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Republic of the Philippines


FINAL Exam in Oral Communication

Name: ________________________________________ Grade & Section: __________________

Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer on the answer sheet provided by
shading the letter corresponds to your answer.

1. It is a type of speech style used between or 7. Ms. Aguilar has been invited to be a guest
among participants who have a very personal speaker at a graduating ceremony in Mariano
relationship. University. Which of the following lines is an
A. Intimate appropriate introduction in her commencement
B. Casual speech?
C. Consultative A. Hello Philippines and hello world!
D. Formal B. Hi there! How are you today?
E. Frozen C. Guests, faculty, parents and graduates,
2. What speech style is appropriate to use good morning.
between friends who are chatting about their D. Good morning friends and enemies.
dance number? 8. The following are statements that use the
A. Intimate frozen speech style Except _.
B. Casual A. Panunumpa sa Watawat
C. Consultative B. I, Juan dela Rosa, solemnly swear to do
D. Formal my duty.
E. Frozen C. What have you done to me, dear?
3. Which of the following requires an intimate D. Panatang makabayan.
speech style? 9. Which of the following statements is true about
A. When communicating to your the frozen speech style?
acquaintances A. Static, ritualistic, and archaic.
B. When delivering a Speech B. Used only for imparting information
C. When praying the rosary C. Non-public speech style that use
D. When talking to your partner about your private vocabulary
future plans D. Used among people who do not
4. Identify the type of speech style used in this share common experiences
statement: 10. President Benigno Aquino III is hosting a state
Oh well, I spose you cant have em all, dinner at the Malacaang Palace in honor of
yeah? the visiting US President Barack Obama. Which
A. Intimate of the following speech styles must be used on
B. Casual the occasion?
C. Consultative A. Intimate
D. Formal B. Casual
E. Frozen C. Consultative
5. This style is characterized by lack of listeners D. Formal
participation. Only the speaker is the source of 11. It is a speech act which also known as the
information. effect of the utterance toward the addressee.
A. Intimate This involves a change in the addressees
B. Casual behavior, attitude, or feelings.
C. Consultative A. Locutionary
D. Formal B. Illocutionary
E. Frozen C. Perlocutionary
6. Which of the following is not a characteristic of D. Prelocutionary
a consultative style? 12. It is a type of illocutionary act that commits a
A. Used for people who do not have speaker to some future course of action such
shared experiences or meaning as offering and promising.
B. Requires two-way participation A. Assertives
C. Interruptions can occur during the B. Directives
communication C. Commissives
D. The use of slang is common D. Expressive
23. Sir Ralph is discussing the rock cycle. James,
his student, interrupts him by saying something
about the various types of rocks. Which of the
following is the appropriate way to express an
13. Which of the following utterances is not an interest in joining or participating in a
example of a directive illocutionary act? discussion?
A. Could you please buy me some food? A. Raise ones hand in order to be
B. Please let me go. recognized by the teacher.
C. What are you waiting for? Do it now. B. Stand and tell something about the topic.
D. Im deeply sorry for what I said to you C. Talk while the teacher is explaining.
yesterday. D. Shout so that the teacher can recognize
14-18 Categorize the following 24. It refers to the process in which a participant
utterances into their stops speaking and yields the floor to another
corresponding category of participant so he or she could begin to speak.
illocutionary act. Choose your A. Keep-turn
answer here. B. Release-turn
A. Assertives C. Take-turn
B. Directives D. Turn-over
C. Commissives 25. Which is true about release-turn?
D. Expressive A. Another participant can take the role of
E. Declaration the speaker
14. I am wearing a tangerine blouse today. B. Speaker must not stop until he fulfills his
15. Please help me here. purpose in a conversation
16. I will eat a balanced diet starting tomorrow. C. Speaker continues to speak
17. Im so grateful you come to my party. D. Speaker is finished talking and is ready to
18. I nominate Mr. Go for class President. yield the floor to another person
26. Which of the following verbal cues does NOT
19. John was watching TV when his mother arrived imply that a speaker wants to keep his turn?
from the market. Upon entering the door, she A. Additionally
says, These bags are so heavy! What do you B. Likewise
think should be the perlocutionary act for the C. On the contrary
speech act to be successful? D. Thats all
A. Let me help you. Ill be the one to carry 27. Keeping the interaction going on by asking
them Mom. questions and eliciting a response is
B. What are those Mom? called_________.
C. Thank you! You arrive safely Mom. A. Turn taking
D. Finally, you made it Mom! B. Topic control
20. Speakers who are assigned to control the flow C. Topic shifting
of the conversation are D. Repair
called ________ authorities. 28. This occurs when the speaker intentionally or
A. Low authorities unintentionally changes the topic of the
B. High authorities conversation.
C. With authorities A. Turn taking
D. Weak authorities B. Topic control
21. Which of the following situations does not refer C. Topic shifting
to nomination? D. Repair
A. Interviewer interrogates the applicant 29. This happens when the speaker manipulates
about his personal, educational, and the discussion to maintain its flow without
professional backgrounds. changing the topic.
B. Panel discussion A. Turn taking
C. Forum B. Topic control
D. Shifting back to the main topic C. Topic shifting
22. Which of the following should a lower authority D. Repair
practice in a conversation? 30. Which of the following statements will be
A. Use nonverbal cues to initiate that helpful in shifting the topic back to the original
he/she wants to join the conversation. flow of the conversation?
B. Control the flow of the conversation. A. I appreciate your comment.
C. Ask questions that will maintain the B. I will respond to that after I have discussed
quality and productivity of few more slides.
communication. C. Okay, thank you. But, going back to our
D. Interrupt while the higher authority is topic.
still speaking. D. Can I have the floor, please?
31. It is committed when a speaker is not able to fulfill his or her purpose because he or she was interrupted
by a participant who wants to take the floor.
A. Grabbing the floor
B. Overlapping
C. Hogging the floor
D. Dead Air
32. It is committed when the speaker refuses to yield the floor to another participant who wants to join the
A. Grabbing the floor
B. Overlapping
C. Hogging the floor
D. Dead Air
33. Overlapping is somehow similar to grabbing the floor, except that _.
A. Both of them are talking at the same time
B. A speaker ignores others who try to join the discussion
C. A participant takes over the role of being a speaker
D. No one wants to take the floor.
34. Which of the following situations describe hogging the floor?
A. While the speaker is keeping his turn somebody wants to join the discussion but the speaker ignores
B. While the speaker is keeping his turn somebody takes over his turn
C. While the speaker is talking, someone interrupts him and he is not able to fulfill his purpose
D. While the speaker is talking, he suddenly stops and gives his turn to another participant

35-40 Identify the following violations made in the following situations.

A. Grabbing the floor
B. Overlapping
C. Hogging the floor
D. Dead air
35. One of the students immediately shared his insight without letting the teacher finish the question. The
violation committed is described as _.
36. As Ralph was explaining about the immediate response they got from the rescuers, angry victims yelled to
express their dismay.
37. The teacher was discussing about the ecosystem when Calvin interrupted and shared what he had seen in
a documentary but the teacher ignores him.
38. During a debate, a member from the pro team keeps on interrupting the member from the anti.
39. Susie was in a board meeting. They were discussing how to double up their sales in the next six months.
She was explaining her report and proceeded to ask questions but nobody wants to answer or share their
40. The moderator of a panel discussion noticed that nobody among the participants would want to share their