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Corrective and Preventive Maintenance for Air-condition

There should be separate records for the equipment preventive maintenance.

The Preventive Maintenance Logbook or folders bears the daily list of the
equipment by the laboratory personnel such as dusting, cleaning, disinfection etc.
While the corrective Maintenance Logbook bears the respective equipment repair
and parts replacement done by a competent technician.

The following needs to be checked daily as the preventive maintenance of

the air condition.
1. Inspect and clean the filter of the unit.
2. Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris and clean as
3. Check the temperature of the cooling system of the air condition
unit and write it down.
4. Listen for abnormal noise.
5. Measure temperature rise and adjust the temperature.
6. Monitor or check the system for correct line and load volts/amps.

When there is break down in the air condition unit write it down in
corrective maintenance logbook and contact the management of the laboratory.
They will be the one to contact the licensed company. They will check the
1. Blown fuses: Found in the evaporator coil, fuses protect the unit
against overheating of the motors and compressor.
2. Worn contactor: There are three contactors in a unit: One for the
compressor, one for the condenser fan motor, and one for the blower motor. When
a call for cooling or heating is placed the contactors engaged, making an electrical
connection starting the compressor and motors.
3. Capacitors: the capacitor is used to help the motor of a consistent
speed, rated in microfarads.
4. Filters, Filters will always get the dirty and clogged from air
5. Thermostat: This is the device that controls the system, telling it
what to do and when to do it.
6. Condenser coil. These are always located outside with the
compressor they are exposed to the outdoor elements, so they often get dirty and
done should be clean yearly.
7. Evaporated coil. On Spilt systems the evaporator coil is located in
the attic, but on a package unit is located outside with rest of the unit.
8. Compressor: This is the heart of the A/C unit. The compressor is
always located with the condenser coil.