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EDES 301: Introduction to Teaching in Middle School

Professionalism and Participation Rubric

(Please highlight the descriptors that best describes your participation in this course)

Students Name:Phoenix Chaytor Instructor: Brent Galloway

Above and For
Proficient Developing Undeveloped Instructor
CATEGORY 5 4 3 2

Level Of Student consistently was Student was engaged Student was generally Student rarely was
engaged in class in class (listening, engaged in class by engaged in class. He/she
Engagement In (listening, probing, probing, offering ideas, listening or offering offered some ideas and
Class and to offering ideas, asking asking o r answering ideas, asking/ occasionally asked/
Classmates questions, answering questions) a nd made an answering questions answered questions.
questions), and worked effort to w
ork well but generally worked Student often was
well with many class with many d ifferent with the s ame people. disengaged & tended to
members. classmates. work with the same people

Level of Student took full Student was involved Student was Student was rarely
opportunity to fulfill in all outside occasionally involved involved in completing
Engagement outside classroom classroom in outside classroom outside classroom
Outside of Class learning requirements (e.g. requirements (e.g. requirements (Blogging,
tasks(Blogging, Blogging, Twitter, Blogging, Twitter, Twitter, Google Site)
Twitter, Google Site) Google Site) Google Site)
and made efforts to
learn more (e.g.
sharing articles or

Course Student consistently Student read all of the Student read most of Student missed several of
read ALL required required readings in the required readings the required readings or
Readings readings (textbooks ) the textbooks and in the textbooks failed to read all chapters
along with several other readings in the textbooks.
articles/books on reserve (On reserve, Google
and files posted on the Site)
Google Site

Work Ethic All work was completed All work was Most work was Student completed some of
fully and submitted on completed fully and completed for the the work for the course,
time with an emphasis handed in on time course. but not necessarily within
on quality and (e.g. assignments, the time frames suggested.
improvement blog, A Multimedia

Accountability Student was Student was present for Student missed an Student missed several
consistently present for all classes but may occasional class classes throughout the
ALL classes and was have been late or left throughout the term, term, and was late/left
always well prepared early on o ccasion. and may have been late early on several occasions.
and ready to He/she was always or left early on The student rarely was
contribute. He/she prepared and r eady to occasion. At times they ready for class and often
arrived early, was contribute. may h ave not been did not take accountability
always on time, and Professional follow-up prepared for class. for absent/lateness
never departed early. was ensured if late or There was some
absent. professional follow-up
if the student was late
or absent.
Interpersonal Student conducted Student conducted Student made efforts to Student was not always
and Collaborative himself/herself himself/herself conduct h imself/herself positive in his/her
positively with others positively and made an positively and made relationships with others.
Work Skills and made a strong effort to build efforts to build The student made an effort
effort to build deeper relationships with relationships with to work collaboratively but
relationships resulting others in order to others. T eamwork there may have been many
in teamwork that was function well as a skills were evident, unresolved conflicts and
highly functional and team. Teamwork skills although some difficulty in reaching
successful. Teamwork were evident in conflicts m ay have consensus. This lack of
skills were used resolving conflicts, been unresolved teamwork s kills was
successfully (resolving making decisions, and without r eaching evident in the finished
conflicts, determining there was a definite consensus. This may product.
leadership, commitment to team have been evident in
assigning/completing success as evidenced the end results.
tasks, striving for by the finished
consensus/team product.
use/acceptance of
constructive criticism). = 19/24

Student Comments
(attach additional pages if needed)
During this class I believe that I participated at a proficient level. Granted I was not always on task during
class. I participated in all the activites and was open to giving my opinion about diffferent course topics. I
collobarotaed well with my home team as well as my course group. We all worked well togetehr and I did my
best to be flexible and open when it came to

= 1/3

Critical Evidence:
In addition to the highlighted rubric and self evaluation, please provide at least three pieces of critical evidence to
demonstrate your participation and professionalism in this course (e.g. team meeting agendas, team meeting
minutes, Blog entry, Twitter Tweets, etc.). Assemble these artifacts and submit along with this rubric and student
= 3/3

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