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1. Which of the following can be zero, when a particle is in motion for some time?
a) Distance b) Displacement c) Speed d) None of these
2. A convex mirror is used to form an image of a real object. Point out the wrong statement:
a) The image lies between the pole and focus b) Image is diminished in size
c) Image is erect d) Image is real
3. 1 k W is equal to
a) 3.6 k J b) 36 J c) 3.6 m J d) 3.6 M J
4. Overloading of an electric circuit implies
a) Drawing of large current
b) Connecting a number of electric devices in series with the power supply
c) Connecting high resistance device
d) None of the above
5. A resistor R1 dissipates the power P, when connected to a certain generator. If a resistor R 2 is inserted in series
with R1, the power dissipated by R1
a) Increases b) Decreases c) Remains the same
d) Any of the above depending upon the relative values of R1 and R2
6. A mirror forms a real image of unit magnification. Its nature is
a) Plane b) Parabolic c) Convex d) Concave
7. The SI unit of inductance, henry is the same as
a) weber/ampere b) volt-second/ampere c) joule/ (ampere)2
d) All the above e) None of these
8. It is more difficult to walk on a sandy road than on a concrete road because
a) Sand is soft and concrete is hard
b) The friction between sand and feet is less than that between concrete and feet
c) The friction between sand and feet is more than that between concrete and feet
d) Both (a) and (c) e) None of these
9. The ultra high frequency sound lies in the range

a) Below 20 Hz b) Above 20 KHz

c) In between 20 Hz and 20 KHz d) None of these

10. Weight of an object is maximum at

a) Poles b) centre of earth c) Equator d) Just above centre of earth

1. Xmsg Xn-cn-p--h-bn GXmWv Ne\-mhkvYbnep Hcp hkvXp-hns\ kw_-nv ]
qPyw BIpXv
a) Zqcw b) kvYm-\mcw c) thKX d) Ch-sbm-p-a-.
2. Hcp hkvXp-hns bYm {]Xn-_nw_w Dm-Ip--Xn-\mbn tImshIvkv ZWw D]-
tbm-Kn-p-p. Xmsg Xn-cn-p--h-bn sXmb {]kvXm-h-\-tb-Xv.
a) {]Xn-_nw_w {[phn\pw t^m-kn\pw CS-bn Dm-Ipp b) {]Xn-_nw_w hepw
c) \nh {]Xn-_nw_w d) bYm {]Xn-_nw_w
3. Hcp Intem- hmv Ah =
a) 3.6 KJ b) 36J c) 3.6 mJ d) 3.6 MJ
4. Hcp CeIv{S-n kIyqnse Hmh temUnw-n\v Imc-W-am-Ip-Xv
a) Db sshZypXn D]-tbm-Kn-p--Xv.
b) A[nIw D]-I-c-W- sshZypXn {]hm-l-hp-ambn t{iWn coXn-b {Iao-cn-p--Xv.
c) Db {]Xn-tcm-[-ap D]I-cWw LSn-n-pXv d) Ch-sbm-p-a-.
5. Hcp P\td-dp-ambn R1 {]Xn-tcm-[Iw LSn-n-tm P ]h D]-tbm-Knp, R1 \v
t{iWnbnembn R2 {]Xn-tcm-[Iw L-Sn-n-m {]Xn-tcm-[Iw R1 D]-tbm-Kn-p ]
a) IqSpp b) Ipd-bpp c) amw kw`-hn-p-n-.
d) C-h-bn GsX-nepw, R1 sbpw R2 hnsbpw hnesb B{i-bn-n-cn-p-p.
6. Hcp ZWw B-h[\w Hv Bbnsmv Hcp bYmXvY {]Xn-_nw_w Dm-pp.
ZWnsd kz`mhw
a) ]cXv b) ]mcmt_mf n-v c) tImshIv kv d) tImtIhv
7. CIvkns SI bqWnv sldnv XpeyambXv
a) sh_/ Bnb b) thmv-- skdv--/ Bnb c) Pq/
(Bnb) 2
d) ChsbmamWv e) Chsbmpa
8. aW \nd tdmUnqsS \SpXv tIm{Iov tdmUnqsS \SpXnt\m
a) aW arZphpw tIm{Iov Idn\hpamXXpsImv
b) ImepIfpw aWcnIfpw Xnep LjWw, ImepIfpw tIm{Iopw Xnep
LjWtm IpdhmXXpsImv
c) ImepIfpw aWcnIfpw Xnep LjWw, ImepIfpw tIm{Iopw Xnep
LjWtm IqSpXemXXpsImv
d) (F) bpw (kn) bpw e) Chsbmpa


a) 20 b) 20

c)20 20 d)
10. hkvXp--fpsS `mcw Ghpw IqSp-X A\p-`-h-s-Sp-Xv
a) {[ph-{]-tZ-iv b) `qtI-{-n
c) `qa-[y-tc-J-bn d) `qtI-{-n\v sXmp-ap-I-fn
11. A student while observing the properties of acetic acid would report that this acids smells like
a) vinegar and turns red litmus blue
b) rotten egg and turns red litmus blue
c) vinegar and turns blue litmus to red
d) rotten egg and turns blue litmus red
12. Graphite is a good conductor of current but diamond is a bad-conductor because
a) diamond is hard and graphite is soft.
b) graphite and diamond have different atomic configuration.
c) graphite is composed of positively charged carbon ions.
d) graphite has hexagonal layer structure with free (mobile) electrons while diamond has
continuous tetrahedral covalent structure with no free electrons.
13. The pink solution obtained on adding little phenolphthalein to ammonia solution is sprayed on
to a white shirt. what happen to the colour after awhile?
a) pink colour appears
b) pink colour changed in to yellow
c) No change
d) the colour disappears
14. Which of the following pairs of a nonmetal and a metal found in liquid state
a) Fluorine : Zinc b) Bromine : Lead
c) Bromine : Mercury d) Chlorine : Mercury
15. A mother always wants her child to drink milk .As it is a boon for health. If one do not drink milk,
he can face severe health problems. Select the atomic number of the major constituent present in
the milk.
a)21 b)20 c) 26 d)23
16. The metal oxide which can react with acid as well as alkali is.
a)silver oxide b) copper(II)oxide
c) aluminium oxide d) calcium oxide
17. A solution reacts with crushed egg shells to give a gas that turns limewater milky. The solution

a) NaCl b) HCl
c) LiCl d) KCl

11. Hcp Ipn Ak-nIv Bkn-Uns khn-ti-jX \nco-n--tm AXns Kw?

(a) hn\m-Kn-cn-bpsSXpt]m-se-bpw, AXv Nph enva-kns\ \oe-\n-d-ampIbpw
(b) No-apbpsSXpt]m-se-bpw, AXv Nph enva-kns\ \oe-\n-d-ampIbpw
(c) hn\m-Kn-cn-bpsSXpt]m-se-bpw, AXv \oe enva-kns\ Nphp -\n-d-ampIbpw
(d) No-apbpsSXpt]m-se-bpw, AXv \oe enva-kns\ Nphp \n-d-ampIbpw
12. {Kmss^v sshZyp-Xn-bpsS Hcp kpNm-e-I-amWv Fm h{P-n\v Nme-IX hfsc
Ipd-hm-Wv ImcWw?
(a) h{Pw ImTn-\y-ta-dn-b-Xpw, {Kmss^v apZy-e-hp-am-Wv.
(b) {Kmss^n\pw h{P-n\pw hyXykvX Ce-Ivt{Sm- hn\ym-k-am-Wv.
(c) {Kmss^n t]mkn-ohv Nmp-ff Im_ Atbm-Wp-I Dv
(d) {Kmss^n\v slIvk-K-W seb LS-\bpw, Ne-\m-I Ce-Ivt{Sm-Wp-Ifpw Dv.
Fm h{P-n\v sS{Smsl-{U LS-\-bp-am-Wv, Ne-\m-I Ce-Ivt{Sm-Wp-Ifpw C.
13. Aev]w ^nt\m^eo Atam-Wnb emb-\n-bn-tev tNptm e`n-p ]nv \nd-ap-
ff emb\n shff jntev kvt{] sNpp. Aev] ka-b-n-\p-tijw \nd-n\p kw`-hn-p
(a) ]nv \nd-am-Ipp (b) ]nv \ndw a-bm-Ipp
(c) Hcp amhpw kw`-hn-p-n (d) \ndw Cm-Xm-Ip-p.
14. Xmsg ]d-bp tPmSn-I-fn {Zmh-Im-h--bn nXn-sNp Atem-l-hpw, temlhpw

(a) ^vfqdn : knv (b) t{_man : seUv
(c) t{_man : sapdn (d) tmdn : sapdn
15. Ipn ]m IpSn-Ww FmWv A-bpsS B{Klw IpSn-n Fn B Ipnv Btcm-Ky-{]-

iv\- Dm-Im km[y-X-bp-v. ]men IqSp-X-embn AS-n-bn-cn-p aqe-I-ns

Atm-anI \ Xnc-s-Sp-p-I?
(a) 21 (b) 20 (c) 26 (d) 23
16. Xn-cn-p--Xn GXv teml-Hm-IvsskUmW v A-hpw, mc-hp-ambn cmk-{]-

h\w \S-p-Xv?
(a) knh Hm-IvsskUv (b) tIm (II) Hm-IvsskUv
(c) Aeq-an-\nbw Hm-IvsskUv (d) Imyw Hm-IvsskUv
17. Hcp emb-\nbpw ap-tm-Sp-am-bp-ff cmk-{]-h\ns ^e-ambn Dm-Ip hmXIw

Npm-p-sh-f-fs ]m \nd-am-p-p. Fn emb\n GXv?

(a) NaCl (b) HCl (c) LiCl (d) KCl

18. The minimum amount of energy required to remove the most loosely bound electron from an
isolated gaseous atom is called its ionization energy. Which among the following has the highest
ionization energy.

a) Halogens b) Noble gases c) Alkali metals
d) Transition metals e) Chalcogens
19. Minamata disease is caused due to poisoning by
a) Ag b) Hg c) Au d) As
20. Match the following
Electronic configuration Element
A) ns2 np1 i) alkali metal
B) ns2 np4 ii) highest electronegativity
2 5
C) ns np iii) highest ionization potential
2 6
D) ns np iv) lowest ionization potential
v) Oxygen family
a) A(iv) B(v) C(i) D(iii) b) A(iv) B(v) C(ii) D(iii)
c) A(iv) B(v) C(iii) D(i) d) A(iv) B(i) C(ii) D(iii)
e) A(iv) B(ii) C(i) D(iii)
21. The probability that a leap year selected at random contains 53 Sundays is
a) 2/7 b) 3/7 c) 6/7 d) none of these
22. sin2 300 + sin2 450 + sin2 600 =
a) 2/3 b) 3/2 c) 1/3 d) 1/2
23. The ratio of volume of sphere is 8 : 27, the ratio of its radius is ?
a) 1 : 2 b) 3 : 2 c) 2 : 1 d) 2 : 3
24. x2 2px + 17p 72 = 0 has an equal roots then the value of p?
a) 5, 4 b) 6, 8 c) 7, 9 d) 8, 9
25. Sum of two number is 25 and difference of their square 75, then difference between the numbers is
a) 3 b) 2 c) 4 d) 1
26. x2 1 is a factor of x4 + ax3 + 3x b then
a) a = 3, b = 1 b) a = 3, b = 1 c) a = 3, b = 1 d) a = 3, b = 1
27. In the figure OP, OQ are tangents to a circle centred at C. Given POQ = 750. Then QCP =

a) 15 b) 105 c) 35 d) none of these

18. hmX-Im-h--bnep Hcm--ns _mly-X-a-sj-n-ep Hcp Ce-Ivt{Sm-Wns\ \ow sNm th
Ghpw Ipd Dus, AXns Atbm-Wo-I-cW Duw Fp ]d-bp-p. Xmsg Xn-cn-p--h-
bn Atbm-Wo-I-cW Duw IqSn-b-h-tb-Xv.

a) lmtem-P-\p-I b) DXvIrjvS hmX-I- c) Ben teml-
d) kw{I-aW aqe-I- e) Nmtm-P-\p-I
19. an\amX tcmK-n\v Imc-W-amb hnjmwiw GXv?

a) Ag b) Hg c) Au d) As
20. tNcpw ]Sn tNp-I.
Ce-t{m hn\ymkw apeIw
A) ns np 1
(I) Ben temlw
B) ns2 np4 (II) Db hnZyq-Xv E-WX
C) ns2 np5 (III) Db Atbm-Wo-I-cW Duw
D) ns2 np6 (IV) Ipd Atbm-Wo-I-cW Duw
(V) HmIvkn-P IpSpw_w
a) A (IV), B (V), C (I), D (III) b) A (IV), B (V), C (II), D (III) c) A (IV), B (V), C (III), D (I)
d) A (IV), B (I), C (II), D (III) e) A (IV), B (II), C (I), D (III)
21. Hcp A h n 53 mbdmgvN hcm p km[yX Fv ?

a) 2/7 b) 3/7 c) 6/7 d) Ch-sbmpa

22. sin2 300 + sin2 450 + sin2 600 =
a) 2/3 b) 3/2 c) 1/3 d) 1/2
23. A tKmffpsS hym]vX Xn pff Awi_w 8 : 27 BcfpsS Awi_w ?
a) 1 : 2 b) 3 : 2 c) 2 : 1 d) 2 : 3
24. x2 2px + 17p 72 = 0 F kahmIyn\v Xp y yfmsWn p bpsS hn ?

a) 5, 4 b) 6, 8 c) 7, 9 d) 8, 9
25. cv kwJyIfpsS XpI 25 Dw AhbpsS h fpsS hyXymkw 75 Dw Bbm kwJyI Xn pff

hyXymkw Fv ?
a) 3 b) 2 c) 4 d) 1
26. x4 + ax3 + 3x b bpsS Hcp LSIw x2 1 BsWn
a) a = 3, b = 1 b) a = 3, b = 1 c) a = 3, b = 1 d) a = 3, b = 1
27. OP OQ C hr s .

POQ = 75 QCP =

a) 15 b) 105 c) 35 d) Ch-sbmpa
(x 2 - 5x + 6) (x + 3)
28. The simplified form of is
(x 2 - 9)

a) x 2 b) x + 2 c) x 3 d) none of these
29. In the figure the area of shaded region if radius = 24 cm and AOB = 450 is

a) 216 cm2 b) 144 cm2 c) 256 cm2 d) none of these

2 2 5
30. x x + 1 = 0 has a root x = 2 if k becomes
k k
a) 3 b) 1 c) 2 d) none of these
31. Which is true regarding cerebellum
a) Act as centre for intelligence and memory
b) Controls actions like breathing and heart beat
c) Maintains balance of the body
d) All the above
32. World environment day is
a) June 6 b) March 27 c) June 5 d) July 11
33. Green Peace is related to
a) Environmental conservation b) Agriculture
c) Milk production d) Genetic research
34. Find the wrong statement about Gregor John Mendel
a) He studied with both natural science and physical science (Mathematics)
b) He experimented on Mirabilis plant
c) He obtained only one type of plants in first generation
d) All the above
35. Which among the following has the highest species diversity
a) Mammals b) Reptiles c) Plants d) Insects
36. Which of the following disease is not caused by virus

a) Common cold b) AIDS c) Chicken pox d) Ring worm

37. Average weight of human brain is

a) 0.5 Kg b) 2 Kg c) 1 Kg d) 1.5


(x 2 - 5x + 6) (x + 3)
(x 2 - 9)

a) x 2 b) x + 2 c) x 3 d) Ch-sbmpa
29. hr s 24 cm AOB = 450 s

a) 216 cm2 b) 144 cm2 c) 256 cm2 d) Ch-sbmpa

2 2 5
30. x x+1=0 zn s x = 2 k ?
k k
a) 3 b) 1 c) 2 d)
31. Xmsg sImSp-n-cn-p--h-bn skdn-s_--s- Ip-dnv icn-bmb {]kvXm-
a) Hm-i-n-bp-sSbpw _pninbp-sSbpw tI{-ambn {]hn-p-p.
b) lrZ-b-an-Snpw izk-\-\n-cpw \nb-{n-pp
c) ico-c-ns Xpe-\m-h \nb-{n-pp d) ta-d--h-sbmw icn-
32. temI ]cn-nXn Zn\w Fv
a) Pq 6 b) amv 27 c) Pq 5 d) Pqsse 11
33. "{Ko ]okv ' Fp-ambn _-s-n-cn-pp?
a) ]cn-nXn kwc-Ww b) Irjn c) ]m D]m-Z\w d) P\n-XI Kth-jWw
34. {KnK tPm saU-en-s\-Ip-dnv sXmb {]kvXm-h-\-tbXv?
a) Atlw {]IrXn imkv{Xhpw `uXn-I-im-kv{Xhpw (K-Wn-Xw) ssIImcyw
b) Atlw andm-_n-enkv sNSn-bn (\m-ep-aWn ]qhv) ]co--W- \S-n.
c) Htc Xc-n-ep kky- am{X-amWv At-l-n\v BZy-X-e-ap-d-bn
d) ta]-d--h-sbmw sXmWv
35. Xmsg-sIm-Sp-n-cn-p--h-bn GXv hn`m-K-n-emWv G-hp-a-[nIw
kv]ojo-kp-I ImW-s-Sp-Xv?
a) kkvX-\n-I b) Dc-K- c) kky- d) jUv]-Z-
36. Xmsg Xn-cn-p--h-bn sshdkv aqe-ap-m-Im tcmK-taXv?
a) Pe-tZmjw b) AIDS c) Nnt]mIvkv d) h-smdn
37. a\p-jy-a-kvXn-jvI-ns icm-icn `mc-sa{X?

a) 0.5-Intem b) 2Intem c) 1Intem d) 1.5-Intem

38. Wind pollinated flowers are.

a) Small scented and colourless
b) Small nonscented and colourless
c) Big scented and coloured
d) Big non scented and colourless
39. The under secretion of a hormone leads to the retardation of mental and physical growth in children. What
may be the hormone ?what is the condition?
a) Thyroxine-cretinism b) Thyroxine-myxoedema
c) Growth hormone-dwarfism d) Adrenaline-cortisol
40. The deficiency which of the vitamin causes scurvy?
a) Vitamin B b) Vitamin E c) Vitamin C d) Vitamin D e) None of these
38. Imn ]cm-KWw \S-p ]pjv]-?
(a) sNdpXpw, kpK--ap-f-f-Xpw, \nd-an-m-Xp-am-Ip-p.
(b) sNdpXpw, kpK--anm-Xpw, \nd-an-m-Xp-am-Ip-p.
(c) hepXpw, kpK--ap-f-f-Xpw, \nd-an-m-Xp-am-Ip-p.
(d) hepXpw, kpK--anm-Xpw, \nd-an-m-Xpp-am-Ip-p.
39. Hcp tlmtam-Wns D]m-Z-\-p-dhv Ipn-I-fn am\-kn-Ihpw imco-cn-
I-hp-amb hf apc-Sn-bvp--Xn\v Imc-W-am-Ip-p. Cu Ah Fv ?
Imc-W-amb tlmtam GXv?
a) ssXtdm-Ivkn s{In-\nkw
b) ssXtdm-Ivkn anIvkn-Una
c) hfm tlmtam hma-\Xzw
d) A{Un-\m-en tImn-tkm
40. Xmsg ]dbp-hbn GXv hnm-ans Ipdhp sImmWv kvIhn F tcmK-
a) hnm-an _n b) hnm-an C c) hnm-an kn

d)hnm-an U n e) Ch-sbmpa