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Student-Teacher: Hanan Ahmed

Date: 22-October

Course: EPC 1903

Grade Level: KG2

Subject: English (Math/Science)
Strand: Earth and space science
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
KES1 identify particular charactistics of day and night
Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)
2 Large paper I will make sure that :
Crayons All the material s that I will use is available.
Penecils Also, the tables and chairs are well organized .
Some pictures of night routine Key vocabulary
Some pictures of day routine Day, school
Small white boards Night, sleep
Some white board markers Routine, draw
Glu and some erasers Moon, glu
Sun, copy

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

Time: 15 min

The teacher will ask the students to sit on the carpet.Then, she will ask them some questions about day

and routine (what do you do in the day and what do you do in the night). She will make sure that each
student answer these questions .

Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)

After that, I will ask the students to sit on their chairs. She will divide them into three groups, and each
group will do a different activity. Then, I will start to deacribe for each group what they should do.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

In activity 1, I will put the large paper that has the the two words (day and night). After that, I will ask
students to draw their routines in the day and in the night. (what do you do in the day and night).
Time: 15 min

Independent Experience(small group activity 2)

In activity2, I will also put the large paper that has the word day and the word night on it. In addition, I
will provide some day and night pictures. I will ask students to match the picture into the right routine
which are day or night. Next, they should glu the picture in the right place.

Independent Experience(small group activity 3)

In the last group, I will offer some small white boards, arasers and board markers. I will also provide
some pictures with the word under each picture (day or night). Students should choose one of these
pictures and draw it. Then, they should copy the word that is under the picture.
Time: 15 min

The teacher will asks all students to say and draw what they do in the day of the weedend and in the
night of the weekend .

The teacher will obseve the students while they answer and draw day and night routine, and she will question
the students who make errors.