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9788183071000 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070027 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183072526 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183072243 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183071420 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572305 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070034 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572671 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183071963 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070768 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183073707 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183071956 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788185288444 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788185288451 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788185288468 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788185288147 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572268 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183074148 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572169 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183073714 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183073738 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183071468 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070713 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070744 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183074032 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183071444 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070775 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788185288642 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183071437 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070348 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183073455 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183071390 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572398 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572350 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183074216 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572572 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183073462 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572374 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572312 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183073479 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788187572381 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183070041 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9789812438560 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788183073653 English/Word Power & Vocabulary

9788185288437 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788190210508 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788190210515 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183071314 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9781565893009 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183071307 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788185288871 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183074117 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183073752 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183073639 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183074049 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183073615 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788187572626 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788187572640 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183071116 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788187572633 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183070799 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788187572367 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9798183071894 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788187572688 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183071833 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183071123 English/General Interest/Mind, Body, S

9788183070829 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9788183073356 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9788187572541 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9788183070805 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9788183073363 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9788187572596 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9780028616155 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9780028618180 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9780028617398 English/General Interest/10 Minute Gui

9789812438782 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438812 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438836 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438829 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438874 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438867 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438805 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438799 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438850 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9789812438744 English/General Interest/Step-by-Step

9788187572725 English/Core Knowledge Series

9788185288772 English/Core Knowledge Series

9788185288789 English/Core Knowledge Series

9788185288796 English/Core Knowledge Series

9788185288239 English/Core Knowledge Series

9788185288338 English/Core Knowledge Series
9788183073394 English/Grammar
9788183070737 English/Grammar

9788185321028 English/Textbooks

9788185288604 English/Textbooks

9788185288611 English/Textbooks

9788185288628 English/Textbooks

9788183071192 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071338 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071147 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071321 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071185 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071215 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071383 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183073721 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183074070 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071369 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183074087 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183074100 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071352 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071376 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071208 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071154 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183074094 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183071345 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183074063 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9788183073646 English/General Interest/Successful Offic

9780768906356 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9789812438751 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9780768906332 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183074032 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183073882 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9789812438898 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183073370 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183073387 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183073912 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9780764560972 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183074131 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9789812438904 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183074124 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741802 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741932 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781905992003 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741949 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741871 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741956 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781905992010 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741901 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741888 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741963 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781905992027 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741970 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070669 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070683 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070676 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070898 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070904 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070911 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9781902741352 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070287 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070294 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070607 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070621 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070614 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9788183070638 English/Test Prepatation Guides
9780877795506 English/Dictionaries
9780877798255 English/Dictionaries
9780877798262 English/Dictionaries
9780877798330 English/Dictionaries
9780877798446 English/Dictionaries
9780877798415 English/Dictionaries
9780877798439 English/Dictionaries
9780877798286 English/Dictionaries
9780877798293 English/Dictionaries
9780877798316 English/Dictionaries
9780877798422 English/Dictionaries
9780877798323 English/Dictionaries
9780877791454 English/Dictionaries
9780877793540 English/Dictionaries
9780877795155 English/Dictionaries
9780877798408 English/Dictionaries
9780877798309 English/Dictionaries
9780877798347 English/Dictionaries
9780877798354 English/Dictionaries
9780877798361 English/Dictionaries
9780877798378 English/Dictionaries
9780877798392 English/Dictionaries
9788157572510 English/Dictionaries
9788185288741 English/Dictionaries
9788187572480 English/Dictionaries
9788187572497 English/Dictionaries
9788187572466 English/Dictionaries
9788187572884 English/Dictionaries
9788185288888 English/Dictionaries
9788185288727 English/Dictionaries
9788187572428 English/Dictionaries
9788187572527 English/Dictionaries
9788183070751 English/Dictionaries
9788183073677 English/Dictionaries
9788183073660 English/Dictionaries
9788185288567 English/Dictionaries
9788183070706 English/Dictionaries
9788183071284 English/Dictionaries
9788183073745 English/Dictionaries
9788185288659 English/Dictionaries
9788185288383 English/Dictionaries
9788185288413 English/Dictionaries
9788187572435 English/Dictionaries
9788185288666 English/Dictionaries
9788183072519 English/Dictionaries
9788185288673 English/Dictionaries
9788185288352 English/Dictionaries
9788185288406 English/Dictionaries
9788185288376 English/Dictionaries
9788185288680 English/Dictionaries
9788185288581 English/Dictionaries
9788185288635 English/Dictionaries
9788185288482 English/Dictionaries
9788185288420 English/Dictionaries
9788183073936 English/Dictionaries
9788185288826 English/Dictionaries
9788183073486 English/Dictionaries

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<p>_ Do you Always Use the Right Words?_x000D__ Can You Pronounce it-and Spell it-
Correctly?_x000D__ Do You Know How to Avoid Illiterate Expressions?_x000D__ Do you
Speak Grammatically, Without Embarrassing Mistakes?_x000D__x000D_If the answer to any
of these questions is NO, you need Word Power Made Easy. Now thoroughly revised to
eliminate outmoded references and to reflect current idioms, it remains the best and quickest
means to better vocabulary in the English language._x000D__x000D_Each chapter ends with
review. Each section ends with a progress check. Numerous tests will help you increase and
retain the knowledge you acquired. Word Power Made Easy does more than just add words to
your vocabulary. It teaches ideas and a method of broadening knowledge as an integral part of
the vocabulary building process.</p>

<p>For a better job and faster career advancement, the practical manual that has shown
nearly 4,000,000 readers how to acquired a larger, more effective vocabulary in only 15
minutes a day._x000D__x000D_In just 30 days you will learn:_x000D__ How to make words
your slaves._x000D__ How to find the words to sell your ideas._x000D__ How to add words
to your vocabulary while you are at the movies, listening to the radio, or reading._x000D__
How to use words to impress others without being a show-off._x000D__ How to find the right
words to say exactly what you mean._x000D__ How to become a lively
conversationalist._x000D__ How to avoid the embarrassment of misusing or mispronouncing
words._x000D__ How to check your progress with 30 challenging tests. Plus a complete index
to new words and pronunciation key.</p>

<p>Teach Yourself - Test Yourself_x000D_Better English brings a down-to-earth approach to

the learning of English grammar, pronunciation and spelling, organized around the problems
that most frequently trouble the average literature person._x000D__x000D_Do you know
where your weaknesses lie?_x000D_Do you know which word is correct?_x000D_Why does
Van Ggh have such a tremendous (affect, effect) on you?_x000D__x000D_Do you know how
to pronounce these words?_x000D_succinct - indict/genuine - guillotine/valet - bouquet quay
- querulous/homage - herb/chasm - chic_x000D__x000D_Do you know which spelling is
correct?_x000D_ecstasy of ecstacy, anoint or annoint, separate or seperate, alright or all right,
drunkeness or drunkenness_x000D__x000D_The people you meet from their impresions of
you by the way you use your own language. You can achieve greater accuracy, clarity and
persuasiveness once you understand the basic principles of English - once you know not only
what is correct, but why it is correct.</p>

<p>Opens up the entire rich resource of the English language as no other reference book can.
It is a new concept in word reference books, a book whose simple and unique purpose is to
help you find the words that will quickly, accurately, and effectively express your thoughts,
concepts, emotions, and mental imagery. _x000D__x000D_THE COMPREHENSIVE WORD
GUIDE is more than a book of synonyms and does far more than provide lists of similar or
substitute words to use in place of ones you already know. It is an essential companion to the
dictionary and will actually translate your thoughts into precise, forceful, descriptive language.
It is not necessary to have a specific word in mind for which you need a synonym. The
alphabetical index, together with the novel and ingenious arrangement of words in
interrelated categories, will pinpoint the exact word you need even if you start with only the
name of a subject or can think of only a single word connected with the subject. You can even
start with a definition and find the word to fit it. _x000D__x000D_With more than 1,20,000
accurate useful word rentries, this is more than a book of synonyms and more than a book of
<p>You can't always have a computer program or a dictionary handy to check your spelling.
And now you don't have to. You can be sure your spelling is letter-perfect._x000D__x000D_In
just a few minutes a day, this tested, proven method will make you a master of flawless
spelling. Norman Lewis, author and educator, gives you his simple, absolutely effective step-
by-step method and shows you how to conquer even the most commonly misspelled words. In
this clear, handy reference - perfect for use at home, in school, or in the office - you'll
discover:_x000D__x000D__ Surefire ways to train visual and muscular memory_x000D__
Reinforcement of correct letter patterns_x000D__ Practice in spotting misspellings
fast_x000D__ Complete English spelling rules_x000D__ Master Spelling Test_x000D__
Authoritative, clear explanations_x000D__ A Misspelled Dictionary, listing alphabetically the
typically incorrect spellings of hundreds of common words, coupled with the correct or
preferred spellings._x000D__x000D_NORMAN LEWIS is famous for his adult education courses
at New York University and City College. He has written many books on spelling,
pronunciation, and grammar, including the highly successful Better English.</p>

<p>This book includes over 5,000 words commonly misspelled or difficult to spell - each one
with a special hint to fix the correct spelling in your mind. Over 130 simplified rules of spelling
are given, each with a wealth of illustrative example. There are special sections on word
division at the end of a line, hyphenation of compounds, irregular plurals, and words that
sound alike but are spelled differently. Common misspellings are listed - at last you can find a
word even if you can't spell it._x000D__x000D_About the author_x000D_Norman Lewis has
written, co-written and edited over 25 books. Among them "Word Power Made Easy" and
"How to Read Better and Faster".</p>
<p>SAY IT RIGHT !_x000D__x000D_The Norman Lewis Dictionary of Pronunciation can help
you whether you speak in public or private, before large groups or simply with friends. Based
on General American Speech, It features over 21000 entries, difficult words, current &
historical personalities, unfamiliar places around the world. New names and terms relating to
recent world events. A simple pronunciation system using letters of the alphabet, not symbols.
The standard reference work on pronunciation in General American
Speech._x000D__x000D_All through these many years, this dictionary has served as the
standard reference work on pronunciation in general American speech. In preparing this new
edition, the editors have striven to maintain the quality of the earlier editions and, in the
tradition of the editors who preceded them, have once again expanded the scope of the
volume. As a result, the total number of entries now exceeds 21,000 commonly used words
and proper names as well as perennially difficult names from history and the
arts._x000D__x000D_One significant departure from the third edition is the modified
pronunciation scheme employed. Because modern readers may lack thorough understanding
of the international phonetic alphabet, the fourth edition offers a readily understandable
respelling system to indicate pronunciation. In addition, the fourth edition supplies indication
of secondary stresses as well as primary stresses within words needless to say many; proper
names included in past edition are no longer in current use, so they have been removed to
make room for names of greater value for today's speakers. Finally, pronunciations preferred
in the past but no longer commonly heard have been replaced._x000D__x000D_Despite the
many changes made in the work of the previous editors, this dictionary still adheres to the
fundamental principle that guided the earlier efforts: to record ""the pronunciations used by
educated persons in the greater part of the United States, rather than to insist upon arbitrary
standards of pronunciation unrelated to those commonly heard."" True to this principle, the
editors of the fourth edition supply American pronunciations of foreign names that have
gained widespread use in our country. Where foreign names have not yet been Americanized,
the pronunciations that are given approximate the pronunciations heard in the countries in
which the names originate. Again in adherence to the practices of the earlier editors, the
present editors supply a single pronunciation for each entry rather than a bewildering variety
of acceptable pronunciations. This reflects the belief held by all the editors of this Dictionary
that those who consult the book want assistance in pronunciation rather than justification for
particular pronunciation.</p>

<p>Headword, Pronunciation, Definitions. Word Family, Etymologies & Common

Errors._x000D__x000D_English is the most widely used language in the world and also the
most misused and abused. This Dictionary of Word Power is designed to help you master the
English language and enrich your powers of communication in speech, writing, comprehension
and general knowledge._x000D__x000D_From the publishers of Word Power Made Easy How
to Build A Better Vocabulary._x000D__x000D_Clear, easy and fast to use with a no-nonsense
approach, this latest Dictionary of Word Power matches the outstanding series of Prof.
Norman Lewis books on English language and vocabulary._x000D__x000D_You will find this
dictionary a pleasure to use. Innovative typography guides the eye to the word in a flash. You
can scan all the definitions of a word at a glance. And the entries are packed with surprising
amount of information. _x000D__x000D_Obviously, a compact dictionary cannot list all the
550,000 or so words in the English language. But you will find that this dictionary of Word
Power will serve you well for 99% of the words you are likely to come across in everyday
reading and conversation._x000D__x000D_Designed especially for people who need
information fast, whether at home, at School or in the office.</p>
<p>This book aims at all times be functional-short on theory, long on practice. There are a
number of things you can expect from it. Not every person who reads it will accomplish
everything the book demands but in general these are the important effects you may, and
should, look for early in your work:_x000D__ A feeling of greater courage in appreciating new
material._x000D__ Less distraction from outside influence while you are reading._x000D__
Greater awareness of an authors deeper meaning._x000D__ Sharper understanding of the all
over pattern of a piece of paper work, of whatever length._x000D__ A sense of deeper
involvement in the content of what you are reading._x000D__ A fuller comprehension of both
the author's purpose in writing and your own purpose in reading what he was
writhen._x000D__ The capacity to stay with a work for longer periods of time, to respond to it
on a deeper level than heretofore , to understand it more quickly, to remain it longer ,to recall
it more accurately._x000D__ An all encompassing since of greater accomplishment in most
reading situations.</p>

<p>This famous book, used by the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, and more than 100 leading
universities, can show you:_x000D__ How to get more out of books, magazines and
newspapers._x000D__ How to retain more of what you read._x000D__ How to glance at a
page and absorb the main ideas._x000D__ How to complete a light novel in a single
sitting._x000D__ How to build your reading vocabulary._x000D__ How to increase your
powers of concentration._x000D__ How to knife through masses of reading matter quickly
and efficiently._x000D__ How to double or even triple - your reading speed.</p>

<p>This sure-fire method of building a better vocabulary was created by best selling author
Norman Lewis whose unique and effective program has taught countless people how to make
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exploration of our deepest human needs... and of the only way to fulfil them. This book brings
fresh new insight to ourselves and our most sacred practices.</p>

<p>Earth rays are electromagnatic waves which emanate from Earth's core and deposit
themselves in the underground water, ore and cole beds faults, etc found in the Earth' 60
kilometer thick crust. On their upward journey to reach positively charged stars, the negatively
charged Earth rays pass through our biosphere. _x000D__x000D_Celestial rays flow through
our biosphere in the wopposit direction, falling like invisible, evenly distributed rain, these rays
also permeate all matter, including human beings, but in contrast to Earth rays they are
continiously broken down on contact with the negatively charged Earth. The stimulating effect.
The stimulating effect of celestial rays on fuctioning of organs nad glands, indeed on the whole
body, is easily explained by the very direction of their flow from top to bottom, i.e. from the
brain to the torso, and not vice verse as with Earth rays._x000D__x000D_By the same token,
it's also easy to see the obstruction caused by the ray focus has such a negative impact on
bodily functions in the effected organs and the glands. After all, the continuous Earth ray
charge acts as a source of permanent physical irritation for the affected organ, which speek to
protect itself by building up its store of protective cells. If a permant irraitation of this kind is
eliminated in time, i.e. at an early stage, and disrupted flow of celestrial rays resumed, the
body ceases to produce productive cells and the cancer goes into remission.
_x000D__x000D_Bones and joints damaged by continuous exposure to an Earth ray feild or an
Earth ray charge begin to heal as soon as the Earth ray field or an Earth ray charge is redused,
the further intake of Earth rays prevent and the flow of celestial ray resumed. To assist the
body in this often exhausting healing process, specific types of restoratives and body-builders
should be administered. They also serve to mitigate the withdrowal symptoms and reduce
their duration.</p>
<p>Chairman of the British Holistic Medical Association _x000D__x000D_Common health
problems and how to solve them! _x000D__x000D_Health has never been more talked and
written about than today. But which approach should you follow - conventional medicine or
alternative therapies? This book gives detailed and down-to-earth advice on over 120
common health problems and conditions and how you can help yourself achieve a healthier
life-naturally. The people who have successfully used the advice in the book to improve their
own health. It includes: _x000D__x000D__ Major diseases such as cancer and multiple
sclerosis. _x000D__ Allergies and related conditions such as asthma. _x000D__ Problems
such as indigestion, obesity. _x000D__ Advice on how to relieve insomnia, slow the ageing
process, lower your blood pressure. _x000D__ Conditions such as high blood pressure,
arthritis, stress, depression and over 100 other health problems.</p>

<p>Healing with Aloe - The Turning Point for many Ail-ments also Addresses The most
explosive topic of our time:AIDS_x000D__x000D_Does it in Fact costitute a turning Point?
_x000D__x000D_According to the latest assessments of scientist of the American Cancer
Institute it will probably be impossible to develop a general vaccine against the AIDS virus,
because it does not have a uniform genetic and thus varies from person to
person._x000D__x000D_This makes clear that the infection and the dieses have to be
combatted by a strengthening of the immune system, which can now be successfully
accomplished._x000D__x000D_Therfore this book appears at the right time: for the first time
and exclusively it offers a therapy which effected the formation of so called irregular
antibodies in the blood groups-at the high rate of almost 50%._x000D__x000D_The irregular
antibodies belong to the immune antibodies, which can be of importance in the battel of the
organism against the AIDS virus.</p>

<p>At a time when the majority of mankind has moved away from life's natural ways, when
illness, caused by a changed attitude to life, threatens, we should turn again to medicinal
herbs which God in His Greatness has provided for us since time immemorial. As abbe Kneipp
(a reowned European heralist) says: 'There is a plant for every illness!' _x000D__x000D_For
year now Maria Trebens distinguished book "Health Through God's Pharmacy" has been at the
top of the bestseller list on the German literary scene, selling several million copies.The author,
Meria Treben , was hersefl a highly acclaimed and much sought-after lecturer in Europe.
Wherever she spoke, the auditoriams were filled to overflowing with enthusiastic crowds
eager to hear the enormously successful Treben tell of her personal experi-ences in treating
and revieling even malignant diseases with her completely natural herbal remedies.
_x000D__x000D_Thousands of testimonials have poured i from all over Europe prasing the
astonishing healing and rejuvenating effects of the herbal recipes in concise and easy to
understand, healing the medicinal herbs is now something that everyone can learn and apply
<p>Just What does your brain think of itself? See how these statements strike
you:_x000D__x000D__ You're born either smart or not so smart, and once you reach
adulthood there's not much you can do about it._x000D__ Common foods have psychoactive
powers only for certain highly susceptible people._x000D__ Growing forgetful is as inevitable
as growing old._x000D__ Exercise is great for the body, but the benefits don't really extend
above the neck._x000D__ Alcohol fuels creativity._x000D__ The human brain ceases physical
growth early in life, just as the body does._x000D__ Emotional fatigue is relived by rest and
relaxation._x000D__x000D_If you disagree with these commonly believed statemnets,you are
well informed. but if you find yourself going along with one or several, open this book and
become better acquainted with your mind._x000D__x000D_Most of us appreciate that the
brain is marvelously complex. but how to boost your brain power describe another remarkable
property of the human mind: its flexibility._x000D__x000D_Throughout life, your brain retains
the ability to grow to meet the demands you place upon it. This book shows that if you can
challenged yourself with new tasks, hobbies, languages, puzzles, friends, you literally can keep
your "mental muscle" in shapes-at any age.</p>

<p>Erich J. Lejeune is the most extraordinary motivator in the German speaking world. He is
deeply convinced that his success has been no accident. His own spectular rise from an
apprentice with little formal education to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in
microelectronics rests on his implementation of clear principles, which are easy to follow and
which anyone can take on their own lives._x000D__x000D_Erich J. Lejeune, born in 1944, is
one of the most active and innovative personalities in the German business world. In 1976 he
founded his company, GERMAN ELECTRONIC GmBH, based in Munich. His concept, applying
the brokering system to microchip trading, was revolutionary and forword-looking. His system
was soon being applied in chip trading all over the world. Today, the CONSUMER ELECTRONIC
AG, with Erich J. Lejeune at its head, is one of the world s most successful brokering
houses._x000D__x000D_The best-selling author, ispirational speaker and publicist is as much a
practitioner as a visionary. for many years, Erich J. Lejeune has been a regular guest on the top
management floors of industry and an advisor to leading politicians. As a speaker, Erich J.
Lejeune transmits his power of motivation to his audience. His own life and his success are the
best examples of the fact that with the aid of courage, Optimism and positive thinking,
crushing defeats can be turned into lasting success.</p>

<p>At a time when the majority of mankind has moved away from life's natural ways, when
illness, caused by a changed attitude to life, threatens, we should turn again to medicinal
herbs which God in His Greatness has provided for us since time immemorial. As abbe Kneipp
(a reowned European heralist) says: 'There is a plant for every illness!'_x000D__x000D_For
year now Maria Trebens distinguished book "Health Through God's Pharmacy" has been at the
top of the bestseller list on the German literary scene, selling several million copies. The
author, Meria Treben, was hersefl a highly acclaimed and much sought-after lecturer in
Europe. Wherever she spoke, the auditoriams were filled to overflowing with enthusiastic
crowds eager to hear the enormously successful Treben tell of her personal experi-ences in
treating and revieling even malignant diseases with her completely natural herbal remedies.
_x000D__x000D_Thousands of testimonials have poured i from all over Europe prasing the
astonishing healing and rejuvenating effects of the herbal recipes in concise and easy to
understand, healing the medicinal herbs is now something that everyone can learn and apply
<p>MURPHY'S LAW BOOK ONE_x000D_"Don't believe in miracles-Rely upon
them."_x000D__x000D_You can rely on Murphy's Law for miraculous revelations and
unassailable realities-all culled from the intricacies of twentieth-century life. The author has
included some Laws of Parkinson, some Peter Principles and even a little Cole's Law (slimly
sliced cabbage). _x000D__x000D_There are chapters for truth-seekers in very field-from
Designmanship and Machinesmanship to Hierarchiology and Humanship. If fate has you by
the throat or a tiger has your tongue, let Murphy's new classic words say it for you:
_x000D__x000D_"If anything can go wrong, it will."</p>

<p>MURPHY'S LAW BOOK THREE_x000D__x000D_In the tradition of Murphy's Law, here

comes Book Three. Once again DiGiovanni's Law._x000D__x000D_"The number of laws will
expand to fill the publishing space available."_x000D__x000D_With this third volume, we
begin to sense the limitlessness of man's potential, especially his potential for conjuring up
new laws to explain the truths in our everyday existence: _x000D__x000D_Perrussel's Law:
There is no job so simple that it cannot be done wrong. _x000D__x000D_The Diner's
Dilemma: A clean tie attracts the soup of the day. _x000D__x000D_Glaser's Law: If it says
""one size fits all,"" it doesn't fit anyone. _x000D__x000D_You will find laws of bureaucracy
and business, home and humanity, covering all facets of everyday life, illustrating why things
continue to go wrong. Also included in a general index to the laws in all three volumes. This
handy guide to Murphology can help you find your favorite laws._x000D__x000D_In this
volume Murphy has pointed the way to life's little truths, but can offer us no definite answer...
after all, as Weiner's Law states: There are no answers, any cross references.</p>

<p>In the addition of the number one Bestsellers, Murphy's Law and Other Reasons Why
Things Go Wrong and Murphy's Law Book Two, comes - not too surprisingly - Murphy's Law
Book Three. Once again DiGiovanni's Law: "the number of Laws will expand to fill the
publishing pace available." With this third volume, we begin to sense the man's potential,
especially his potentialy for conjuring up new Laws to explain the truths in our everyday
existenceace available. You will find Law of bureaucracy and business, home and humanity,
covering all facets of everyday life, illustrating why the Laws in all three volumes. This handy
guide to Murphology can help you find your favourite Laws. In this volume Murphy has
pointed the way to life's little truths but can offer us no definitive answer... after all, as
Weiner's Law States: There are no answers, only cross refrence. </p>

<p>MURPHY'S LAW BOOK TWO_x000D_This book is compiled from thousands of rules,

axioms, conundrums and corollaries contributed by faithful readers. Morphology has grown
into a whole body of knowledge describing the immutable Laws of Nature. The prophet
Murphy himself would be astounded to read some of the variations:
_x000D__x000D_Silverman's Paradox: If Murphy's Law can go wrong, it will, Gattuso's
Extension of Murphy's Law: Nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse.
_x000D__x000D_For everyone who has experienced those frustrating, exasperating,
aggravating and completely inescapable moments when everything goes wrong. This book
offers the only real consolation... laughter.</p>
<p>Although numerology is perhaps less well known than astrology, it is definite
discipline,based on facts and governed by certain rules. There is a great deal more to
numerology than just the no. in your name, as some people think. Numerology has much to
tell about the inner self, the outer self, your destiny, the heart self, your foundation, the
subconscious, the major and minor life cycles, the challenges, the pinnacles, the ruling
tendency, and the importance of the vowels in your name. this book offer valuable
information about peculiarities, colors, gems, planets, musical notes, personal months and
days, universal years, months days choosing a vocation, affairs of the heart, inherited tarits,
nicknames, and many other subjects._x000D__x000D_Part of the beauty of numerology is its
simplicity. you do not have to study long and hard before you begin to put what you have
learned to use. you can quickly acquire a few basic facts and formulas that will help you to
beign at once to understand people better up charts-including a complete chart-and how to
interpret them.</p>

<p>By means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life.
_x000D__x000D_The theory that shook the world._x000D_Few other books have created
such a lasting storm of controversy as this book. Darwin's theory that species derive from
other species by a gradual evolutionary process and that the average level of each species is
heightened by the ""survival of the fittest"" stirred up popular debate to fever pitch. Its
acceptance revolutionized the course of science.</p>

<p>The Reflection-Methode offers insight, which help you becom aware of yourself and aid
your life. It is free of charge, simple to use and quickly and conretely applicable, wherever you

<p>German Ways: German habits, costumes, quirk, foibles, etiquette and idiosyncrasies,
characteristic German manner of acting or doing._x000D__x000D_Strange: Unfamiliarm,
unexpected, different; not previously known, seen heard or
experienced._x000D__x000D_When in Germany, do as the German do-sensible advice, most
would agree. But what do the German do, and when and how? Because you can be sure :
Whatever they do it their very own way. So if you're planning to visit the land of the
OKTOBERFEST and mad drivers, find out what awaitsd you.This brand new version of These
Strange german Ways provides you with a personal introduction to the peaple and the culture
in a blend of fact and commentary which will leave you both enlibhtened and amused.</p>

<p>The Essential Guide to joining the rank of the world's most successful pepole.
_x000D__x000D_Think and grow rich is the seminal work by the well-loved and world-
renowed Napoleon Hill, a contempory of Dale Carnegie. Originally published in 1937, Hill's
money- making secrets are as powerful today as they were then and can change your life
forever. After interviewing over 500 of the most affluent men and women of his time,
Napoleon Hill uncovered the secret to great wealth based on the notion that if we can learn to
think like the rich we can discover wealth and success. He developed a simple but powerful
13- step formula to help you to:_x000D__x000D__ Identify your goals_x000D__ Master the
secret of true and lasting success_x000D__ Obtain whatever you want in life_x000D__ Join
the ranks of the super successful.</p>
<p>Nothing succeeds like tips from the successful!_x000D__x000D_Over 1000 quotations,
aphorisms, principles and secrets from some of the most successful peaple the world has
known are collected together here to form an inspiration bible for achievers everywhere.
_x000D__x000D_Acute and eduring perceptions from peaple as diverse as Athur Caonan
Doyle, Estee lauder, Plato, helena Rubenstein, Lee lacocca, Henry Ford, John rockeffler and
colonel Saunders, on topics ranging from finance to faith, passion to politics, will be a constant
source of information, motivation and encouragement to anyone striving to obtain their goals
in life.</p>

<p>10 minutes is all you need to learn how to:_x000D__ Demystify debits and
credits_x000D__ Analyze and interpret financial statements_x000D__ Understand corporate
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auditors and their reports_x000D__ Use the internet to stay current with developments in the
accounting field.</p>

<p>10 minutes is all you need to learn how to:_x000D__x000D_Find out whether a company
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company to another_x000D_Understand how a company's performance affects its stock
price_x000D_Decipher corporate jargon to see whether a company is really
expanding_x000D_Evaluate investments for risk level.</p>

<p>An essential reference for anyone who must communicate effectively as part of their work
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<p>Does the thought of interviewing make you break out in a cold sweat? Relax-just take a
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_x000D__ Coach others, without criticizing, to think creatively and act decisively. _x000D__
Build effective teams by getting the support and cooperation of all involved.</p>

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_x000D__ Correct employee mistakes without destroying employee motivation. _x000D__
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<p>Each 10 minute lesson includes strategies, tips, and techniques to make you a confident
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<p>Teaches the essential planning skills anyone in business needs to succeed. Each 10 minute
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_x000D__ Create the anatomy of a great plan for any situation. _x000D__ Set goals that are
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<p>Provides you with a compact but complete guide to implementing teams in any type of
organization. Each 10 Minute Lesson includes ideas, techniques for helping team members
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_x000D__ Set up and train self-directed teams. _x000D__ Deal with conflict among team
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teams can use.</p>

<p>Practical Guidance and techniques for Novice and Experienced

Poets_x000D__x000D_Whether you need to improve your grades or simply want to make
your hobby more enjoyable, you'll learn how to better understand, read, and appreciate a
wide variety of poetic devices in just a few easy steps. Features include:_x000D__ Easy-to-
follow explanations of important poetic devices, including meter, rhyme, imagery, allusion, and
more_x000D__ An overview of important poetic movements_x000D__ Sample poems with
line-by-line analysis and commentary_x000D__ Step-by-Step guidance and instruction that
even the first-time poet can understand_x000D__ Notes on how the creative process

<p>Easy-to-follow practical instruction to help you master all word

problems_x000D__x000D_Perfect for Students of all Ages!_x000D__x000D_In just few easy
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solutions_x000D__ Test-taking strategies_x000D__ Explanation of right and wrong answer
choices for all practice questions_x000D__ Self-assessment tools to help you track your skill-
building progress</p>

<p>Perfect for everyone for college student to CEO_x000D__x000D_Easy to follow, practical

instructions for researching, writing, and presenting polished, professional-sounding
speeches_x000D__x000D_In just few easy steps you will learn to compose clear, engaging
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effective, persuasive words_x000D__ Tips on enunciation and pronunciation_x000D__ How
to tailor your speech to the right audience_x000D__ The use-and abuse-of humourous
anecdotes and other attention-getters_x000D__ How to relieve public speaking
anxiety_x000D__ Visual aids and other nonverbal techniques_x000D__ Brief style guide for
research and documentation</p>

<p>Clear Concise and Packed with The Nuts and Bolts on Everything You Need to
Know_x000D__x000D_In just few easy steps, you'll learn how to organize and write top-notch
reports and reviews of all types of literary works-from novels to plays. Features
include:_x000D__ 4 Sample reports and reviews_x000D__ Great ideas for topics_x000D__
Advice on what to look for as you read_x000D__ The difference between a report and a
review_x000D__ Techniques for reviewing all types of literature</p>
<p>Practical techniques and guidence for college and graduate
students_x000D__x000D_Perfect as a do-it-yourself starter or as a quick-reference guide, this
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quotations_x000D__ Examples of various footnote and bibliographic formats_x000D__
Sample research papers, with analysis and commentary</p>

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_x000D__x000D_Clearly written business communication is your lifeline to success in the
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snd checklist_x000D__ Explanations of commpnly misused words and phrases_x000D__ E-
mail do's and dont's</p>
<p>The Core Knowledge Series was created to help children gain the fundamentals they will
need to make progress in school and be effective in society._x000D__x000D_Specific
knowledge in the subject areas of language, arts, fine arts, history, geography, mathematics,
science, and technology, editor E. D. Hirsch, Jr.-author of Cultural Literacy-has worked with
2,000 teachers and parents to brings this core of knowledge to elementary school parents and
their children._x000D__x000D_By spending twenty minutes per school day in an academic
year, you and your child can work through every page of what your first grader needs to know
as a supplements to classroom education. Some of the things you will find in this volume
are:_x000D__x000D__ Nursery Rhymes and Aesop's Fables_x000D__ Language and
Literature_x000D__ Geography and World Civilization_x000D__ Fine Arts_x000D__
Mathematics _x000D__ Natural Science etc._x000D__x000D_All subjects are richly illustrated
and presented in an engaging narrative designed to interest children.</p>

<p>The Core Knowledge Series: Building upon the previous volume in the series, this book
includes myths, stories, and poems from around the world. It continues language study,
geography, mathematics, and natural science and history. Some of the things you will find in
this volume are: _x000D__x000D__ Stories and Poems _x000D__ Language and Literature
_x000D__ Geography and World Civilization _x000D__ Fine Arts _x000D__ Mathematics
_x000D__ Natural Science etc</p>

<p>By devoting a modest amount of time per school day, you and your child can work through
every page of What Your Third Grader Needs to know as a supplement to classroom
education. _x000D__x000D__ Stories _x000D__ Learning About Language _x000D__
Geography _x000D__ World Civilization _x000D__ Fine Arts _x000D__ Mathematics
_x000D__ Natural Sciences etc._x000D__x000D_For parents and teachers alike, it is an
essential series. You can make a difference! _x000D__x000D_For three years, we have been
using elements of the Core Knowledge Program, and I have watched as it invigorated our
students. These books should be in every classroom in America. _x000D__x000D_Richard E.
Smith, Principal, _x000D_Northside Elementary School,_x000D_Palestine, Texas.</p>

<p>Upon its launch, E.D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Series instantly became popular among
hundreds of thousands of parents who are concerned about the state of their children's
education. Since knowledge builds upon knowledge these early years provide the foundation
for further learning._x000D__x000D__ Stories & Speeches _x000D__ Language
Arts_x000D__ Geography_x000D__ World Civilization and History _x000D__ Science(natural
& physical)._x000D__ Fine Arts_x000D__ Mathematics etc. _x000D__x000D_At last a
program that tells us what our children ought to know rather than another compendium of
what they don't know. Core knowledge will revitalize our public school._x000D__x000D_Henry
Cotton,_x000D_Executive Director of Instruction, Cherry Creek Schools,_x000D_Englewood,
Colorado. </p>

<p>Building on themes and topics from earlier volumes in the Core Knowledge Series, some of
the things you will find in this volume are:_x000D__x000D__ Stories and Speeches_x000D__
World Civilization _x000D__ Life Science _x000D__ Geography _x000D__ Physical Science
etc.. _x000D__x000D_The Core Knowledge curriculum gave all students in our school,
regardless of their background, on equal opportunity to excel-and excel they did! The
excitement of learning could be felt in every classroom._x000D__x000D_Constance Jones,
Principal _x000D_Three Oaks Elementary School,_x000D_Fort Myers, Florida.</p>
<p>Building on themes and topics from earlier volumes in the Core Knowledge Series, some of
the things you will find in this volume are: _x000D__x000D_Stories and
Speeches_x000D_Geography_x000D_World Civilization_x000D_Fine Arts_x000D_Life
Sciences_x000D_Physical Sciences_x000D_Stories about Scientists etc. _x000D__x000D_I plan
to present every teacher in my school with a copy of What Your First Grader Needs to Know.
Every parent interested in preparing a child for success in school should become familiar with
this book._x000D__x000D_William M. Allison, Principal_x000D_James Russel Lowell
School,_x000D_Philadelphia, Pennsylvania</p>

<p>To be published in July 1999, this revised edition provides up-to-date information
regarding the management of various medical emergencies usually encountered in general
practice, and aims to heighten the therapeutic skills of the emergency practitioner likely to
encounter the emergency first. It should therefore, prove useful to all students of clinical
medicine preparing to enter the medical field, residents, family physicians internists, and in
fact to all those engaged in critical care medicine. </p>

<p>Including Western civilization extensively revised to reflect new historical research in all
areas and the changing emphases in civilization course._x000D__x000D_World Civilization
devotes more attention to the non-Western and Third Worlds than any other textbook in the
field. This revision retains the careful blend of narrative and analysis and the unique balance of
political, social, economic and intellectual history that have made the book so
distinctive._x000D__x000D_Highlights of the 7th Edition-Volume A._x000D__x000D_The most
comprehensive coverage of the ancient world including pre-classical civilization._x000D_A
widely acclaimed treatment of the medieval world._x000D_A new section on "The formation
of the Empire of Russia"_x000D_Revised discussions of Mohenjo-Daro in India, neolithic
culture in China, China's medieval economic revolution"", and the Ashikaga Shogunate and
Japanese society during the feudal age._x000D_Expanded coverage of Africa in all
periods._x000D_An easy-to-read single-column format that allows for marginal illustrations
and side heads for reference and review._x000D_Over 1,000 illustrations & Photographs, 65
Maps._x000D_Thoroughly revised annotated bibliographies, chronological charts, a list of
rulers, and an index with pronunciation guides.</p>

<p>Highlights of the 7th Edition-Volume B._x000D__x000D_Expended coverage of Africa in all

periods._x000D_Reorganized and expanded treatments of Latin America._x000D_Revised
discussions of China's medieval economic revolution._x000D_A dramatically reconceived and
expanded treatment of Early-Modern Europe & much much more..._x000D_Over 1,000
illustrations & Photographs, 65 Maps.</p>

<p>Highlights of the 7th Edition-Volume C._x000D__x000D_A new chapter in the French

Revolution._x000D_New material on the history of women, education and
literacy._x000D_Revised coverage of East Asian History._x000D_Recasts discussions of
imperialism and the origins of the first World War._x000D_Thoroughly revised and updated
treatments of the twentieth-century world._x000D_Over 1,000 illustrations & Photographs, 65
Maps._x000D_Thoroughly revised annotated bibliographies, chronological charts, a list of
rulers, and an index with pronunciation guides.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Enlarge your "vision" and communicate it to

others._x000D_2) Identify and articulate group needs._x000D_3) Initate change for the
better._x000D_4) Creats synergy._x000D_5) Energize yoursef and others.</p>
<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Use constructive confrontation techniques._x000D_2)
Communicate for positive results._x000D_3) Give and receive feedback._x000D_4) Mediate
between opposing parties._x000D_5) Take corrective action.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Assemble an effective problem solving group._x000D_2)

Spot the causes of a problem._x000D_3) Challenge your situation and assumptions._x000D_4)
Plan for problems before they happen.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Make teamwork benefit you and your
organization._x000D_2) Form a team and focus it energies._x000D_3) Encourage honest, open
communication._x000D_4) Resolves team conflicts and solve problems.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Set realistic goals and objectives._x000D_2) Plan each day
for greater productivity._x000D_3) Convert goals into actions._x000D_4) Make things happen
in your life.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) How you can become A leader right now._x000D_2) The
keys to effective delegation, problem solving and decision making._x000D_3) All the tools a
manager needs to make it to the top.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Separate out truly difficult behaviour from the normal ups
and down of human behaviour, and from difficult circumstances or surroundings._x000D_2)
identify the four basic behaviour patterns and determine where the difficult people and you fit
in._x000D_3) Avoid provoking difficult behaviour by adjusting your own behaviour._x000D_4)
Motivate difficult people to want to change._x000D_5) Conduct a heart talk that works.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Plan a proactive delegation process._x000D_2) Decide when
to take action, when the step back._x000D_3) Assign tasks to others comfortably._x000D_4)
Improve the skills of your employees.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Creat a team enviroment._x000D_2) Negotiate roles and
establish perfromance measures._x000D_3) Encourages employee to take
responsibility._x000D_4) Reinforce performance with rewards.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Read what you need when you need it._x000D_2)
Understand more of what you read._x000D_3) Set goals for what you want to get from what
you read._x000D_4) Read words faster-and understand them better as well.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Design job descroptions that meet your
requirements._x000D_2) Prepare yoursef for the interview._x000D_3) Ask the right-and legal-
questions._x000D_4) Make sound hiring decisions.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Model formats for structuring your talk in advance-whether
you're addresing the ""converted"" or arguing a controversial point of view._x000D_2) Tips on
using languages to stir your audiences's interest and imagination._x000D_3) Advice on
smoothly incorporating audiovisual aids into your presentations._x000D_4) Pointers for
making a Persuasive appeal.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Prepare for and lead the four most comm9on types of
meetings._x000D_2) Keeping the meeting on track when the discussion threatens to
derail._x000D_3) Deal with Dominators, pontificators, dreamers and different drumers that
can cause meeting to go astry._x000D_4) Make certain that decision made during your
meetings are followed up with action.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Take inventory of your goals, skill, and accomplishments and
aincorporate them into your resume._x000D_2) Determine which of the four basics types of
resume will achieve your career objetives._x000D_3) Coordinate the verbal and visual
elements of your resume into an attractive and attention getting whole.</p>
<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Develop your ideas effectively._x000D_2) Add color,
excitement, and style to your writing._x000D_3) Get your points across present ideas with
confidencde and skill._x000D_4) Write letters, memos, and reports that hold your reader's

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Double your retention, improve your concentration, and
organize your thinking._x000D_2) Remember names, faces, facts, phone, numbers, and
appoinments._x000D_3) Improve your word power and vocabulary recal.l_x000D_4) Commit
to memory what you read and hear.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Identify what's important to you in the long run._x000D_2)
Use the five problem solving techniques in decision making._x000D_3) Involve other people
in the decision process._x000D_4) Examine and weigh your alternatives._x000D_5) Use
decisions trees or other devices to guide your thinking.</p>

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Indentify stressful situation at work and at home, as well as
ypur reactions to them._x000D_2) Manage your reactions to stress by giving yourself ""first
aid"" by making necessary changers, and by anticipating and planning for stress in
advance._x000D_3) Combat stress by ddeveloping anti-stress eating, sleeping, and exercise
habits._x000D_4) Conduct "feedback sessions" that reduces stress in troubled work and family

<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Take stock of your images as it is now and pinpoint the
elements you need to change._x000D_2) Choose the wardrobe and look that signify success in
the academic world the corporate world the creative world and the selling world._x000D_3)
Find and emulate image ""role models"" while broad casting your personality and flair.</p>
<p>You'll learn how to:_x000D_1) Use words._x000D_2) Control calls that interfere with what
you're doing._x000D_3) Listen actively._x000D_4) Conquer telephonitis or phonaphobia.</p>
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125 Dictionary-of-Correct-Spelling.jpg
150 Norman-Lewis-Dictionary-of-Pronunciation.jpg

195 Norman-lewis-DICTIONARY-OF-WORD-POWER.jpg
195 HOW-TO-GET-MORE-out-of-your-reading.jpg


150 Instant-Word-Power-Norman-Lewis.jpg

125 The-Latin-Key-to-Better-English.jpg
95 Reading-Spelling-Vocabulary-Pronunciation-1.jpg

95 Reading-Spelling-Vocabulary-Pronunciation-2.jpg

95 Reading-Spelling-Vocabulary-Pronunciation-3.jpg

150 Rapid-Vocabulary-Builder.jpg

150 Norman-Lewis-Rogets-Thesaurus-in-Dictionary-form.jpg
125 Speak-better-write-better-english.jpg

90 SIX-WEEKS-TO-words-of-power.jpg

100 WORD-MEMORY-Power-in-30-days.jpg


150 Twenty-Five-magic-steps-to-word-power.jpg

195 Roget's-Thesaurus.jpg

95 American-Eng-ME.jpg


119 HOW-TO-BUILD-a-better-vocabulary.jpg

95 Question-you-always-wan.jpg
120 Wonders-in-Words.jpg

175 CHANGE-THE-WAY-you-speak.jpg

95 Better-Speeches-Made-Easy.jpg

150 Dictionary-of-english-idioms.jpg

150 Dictionary-of-slang-and-Unconventional-English.jpg

120 Handbook-of-Quotations.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-building-your-vocabulary.jpg

95 How-to-Speak-Without-Fear.jpg

80 Speed-reading-made-easy.jpg

95 Test-Your-IQ-Shape-Number-Verbal.jpg

60 Test-Your-Word-Power-Jerome-Agel.jpg

95 The-Joy-of-Vocabulary.jpg

195 Arco-Triple-Your-Reading-Speed.jpg
195 Arco-Words-For-Smart-Test-Takers.jpg

195 The-Path-Autobiography-of-a-Western-Yogi.jpg
95 Autobiography-of-a-Yogi.jpg

350 Autobiography-of-a-Yogi.jpg

195 Jeanine-Van-Belle-Cured-of-Rheumatism-through-diet.jpg
195 God-is-for-Everyone.jpg

195 God's-celestial-rays.jpg
200 Good-Health-Guide.jpg

195 Healing-with-aloe.jpg

195 Maria-treben-health-through-god's-pharmacy.jpg
150 How-to-boost-your-brain-power.jpg

250 Live-Honest-Become-rich.jpg

195 Maria-treben's-cures.jpg
75 Murphy's-Law-Wrong.jpg

75 Murphy's-Law-Book-3.jpg

150 Murphy's-Law-Complete.jpg

75 Murphy's-Law-Book-2.jpg
95 Numerology-Made-Easy-It's-All-in-your-numbers.jpg


95 Looking-into-the-Mirror-The-Reflection-method.jpg

85 These-Strange-German-Ways-the-new-book.jpg

120 Think-&-grow-Rich-Napoeon-Hill.jpg
195 Quotations-for-Success.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-Accounting-Non-Accountants.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-Annual-Reports-and-Prospectuses.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-Business-Communication.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-Job-Interviews.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-Leadership.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-Motivating-People.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-negotiationg.jpg
95 Ten-Minute-Planning.jpg

95 Ten-Minute-Teams-&-Teamwork.jpg

99 How-to-Interpret-poetry.jpg


99 How-to-write-and-deliver-effective-speeches.jpg

99 How-to-Write-Book-Reports.jpg
99 How-to-write-a-thesis.jpg

99 How-to-write-Articles-for-Newspapers-and-Magazines.jpg

99 How-to-write-research-papers.jpg

99 How-to-write-short-stories.jpg

99 How-to-write-themes-and-essays.jpg

250 Ultimate-Office-Survival-Guide.jpg
150 What-your-1st-Grader-Needs-to-Know.jpg

150 What-your-2nd-Grader-Needs-to-Know.jpg

150 What-your-3rd-Grader-Needs-to-Know.jpg

150 What-your-4th-Grader-Needs-to-Know.jpg

150 What-your-5th-Grader-Needs-to-Know.jpg
150 What-your-6th-Grader-Needs-to-Know.jpg
125 English-Grammer-Back-to-basics.jpg
395 Grammar-world.jpg





60 Becoming-An-Effective-Leader.jpg
60 Conflict-resolution.jpg

60 Creative-Problem-Solving.jpg

60 Effective-Team-Building.jpg

60 Get-Organized!.jpg

60 How-to-Be-A-Successful-Manager.jpg

60 How-to-Deal-with-Difficult-people.jpg

60 How-to-Delegate-Effect-ively.jpg

60 How-to-Get-the-Best-out-of-People.jpg

60 Improve-your-Reading-Power.jpg

60 How-to-Be-A-Successful-Interviewen.jpg

60 How-to-make-An-Effective-Speech-or-presentation.jpg

60 How-to-run-a-meeting.jpg

60 How-to-Write-an-Effective-Resume.jpg
60 How-to-write-Easily-and-Effectively.jpg

60 Increasing-your-Memory-Power.jpg

60 Making-Tough-Decisions.jpg

60 Managing-Strees.jpg

60 Polishing-Your-Professional-Image.jpg

60 Winning-On-the-Telephone.jpg
195 Arco-30-GMAT-CAT.jpg
195 Arco-30-DAYS-GRE-CAT.jpg
95 American-Eng-ME.jpg
350 Arco-GMAT-CAT.jpg
195 Arco-GRE-LSAT-Logic-Workbook-2002-Edition.jpg
250 How-to-become-a-us-citizen.jpg
195 Arco-Math.jpg
95 Test-prep-your-IQ.jpg
195 Arco-Words-For-Smart-Test-Takers.jpg
475 Preliminary-Success-With-Bec-Student's-Book.jpg
250 Preliminary-Success-With-BEC-WORKBOOK.jpg
700 Preliminary-Success-With-BEC-TEACHER-BOOK.jpg
550 Vantage-Success-with-Bec-Student's-Book-John.jpg
295 Vantage-Success-with-Bec-Workbook-paul.jpg
700 Vantage-Success-with-Bec-Teacher's-Book-John.jpg
595 Higher-success-with-Bec-Student's book.jpg
295 Higher-Success-with-BEC-Work Book.jpg
800 Higher-Success-with-BEC-Teacher's-Book.jpg
375 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Preliminary-Student's-Book.jpg
125 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Preliminary-Workbook.jpg
175 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Preliminary-Practise-Text-with-CD.jpg
375 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Vantage-Student's-Book.jpg
125 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Vantage-Workbook.jpg
175 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Vantage-Practice-text-With-CD.jpg
550 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Higher-Studentbook.jpg
175 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Higher-Workbook.jpg
250 Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Higher-Practice-tests-with-CD.jpg
195 Meetings.jpg
195 Negotiations-Anne-Laws.jpg
195 Presentations-Anne-Laws-Summertown.jpg
195 Writing-skills-Summertown.jpg
995 Learner's-Merriam-Webster's-Advanced.jpg
725 Merriam-Webster's-Collegiate-Dictionary-with-CD.jpg
550 Merriam-Webster's-Collegiate-Thesaurus.jpg
295 Merriam-Webster's-CONCISE-DICTIONARY.jpg
395 Merriam-webster's-Concise-Dictionary-of-english-usage.jpg
295 Merriam-webster's-dictionary-and-thesaurus.jpg
199 The-Merriam-Webster-Dictionary.jpg
199 The-merriam-webster-thesaurus.jpg
199 Merriam-Webster's-Vocabulary-Builder.jpg
150 The-Merriam-Webster-Dictionary-of-Quotations.jpg
150 The-merriam-webster-dictionary-synonyms-and-antonyms.jpg
295 Merriam-webster-the-best-of-an-almanac-of-words-at-play.jpg
295 Merriam-Webster's-word-Circus.jpg
195 Merriam-webster's-Pocket-atlas.jpg
350 Merriam-webster's-dictionary-of-law.jpg
75 Merriam-webster's-Pocket-thesaurus.jpg
75 Merriam-webster's-Pocket-guide-to-synonyms.jpg
75 Merriam-webster's-pocket-guide-to-english-usage.jpg
75 Merriam-webster's-Pocket-rhyming-dictionary.jpg
250 Chronological-dictionary-of-quotations.jpg
195 Bloomsbury-DC-Slang.jpg
95 Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Differences.jpg
95 Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Phrase-&-allusion.jpg
95 Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Popular-Phrases.jpg
295 Dictionary-of-Quotations.jpg
95 Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Science-For-Everyone.jpg
250 Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Word-Origins.jpg
125 Bloomsbury-Good-Word-Guide.jpg
250 Thematic-Dictioanary-of-Quotations.jpg
250 Dictionary-of-Anthropology.jpg
160 Dictionary-of-Geology.jpg
195 Dictionary-of-Psychology.jpg
295 Dictionary-of-science.jpg
250 Dictionary-of-Sociology-William-P-Scott.jpg
350 Student-Picture-Dictionary-English-Eenglish.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-biology.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-chemistry.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-Dictionary-of-computers.jpg
70 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-confusible-words-adrian-ro
175 Hutchinson-Dictionary-of-Difficult-Words.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-geography.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-mathematics.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-medical-terms.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-physics.jpg
70 HUTCHINSON-dictionary-of-quotations.jpg
70 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-science.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-spelling.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-the-environment.jpg
60 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-english-usage.jpg
70 HUTCHINSON-POCKET-guide-to-counteries -of-word.jpg
60 Hotchinson-Pocket-Quiz-Book.jpg
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150 My-First-Trilingual-Dictionary.jpg
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resized/thumb-How-to-Write-Book-Reports.jpg INR
resized/thumb-How-to-write-a-thesis.jpg INR

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resized/thumb-How-to-write-research-papers.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-write-short-stories.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-write-themes-and-essays.jpg INR

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resized/thumb-Effective-Team-Building.jpg INR

resized/thumb-Get-Organized!.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-Be-A-Successful-Manager.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-Deal-with-Difficult-people.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-Delegate-Effect-ively.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-Get-the-Best-out-of-People.jpg INR

resized/thumb-Improve-your-Reading-Power.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-Be-A-Successful-Interviewen.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-make-An-Effective-Speech-or-presentation.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-run-a-meeting.jpg INR

resized/thumb-How-to-Write-an-Effective-Resume.jpg INR
resized/thumb-How-to-write-Easily-and-Effectively.jpg INR

resized/thumb-Increasing-your-Memory-Power.jpg INR

resized/thumb-Making-Tough-Decisions.jpg INR

resized/thumb-Managing-Strees.jpg INR

resized/thumb-Polishing-Your-Professional-Image.jpg INR

resized/thumb-Winning-On-the-Telephone.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Arco-30-GMAT-CAT.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Arco-30-DAYS-GRE-CAT.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-American-Eng-ME.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-Arco-GMAT-CAT.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Arco-GRE-LSAT-Logic-Workbook-2002-Edition.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-How-to-become-a-us-citizen.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Arco-Math.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Test-prep-your-IQ.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Arco-Words-For-Smart-Test-Takers.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Preliminary-Success-With-Bec-Student's-Book.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Preliminary-Success-With-BEC-WORKBOOK.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-Preliminary-Success-With-BEC-TEACHER-BOOK.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Vantage-Success-with-Bec-Student's-Book-John.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Vantage-Success-with-Bec-Workbook-paul.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-Vantage-Success-with-Bec-Teacher's-Book-John.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Higher-success-with-Bec-Student's book.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Higher-Success-with-BEC-Work Book.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-Higher-Success-with-BEC-Teacher's-Book.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Preliminary-Student's-Book.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Preliminary-Workbook.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Preliminary-Practise-Text-with-CD.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Vantage-Student's-Book.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Vantage-Workbook.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Vantage-Practice-text-With-CD.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Higher-Studentbook.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Higher-Workbook.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Pass-Cambridge-Bec-Higher-Practice-tests-with-CD.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Meetings.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Negotiations-Anne-Laws.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Presentations-Anne-Laws-Summertown.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Writing-skills-Summertown.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Learner's-Merriam-Webster's-Advanced.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-Webster's-Collegiate-Dictionary-with-CD.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-Webster's-Collegiate-Thesaurus.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-Webster's-CONCISE-DICTIONARY.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-Concise-Dictionary-of-english-usage.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-dictionary-and-thesaurus.jpg INR
resized/thumb-The-Merriam-Webster-Dictionary.jpg INR
resized/thumb-The-merriam-webster-thesaurus.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-Webster's-Vocabulary-Builder.jpg INR
resized/thumb-The-Merriam-Webster-Dictionary-of-Quotations.jpg INR
resized/thumb-The-merriam-webster-dictionary-synonyms-and-antonyms.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-Webster's-CROSSWORD-PUZZLE-DICTIONARY.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster-the-best-of-an-almanac-of-words-at-play.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-Webster's-word-Circus.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-Pocket-atlas.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-dictionary-of-law.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-Pocket-thesaurus.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-Pocket-guide-to-synonyms.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-pocket-guide-to-english-usage.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Merriam-webster's-Pocket-rhyming-dictionary.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Chronological-dictionary-of-quotations.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-DC-Slang.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Differences.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Phrase-&-allusion.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Popular-Phrases.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Dictionary-of-Quotations.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Science-For-Everyone.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-Dictionary-of-Word-Origins.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-Good-Word-Guide.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Thematic-Dictioanary-of-Quotations.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Dictionary-of-Anthropology.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Dictionary-of-Geology.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Dictionary-of-Psychology.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Dictionary-of-science.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Dictionary-of-Sociology-William-P-Scott.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Student-Picture-Dictionary-English-Eenglish.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-biology.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-chemistry.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-Dictionary-of-computers.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-confusible-words-adrian-room INR
resized/thumb-Hutchinson-Dictionary-of-Difficult-Words.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-geography.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-mathematics.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-medical-terms.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-physics.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-dictionary-of-quotations.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-science.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-spelling.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-dictionary-of-the-environment.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-english-usage.jpg INR
resized/thumb-HUTCHINSON-POCKET-guide-to-counteries -of-word.jpg INR
resized/thumb-Hotchinson-Pocket-Quiz-Book.jpg INR
resized/thumb- INR
resized/thumb-Bloomsbury-Sex-A-Z.jpg INR
resized/thumb-My-First-Trilingual-Dictionary.jpg INR
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Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 740

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 288

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 416

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 936

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 394

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 220

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 570

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 1252

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 448

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 264

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 320

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 228

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 272

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Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 256

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 192

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 510

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 218

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 288

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 288

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 448

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 192

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 656

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 416

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 240

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 96

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 384

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 272

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 96

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 168

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 296

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 144

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 528

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 485

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 500

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 160

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 160

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 256

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 176

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 156

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 288

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 344

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Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 660

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 518

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 529

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Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 240

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Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 479

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 96

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 128

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 320

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 272

Paper Back 2011 Arco 160

Paper Back 2011 Arco 134

Paper Back 2011 Arco 144

Paper Back 2011 Arco 160

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 144

Paper Back 2011 Arco 144

Paper Back 2011 Arco 128

Paper Back 2011 Arco 160

Paper Back 2011 Arco 160

Paper Back 2011 Arco 140

Paper Back 2011 Arco 228

Paper Back 2011 Arco 112

Paper Back 2011 Arco 96

Paper Back 2011 Arco 140

Paper Back 2011 Arco 100

Paper Back 2011 Arco 104

Paper Back 2011 Arco 137

Paper Back 2011 Arco 118

Paper Back 2011 Arco 282

Hard Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 266

Hard Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 336

Hard Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 368

Hard Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 415

Hard Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 419

Hard Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 415
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 300
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 576

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB 488

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 534

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 520

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 716

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 Amacom 64

Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 200
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 240
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 208
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Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 176
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 282
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 118
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 304
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 144
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 64
2011 Summertown Publishing
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 208
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 144
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 64
2011 Summertown Publishing
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 208
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 144
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 64
2011 Summertown Publishing
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 208
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 164
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 80
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 104
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 184
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 78
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 96
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 156
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 80
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 96
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 144
Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 162
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Paper Back 2011 Summertown Publishing 218
Hard Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 1994
Hard Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 1664
Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 894
Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 718
Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 816
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Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 656
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Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 416
Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 416
Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 368
Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 400
Paper Back 2011 Merriam Webster's 368
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 456
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 592
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 384
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 368
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 595
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 336
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 592
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 336
Paper Back 2011 Bloomsbury 636
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 584
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 600
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 688
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 479
Hard Back 2011 Renyi 200
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 240
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 224
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 176
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 256
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 292
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 216
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 288
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 192
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 344
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 368
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 192
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 256
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 192
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 384
Paper Back 2011 Hutchinson 176
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 296
Paper Back 2011 GOYAL SaaB Reprint 112

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis
Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis
Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis
Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Archibanld Hart & F. Arnold Lejeune

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis
Norman Lewis

Wilfred Funk

Peter Funk

Wilfred Funk, Litt. D.

Wilfred Funk

Maxwell Nurnberg and Morris Rosenblum

William Rogers

Maxwell Nurnberg

Maxwell Nurnberg and Morris Rosenblum

Maxwell Nurnberg
Maxwell Nurnberg

Prabbal Frank

Prabbal Frank
Walter Thampson

Walter Thampson

Walter Thampson

Arthur T. Morgan

Ellen Lichtenstein

Carol Turkington
Natalie H. Rogers

Speed Reading Institute, U.S.A

Rosemary White & Susen Azuma

Jerome Agel

Harold Levine, Norman Levine and Robert T. Levine

Wade E. Cutler
Mark Alan Stewart

Swami Kriyananda
Parmahansa Yogananda

Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

Jeanine Van Belle

Paramahansa Yogananda

Wilton Kullmann
Dr. Patrick Pietroni

Wolfgang Wirth

Maria Treben
Roger B. Yepsen

Erich J. Lejeune

Maria Treben



Kathleen Roquemore

Charles Darwin

Christa Kossner

Susan Stern

Napoleon Hill
Walter Thampson

Wayne A. Label

Eric Gelb

Raymond M. Olderman

Dana Morgan

Andrew J. Dubrin

Marshall J. Cook

Neil Shister
Edwin E. Borrow

John A. Woods

Laurie E. Rozakis

William A. Nardi

Judith A. McManus

Dawn Sova
Harry Teitelbaum

Dawn Sova

Sharon Sorenson


John McCall

Leonard Rogoff
E.D. Hirsch

E.D. Hirsch

E.D. Hirsch

E.D. Hirsch

E.D. Hirsch
E.D. Hirsch
A. Marvec-Ocampo, A. Farrugia
Derek Sellen

S. P. Gupta, D. K. Gupta

Edward MacNall Burns, Philip Lee Ralph, Robert E. Lerner, Standish Meacham

Edward MacNall Burns, Philip Lee Ralph, Robert E. Lerner, Standish Meacham

Edward MacNall Burns, Philip Lee Ralph, Robert E. Lerner, Standish Meacham

Donald H. Weiss
Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss
Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Donald H. Weiss

Rajiv N. Rimal, Peter Z. Orton

William Rogers
Mark Alan Stewart
Mark Alan Stewart, Frederick J. O'Toole, Linda Bomstad
Mark Alan Stewart
Mark Alan Stewart
Moya Brennam, Sarah Briggs
Debra R. Shpigler
Mark Alan Stewart
Alfred W. Munzert, Kim Munzert
Mark Alan Stewart
Rolf Cook and Mara Pedretti with Helen Stephenson
Helen Stephenson

Rolf Cook and Mara Pedretti

John Hughes
Paul Dummett

Paul Dummett with Colin Benn

Paul Dummett
Paul Dummett
Lan Wood, Anne Williams
Lan Wood
Anne Williams, Louise Pile
Lan Wood, Paul Sanderson, Anne Williams
Lan Wood
Russell Whitehead, Michael Black
Lan Wood & Anne Williams
Lan Wood & Anne Williams
Russell Whitehead, Michael Black
Anne Laws
Anne Laws
Anne Laws
Anne Laws

Edmund Wright
Tony Thorne
Laurence Urdang
Nigel Rees
Nigel Rees
Mao Tse-Tung, G. Orwell, Horace, Richard Nixon
Herman Schneider & Leo Schneider
John Ayto
Martin H. Manser
E. B. Tylor
Mary Hoffman
Woodworth Et Al
Peter Lafferty and Julian Rowe
William P. Scott

Adriam Room
John Ayto

Hilary Murphy
Gustavus Hindman Miller
Robert Goldenson, Kenneth Anderson