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Thank you for taking the time to apply to FTI.

Please read the entirety of this application

and follow the instructions carefully.

We do not hold auditions/interviews for FTI so this application is our chance to get to
know you. We ask for your resume so we can get a sense of your experience, but our
decision is based primarily on your thoughtful but concise answers to the questions
below. Applications should be sent to and must be received by
11:59pm on September 10th. Applications received after 11:59 on September 10th will
not be considered.



Steve Russell
Name ________________________

1) Why would you like to participate in the Free Training Initiative? What do you
hope to get out of the workshops? What have you taken from your previous
acting training, and how do you feel the FTI could benefit you?

I would love to participate in the FTI, because I have been living in New York
auditioning for almost two years, but I havent had the expendable income to take any
acting classes while Ive been here. I recently finished choreographing an experimental
movement theatre based teen camp in Colorado over the past month. The experience has
left me so inspired and thirsty for new experiences and to take risks, so I knew that when
I returned to the city, I had to take a class to capitalize on this new vitality.

Since moving to the city, I have been extremely tentative when it comes to auditioning
for straight plays or for Shakespeare and other classic plays. My degree is technically in
Musical Theatre, so when I moved to the city I felt uncomfortable branching out, even
though I was trained in all sorts of mediums and styles. If I was accepted into either
program, I would hope to nurture the confidence that I once had to audition for anything
that speaks to me as an actor, instead of the niche that I feel placed in.
I was mainly trained in the Stanislavski method, as well as Meisner technique. Through
the combination of these, I was able to begin to open up as an actor and really explore my
emotional and intellectual side. In movement, I was trained in Viewpoints, and I have
some experience with Suzuki and Laban. I was able to perform a revival of one of Terry
Becks movement theatre pieces from his Troupe in Philadelphia, in the style of Pina
Bausch, who is a huge inspiration to me. Exploring movement theatre taught me how
much of a story can be told with only your body. I have so much more to learn in each of
these disciplines, but I know that the more I expose myself to, the more well-rounded I
will become over time. Working with Fiasco would allow me to broaden my horizons
with a new method, but I hope it would also refine how I approach creation and rehearsal.

2) How did you hear about Fiasco?

My friend Jonothan Lyons, who took the Free Training Initiative last year, highly
recommended it! I was in callbacks for Fiascos Into the Woods tour last year, so I
already have a deep respect for your company and the inventive way you approach

3) Check one:
__ I have previously applied to FTI
X This is my first time applying to FTI

4) If you are currently employed (either in a theater-related or non-related job) please tell
us what you do.

At the moment, I work with two catering companies, Pinch Food Design and I Might
Bite, for the flexibility of hours, to allow myself freedom to audition during the day. I
also accompany out of my apartment, helping coach audition cuts, rehearse new pieces,
and record video auditions.

Applicants must make a commitment to attend the entire workshop, please read and sign
the following commitment form. Typed signatures are acceptable.


Steven Russell
I, __________________________, would like to participate in Fiasco's Free Training
Initiative. I understand that my presence is required at each class for the benefit of the
entire group and my scene partner(s). I am making the commitment to give my time to
the entirety of the workshop. I will be available to attend every class. If I must miss part
of a class I will work this out with Fiasco at least 24 hours in advance. I realize that if I
fail to attend all classes I may endanger my ability to participate in future Fiasco events.



FTI Applicant


There are two FTI workshops being offered concurrently:

The Fiasco 3-Week FTI, October 4th-21st
12 students for 3 weeks
Wednesdays 12-4pm, Thursdays 6pm-9pm and Saturdays 12-4pm
Classes will be held in Brooklyn (Ft Greene), taught by Jessie Austrian

This class is a primer on Fiascos approach to how to rehearse most effectively. Students
will work on monologues, two-person scenes and group ensemble rehearsal, covering
text and voice work, approaches to rehearsing verse and prose, how to rehearse at the
table and how to rehearse as an ensemble.

Masterclass: Shakespeare's Verse and Prose, October 3rd-5th
Oct 3: 11-3, Oct 4: 11-2, Oct 5: 11-2
Classes will be held in Manhattan, taught by Ben Steinfeld
This 10-hour masterclass will lead a group of ten students through a detailed exploration
of Fiasco's approach to unlocking both verse and prose in Shakespeare.

Please check one:

X I would like to be considered for either class

___ Only consider me for Option A
___ Only consider me for Option B


Please include a headshot and resume with your application. If possible, please paste
them into this document so it all arrives as one attachment. Send your application to

Please rename this document so the title includes your first and last name (e.g.
YourNameFTI.doc or .pdf) before you email it.

Thank you!

Fiasco Theater