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How to Identify the Tone of a Poem:

Step 1: Find the Central Theme or Subject

1. What was the poem I Hear America Singing mostly about?

2. What type of occupations (jobs) were mentioned? If you were to find one word to
categorize these jobs under, what would it be?

3. How does this information relate to the title?

4. Based on this information, what do you think is the Central Theme?

Step 2: Find the Authors Attitude Toward the Central Theme or Subject
5. How did the poem make you feel?

6. What phrases did you underline in the poem that led you to this conclusion?

After youve answered questions 5 and 6, go to the class website, eabautista.weebly.com, and
do the following:

7. Find a word, from one of the tone lists, that represents the tone of the poem, I Hear
America Singing by Walt Whitman
8. Write one word from one of the tone lists on the class website that you think best
captures Walt Whitmans tone

9. Write a Body Paragraph That Answers the Following Question:

What is the tone of the poem, I Hear America Singing?

10. Upload your paragraph to Schoology

Rough Draft of your Body Paragraph should be submitted in Schoology no later than
Monday, 10/22 by 4:00 PM