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Oracle Utilities: Software Development Kit for v4

Duration: 5 Days

What you will learn

This Oracle Utilities: Software Development Kit for v4 training focuses on the Java development necessary to create
new business objects, maintenance objects, metadata and algorithms. All coding exercises are done in Java and use
the Eclipse development platform.

Learn To:

Apply OUAF development concepts.

Create new OUAF SDK projects for Java development.
Define and create the metadata for new business objects and maintenance objects.
Use the artifact generator to create supporting Java source files.
Create and run JUnit tests.

Benefits to You

By enrolling in this course, you'll develop a solid understanding of the Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF)
and how to utilize the API. You will get the chance to participate in detailed hands-on exercises that help you build
expertise using Java development to extend Oracle Utilities products.

Application Developers
Business Intelligence Developer
Database Designers
System Analysts
Technical Administrator
Technical Consultant

Course Objectives
Create new Oracle Utilities Application Framework SDK projects for Java development

Understand the database requirements for creating custom business objects and maintenance objects

Define metadata for custom tables

Understand and create business entities

Learn to use the artifact generator

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Create a basic change handler

Create and run JUnit tests

Create custom messages for Java components

Understand and create Java algorithms

Create Java Entity classes for an advanced custom maintenance object

Create a complex business object lifecycle using the JUnit class

Course Topics

Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF) Development concepts
SDK for Java development
Configure Eclipse and create project
Database setup

Employee Table Metadata

OUAF table and field metadata
Create new table metadata for Employee

Employee Business Objects

Artifact Generator
Business Entities

Employee Change Handler

Overview of the Change Handler and validation rules
JUnit Testing and Extensions

Employee Algorithms
Overview of Algorithms
Algorithm JUnit testing
Supporting business objects: portals, zones, and scripts

Paycheck Table Metadata

Defining a Custom Maintenance Object
Maintenance Object fields and tables

Paycheck Business objects

Paycheck business entities
Supporting business objects: UI Maps, information algorithms, portal and zone

Paycheck Algorithm
Complex BO lifecycles
Java algorithm class
Create and run JUnit Class

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