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(Subject: SCIENCE)

Form : 2 Faith

Day : Wednesday

Date : 25th October 2017

Time : 7.50 a.m. to 8.50 a.m. (60 minutes)

Subject : Science

Topic : Air Pressure

Subtopics : 6.1 Air Pressure

6.2 Daily Applications of the Principle of Air Pressure

Main Concepts : Pressure

Key Words : Kinetic theory of matter, volume, temperature

Aim : Students are able to understand the concept of air pressure and explain its
uses in daily life

Learning Objectives : At the end lesson, students should be able:

1. To state what is air pressure

2. To explain air pressure/gas pressure by using the kinetic theory of matter
3. To explain examples of uses of air pressure in daily life

Thinking Skills : Relating, analysing, making inference

Teaching Methods : 1. Discussion with students

Teaching Aids : 1. Power Point Presentation

2. Past year PT3 questions (Air Pressure)

Hypothesis : Air pressure is caused by the collision of air particles against the wall of
the container and it is affected by volume of the container, temperature and
concentration of air particles.

Activities : As this is a revision class, learning will be conducted by having a more

discussion oriented lesson in order to help students prepare for the year end
examination. Students will be guided by using presentation slides to recall
the principles of air pressure. Randomly selected students will be asked
about examples of tools that use air pressure in the daily life such as:

- Spray pump
- Plunger
- Syringe

Students will then be given a set of past year PT3 questions to gauge their
understanding on the lesson while the teacher will assist any students that
need additional help.

1. Success Science by Oxford Fajar
2. Transformer Diagramatik by PEP

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