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Niyam Vora, B.

E Electronics and Communication Engineering (2017)

Answered Fri

Market is all time high and for all the best companies which anyone might recommend will have valuations
stretched. So however i would suggest you to buy companies 30% of your total capacity and rest keep buying
on dips which may lead to you lower cost of investments.

however no such stock is good and multibagger which some one suggests you. and if some one suggest you
that this stock will be multibagger than i would tell you to go for a walk in the market and ask people do they
have heard about the companys name and if you get a positive reply i would suggest you to drop the

8 out of 10 multibagger stocks are those which no one has ever heard of or most of the
common people.

Take a look at the image and ask yourself how many companies of this did you know before 4 years. Yes this
are all multibaggers now.

yes this image is real. i do have each of above mentioned shares at the exact same purchase price.

but to be honest at the time of purchase i didnt know that this amount of returns will be fetched on
investment in the shares so all i did was divide my investments in to following chart.

to join the groups mentioned in the following image i would request you to go throught the following

download telegram

in search bar search for DARKHORSESTOCKS and INCOGNITOSTOCKS

and join the group.

the companies shown in the above image may vary from time to time.

(i am personally holding all the companies mentioned in the above image, the recommendations provided
does no constitute an advise for investment)

Other than that i would suggest you to look for



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Jitesh Dhawan, I am seasoned investor & have experience of more than 9 yrs
Answered Jul 3

1. JHS Svendgaard - (from FMCG space) the makers of toothpaste (including Dant Kanti from
Patanjali), they supply to all major companies dealing in ayurvedic category

2. CMI Ltd - (from cables space) Speciality cable company is still not in limelight despite getting huge
order flows on regular basis..check out their website for more details. You may like to check another
company - Ram Ratna wires too, they are also strong player which is still not in limelight.

3. Shetron Ltd. - (from packaging space) its one company which can turn into big player.already
has big clients include titan, glaxo smithline, cadbury etc. (best part is even promoters are
increasing stake in it), even at CMP Rs 5758, its a steal

4. Nila Infra ltd - (from Infrastructure space) - its one company i track since last week and found it
really worthy of investment. (Nila Infrastructures clocks 22% growth in standalone revenues for
year ended March 31, 2017), even on 21 June 2017 - Nila Infra bags work order worth Rs 251.6 mn
from AMC, in April 2017 - Nila Infrastructure bags projects worth Rs 30 cr from
GSRTC..order flows are increasing means future outlook is really strong.

5. Tourism Finance Corp - (from NBFC Space) - No need of introduction of this company (even
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is invested into this). Its worth to check this one.

6. Archidply Industries - (from Plywood Space) - this stock is already recommended by many
agencies and investors. The stock is still a small cap, so it has long way to go. The story will get
unfolded once this small cap gem gets into the eyes of big investors.

Disclosure - I am not a Equity Analyst, the above mentioned stocks are just my views, its not buy/sell
recommendations. Do your own research before investing.
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Chintan Amlani, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer (2016-present)

Answered Jul 3

This is purely suggestive list, it is not guaranteed one but i would invest with horizon of 13 years in following

1. Coal India - at price of Rs. 248 (High Dividend)

2. RECL - at Price of Rs. 172 (High Dividend Yield)

3. PFC - at price of Rs. 124 (High Dividend Yield)

4. HUDCO - at price of Rs. 67 (Undervalued as Compared to Peers)

5. NMDC - at price of Rs. 112 (High Dividend + Undervalued)

6. Sintex - at Price of Rs. 24.50 (Trading at Low)

7. Hindzinc - at price of Rs. 265 (Cash Rich Company)