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Current Address (June 2017):

ZAMORANO, P.O. box 93

Permanent Address: Final 17 Av.

Norte Condominio La Montaa 2
casa #F-37 Santa Tecla, La Libertad,
El Salvador


Dear Mr. Palma,

My name is Francisco Jose Lemus, Im 20 years old and Im from El Salvador. Ive always considered
myself a person who likes working and learning. I enjoy the process of doing the hard work to get
my professional and personal success. I am always willing to learn new ways to make my work more
efficient and also knows how to work under pressure. Additionally, I consider myself as someone
who has the ability of working with different cultures.

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I find myself very interested in applying for an
internship at the TEXAS A&M for the first quarter of 2018. I am currently a junior in Zamorano
University, majoring in Agribusiness; interested in Economics and Statistics. As a requirement of my
studies, I have to complete a 15-week internship during my senior year.

I have done a research and as part of it I checked several times the official website of TEXAS A&M
and felt much related to the priorities you have in mind, from academic quality to personal values
and honestly I think there is no better place than TEXAS A&M that can make me grow as a person
or as a professional. Consequently, I also feel related to TEXAS A&M because I have family who has
graduated from TEXAS A&M before and I would like to go the same way my family has done it. I
would like to get involved deeply in applied, because I consider it to be one of the keys for the
growth and improvement of the Latin American countries.

In the future, I would like to nurture the economy of my country through agriculture and many
projects for rural communities and people in need in my country. To do that I can gain experience
and knowledge in TEXAS A&M and I consider it to be priceless. All the environment surroundings,
such as the professors that would be close to me are very prepared and experienced, which I
consider to be a huge asset and would take the most advantage from it.

I really hope that after you read this you feel as interested in me as I am in this internship, so the
only thing left to say is I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Francisco Lemus.