015, after rocks fell near the area. (34)_________ closed the site for safety

Mesa Verde National Park occupies 21,000 hectares (35)_________ in Montezuma County,
Colorado. About 500,000 people visit the park each year.

Archeologists working in Mesa Verde (36)_________ many objects that the ancient Pueblo people
used, including tools and (37)_________. Many of the objects can be seen in the visitors center.
However, human remains or any object from a burial area (38)_________ touched or shown. This
is to respect the wishes of the modern Puebloan people (39)_________ in the area today.

Mesa Verde has been recognized as a special place. The United Nations named it as one of the
first (40)_________ in 1978.

As part of the National Park Services 100th (41)_________, Mesa Verde is offering special
backcountry tours. Visitors can take a long walk to Spring House, the largest unexcavated cliff
dwelling in the park. The old structure is (42)_________. It has 86 rooms and seven kivas. Because
some areas could (43)_________, visitors cannot enter the cliff dwelling. But the area offers
beautiful views.

National Park Service guides also offer (44)_________ walks to Balcony House. Balcony House is
considered a (45)_________ cliff dwelling. It has 40 rooms. Visitors can climb a ladder, crawl
through a long and narrow (46)_________ and climb a steep cliff with stone steps.

Then, they can watch the (47)_________ from inside Balcony House, and begin their day just as
the Pueblo Indians did hundreds of years ago.

Today's Pueblo Indians consider Mesa Verde a sacred place. And for visitors from around the
world, it remains a place of (48)_________.

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