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Santillan, Edward Jayson B.

June 30, 2016

BSLM 3B Ms. Joanna Obispo

Reflection Paper

During our last meeting on Tuesday we had a brief, short and knowledge-filling

film showing. It was about the lost civilizations of the world which focuses on the three known

civilization then way back the time of the creation of the Bible which is the Babylon, Syria, and

Sumer. Then, scientist, historians and archaeologists doesnt accept the facts stated in the Bible

which could link them to connect their findings on the areas where the Bible stated because they

believe that the Bible is just a writing of some persons and could not be credible enough to verify

the history.

Some time, thousands and hundreds of years ago, the first book of the Bible was

found in a cave by a shepherd roaming or walking his flock of sheep. Then came on the black

tablet that some persons found while digging the ground which contain some inscriptions some

stories about a war that was accurately stated in the Bible, which they consider the first concrete

evidence of the Bible but was destroyed, burned and shattered for the reason of finding gold but

later did they not know that it was not the gold that is important but they have already found the

gold, they just dont know its worth; The writings.

The first concrete evidence of the Bible that was found contains the war in the

Babylon under the ruling of Nebuchadnezzar. The Next evidence that was found is another stone.

A stone that it well preserved and it is visually legit to see that it is an inscription made to record
Santillan, Edward Jayson B. June 30, 2016
BSLM 3B Ms. Joanna Obispo

history and this time, they did not destroyed it. They found out that this stone contains stories

that can be found in the book of Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the Bible, which they

later named, Hammurabis Code.

Some of the rituals found there are the one where older men are entered into a

trial which they called Trial by Ordeal where they would lick a hot stone and their tongue were

checked by the priest and tell them if they are guilty or not guilty. Concretely, it is a ritual to see

if a person has committed a crime or not. This stone is called the Moabite Stone.

As the Philosophy says, Everything happens for a reason. This is what I learned

while watching this short film. Syria is a land known as the land bathed in Blood, simply because

the war there is unending. People are being killed every day, every minute, every hour and could

be every second but this does not end the people in Syria. They became nomads, theyre

everywhere just to flee from the war that is happening in their country and once they found

theyre perfect, safe place to live in, the first civilization in the history of the world came to life,

was established and glorified by the Lord. Part of the discoveries in Syria was the Nineveh,

which until now, is perfectly preserved for the feast of the eyes of those who wants to see the

world way back then and the historians who finds clues and information. There they found the

Cuneiform, a tablet with inscriptions and the Hidden treasures of Nimrod. Part of the Bible also

was part of their history where they found tombs of Queens, wearing precious jewels and

different kinds of crafted, beautiful, Gold and other gems, where in the Bible, the queen would
Santillan, Edward Jayson B. June 30, 2016
BSLM 3B Ms. Joanna Obispo

curse those who would dare to enter her tomb which explains why they were perfectly preserved

but then kept by the authorities.

The Sumerians established the first civilization in the world, with their skills and

knowledge. In sumer, they also found a concrete evidence of the Bible, where they tell stories of

the great flood which was stated in the Bible the Noahs ark. We could not be sure as to where

the world was then. We could only find it and learn through concrete evidences such as the

Bible. As the saying goes Everything happens for a reason and if not for this statement, we

could not be here today, if it werent for the people who started the first civilizations.

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