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Sales Analysis

Our sales are highly dependent upon our promotional and advertising skills. Yummy Gummy
will produce for approximately one thousand seven hundred and fifty female teenagers.
Adequate packages of Yummy Gummy will be issued daily to our sales outlets to ensure all our
customers are served every day. We aim to keep our customer base at a maximum throughout
our peak periods. Revenue will be generated from our sales turnover overtime.

Worst Case

All sales will be estimated based upon the worst case scenario, which involves both institutions,
Mona High and Papine High located in Kingston 6 purchasing our product (Yummy Gummy).
Upon initiation we predict a minimum of 200 students between Monday and Thursday, within
each institution. Of these, 60% will buy 2 packs of 5 stick gums and 40% will buy 4 packs of 5
stick gums. This was estimated based on the fact that Yummy Gummy is new. However,
Between Friday and Saturday we predict a minimum of 400 students daily. Here, the ratio will be
different as 38% will buy 2 packs of 5 stick gums and 62% will buy 4 packs of 5 stick gums.
This estimate was made based upon the spending habits of people.

Below is an estimate of our expected sales upon initiation.

No. of students between Monday and Thursday = 200

No. of students between Friday and Sunday = 400

2 packs (5 stick gum) costs $170

4 packs (5 stick gum) costs $340

Weekly sales = {4 days*[60%*200*170] + (40%*200*340] + 2 days*[(38%*400*170) +

(62%*400*340)} = $410 720.00

Monthly Sales = (4 *410 720. 00) = $1 642 880.00

The above is estimated for our first week of operation. It was also estimated that our promotional
methods will be very effective. As more students will become more and more aware of Yummy
Gummy. We also predict a 5% increase in customer base each month, which will drastically
increase our sales.

A graph below will illustrate the expected sales trend.

Sales Growth Series1,
$10,000,000.00 $9,300,000
Monthly Sales


From the monthly trend above our total sale for the year was estimated to be $19 714 560.00.
The graph below illustrates this.

Total Sales for the year

Total yearly sales
$1,720,000.00 $19,756,000.00
Monthly Sales Trend

$1,580,000.00 Accumulated Monthly
$1,540,000.00 Sales

The figures above mentioned are estimates based on reality. The yearly sales will be affected by
seasons. During June to August and November to January can be considered slow months for
business as school would have been out of session. In or order to counteract this, changes in our
sales outlets and time schedules would have to be taken into consideration. However, we will
work creatively and effectively to achieve our goals.
Recommendation and Conclusion

According to this feasibility study, one can conclude that the development of the product Yummy Gummy

will be a success. Yummy Gummy will be merchandized within Mona High, Papine high, Mini-

marts, Supermarkets, Gas stations and Pharmacies within Kingston 6. Customers who were

deeply engaged with Yummy Gummy were deeply impressed with the proposed functions and

enchanting flavours. This proved that Yummy Gummy has achieved some of its objectives.

The study showed that most of our customers always crave for a weight reducing gum, and

hence, revealed ways in which we can take competitive advantage over our competitors. It aided

us in deciding on the most efficient promotional strategy, pricing strategy and how to retain our

customers; as membership matters. Yummy Gummy is the only gum that cut cravings in

Jamaica. We produce Yummy Gummy for all likes; different flavours and shapes. Not only

teenage girls can partake of this but mature woman as well.

Several Recommendations were highlighted by the means of observances from the feasibility

study. Our Competitors will be analysed more strategically to identify any opportunities so we

can out do our competitors and gain a competitive advantage.

The Management of Yummy Gummy will gear its focus towards creating value in our product

and satisfying our customers needs and wants. Additionally, our company will set, monitor and

compare goals to see the progress of accomplishment and where improvements are needed to

align the goals with the actual progress of the company.