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Evidence 5: Indicators interpretation

With the purpose of continuing the process of analysis, retaje the obtained results of
each applied indicator and explain its positive or negative fulfillment.

To do this evidence, consult the training Material:

A case study on the LPQ Builders Company.

Instructions for a management indicators presentation.
Indicators for supply Cumplimiento positivo Cumplimiento negativo

The inventory will be

made tico a ayear
through the stock
management programs
that streamline the
Mobility of inventory inventory process. There
inventories equity will also be a database to
fill in the real stocks.
Then you can compare
this data with the control
files. If the numbers do
not square, that is, there
is a deviation, a
regularization will be

We will perform inventory

Inventory Tumover of raw materials and the
raw material used in the final inventory or finished
month raw material product that will make up
inventory an inventory level that
must be optimized by the
inventory process to
achieve the company's

The annual purchases

will be made in a
Llabilities credit rotation measured way and
annual purchases avoiding the long term
debt, so that the
company maintains its

Indicators for human Cumplimiento positivo Cumplimiento negativo

resources rea
It is not only a question of
reducing or increasing
Productivity of labor the working day, but
Production Man Hours changing the perspective
Worked of having a schedule,
adapting a model that
meets the needs of
workers without
neglecting the
requirements of business

in case of absence for

hours or days from the
Absences job site, the employer
Hours absent Male could apply the
Man hours worked postulates of Article 57
Numeral 6, where these
licenses of hours or days
can be deducted from the
salary or request
compensation with equal
work time in day different
from the ordinary day

This indicator is
important given that in
our company some have
irregular payrolls, beca
Importance of wages us they work many
Total wages paid extra hours, many casual
Production costs workers are employed
and the work time is
irregular. That is why we
see the need to have
information that helps to
regularize the situation,
as much as possible.

Rotation indicator There are several

Total retirres Average formulas to establish the
number of Employees index of
turnover in the company,
the first allows
establishing a joint rate of
entries and exits, the
second one allows to
measure the dismissals
and the third
only measures voluntary

Sales indicator You can measure the

Total Sales Workers productivity of the entire
Average number of plant by dividing the
Employees number of products
manufactured by the total
number of hours worked
during a specific period.

Indicators of financial Cumplimiento positivo Cumplimiento negativo


We will measure the

profitability of the assets
Indicator Working of the company,
Working Capital Capital establishing for it
Current assets a relationship between
the net benefits and the
total assets of the

We will measure the

relation that exists of the
Indicator Breakeven utilities
Breakeven after income and
Total sales expenses
non-operational and
taxes, which
can contribute or subtract
to produce profitability on
the sales

Financial We will measure how

Equity independce total many pesos each weight
assets generates
invested in total assets.

Breakeven The aim of the company

fixed expense is to enter into breakeven
Percentage margin means that the threshold
of profitability will have
been reached, that is,
that the income equals
the costs (fixed and
variable) and, from there,
the forecast is the entry
into profits.

Output Indicators Cumplimiento positivo Cumplimiento negativo

Quality Level Total To achieve total Quality

flawless products we will understand each
Total processed products and every aspect of the
organization, because
quality involves and
commits each and every
one of the people in the

The first method we will

use and the most widely
used is to add a profit
margin to the cost of the
product. The method is
Profitability by relatively simple. The
Margin Product price of the product is
sales Total calculated taking into
account the unit cost of
the product, materials,
manufacturing, cost of
selling, etc. and adding
an additional amount as
profit margin, usually
expressed as a

We consider it important
to bear in mind that the
Profitability by margin of profitability
Margin Product indicated for the setting
sales Total of sale prices and
planning of revenues
should be estimated
based on the expected
gross margin, since a
margin of profitabilit
our marketing index will
increase, given that we
Marketing Index will consider: the web
Product Sale publication, the network
Sales Total as a sales channel,
market research and
communication and
customer service