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Roy welcomed all to the meeting.


David Crowe Paulos Sokhela

Vishal Chaggan Moira Grueneberg
Graeme Ballie Danika Ballie
Robert Dekker Ryne Ferguson
Foxy Balfour Natasha Strong
Eric Mdlalose Val Tabernor
Captain van der Schyff Di Truebody


Don Robertson; Wendy Crowe; Derek Swanepoel; Peter & Astrid Bell; Belinda & Dean Lentz;
Sergeant Nzimande


Graham confirmed the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.


The jackets from N3TC are at the designers. They will be jackets and not bibs. Captain has
seen the design and says they look very nice. The crosses are in hand. Graham has been very
busy bust as soon as he has a free moment he will get to them.


Captain extended a warm welcome to all present.

As we didnt have a meeting last month as the SAPS were being assessed and there were no
members available to attend the meeting. Captain presented the crime statistics for both August
and September 2017.

Unfortunately the crime is not going down. August was one of the worst contact crimes
Nottingham Road has ever seen. There were 3 murders and 1 attempted murder. The murders
and attempted murder seem to a family rivalry matter.

Stock theft; Murder; Attempted Murder; House Robbery; Rape and Common Robbery increased
in August. The rape suspect has been arrested. The six suspects were arrested in connection to
the Common Robbery. Five of the suspects pleaded guilty and were convicted. They received a
3 year prison sentence. The 6th suspect was innocent and released. Sadly there have been no
arrests made in conjunction with the house robberies. Licensed firearms were stolen in the one
house robbery. In Currys Post electronics and bank cards were taken.

In relation to the Stock Theft, there seems to be a new trend where they hamstring the animal
and take the liver and hindquarter. Captain enquired with Howick; Impendle and Mooi River and
they havent reported any cases of the animals being hamstrung. Captain Shezi is in charge of
the Stock Unit and he is keen to make a difference. Captain has asked the CPF and NRLA to let
all their members know about this new trend. If you have any cases, please report them to
Captain as soon as possible.
In September Burglary Residential; Shop Lifting; Stock Theft; Business Burglary; Assault
Common and Attempted Burglary were on the increase.
The Burglary Residential was mainly in the Fort Nottingham area. The cameras did pick up a
foreign vehicle and Mdunge was following up on that lead. The Theft General was mainly copper
theft in Balgowan. An arrest was made in Lidgetton.

Captain mentioned that the Festive Season has started for them. They will be monitoring the
roads etc as the Matric exams finish. The roads will be monitored as with the road works and
people going on holiday there will be incidents on the N3.


The planned Mock Attack that was mentioned previously took place at Baldinne Farm. Captain
would like to thank Roy for the CPF side of the attack. Even though the weather was bad the
response was very good from all the stakeholders. The emergency services; neighbours,
communication, cell phones and radios were all tested on that day. Only some people had prior
knowledge of the Mock Attack. Once the message went out about the attack then could the short
falls be noted and all stakeholders can work on them. A few of the shortfalls that were noted
were that the people that responded were alone. At night this could be a disadvantage. The
buddy system would be more advisable. Getting into some premises is another shortfall. The
person who arrived at the Mock Attack first, did contaminate the scene. Captain extended her
thanks to Ian & Gwen Watson for allowing SAPS to use their premises. Thanks to Roy & Val
Tabernor for all their input. Roy commented that he thought the whole Mock Attack went well and
that when it was crunch time the people of Fort Nottingham were there to assist.
Captain mentioned that there would be another planned Mock Attack sometime in March. The
attack would happen in a different area.


The crime is still scattered over the 2 Sectors. Sector Two is still the most affected.


Roy mentioned that the CPF was looking for a project. It was put to the members that the SAPS
offices were looking very tired and could do with a face lift. Graham mentioned that the
community is very proud of our SAPS as we have a low crime rate. The SAPS premises do not
look the part and are not very welcoming. Natasha mentioned that a few years ago Notts
Refresh and some Clifton pupils did the SAPS gardens. It was decided that the CPF would have
a site meeting to discuss what needed to be done.
Captain mentioned that the electric gate at the SAPS premises is now operational.

Natasha said that the house robbery that took place in Balgowan, she heard about through her
domestic and labourers. When she asked why it had not gone out on the group chat for
Balgowan, she was told that they didnt want it going out to the residents. Captain mentioned
that it must be an internal decision. Roy mentioned that if there had been incidents in the Fort
Nottingham area he like to clear things with Captain before sending them out on group chats.
Captain mentioned she also checks with Graeme as he is more on the ground than she is. There
was further discussion on the matter.

It was brought up that the CPF and NRLA are not acting in unison and this is compromising our
community. It was suggested that the CPF committee set up a meeting with NRLA. This is about
community safety and we should all be working together.

Ryne gave an update on the Mount West Nottingham Road East. The new overhead camera,
with licence plate recognition is now operational. If you enter a registration plate the system will
flag it. Val asked who monitors the cameras. Ryne mentioned that there is a container at Kildare
where the cameras are monitored. Roy asked if other cameras could be monitored there as well.
Ryne said he would look into it. There is a need for someone to monitor the cameras full time.

Roy thanked everyone for attending the meeting. He mentioned that Di would not be present at
the next meeting 14 November 2017. The CPF would need a volunteer to take Minutes for that
Meeting closed at 18:30

NEXT MEETING will be 14 NOVEMBER 2017 at 17:30

CHAIRMAN Roy Tabernor ____________________________________

CAPTAIN M van de Schyff ____________________________________

SECRETARY Diane Truebody ____________________________________

Nottingham Road SAPS Station Commissioner

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General BE Sithole (Cluster Commander) 082 417 8380

Following Numbers for Assistance

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