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Jl. Mayang A25/6 Larangan Selatan, Tangerang +62 852 1511 5189 erick.saul.t@outlook.com


- Consultant in Oil and Gas Industries with 7 years of experience, as Process Engineer, Process Safety Engineer, and Business Development.

- Lead Process Engineering division for Oil and Gas engineering consulting company in Jakarta, notably in EPCI project where the smallest value of the projects is USD 80mil and the highest is USD 1Bil

- Lead Process Safety Management in Specialty/Petrochemical Manufacturing company as internal PSM Specialist and Oil and Gas company as Consultant

- Double position as Business Development Executive, develop knowledge on PTK-007 regulation about supply chain in Oil and Gas Industry and tendering process for Oil and Gas projects.

- I am also knowledgeable in various aspects of Safety Engineering and Management such as Functional Safety, 5S Program, Incident Investigation, Safety Audit, Training, etc.

- With my background in Process Engineering, I am capable to approach safety from both People side and Plant side.

Skills: process engineering, project management, technical safety engineering, process safety management, process hazard analysis, HAZOP, HAZID, incident investigation, root cause analysis (RCA), training, management of change (MOC), process safety metrics and measurement, leading and lagging indicator, process safety information (PSI), P&ID, functional safety, layer of protection analysis (LOPA), reliability engineering, safety lifecycle, combustible dust assessment, audit.


Oil and Gas Projects Delivered more than 50 successful oil and gas projects, both FEED and detailed design stage. Projects ranging from small value of $30,000 to large value of more than $1billion.

Process Safety Management Design, lead, and implement Process Safety Management system, including developing new PSM system for Medco E&P Indonesia, PSM Self-Assessment for Pertamina, develop and implement PSM system for Cabot Indonesia, assessing site leadership competency in process safety for Santos Indonesia, and developing various PSM-related procedures for various companies.

Process Safety Training Successfully delivered training to prominent oil and gas and petrochemical companies related with process safety; including training for PSM Awareness, PSM Workshop, Incident Investigation, Safety Case, and PSM KPI management.


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology

2006 2010

Certified Functional Safety Professional (CFSP), exida LLC License no CFSP 141102 002


Certified Safety Auditor, National Professional Certification Authority (BNSP), License SAK 042 00059 2015


Communication, Presentation, and Leadership Skill, Delanit Consulting 2015

Certified HAZOP Specialist, National Professional Certification Authority (BNSP), License SAK 042 00434 2016


Availability and Reliability Workbench, IsoGraph Ltd.



Process Engineering, design and manipulate the process to achieve optimal production and meet the specified product quality.

Process Safety Management, design, lead, and implement PSM elements for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Manufacturing companies.

As a Process and Process Safety Engineer, I seek position where I can utilize my expertise to help my client or employer achieve their target production quantity and quality, and also ensure that the process running safely.


PT Lebah Solusi Indonesia

2015 Present

Sr. Process and Process Safety Engineer As a consultant, I offer the services of Process Engineering and Process Safety Management to industries especially to oil & gas sectors (including petrochemical), while exploring also opportunities in other potential sectors.

Project List:

1. Medco E&P Lead Consultant for PSM Implementation for Medco E&P

2. Internal Project Developing Safety Critical Element Management Guideline

3. Polytama Propindo Facilitator for PSM Training for Leadership team

4. Medco E&P Facilitator for PSM Training for Workforce

5. Medco E&P Development of PSM System and KPI Management

6. PHE WMO Facilitator for PSM Awareness Training for Leadership Team

7. PHE ONWJ Facilitator for Risk Management Training

8. Talisman Energy Development of QRA Procedure

9. PHE WMO Site Emergency Response Procedure Upgrade for CPP, PPP, and ORF

10. Santos Indonesia Facilitator of Safety Case Assessment for Site Leader

11. PHE WMO HAZOP for PHE30 Compact Separator Installation

12. PHE WMO HAZOP for PPP Flare Improvement

13. Kangean Energy Indonesia Facilitator of Procedure Upgrade Workshop for Emergency Response Manual

14. Kangean Energy Indonesia Facilitator of Procedure Upgrade Workshop for Field Visit Procedure

15. Pertamina EP HAZOP for FEED BW Gas Lift Project

16. PHE WMO TRA for Inline Inspection 14” Subsea Pipeline CPP-ORF

17. PHE WMO HAZOP/HAZID for PPP Water Injection Pump Project

18. Pertamina EP HAZOP for Paku Gajah Development Project

19. PHE ONWJ Facilitator for Incident Investigation and Reporting Procedure Improvement Workshop

20. Premier Oil Indonesia PSIM Training

Business Development Executive Double position as Business Development, with responsibility includes both Sales and Marketing process.

As Sales, I find potential project from various sources and liaise with potential client in tendering process, proposal development, and negotiation. I also responsible in managing contract and invoicing process.

As Marketing, I handle social media campaign and website content.

Cabot Corporation

2014 2015

PSM Specialist Cabot Corporation (NYSE:CBT) is the largest carbon black and other specialty chemicals manufacturers in the world, generating more than $3 billion in annual revenue. I was brought on board to start Process Safety Management function as the company growing its production in Indonesia


Successfully developed PSM program and Process Safety Leading and Lagging Indicator for Cilegon and Merak plant

Successfully design, lead, implement, and train engineers for strong process safety information system and library

Successfully trained all operators, engineers, and management positions about Process Safety Management

Daily Responsibilities

Led HAZOP, What If, FMEA, and LOPA for PHA revalidation and new projects

Led incident investigations, root cause analysis, action items follow up and also empower operators to report near-misses

Led gap analysis, and communicate to all employee any process safety incidents that happened outside Indonesia

Led and manage MOC process for Cilegon and Merak plant, including supervising implementation of change

Supervising process safety performance, including Safety Variance, Safety Critical Equipment, and Preventive Maintenance

Project List

1. Tail Gas Energy Optimization Project Facilitate HAZOP and PSSR for Merak Tail Gas Optimization project. This project utilizes tail gas, which consist of CO and

H2S and other byproduct combustible gas, to enhance energy utilization in Merak Plant.


Combustible Dust Assessment for Cilegon and Merak Plant Carbon Black is classified as “Combustible Dust”. I led the assessment that involves Operation Manager, Warehouse Manager, and Plant Operators. I also trained operators about the hazard posed by combustible dust.

3. Reactor Fire Protection Installation for Merak Plant New fire and gas detector will be installed in Merak plant to reduce the risk of oil feedstock fire in the Carbon Black reactor. I Facilitate HAZOP and LOPA workshop.

4. Feedstock Tank T-201 Inspection, Cleaning, and Retrofit Feedstock Tank T-201 with capacity of 5000 MT of oil feedstock will be inspected, cleaned, and retrofitted. I led the What-if analysis, Risk Assessment, and Pre- Startup Safety Review (PSSR).

5. FM Global Risk Finding Closure Campaign FM Global is Cabot Corporation global insurer. To reduce insurance cost and enhance safety and risk performance of Cilegon and Merak Plants, I led the closure of FM Global Safety Audit.

6. PSM Facility Self-Assessment for PSI, PHA, MOC, Incident Reporting and Investigation, PSSR, and Operating Procedure Facility self-assessment is a good tool to ensure that process safety is managed diligently. I led the assessment and its follow-up actions.

7. Coal Tar Tank Post Project Audit After startup one year before, the CT Tank requires post project audit that involves safety aspect. I led the safety audit for CT Tank operation and management.

8. Cilegon Second Day Tank The Second Day Tank will be installed to increase flexibility of feedstock usage. With this new second day tank, Cilegon plant will be able to use two type of feedstock simultaneously. I led the HAZOP and PSSR of Second Day Tank project.

9. Cilegon New Air Dryer PHA New Air Dryer will be installed in Cilegon to increase plant reliability. I led FMEA for the new Air Dryer.

10. PHA Revalidation for Cilegon and Merak Plant Regulation and Industrial Standard mandate that every Process Hazard Analysis should be revalidated every 5 years for high risk facility. I led the whole PHA revalidation for both Cilegon and Merak Plant.

11. PSI As-built Campaign for Cilegon and Merak Plant Regulation and Standard mandate that every Process Safety Information is always in updated condition. Operators also need the updated PSI to ensure they always perform the job safely. I led the PSI update and also create PSI Library for Cilegon and Merak Plant.

12. MOC Closure Campaign for Cilegon and Merak Plant MOC is an important tool to ensure every modification is done safely and the associated risk is well managed. I led the improvement of MOC program for both Cilegon and Merak plant.

PT Bina Rekacipta Utama

2010 2014

Sr. Process and Process Safety Engineer

PT Bina Rekacipta Utama (BiRU) is a family owned business that gives engineering service to oil and gas companies. I was brought on board to develop process engineering division since they only have the capability in the field of structural engineering by that time.

I develop the process engineering division by contributing to bidding activity, hiring and leading a team of engineers and designers, and deliver the projects. I have always wear business development hat in BiRU since I join.

When big projects from Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore came in 2012, I was promoted to Process and Safety Engineer, and delivered the process and process safety engineering works for the project.

I have successfully delivered more than twenty five projects in over four years with BiRU. Most of which are process or process safety engineering study and analysis, but every year comes with large project up to $1billion in value.

Project List

1. ORF Lowering Pressure [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

2. PHE 32 Gas Pressure System [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

3. PHE-38A Fluid Flow to MP System [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

4. BW Platform Gas Lift [Pertamina EP]

5. CPP Seal Gas System Assessment [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

6. PPP Fuel Gas System Capacity Assessment [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

7. PPP Aftercooler Performance Analysis [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

8. BW Platform Reactivation [Pertamina EP]

9. Poleng Process Platform Optimization [Pertamina EP]

10. Increasing Oil Production of PPP Menggung [Pertamina EP]

11. Oil Transportation from Tiung Biru Wells [Pertamina EP]

12. Water Injection at AW Field [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

13. Glycol Contactor Process Simulation at ORF [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

14. Lightning Protection for Zelda-P [CNOOC SES Ltd]

15. Pneumatic System Design at KE-30 Platform [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

16. Madura BD Wellhead Platform Development [Husky-CNOOC Madura Ltd]

17. KE-30 Platform Retrofit [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

18. Development of State of Requirement LPG Plant [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

19. AW Platform Flare Replacement [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

20. Lukah-1X Process Simulation due to Reduced Gas Production Rate [Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd]

21. Feasibility Study of Saturn-20 Compressor installation [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

22. Selection of Compressor to Boost Sales Gas Value [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

23. Onshore Fabrication of Wellhead Platform [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

24. Onshore Well Facility and Gas Pipeline Detailed Design [ConocoPhilips]

25. Study of Map Routing and Technical Data Provision for Subsea Pipeline Bid Document [PLN]

26. FEED of Wellhead Platform [Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO]

27. Water Injection at Rama Complex [CNOOC SES Ltd]

28. Safety Assessment due to Newly Installed Gas Turbine Generator [CNOOC SES Ltd]

Process Engineering Deliverables Experience:

Process Design Basis

Process Simulation

Operating Philosophy

Relief, Venting, and Draining Philosophy

Valve and Isolation Philosophy

Well Testing Philosophy

Black Start Up Procedure

Hook Up and Commissioning Procedure

Vessel, Line, and Pump Sizing Calculation

PFD, P&ID, and HMB Drawing

Shutdown Hierarchy

SAFE Chart

Depressurization and Blowdown Study

Hydrate Inhibitor

Line List, Chemical List

Pipeline Steady State Hydraulic Simulation

Hydrocyclone Design and Calculation

Process Safety Engineering Deliverables Experience:

Safety Design Basis

API 14J Compliance Report

Loss Prevention Philosophy

Fire Protection Philosophy

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Dropped Object Study

Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment

Ship Collision Study

Safety Plan

Safety Induction Procedure

Hazardous Area Classification

Escape, Evacuation, and Rescue Analysis

Escape Route Layout

Assumption Register

Safety Equipment List

Safety Sign Schedule

Fire Zone

Safety Equipment Specification and Datasheet

Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) for SIS