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FMS Lesson #1: ABC

Grade: 1-2 Date: February 8th 2017


Activities Benefits Health Cooperation Do It DailyFor Life

Equipment List: Safety considerations:

Colour Pinnies or foam balls to Remind students to watch where
identify taggers (Red & Blue). they are moving (look forward when
being chased in tag games).

Time Introduction/Warm Up Teaching Cues

5 min Fire and Ice Tag (AKA freeze tag) - students
with the blue (ice) foam ball or pinnie are the Heads up- watch where you
taggers. When tagged by blue (ice) you are running
freeze in a pose. The teacher can provide
challenges to pose ie one foot balances, Balances- Keep your body
twisted shapes, low or high etc. still and tight
Students with the red foam ball or pinnie (fire)
are able to free the frozen students.
Note: Balls are not to be thrown they are to
identify fire and ice.
Change fire and ice frequently
Use a variety of different locomotor
Consider completing warm-up with
some dynamic movement exercises.
Time Learning Activities/Teaching Strategies
Guidelines for gym floor line games: Teaching Cues
If your gym floor has many lines
Learning Skill: Balance (stork
10 min consider designating 3 main colours to
travel on.
Shift weight to stay
Student can switch lines where the
over your foot.
lines intersect or you may allow them
Arms straight
to jump from line to line landing in
balanced and in control.
Look straight ahead.
Students must remain on lines, no
stepping off the line to pass someone
Learning Skills: Landings
and if you meet someone going in the
Land quietly (soft)
opposite direction you must change
Bend knees and hips
direction with them.
Hands out for balance
Progression of games:
(riding a bike)
Line Game - Red Light - Green Light
Students travel through the gym
staying on the designated lines. A) Possible locomotor
RED LIGHT command- students stop movements for Red Light:
in the Stork Stand -balance on one skipping (TCs- step
foot, the other foots sole is place on hop - step hop, swing
the inside of knee, and arms out out arms in opposition)
straight to the side. B) GREEN LIGHT- Speed walk (TCs heel
move as quickly as possible in control toe, pump arms)
and on the line (you can designate Gallop (keep same
quick locomotor movements such as lead leg, step
skipping and galloping). C) YELLOW together - step
LIGHT- move slow on the line together)
preparing to stop (designate slow
locomotor movements such as Possible Locomotor
hopping and jumping). movements for yellow light:
One foot hop (TCs
Line Game - Line Tag land softly, explode
If your gym floor has many lines up and out, pump
consider designating 3 main colours to arms)
travel on. Select the playing area and Two foot jumps (TCs
number of taggers based on the land softly, explode
number of students (keep everyone up and out, swing
moving) arms and reach for
Identify student to be taggers. the sky)
When tagged student stand off of the
lines and perform a 5 second stork
stand on their right foot then again on
their left foot. Once done they jump
back onto the lines and are back in the
Switch taggers frequently.

Musical Hula-hoops Learning Skill: body

Structure: awareness and coordination
10 min Have students take a hula hoop and
create perimeter
When music plays kids will move
clockwise around the outside of hula-hoops
When music stops have kids quickly
run and sit in a hoop
Walking, skipping, jogging
slowly take away hoops increasing
the difficulty Ready positions
Children who do not make it to a
hoop will sit in the muscle pot (middle circle
of the gym and do a dance while music
plays, then try and get a hoop when music Learning Skill: manipulation
stops) of an object.
Safety Considerations:
Remind students to look be aware
of their surroundings and not to push Watch the ball into
Watch their steps with hula-hoops your hands
No diving must use foot then sit
Time Closure/Cool Down
Simon Says (balance theme) Teaching Cues
5 min The leader says a pose such as
Learning skills: Balance
balance on one foot and then models
Keep you body tight/
While in the previous balance the
Weight over your feet
leader repeats giving a verbal
command of a balance and modeling
it IF the command is given with the
words Simon Says.
If the command is given without the
words Simon Says then students
should remain in the previous balance.
If they move move they perform
jumping jacks until the next Simon
Says command.
Assessment/Evaluation/ Comments

Extra activities:
Fruit Salad
Have all the students line up on one side of a play area. Pick a few volunteers to stand in the
middle of the area. The volunteers then pick the names of fruit. Then assign one of these
chosen fruit names to each student standing in line. When the volunteers in the middle call out a
fruit name, those students with that particular fruit name have to get to the other side without
getting tagged. If they get tagged, then they join the students in the middle and help tag the rest
of the students. The callers continue to call fruit types. When you say Fruit Salad," all students
from both sides have to get to the other side without getting tagged.

1. Have students start by running across the gym when their fruit is called
2. After everyone has crossed the gym once let the taggers call out more than one fruit at a
time (take this opportunity to change taggers)
3. Add different types of locomotion (ex. Taggers yell out a locomotion followed by fruit)
4. Add movements that havent been specifically taught yet (ex. Crab walk)
Change the locomotion, walk, skip, run

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