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BO TREE, popularly known as Bodhi tree, is the sacred tree of
wisdom under which Gautama Siddartha attained
enlightenment and became the Buddha. This tree, with its heart
shaped leaves, symbolizes purity and calmness. We believe
that every school should be a Bo tree to help its students

realize their inner potential, and conquer the world with their
mighty intellect.

Our motto at the Bo Tree is to promote in our students

academic excellence along with Indian values, and shape them
into global citizens. Our philosophy is founded on the belief that
education should be a fun-filled learning applicable to the real

Educational practices at Bo Tree are child-centred and growth

oriented. Innovative teaching methods supplemented with
state-of-art facilities and learning resources create the right
stimuli to unleash the creative potential of a child.

We believe that this kind of approach prepares the child to face

the challenges not only in his academic sphere, but also in all
the other spheres of life.
VIGNAN's Bo Tree is a co-educational school from nursery to
+2 stage. We offer both the SSC and CBSE curriculums.
Hostel facility is available exclusively for girls.

The well planned, 13 acre campus is located in peaceful

surroundings, removed from urban hustle and pollution. The
school is richly equipped with a library, science, math, language
and computer laboratories, besides the smart- class rooms
where instruction is carried on with a judicious blend of time
tested, traditional methods and modern methods by the use of
ICT. There are separate wings for primary and pre-primary
classes. We have huge playgrounds with separate facilities for
indoor games and outdoor sports.

The tall buildings, amidst aesthetically treated landscape and

sprawling playgrounds, create a stimulating ambience,
conducive for the physical and mental growth of a child.
VIGNAN is a silent revolution that has been taking place in the
field of education for nearly three decades. We started as a
small ripple in the year 1977 as a tutorial in Guntur and have
made steady progress with each passing year. The growth and
success of our Group today stands as a testimony to the value
based quality education offered by our institutions. Today
Vignan is a phenomenon, acknowledged for pioneering some
of the best practices in the field.

The Vignan Group offers education at various levels; from

nursery to intermediate in the State and CBSE syllabi to
graduation and post graduation in Education, Engineering,
Pharmacy and Sciences.

Vignan University is the first institute in the state to start

value-based and job oriented courses in graduation and post
graduation for the new generation of students in both
engineering and non-engineering streams.

Vignan has always been the trend-setter with many

organizations now trying to emulate it to match with the
standards established by it. Over the years, we have grown in
size and stature, with more than 40,000 students on our rolls

Thanks to the unstinted support of our students, their parents

and also to the entire team of Vignan for the enviable place we
occupy now in the firmament of education.
One striking thing we, all the parent
community, like about our school is
that there is always found a strong
bond between the teacher and the
child here. The Vignan teachers are
always very accessible to the
parents any time during the school
hours and afterwards also. They are
true friends, philosophers and
guides to the students.

~ A Parent.
THE school has created an atmosphere where discipline is a
natural behaviour of the child. Teachers are trained in the
technique of interactive teaching. They are all well qualified and
experienced, and above all, very committed and hardworking.

Before the teachers are entrusted with a class, they are trained
in all the aspects of teaching and also the principles of our
school in grooming the child into a responsible citizen. All the
newly recruited teachers at Vignan have to pass through an
orientation course and the existing teachers have to go through
refresher course during the summer vacation. All the teachers
are also continuously appraised through the year by the
academic coordinators.

An academic coordinator is the head of the department of a

particular subject who has a thorough knowledge of the
subject and also a vast experience in guiding teachers.

They will also help teachers adopt more innovative practices to

make learning an easy process for the child.
AS we step into the second decade of the millennium, we
believe that technology should be inter-woven into the
teaching process enhancing the curriculum across the various
disciplines and levels.

It is an acknowledged fact that teaching through multi-sensory

approach, in which all the 5 senses are tapped, will leave a
lasting impact on the young minds and it will also be very
teacher - student friendly.

We have procured the entire course syllabus from Teach

Next, one of the leading content providers in India, to make the
classroom instruction more effective and enjoyable.
INFORMATION Technology has become an integral part of our
daily life. Vignan has reacted to it positively. Students are
provided with computer education right from the lower primary
level. Our computer lab is well equipped with the latest high
end systems and internet facility. It maintains an ideal
student-machine ratio of 1:1.

Faculty assist the students to browse the internet in a filtered


way, instruct them on how to gather information related to their

projects besides developing an appreciation for the ever
changing technology. Students are encouraged to do net
surfing and web-browsing to keep themselves abreast of what
is happening across the world.

The school has a well-equipped conference hall supported with

LCDs, OHPs and other teaching aids for giving presentations,
conducting seminars and symposia.
Children have to be
educated, but they have
also to be left to educate

~ Ernest Dimnet
LATEST research indicates that a child possesses the ability to
pick up language even at the age of two. English, being the
acknowledged global language, a lot of thrust is laid on training
students to speak and write it well. Our course books are
designed to aid the children in becoming natural and proficient
users of the language from an early age.

A structured language curriculum under the guidance of expert

teachers has been designed for students right from 3rd
standard to acquaint them with the nuances of standard

Considering that our students do not get adequate opportunity

to speak English outside the school, we create maximum
avenues at the school itself. We have appointed English
teachers, who are not acquainted with the local language, so
that all the classroom transaction is done only in English. This
step has been found to be highly successful.

Also, our English language lab with a computer - student ratio

of 1:1 provides the facility to the students to listen to the
pre-recorded content of native speakers and linguistic experts
which helps them to standardize their accent and
EXTRA curricular reading is an important and healthy habit. We,
at Vignan, strive our best to inculcate this habit among the
students, since we strongly believe that the creativity of the
brain and the faculty of imagination are kept alive and alert by
this all-important habit.

Our library has a very good collection of books on various

topics and subjects, in addition to the magazines and
periodicals, daily newspapers and over 3000 reference books,
to suit the reading tastes of different age groups of children.
STUDY of science is incomplete without a proper appreciation
of the scientific principles involved. Children from upper primary
level are allowed to conduct experiments in the subjects of
Biological Science, Physical Sciences, and Mathematics. This
fosters an inquisitive spirit and a scientific temper among the
young children.

The laboratories are well equipped with demonstrable working

models and materials required for conducting individual as well
as group experiments / projects.

Through the practical sessions in the lab, children learn to

reason, connect ideas and think logically. By associating
theories learned in the classrooms with practical applications
tested in the labs, they have a scientific understanding of the
phenomena around them. The mega, annual science
exhibition, hosted by Vignan has won a wide acclaim from
students and parents alike. This is an event the like of which
many schools look forward to.

Also, every year, our students participate in the prestigious

state and national level science exhibitions.
Education is not the filling
of a pail, but the lighting of
a fire.

~ William Butler Yeats

SPORTS not only provide perfect relaxation and a break from
the routine of academic work but also an opportunity for
children to learn much about themselves, and indeed about life

itself, from the experience of working as part of a team. So

every child, not only the best or the senior most players,
benefits from the coaches who are fully conversant with our
instruction programme. Over twenty different activities are
available, all introduced with the aim of ensuring that every pupil
has the best possible chance of finding a sporting activity that
he truly enjoys which he will continue even after leaving the

Our sprawling grounds facilitate playing Tennis, Skating, Volley

Ball, Throw Ball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Karate, Tae-kwon-do,
Kabbadi, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Yoga, Shot put,
Sprint, Long Jump, Disc Throw etc. We have a separate play-
field for pre-primary children.

Our school has a proud sporting tradition and enjoys an

enviable and well deserved reputation for success as hundreds
of our students bring laurels to our school at the district, state
and national levels every year.
EACH one of us is bestowed with a creative intelligence that

for the most part remains underutilized due to other

preoccupations in life. At Vignan, teachers make constant
efforts to stir up that dormant creativity that lies in every child.
We believe that true appreciation of art helps in the refinement
of a person's sensibility and shapes him into a more humane
individual. Hence, we encourage children to enroll in the
student clubs and participate in activities like painting and other
fine arts, soft-toy making, literary activities, gardening etc.

Painting, Art and Craft Studio allots a place for every child to
work comfortably in an inspiring atmosphere besides providing
him with adequate room to store his provisions required for
such creative projects.
WE believe that the best place for a child to be after school
hours is his home. Nothing can substitute parental affection
and care. However, some parents are compelled to keep their
children in hostels for various reasons. For such students,

Vignan provides hostel accommodation. A lot of thought is

spent in designing the hostels. Our aesthetically designed
hostel rooms, exclusively for girls, are well ventilated and
hygienic and are real models in the proper utilisation of space.

Special care is taken for all the students after the school hours.
A well designed study schedule under the guidance of the
subject teachers, not of tutors, is followed during the time.
Vignan school is the only one of its
kind, which is endowed with a high
degree of academic excellence
matched by a great wealth of
infrastructure to promote the
all-round development of my childs

~ A Parent.
NOBODY cares like a mother when it comes to feeding a child.
Nutritious food is essential for the physical and mental growth
of the child. In all our hostels, tasty and nutritious food is served
on time in generous quantities. We always encourage the
parents on their visits to dine with their children, free of cost, to
have a first hand knowledge of the quality of the food served in
our hostels.

The Chairman, Staff and Administrative Officials, all share the

same meal with students to ensure that quality is maintained at
all times.

Students are groomed in dining etiquette, eating and sharing in

groups, avoiding food wastage and so on when they sit for their
meals in the common dining hall.

A mineral water plant provides purified water to students. Solar

heating facilities enable hygienic cooking besides providing
students with hot water for bathing.

Best Private School : Vignan bagged the Best private

school of the state award. The award was presented
by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Shri.

N. Chandrababu Naidu, during Independence Day

celebrations of 2002.

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s c h o o l s

Vignans philosophy has always been to offer the best in education.

There is no room for half measures. Every thing we do is done whole
heartedly and with dedication. Our endeavour is to do things in
comprehensive fashion. Our sincerity is reflected in the outcome of
successful students year after year, which also proves ourselves to
be an ideal source for human resource in our country.