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Football Momentum Case Study

Using your knowledge you are going to assess which defense lineup is going to be the most efficient in the upcoming 2016-2017 season. Listed below are
the seven starting players for the defensive lineup for three different teams. This are fantasy football teams and therefore will have players from various

Calculate the individual momentums as well as the average momentum for the entire team. Then answer the questions that are listed below.

Name Mass (kg) Velocity Momentum Name Mass Velocity Momentum

(Texans) (m/s) (Cowboys) (kg) (m/s)
Bullogh, Max 120 4.88
Frederick, 159 4.55
Cushing, Brian 123 4.75
Freeman, Doug 159 4.52
Dent, Akeem 146 4.80
Green, Chez 150 4.62
McKinney, 130 4.82
Benardick Leary, Ronald 160 4.77
Peters, Brian 140 4.60
Looney, Joe 157 4.45

Mercilus, 150 4.55

Whitney Smith, Tyron 165 4.65

Rivers, Gerald 135 4.80

Cleary, Ennett 162 4.50
Momentum: Average

1) Based upon the information you have, which team would you expect to better perform? Why? (Be sure to use the average momentum in your

2) If you were building a defensive team, which characteristic would you be looking for in your player? Mass or velocity? Why?

Name: Class Period:
Now you are going to compare the two professional football teams to the current team at UT-Austin. Complete the same calculations for the UT-Austin
team in the space below then make sure to answer any follow up questions.

Name (UT Austin) Mass (kg) Velocity (m/s) Momentum

Swoopes, Tyrone 125 5.12 3) How does the UT-Austin team compare to the
professional teams? How would you expect them to perform
compared the the other teams.
Warren III, Charles 127 5.01

McCulloch, Jeffrey 121 4.91

Cole, Timothy 119 4.75

Roach, Malcom 131 4.91

Forman, DOnta 122 4.88

Boyd, Demarco 121 4.81


4) In order for the college players to become the most likely to make it in the NFl, what suggestions would you give them?

5) Create a team of seven players, that you believe would be the best in terms of momentum.