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12. Which one of the following petroleum

SECTION A refinery products has the lowest boiling
i) General Awareness point ?
(A) Kerosene (B) Diesel
1. The term epicentre is associated with (C) Gasoline (D) Lubricating oil
(A) Earthquakes 13. Which one of the following is the first
(B) Volcanoes National Park established in India ?
(A) Bandipur (B) Corbett
(C) Cyclones (C) Velavadar (D) Periyar
(D) Landslides 14. The function of DMA in the body is
2. Garba is a dance form of (A) To help in the synthesis of proteins
(A) Gujarat (B) Rajasthan (B) To control the heredity
(C) Orissa (D) Assam (C) To assist in the release of energy
3. Where are the traces of Portuguese culture (D) None of these
found in India ? 15. Which of the following is called a red planer?
(A) Goa (B) Kozhikode (A) Pluto (B) Venus
(C) Kannur (D) Kochi (C) Jupiter (D) Mars
4. Which is the capital of Gujarat ? 16. Hippophobia is the fear of which animal ?
(A) Shillong (B) Gandhinagar (A) Lion (B) Horse
(C) Jaipur (D) Ahmedabad (C) Tiger (D) Fox
5. Who was the first President of India ? 17. Which event brought about a profound
(A) Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad change in Ashokas administrative policy ?
(A) The Third Buddhist Council
(B) R. Venkatraman
(B) The Kalinga War
(C) Jawahar Lai Nehru
(C) His embracing of Buddhism
(D) Hamid Ansari
(D) His sending of missionary to Ceylon
6. In the context of Indian wildlife, the flying
18. Who wrote national anthem of India?
fox is a (A) B. G. Verghese
(A) Bat (B) Kite
(B) B. C. Chatterjee
(C) Stork (D) Vulture (C) Aravind Adiga
7. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, (D) Dr. Rabindranath Tagore
Kalpakkam is located in
19. Dronacharya award is given for excellence
(A) Karnataka (B) Tamil Nadu in
(C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Kerala (A) Literary work
8. Queensberry Rules is the name given to (B) Social science
the rule in (C) Coaching in sports
(A) Hockey (B) Cricket
(D) Journalism
(C) Tennis (D) Boxing
20. World Ozone Day is observed on
9. Which of the following awards is given by (A) 16th Sep. (B) 16th Oct.
UNESCO to those who popularize use of (C) 16th Nov. (D) 26th Sep.
science life ?
(A) Booker Prize
ii) General Intelligence and
(B) Mags ay say Award
(C) Kalinga Award
Reasoning Ability
(D) Kalidas Samman 21. Ramu has 60 one rupee currency notes
10. DTAA stands for which bear numbers in order. If the number
(A) Direct Tariff Avoidance Agreement of the first note is 7575, find the number of
the last note.
(B) Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
(A) 7635 (B) 7632
(C) Direct Taxation Avoidance Agreement (C) 7633 (D) 7634
(D) Double Tariff Avoidance Agreement 22. What number should come next in this
11. Which was the f irst privat e bank to given series ?
introduce a debit card in India ? F2, ? , D8, C16, B32
(A) SBM (B) SBI (A) A16 (B) E4
(C) ICICI (D) HDFC (C) G4 (D)

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23. What number should come next in this (A) West (B) South
series ? (C) East (D) North
U32, V29, ? , X23. Y20 35. Three of the following four are alike in a
(A) W17 (B) Z17 certain way and so form a group. Which is
(C) W26 (D) Z26 the one that does not belong to that group?
24. "Cloth" is to "Metre" as "Sugar" is to (A) Mars (B) Earth
(A) Chain (B) Gallon (C) Moon (D) Venus
(C) Kg (D) Litre
36. How many such digits are there in the
25. Find the odd one out:
number 9254716 each of which is as far
225, 400, 36, 35
away from the beginning of the number as
(A) 225 (B) 400 when the digits are rearranged in ascending
(C) 35 (D) 36 order ?
26. A book contains 50 leaves On each page, (A) None (B) One
there are 20 lines and in each lines, there (C) Two (D) Three
are 10 words. How many words does that
book contain ? 37. Find the correct alternative for the question
(A) 10,000 (B) 15,000 mark (?).
(C) 20,000 (D) 30,000 9, 11,20, 31, ? , 82
27. What number should come next in the (A) 71 (B) 60
series? (C) 51 (D) 41
1000, 200, 40, ? . 38. Among B, F, J, K and W each having a
(A) 3 (B) 10 different weight, F is heavier than only J. B
(C) 15 (D) 20 is heavier than only J. B is heavier than F
28. Doctor is to Medicine as Teacher is to and W but not as heavy as K. Who is the
(A) Books (B) Education third heaviest among them ?
(C) School (D) Teaching (A) B (B) F
29. Raghav is 8th from the top and 28th from the (A) K (D) W
bottom in the class. How many students are
39. In a certain code TRIE D is written as 53126
there in the class ?
and ORBIT is written as 73915. How is
(A) 33 (B) 36
BORE written in that code ?
(C) 34 (D) 35
(A) 9732 (B) 9632
30. Find the odd one out;
(C) 9372 (D) 9532
5000, 220, 3779, 542
(A) 5000 (B) 220 40. Three of the following four are alike in a
(C) 3779 (D) 542 certain way and so form a group. Which is
the one that does not belong to the group ?
31. How many meaningful five letter English
(A) 14 (B) 18
words can be formed with the letters MASTE
(C) 24 (D) 36
using each letter only once in each word ?
(A) None (B) One iii) Arithmetical
(C) Two (D) Three
32. Three of the following four are alike in a
and Numerical Ability
certain way and so form a group. Which is
the one that does not belongs to that group? 41. 63 (0.0049)
(A) 63 (B) 43 (A) 1.285 (B) 900
(C) 24 (D) 42 (C) 90 (D) 12.85
33. In a certain code SAFER is written as 5 @3#2 42. If x y = 2 3 then y2 x2 = ?
and RIDE is written as 2%#. How is FEDS
4 2
written in that code ? (A) (B)
(A) 3#5 (B) 3@%5 9 3
(C) 3#%5 (D) 3#%2 5 9
34. Shalini walked 15 m towards South, took a (C) (D)
2 4
right turn and walked 3 m. She took a right
43. (63)2 =
turn again and walked 15 m before stopping.
Which direction did Shalini face after (A) 148 (B) 324
stopping? (C) 1295 (D) 46656

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44. A reduction of 10% in the price of rice 55. A shopkeeper claims to sell his articles at a
enables a person lo obtain 22 kg more for ` discount of 10% but marks his articles by
250. What is the original price of rice per increasing the cost of each by 20%, what is
kg? his percentage gain ?
(A) 7 (B) 28 (A) 8 % (B) l
(C) 1.24 (D) 1.4 (C) 6 % (D) 12%
56. Gulabchand whose salary is ` 1,000 per
45. 54 = month, receives an increase of 6%. What is
(A) 6 3 (B) 3 6 his new salary ?
(A) 1,060 (B) 1,012
(C) 4 2 (D) 3 18 (C) 1,600 (D) 1,096
57. 60 is 12% of?
46. If 32 = 2 therefore x = (A) 300 (B) 400
(C) 500 (D) 25
(A) 6 (B) 7
(C) 8 (D) 10 58. 6% of ` 400 = ?
(A) ` 32.00 (B) ` 3,200.00
1 1 1 (C) ` 50.00 (D) ` 4.00
47. , , , x, _______
2 6 18 59. Find the least number by which when 128
is divided it becomes a perfect square.
1 1 (A) 2 (B) 8
(A) (B)
3 44 (C) 16 (D) 4
1 1 60. Find the least number which when added
(C) (D) to 624 makes it a perfect square.
54 24 (A) 3 (B) 2
48. 0.36 + 0.16 + 0.48 ? (C) 5 (B) None of these
(A) 0.1 (B) 1 iv) Test of Language : Hindi
(C) 0
49. 999 + 2(999) + 1 = ?
(D) 1.1
Hkk"kk ijh{kk % fgUnh
(A) 1000 (B) 10000 61. vius ls NksVksa ds izfr e;kZnk fn[kkus okys iz;ksx
(C) 998 (D) 1000000
(A) ueLdkj (B) iz.kke
7 64 3 6 5 (C) vfHkoknu (D) vk'khokZn
8 21 24 5 2 62. gdhe 'kCn gS
(A) 1 (B) 0 (A) iQkjlh (B) rqdhZ
(C) 10 (D) 100 (C) vjch (D) iqrZxkyh
51. If a cycle is sold for ` 1.120, profit earned is 63. fuEufyf[kr esa ls ;g csesy 'kCn gS
40%. At what price should it be sold so as
(A) 3 .k (B) fir`.k
to earn a profit of 60% ?
(A) ` 1,320 (B) ` 1,180 (C) f"k.k (D) nso.k
(C) ` 1,280 (D) ` 1,260 64. xtkuu ds fy, ;g i;kZ;ok;h ugha gS
52. The profit earned after selling an article of ` (A) gsjEc (B) ew"kd
625 is the same as the loss incurred after (C) }Sekrqj (D) ,dnUr
selling the article for ` 435. What is the cost
price of the article ?
65. ikM+k_________ dks dgrs gSaA
(A) ` 540 (B) ` 550 (A) HkSal ds cPps (B) dqks ds cPps
(C) ` 530 (D) ` 520 (C) xk; ds cPps (D) gkFkh ds cPps
53. Arun sold an article for ` 460 and earned a 66. iq.Mjhd dk vFkZ gS
profit of 15%. At what price should it be sold (A) yky dey (B) uhy dey
so as to earn a profit of 20% ? (C) 'osr dey (D) defyuh
(A) ` 500 (B) ` 490
(C) ` 460 (D) ` 480 67. i=k esa Hkonh; 'kCn iz;ksx
54. A shopkeeper sells 200 metres of cloth for ` (A) i=k ds vkjaHk esa gksrk gS
9,000 at a profit of ` 5 per metre. What is (B) i=k ds vkjaHk esa gh nkfguh vksj gksrk gS
the cost price of 1 metre of cloth ?
(C) i=k ds var esa ckbZa vksj gksrk gS
(A) ` 30 (B) ` 35
(C) ` 40 (D) ` 45 (D) i=k ds var esa nkfguh vksj gksrk gS

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68. lk{kj dk foijhrkFkZd 'kCn gS v) Test of Language : English
(A) {kj (B) fu{kj
(C) v{kj (D) fuj{kj
Hkk"kk ijh{kk % vaxzsth
69. gkFkh dk L=khfyax :i 81. I would have bought that pen if it _______
(A) gfFkuh (B) gkfFkuh not been so expensive.
(C) gfLruh (D) eknkgkFkh (A) has (B) had
(C) have (D) having
70. lgh :i gS
82. I am _______ this examination in the hope
(A) nUM (B) n.M of getting the job.
(C) nEM (D) naM (A) having (B) giving
71. fgUnh dh fyfi gS (C) taking (D) sitting
(A) ikyh (B) izkr 83. I could not open the lock because I _______
(C) nsoukxjh (D) ukxjh the key.
(A) lose (B) had lost
72. 'kq :i gS
(C) losing (D) lost
(A) mudk larku vPNk gS
84. Last year my sister _______ his M.A.
(B) mudh larku vPNh gS (A) passing (B) pass
(C) muds larku vPNs gSa (C) passed (D) had passed
(D) mudh larku vPNh gSa 85. Her shoes _______ as she walked along the
73. lgh :i gS
(A) noised (B) creaked
(A) mlus Hk;adj Hkwysa dha (C) squeaked (D) lose
(B) mlus Hk;kud Hkwysa dha 86. Some new bridges are _______ on the river.
(C) mlus v{kE; Hkwys dha (A) building (B) build
(C) being built (D) built
(D) mlus Hk;kog Hkwysa dha
87. It is high time you _______ this place.
74. & bls dgrs gSa (A) leaving (B) leave
(A) dks"Bd fpUg (B) mj.k fpUg (C) left (D) have left
(C) funsZ'ku fpUg (D) Hkkstd fpUg 88. None of the player _______ injured.
75. okD; esa tgk vf/d le; rd :duk iM+s ogk iz;qDr (A) is (B) was
gksusokyk fpUg gS (C) were (D) has
(A) v/Z fojke (B) iw.kZ fojke 89. Two dozen oranges _______ only five rupees.
(C) vYi fojke (D) fojke (A) cost (B) costing
(C) costs (D) costed
76. iqfyl 'kCn dk iz;ksx fgUnh esa
90. Earthquake _______ ten houses.
(A) iqfyax gS (B) uiqald fyax gS
(A) destroy (B) destroyed
(C) mHk; fyax gS (D) L=khfyax gS (C) destroying (D) was destroyed
77. fgUnh esa opu 91. I _______ your proposal and regret I cannot
(A) nks gSa (B) rhu gSa accept them.
(C) ,d gh gS (D) pkj gSa (A) studying (B) study
78. fgUnh Hkk"kk esa
_____________ cksfy;k gSaA (C) have studied (D) studied
(A) vBkjg (B) chl 92. I always _______ trouble with my car these
(C) ikp (D) lSadM+ksa
(A) having (B) have
79. Hkk"kk iz;ksx ls curh gS_ iz;ksxky; esa ughaA (C) had (D) has
(A) ;g okD; xyr gS 93. She _______ before the idol when she visited
(B) ;g okD; v/Z lR; gS the temple.
(C) ;g okD; lgh gS (A) kneel (B) knelt
(C) kneeled (D) all are incorrect
(D) ;g okD; lgh gksus dh xqatkb'k de gS
94. He was _______ very quickly when I met him
80. ^* ;g___________ Loj gSA yesterday.
(A) lfU/ (B) Lo (A) walk (B) walked
(C) nh?kZ (D) yqIr (C) walking (D) walks
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95. We ____ tennis yesterday if it has not rained. 105. Ratheesh, 19 year old child, misbehaves in
(A) played the class. What should the teacher do ?
(B) would played (A) Inform the parents
(C) would have played (B) Punish
(A) playing (C) Counsel
96. The teacher made him _______ the exercise. (D) Ignore
(A) repeating (B) repeats 106. Individual learners differ from each other
(C) repeated (D) repeat in
97. Boil the milk otherwise it will _______ bad. (A) Principles of growth and development
(A) get (B) go
(B) Rate of development
(C) grow (D) will
(C) Sequence of development
98. Two girls were _______ for a bus were
knocked down by a truck. (D) General capacity for development
(A) were waiting (B) waiting 107. According to the Right to Education Act,
(C) waited (D) were waited admission of children to a particular class
99. I trust that you will _______ your promise. has been proposed to be on the basis of
(A) agree (B) let (A) Ability of the child
(C) keep (D) retain (B) Age of the child
100. You are supposed to _______ here. (C) Socio-economic status of the child
(A) stopped (B) stopping
(D) Education of the parents
(C) stop (D) none of these
108. Children coming from the families of first
SECTION B generation learner should be
Post Specific Subject-Related Questions (A) Sent to special school
(B) Educated in regular schools
101. The first generation learner may experience
(C) Made to repeat the class
the greatest difficulty with
(A) Writing in worksheets (D) Grouped together in class activities
(B) Self-study 109. Heredity is considered as a social structure
(A) Primary
(C) Long answer questions
(B) Secondary
(D) Learning the first language
102. Child Labour Prohibition Act, (1986) (C) Dynamic
(A) Prohibits all types of child labour up to (D) Static
14 years of age of child 110. Centrally sponsored scheme of Integrated
(B) Prohibits child labour in risk-taking Education for Disabled Children aims at
works only providing educational opportunities to
(C) Prohibits child labour during school children with disabilities in
hours only (A) Regular schools
(D) Prohibits child labour by imposing the (B) Special schools
responsibility of childrens education on (C) Open schools
the employers (D) Blind Relief Association schools
103. The creative learner refers to one who is 111. Dyslexia is a
(A) very talented in drawing and painting (A) Behavioural disorder
(B) highly intelligent (B) Neurological disorder
(C) capable of scoring consistently good (C) Genetic disorder
marks in tests
(D) Mental disorder
(D) good at lateral thinking and problem
solving 112. Which of the following is not a sign of reading
difficulty among young learners ?
104. The children of 6-11 years become _______
Difficulty in
proportionately thinner because they
(A) Do a lot of exercise (A) Letter and word recognition
(B) Gain height during period (B) Reading speed and fluency
(C) Eat junk food (C) Understanding words and ideas
(D) Watch a lot of television (D) Spelling consistency
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113. Which of t he following is not the (A) Dr. Zakir Hussain
characteristic feature of intrinsically (B) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
motivated children ? (C) Mahatma Gandhi
(A) They always succeed (D) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) They enjoy doing their work 120. The best remedy for the students problems
(C) They display a high level of energy while related with learning is
working (A) Suggestion for hard work
(D) They like challenging tasks (B) Supervised study in library
114. The statement Men are generally more (C) Student achievement level
intelligent than women (D) Diagnostic learning
(A) Is true 121. Custom is an important
(B) May be true (A) Social control
(C) Show gender bias (B) Social institution
(D) Is t rue for diff erent domains of (C) Way of political behaviour
intelligence (D) Way of thinking of Marxists
115. Charry took her class for a field trip and after 122. Main function of religious structure is
coming back, she discussed the trip with (A) Replacement of population
her students. It may be connotated as (B) Socialisation of new population
(A) Assessment of Learning (C) Maintenance of a sense of purpose
(B) Assessment for Learning (D) Production and distribution of goods and
(C) Learning for Assessment services
(D) Learning of Assessment 123. Function of educational structure is
(A) Replacement of population
116. The best method of checking students
(B) Socialization of new population
homework is
(A) To assign it to intelligent student of the (C) Maintenance of a sense of purpose
class (D) System maintenance
(B) To check the answers in the class in 124. The state is a National Institution, was
group manner maintained by
(A) T.H. Green
(C) To check them with the help of specimen
(B) Herbert Spencer
(C) Aristotle
(D) To check by the teacher himself in a
regular way (D) Plato
125. Social equality is supported by
117. The priority to girls education should be
(A) Marxism
given because
(A) The girls are mor e intelligent in (B) Capitalism
comparison to the boys (C) Domestic Institution
(B) The girls are lesser in number than boys (D) Socialism
(C) The were badly discriminated in favour 126. The fundamental unit of human society is
known as
of boys in the past
(A) Social group (B) Tribal group
(D) Only girls are capable of leading for (C) individual (D) Family
social change
127. What is the nature of man. according to
118. The success of integrated educat ion Aristotle ?
depends on (A) Social (B) Political
(A) The support of community (C) Cultural (D) Religious
(B) The excellence of text books 128. A school is a miniature
(C) The highest quality of teaching (earning (A) State (B) Society
material (C) Family (D) Organisation
(D) The altitudinal changes in teachers 129. Which aim of education is most useful for
the community ?
119. The idea of Basic Education is propounded
(A) Cultural (B) Livelihood
by (D) Socialization (D) Technological
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130. National Policy on Education (1936) makes 137. The content of Educational Psychology
a recommendation (8.1) that The existing includes
schism between the formal system of (A) Special items concerning teaching and
education and the countrys rich and varied learning
cultural tradition needs to be bridged. This (B) Wide ranging items concerning human
assumes that motivation and learning
(A) There is a social and cultural Jag in (C) Special items concerning processes of
Indian society education in particular
(B) Ther e is insufficient progress of (D) None of these
education in India
138. The primary task of the teacher is
(C) There is enough socio-cultural progress (A) To teach the prescribed curriculum
in India
(B) To stimulate and guide student learning
(D) There is great need for social change in
(C) To promote habits of conformity to
adults demands and expectations
131 General Psychology and Educational
(D) To provide diagnostic and remedial aid
Psychology are dissimilar , in t hat
wherever indicated
Educational Psychology
(A) Is concerned with the child and not with 139. The first step in conducting an experiment
the adult is
(A) To collect data
(B) Is concerned with the various aspects
of learning (B) To setup a laboratory
(C) Deals only with the applications and not (C) To formulate a hypothesis
with the theory (D) To interpret data
(D) Selects and emphasise certain data from 140. Which of the following is the most important
general field factor underlying the success of beginning
132. Educational Psychology is branch of teacher ?
Psychology. Psychology is a science. Who is (A) His personality and ability to relate to
the Father of experimental Psychology ? the class
(A) Boring (B) Hull (B) His attitudes and outlook on life
(C) Wundt (D) Tolman (C) His verbal facility and organizational
133. Which method has made Educational ability
Psychology a science ? (D) His scholarship and intellectual ability
(A) Observation method 141. Which method of research contributes most
(B) Clinical method to t he adv ancement of Educational
(C) Survey method Psychology as a science ?
(D) Experimental method (A) Clinical method
134. The oldest method in Psychology is (B) Experimental method
(A) Introspection (C) Historical method
(B) Observation (D) Survey method
(C) Case study 142. The overprotected child will tend to display
(D) Clinical method (A) Aggressiveness
135. Name the method which deals with only one (B) defensiveness
person at a time and pr omotes his (C) Immaturity
adjustment (D) Negativism
(A) Case study 143. Dynamic Psychology is the Psychology of
(B) Questionnaire (A) Motivation and Emotion
(C) Clinical method (B) Perception and Attention
(D) Experimental method (C) Learning and Memory
136. Educational Psychology is concerned with (D) Personality and Intelligence
(A) The learner 144. Both the terms emotion and motivation
(B) The learning process came from the same Latin root
(C) The learning situation (A) Movement (B) Move
(D) All of these (C) Moment (D) Movere

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145. Who assumed that human motives are (C) The choice and preference method
arranged in a hierarchy of potency ? (D) Learning method
(A) Neal Miller (1959)
153. An intra-organic activity or condition of
(B) Janis and Mann (1977) tissue supplying stimulation for a particular
(C) Jerome Singer (1962) type of behaviour is known as
(D) A. H. Maslow (1970) (A) Need (B) Motive
146. According to Maslow, the self-actualizing (C) Drive (D) Conflict
tendency is 154. The goals which the person tries to escape
(A) instinct are called
(B) Imprinting (A) Positive goals (B) Vectors
(C) Growth motivation (C) Valences (D) Negative goals
(D) Deficiency motivation 155. A persons need for feeling competent and
147. A young woman who turns herself into a self-determining in dealing with his
religious worker has a strong environment is called
(A) Approach gradient (A) Intrinsic motivation
(B) Social motive (B) Instinct
(C) Hyper vigilance (C) Imprinting
(D) Encephalization
(D) Coolidge effect
148. Motives can be
156. Curiosity comes under
(A) Inferred from behaviour
(A) Social motives
(B) Observed directly
(B) Personal motives
(C) Used to explain behaviour
(C) Non-homeostatic motives
(D) Used to predict behaviour
149. The need for success, expectancy for (D) Both (B) and (C)
success and the Incentive value of success 157. Intrinsic Motivation Theory was developed
are three motiv ational fact ors which by
determine the strength of (A) Halow (1950)
(A) Social Motives (B) Sigmund Freud (1902)
(B) Biological Motives (C) Mark and Ervin (1970)
(C) Personal Motives (D) Dollard (1939)
(D) Achievement Need 158. Which one of the following is not a
150. Behaviour of the mentally ill persons is psychological motive ?
greatly influenced by their (A) Need for achievement
(A) Conscious motives
(B) Need for affection
(B) Innate releasing mechanism
(C) Need for belonging
(C) Unconscious motives
(D) Need for oxygen
(D) Fixed-action pattern
159. An object or thing which directs or
151. Physiologists use the term homeostasis to
describe the bodys tendency to maintain a stimulates behaviour
balance or equilibrium among its (A) Instinct (B) incentive
(A) External physiological st atus and (C) Need (D) Motive
environment 160. A pituitary hormone associated with the
(B) Internal physiological status and the secretion of milk is known as
environment (A) Prolactin (B) Adrenalin
(C) Displacement behaviour and (C) Estrogen (D) Progesterone
encephalization 161. The Constitution of India was enacted by a
(D) Appr oach gradient and avoidance Constituent Assembly set up
gradient (A) Through a resolution of the provisional
152. The technique by which the strength of need government
is measured in terms of readiness with (B) By the Indian National Congress
which a task is learned under different
(C) Under the Indian Independence Act,
conditions of motivation Is known as
(A) Activity wheel 1947
(B) Obstruction method (D) Under the Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946

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162. Who among the following was the Chairman (A) Enforce sanitation laws
of the Drafting Committee of the Indian (B) Diagnose and investigate infectious
Constitution ? disease outbreaks
(A) Rajendra Prasad
(C) For mation of community health
(B) C. Rajagopalachari partnerships
(C) Tej Bahadur Sapru (D) Dev elop policies that addr ess
(D) B. R, Ambedkar community health problems
163. Which of t he following Act gave 171. Which of the following conditions is note
representation to the Indians for the first high priority public health focus area that
time in legislation ? can be addressed by occupational therapists
(A) Indian Councils Act, 1919 and physical therapists ?
(B) Govt, of India Act, 1935 (A) Arthritis
(C) Indian Councils Act, 1909 (B) Nutrition and overweight
(D) Govt, of India Act, 1919 (C) Knee ligament repair
164. The idea of the Constitution of India was (D) Chronic back condition
first of all given by 172. A t eacher will become an effect ive
(A) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar communicator if
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru (A) He uses instructional aids
(C) Shri M.N. Roy (B) He helps students get meaning out of
(D) Mahatma Gandhi what he teaches
165. The first session of the Constituent (C) He asks questions between teachings
Assembly was held in (D) He helps students get correct answers
(A) Bombay (B) Lahore to the questions on the topic
(C) Calcutta (D) New Delhi 173. A good teacher is one who is capable of
166. Which of the following persons is not part (A) Finishing the course in time
of an Individual Education Plan team ?
(B) Inducing the students to learn
(A) Parents of the child
(C) Giving a good result
(B) Regular education teacher of the child
(D) Helping students in preparing good
(C) Representative of the school
(D) (A), (B), (C)
174. A student tries to solve a problem without
167. Which of the following conditions is not any help from a teacher. The teacher should
among the primary reasons for preschool (A) Advise him/her to take help from his/
children to be served by special education her colleagues
providers ?
(B) Pay no attention to him/her
(A) Development delay
(C) Scold him/her for foolishness
(B) Autism
(D) Appraise his/her individual effort
(C) Speech and language impairment
(D) Spina bifida 175. Which one of the following is an indicative
of the quality of teaching ?
168. Which of the following services is not part
(A) Period of maintaining peace in the
of public health ?
(A) Vaccination clinics
(D) Standard of questions raised by students
(A) Outpatient therapy services
in the classroom
(B) Fluoridation of drinking water
(C) Standard of answers replied by students
(C) Workplace safety inspections in the classroom
169. Regulation of health professionals occurs at (D) Pass percentage of the students
this level of public health services
176. The main purpose of teaching is
(A) International (B) Federal
(A) Development of thinking power
(C) State (D) Local
170. Which of the following services is considered (B) Development of reasoning power
part of the assurance function of public (C) Both (A) and (B)
health agencies ? (D) Giving information only

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177. A teacher needs to study Philosophy of (A) Students remain serious
Education because of (B) It increases attendance in the class-
(A) Understanding theory inherited in room
Philosophy (C) It reduces the worry of students related
(B) Being acquainted with abstr act to examination
knowledge (D) It compels student for thinking
(C) Set ting aims and objectives of 183. Effactive teacher is
curriculum (A) Who has control over the class
(D) Gett ing ideas to control teaching (B) Who can deliver more information in
behaviour limited period
178. Values are inherent in every human being (C) Who inspires students how to learn
is reflected in (D) Amends carefully the assignment
(A) Realism
184. Met hods used t o organize classr oom
(C) Pragmatism activities and instruction, creating a happy
(C) Naturalism and productive learning environment are
(D) Idealism known as
(A) Co-operative learning
179. In a classroom, ideal situation is that In
which (B) Lesson planning
1. The lecturer delivers his lecture with full (C) Classroom management
confidence as he prepares himself for the (D) Method of loci
lecture before coming in the classroom. 185. According to your text, the best way to
2. Students come in the classroom with full reduce wasted class time is
preparedness and discuss with each (A) Squeezing more minutes of instruction
other on the subject in the presence of out of a classroom day
the lecturer. (B) To have all the lesson materials ready
3. Lecturer and the students discuss on to go
the subject. (C) To effectively communicate the value of
4. While delivering the lecture, the lecturer learning to students
uses audio-visual means. (D) To start class promptly when the bell
(A) 1 and 3 rings
(B) 3 and 4 186. To maintain the moment um in the
classroom, the best thing a teacher can do
(C) Only 2
(D) Only 4 (A) To provide frequent breaks in the lesson,
180. In order to understand his students, a keeping task engagement high
teacher should be well versed in which of (B) To walk around and engage the students
the following ? in their work
(A) Child Psychology (C) To avoid interruptions or slowdowns,
(B) Inclination towards understanding the keeping task engagement high
children (D) To have all the lesson materials prepared
(C) Opinion of the students towards the in advance
subject matter 187. According to studies of teachers actions,
(D) All of the above the most important time for a teacher to
181. Which method of teaching encourages the define and implement his or her classroom
maximum use of knowledge ? management plan
(A) Is during the first few days of the school
(A) Problem Solution Method
(B) Laboratory Method
(B) Is right after report cards come out
(C) Self-Study Method
(C) At the last day of each grading period
(D) Team-Study Method (D) Is during the second week of school,
182. In which of the following important features once the composition of the class has
is a open book exam method ? stabilized
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188. Teachers can eliminate much routine 195. The current view of childhood assumes that
classroom misbehaviour without breaking (A) Children are similar to adults in most
the momentum of the lesson ways
(A) By setting up a token economy whereby (B) Children are best treated as young
students are rewarded for staying on adults
(C) Childhood is basically a waiting period
(B) By the use of simple nonverbal cues to
students (D) Childhood is a unique period of growth
and change
(C) By isolating potential troublemakers
from the rest of the class 196. Creative writing should be an activity
planned for
(D) By talking fas! and moving the lesson
along (A) Only those children reading on grade
189. Which of the following is not a formal
assessment? (B) Only those children who can spell and
(A) Assignment also, can write cohesive sentences

(B) Paper (C) Only those children who want to write

for the newspaper of the class
(C) Quiz
(D) All children
(D) Discussion
197. The normal twelve years old child is most
190. Which of the following is not an informal
likely to
assessment ?
(A) Have difficulty with gross motor
(A) Assignment
(B) Observation
(B) Have anxiety feelings about pleasing
(C) Rating scales adults
(D) Discussion (C) Confine his/her interests to the here
191. Education explains the gaining experience and now
from birth through old age. (D) Be eager for peer approval
(A) Training
198. The reason why students run from school
(B) Philosophy is
(C) Programmer (A) Lack of interesting class teaching work
(D) Psychology (B) Lack of Interest in studies on the part of
192. According to human factor, individuals may students
vary from to day in their performnance. (C) Not giving punishment to students
(A) Day (D) Callous attitude of teachers towards the
(B) Week problem
(C) Year 199. You find a student to be intelligent.
(D) Month You will
193. When a teacher is certified to teach it doesnt (A) Remain pleased with him
mean his is completed. (B) Not give him additional homework
(A) Learning (C) Motivate him so that he can make more
(B) Education progress
(C) Training (D) Inform his parents about the fact that
(D) Planning he is intelligent
194. The staff should examine the programme 200. The term identical elements is closely
continuously with the of the principal. associated with
(A) Administration (A) Group instruction
(B) Supporting (B) Transfer of learning
(C) Helping (C) Jealousy between twins
(D) Leadership (D) Simitar test questions

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