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The resurrection of the son of the widow of Naim
Biblical text: Luke 7.11-17
Introduction: This text is very peculiar to us because although it occurred more than
2000 years ago is an urban text, the fact happened in a city. The miracle happened in a
place where crowds met every day.
There were 2 crowds: a euphoric and happy; Another defeated and unhappy. Like today,
there were always two poles, two types of heart (one happy, another anguished), two
types of people (those who fall apart and despair and those who face obstacles and turn
These two crowds are still out there every day, on the streets, on the subway, on the
buses, in the squares. Happiness or unhappiness always refers to the motivating element,
the point of reference of each individual in the midst of every hopeless situation or general
catastrophe that can overwhelm anyone.
In this first Doctrine Service of 2011, I would like to minister to your heart the profound
truths of this text that tells the daily life of the earthly ministry of Jesus.
A) The crowd that came out of Naim was unhappy because the motivation was a dead
object, it contemplated a deceased, the reference was the death, it walked in a road that
ended in a tomb, was going to the cemetery
B) That young dead child of a single widow represents for us today all the hopes we put
in things, objects and people that have succumbed and failed before us as an unfinished
Hope in marriage? (ended up)
Hope for the future of children (drugs are killing our youth)
Hope in politics? (We live chaos in disguise)
Hope in the human being? (Man is increasingly animated with psychotic manifestations,
taras - perverted obsessions - , neuroses and manias)
Hope to fill the emptiness of the heart? (People are increasingly lonely and lonely lost
in a selfish and petty sense of self)
A) It has a living frame: Jesus
B) It is not money, fame, beauty, etc. Who make this crowd a very special people: it's the
reference! The point of reference is that it gives rise to happiness and peace of mind amid
the tragedies and vicissitudes of life
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C) This crowd is happy because salvation is something guaranteed and defined

D) For this second multitude, The Holy Spirit is a reality of consolation and joy
E) For this multitude, the world can turn upside down, no matter what the struggle or the
tribulation. There is an empty tomb in Jerusalem because Jesus was resurrected
F) This second crowd does not work with emotions or circumstances, nor does it look at
contingencies. The reference is Jesus.
G) When you sunrise tired, discouraged. When the depression wants to be the daily
companion, when everything seems lost, when there seems to be no solution, remember
that the tomb is empty. Christ lives
H) The second multitude has plenty of reason to live and to walk, always following in a
joyful and joyful triumph with a permanent song of victory, rejuvenating daily by the Word
of God and by prayer.
A) What does Jesus do today?
When you look at you with broken dreams, with pain, sadness and anguish?
When do you realize that you do not believe anything anymore?
When the only certainty is death?
He does the same thing he did in that city of Naim with that multitude that accompanied
a funeral
B) He looked and felt compassion
He cared
He was filled with mercy
He cares about you
C) He comforted
Comforted the widow (Do not cry)
Console you (every tear he wipes)
In him we find true consolation
D) He interfered with a resurrection order
The procession stopped
Stopped the casket
The burial stopped
Mission Global Bethel India 3

Won the death

In the same way He interferes with your life today
E) By interfering He did so in the spirit of rebuilding
Young man, I command you, get up!
Today he can tell his beaten and sad state: get up!
To your destroyed marriage: get up!
To your morally devastated life: get up!
To your broken heart, get up!
To your unstructured life: get up! "
F) Jesus restored the boy to his living mother. Only Christ can give true restitution.
Nothing and no one in this life can do that. But Jesus restored: the joy of salvation, peace,
a clean life. He can and wants to restore his spouse, his son, to hope. He took the dead
son and restored him alive
G) The multitude worshiped him and glorified God: "Great prophet arose among us, and
God visited his people"
They were filled with fear
They glorified God
Worshiped the Lord
They spread the power of God
Witnessed the intervention of Christ
It was a supernatural impact
Conclusion: Even today there are two multitudes. In what crowd are you? Are you going
to eternal life in possession of salvation or are you accompanying a burial to the
graveyard? What has motivated your life? What has fueled your joy of living? The Lord is
risen and lives forever. Come to the second crowd, the multitude that follows Christ.

Translated to English from

Rev Dionildo Dantas Select Sermons (MGB Brasil)