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Large ice cubes machines from 1 ton per day to 20 tons per 24 hours

3MT ice cubes machine under construction

We supply very compact ice cubes machines from 0.5 MT to 20MT per day
Optional ice cubes sizes 22mm*22mm*22mm or 29mm*29mm*22mm.
Our ice blocks machines are easy to run: PLC program controller, automatiquelly ajust ice thikness, match the hange of
ambiant temperature, supply ice making water and no need manual adjut.
Reasonable design for the structure, save space, easy to install
Greatly save energy, only an 80-85kw power is consumed to produce one-ton ice.
Ice dropping automatically, no ice dropping auxiliary equipment, lower the error rate
Special ice outlet, ice outgoing automatically, no need taking ice by hand and ensure the ice clean and sanitary
Install as the operation instruction, supply failure alarming system, and no need worker to monitor.

Example 1000kg per day ice cube machine

Ice cube machine Ice cube machine cooling tower

Working Conditions for Cube Ice Machine

1. Max. Ambient temp. +500C

2.Relative humidity 85%
3.Supply water temp 160C
4.Power supply 380V/3Phase/50Hz
5.Refrigerant R22
6.Compressor type Semi-hermetic compressor
7.Cooling system Water cooling

Performance Parameters for Cube Ice Machine

NO. Parameters Technical data

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2 Model CIB 10
3 Quantity 1Units
4 Daily capacity 1 tons/day
5 Weight 600kg
Cube ice machine
6 Measurement Cooling tower: 1195x1415mm
Cube ice 29mmx29mmx22mm
7 Noise 55dB
8 Refrigerant R22 (R404 optional)
9 Evaporating temp. -12C
10 Condenser temp +40C
11 Necessary cooling capacity 8.88kw
12 Input water temp. 16C
13 Ambient temp. 50C
14 Model Piston compressor
Brand name Bitzer (Germany Brand)
Compressor Amount 1
Type 4EC-4.2
Capacity 3.92kw
15 Power of cooling tower motor 0.37kw
16 Power of cooling water pump 1.5kw
17 Power of circulating water pump 0.37kw
18 Control system PLC micro-computer control
19 Cube ice weight density 500~550kg/m3
20 Power consumption 80~85kw.h/ton

Main Components Brand of Cube Ice Machine

Item Name of Components Brand Name Original Country

1 Compressor Bitzer Germany
2 Evaporator China
3 Water cooled condenser China
4 Solenoid valve Castal Italy
5 Expansion valve DANFOSS Denmark
6 PLC Program control SIMENS Germany

7 Electrical components LG (LS) South Korea

8 Refrigerant filter - drier ALCO America

9 Oil filter Emerson America

10 High and low pressure meter Switzerland Switzerland
11 Low and high pressure relay Danfoss Denmark
12 Suction accumulator D&F China
13 Titanium tube evaporator China

Ice cubes

Ice cubes Ice cubes

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Ice making grids Ice discharge outlet

Ice storage Ice packing

Ice cubes machines standard range from one to twenty tons per 24 hours

Be kind to provide the below information with any request

The daily (24H) capacity you seek ?

The size of the cubes?
Water supply emperature is it over 21 celcius degrees ?
If the electric power is not 380v, 50 hertz 3 phases precise what you have.
Other useful information to allow us to prepare a customized offer ?
Do you want an offer for a diesel generator able to run the ice cube machine ?
Do you want an offer of cold room to store ice cubes (minimum size is 10 m3) ?

5 tons per 24 hours ice cubes machine 4820x1780x2000mm; 2500kg

http://www.china-best-machinery.com/ice-machines/ice-cubes-machines.html 15/10/2015
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We manufacture also edible pure ice machines to produce edible transparent irregular shapes ice pieces 25-30mm thickness.

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