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Price Promotion

Price of the magazine Promotions are

MASTHEAD which always has the used in empire
Empire is one of the most GBP and the USD because they can
known film magazine currency on it. promote their
which is made by Bauer other magazines.
Media. On this magazine
cover there is a medium Strapline
shot of the spread. When They are used to sum up
they use a medium shot the magazine.
they always hide the P.
The spreads head is Review
covering the P because he Reviews are important
is important also it on a magazine cover
wouldnt look good if because it will give an
they covered his face. idea to the reader
Also Its always placed in weather the move is
the top section of the good or bad e.g. worth
magazine which shows time to watch or not.
they follow the rule of
thirds. Spread
Spread is usually a main
character from the movie
Advertisement that they are
Empire uses advertisement to promoting/selling to the
make extra money also to get audience.
sponsorship which is
important because by making
more profit they can increase Pug
Pugs are used
their revenue.
commonly because its
an easy way to catch
Exclusive Content
Exclusive content is Cover line the audiences
under the Cover line The tagline usually under the attention. This is
The title is usually in
because its very visible title because it fits in also important because they
the second or the third
which means it will they will see it very easily. It can put important
section of the
catch the peoples eye is used to deliver information information into the
magazine because
pug and it is guaranteed
they use it to tell the to the audience for example thats the only way to
audience that they will in this case it is `The Biggest that the reader will not
make it stand out and
get this with the ever superhero sibling smack miss it.
not hide the spread
magazine which down` this is used to tell the which is a very
convince them to buy it. audience that this never important part of the
happened before it is a very magazine. The title is
good film and they have to in the bottom third
watch it. which is very usual
with empire however
sometimes they use
the middle section.