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Who helps you in your studies at

a) Father
b) Mother
The Examinees Descriptive c) Brother/Sister
Questionnaire is not a test. It consists of d) Others
several items on some information you e) None
are to give about yourself. Each item is 6. How often do you conduct
followed by several possible answers. experiments in class?
After each item on your Answer Sheet, a) Seldom
blacken the circle of your answer to that b) Sometimes
particular item. Do not leave any item c) Always
unanswered. 7. Which subject do you like most?
a) English
1. What is your mode of
b) Filipino
transportation from home to
c) Mother Tongue
d) Science
a) Walk
e) Mathematics
b) Public transport (tricycle,
8. Which subject you do not like?
jeepney, bus, LRT)
a) English
c) School Bus Service
b) Filipino
d) Private Vehicle (motorcycle,
c) Mother Tongue
d) Science
e) Taxi
e) Mathematics
f) Others
f) None
2. On the Average, how many
9. How often does your teacher let
minutes does it take you to reach
you read books in the library?
school from home (one way)?
a) Once a week
a) 0 29 minutes
b) Twice a week
b) 30 59 minutes
c) Once a month
c) I hour
d) Twice a month
d) 2 hours
e) No library
3. Do you belong to the honor
10. What reading materials do
section or star section?
you have in school?
a) I belong to it
a) Textbooks
b) I do not belong to it
b) Magazines
c) The school has no honor
c) Story books
section or star section
d) Reference books
4. Is your family a recipient of the
e) Newspapers
f) Video tapes
PILIPINO? (or Conditional Cash
g) TVs
Transfer Program)
h) None
a) Yes
b) No
c) No Info