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Good morning classmates and teacher

Today, id like to talk to you about infrastructure in our city Lima called city of
kings. In the first place, i want to refer about the name city of kings, is it actually
a city which belong that name? What do you think?

According to everything said by my partners, our city have a lot of issues like
transportation, the roads in Lima arent enough and there are too many cars. Our
city seems to be smaller and smaller over time, and we have to waste more time in
commuting, but its a world problem all of big cities in the world have the same
social issue, but then again we dont have the same roads, bridges, trucks and trails.
If we were a main city in the world we wouldnt have infrastructure too poor.
If we want to improve the transportation problem well have to build a lot of trucks,
bridges, trails and roads into whole city. Now Ill list three or four infrastructure
1. There arent enough bridges to cross the Rimac River, these problems bring on
that the four existents bridges have too much traffic.
Current the local government is rebuilding the Bella Union bridge, which will
have even four rows per track. Of course this isnt enough and we need to build
at least another four bridges more.

2. We dont have fast roads like the via Expresa or Javier Prado and now
these arent enough above all in rush hour when is better taking another ways.
To this there are several projects, one of them, which wants to build another
track above the via Expresa road, some projects like this will be the solution to
problems, we need to think in highways and subways, we dont have at least
one. However the local government is performing some projects, which will
help with transportation issues.

3. We dont have enough rapid transport systems, therere only two systems the
metropolitan busses system and electric train system, which arent enough
either, there are nine millions of people in Lima and we need to design new
public transport systems and we must build at least 2 two subways that across
Lima city end to end.

Finally if we improve all of our infrastructure, Lima will have become a modern
city, certainly we need thousands of million to invest, it requires a safe country in
first place, so that our country could be attractive to private corporations and capital
private. This will be a hard work and we must work all together to see our country
toward a better future.