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Name : Murni Kurniasari

Class : 1B

NIM : 17090013

1. (+) I always listen to music after study every night

(-) I dont always listen to music after study every night
(?) Do i always listen to music after study every night?

2. 1. Do the man with draw some money from his account once a week?
Yes, he do
No, he dont

2. Does one of the men want to see our manager this afternoon?

Yes, He does
No, He doesnt

3. Do some of them always finish their work on time?

Yes, they do
No, they dont

4. Does my friend teach english twice a week?

Yes, she does

No, she doesnt

5. Do we always start work at 8 oclock every morning?

Yes, we do
No, we dont

4. Continous Tense

(+) Mrs. Laeli is teaching English now

(-) Mrs. Laeli is not teaching English now

(?) Is Mrs.Laeli teaching now?

5. Simple Present vc Present Progresive

4. Please, be quiet! Iam trying to concentrace.

7. After six days of ram, Iam glad that the sun is shining again today.
6. Continous (at picture)

- They are reading book in living room at the moment.

- The cat is sleeping on sofa right now.

- Mother is siting on chocolate sofa now.

- Jane is reading book and a dog is see it today.

- The soon is reading book and sleeping on sofa right now.

7a. Present Perfect Tense

1. They have completed the new building.

- Mereka telah menyelesaikan gedung baru.

2. Father has bought a new car for his son.

- Ayah telah membelikan sebuah mobil baru untuk anak laki-lakinya.

7b. Put the following sentences into negative!

- she has not finished typing all the reports.

- Our not translators have translated this novel into indonesian.

- All of them have left the tiny village.

- One of my classmates has not just celebrated her birthday`

- They have not abandoned the burning ship.

7c. Put the following sentences into interrogative!

- Do i have contacted his manager three times today?

- Do they have printed this best seller novel three times this year?

- Do we have occupied this new house for two months?

- Does my sister has visited our grandfather at this village many times?

- This old city has changed a lot since I left it thirty years ago?