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Do you like pop music? Te gusta la msica pop?

Yes, I do, I love it. Si, lo amo.

No, I don't like it very much. No, no me gusta mucho.

What kinds of music do you like? Qu tipo de msica te gusta?

I really like salsa, rock and jazz. Me gusta mucho la salsa, el rock y el jazz.

What do you think of gospel music? Qu opinas de la msica gospel?

I think it is boring. Creo que es aburrido.

Do you like watching TV series? Te gusta ver series de televisin?

Yes I love them. S, me encantan.

What kind of series do you like? Qu tipo de serie te gusta?

I really like the series of action and terror. Me gusta mucho la serie de accin y terror.

What do you think of comedy series? Qu opinas de series de comedia?

I think they are fun. Creo que son divertidos.

Te gusta ver peliculas de Terror? Do you like to watch horror movies?

No, no me gustan. No, I do not like them.
No, no me encantan. No, I do not love it.

Qu tipo de peliculas te gustan? What kind of movies you like?

Me gustan mucho las peliculas de vaqueros. I really like cowboy movies.

Qu piensas de las peliculas de Accion? What do you think about Action movies?
Creo que son aburridas. I think they are boring.