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I 2003 I I of I I

c. 5 kN. 5 kN
A d. 6 kN HN
4. The bending moment ror a loaded beam is

showu below

" cg
The loading on the beam is represented by
wbicb ona oftbe foUuwing diagtams?
The figure shows a ngid body oscillating
f Llll tl

about the pvot A. lf J mass moment of
inertia of body about the axis of
rotation. its natural frequency for small

oscillations is proportional to
8. J

ra c. lfJ
d.. I .[j
Consider tbe followi ng (d)
Two rotors. mou11ted 011. a
beCQosidered to beequi valem to a geared-
sbafl. can 1 1 1 1 1
shaft system having two rotors provided 5 Tn a loaded under.oenlling
I t.he kinetic enerh'Y or the equfvalent a. botb the maximum nonual and tlte
system is equal to of Ihe original maximum shear stresses occur at Ute

system. skin fibre.'

2. iJte Slratt1 cnorgy or the Ct(uivalent b. both the nw<innmt nonnal flnd the
system is equal to that of Ute origi11al maxiomun shear stresses occur at tl1e
system neulml a'iis

J , Lhe shaft diameters of Ute two systems c, tile maximum nonnal stress occurs at
arc equal. tl\e skin tibres while the Mud mum
Which of these are correct? slrear stress ooc.urs at1he ncmral axis
a, L2and..l d. t.bc tnaximum .normal stress occurs aJ

b I and 2 the axis while dte maximum

c: 2 and 3 shear Slfess occurs at .!he sldn fibers
d I and 3 6. Two shafu! haviug same lengtl1 and

J. ma\erial are lo It' the ratio of

the diameter of the Hrst shall to that of the
second Shaft is 1, then tlte ratio of the

angle of twist of the forst shaft 10 that of

the second shaft is
a. I!>
; 1m 2m !:; b. s
c. 4
The reaclions at tloe oigid suppoots at A and d. 2
B fur the bar loaded shown in the figure 7 Wbich one or the following pairs is not
are, respecti vely correctly matched?
a. 20/3 kN. 1013 kN
b 10/3 kN, 20/3 kN
(t) Pv
1 ul l l
ll Slenderness The rati() of lenQth
of the column to the ratio least radius
of gyration
b Buckling, The ratio- of

lll1IJ<imum to the factor
axi.al load on lbJ: co.luum
c Short column tl colum for which (d)
slendemess ratio < :n
d Strut A member of structure ll. A simply supponed beam uf I is
irl any pOS:ition and catryi-ng. on axial subjected to a uniformly varying load

\X}mpressive load having zero iJllensity at the Jell supp01t
8 The volumetric strain of a Lhio cylindrical and IV N/m the nghl support 1111<
siJell with Aat eous and su\ljected tu reaction at the ngln suppon ls
imemal prel!Sure is the sun1 11f a. w//2
a. longltudi nal and hoop strain b. w//S
b longitudinal and dinmetrical stmin c. w//4

c. hoop and 11vice the longitudinal d. w//3
ssrain IJ. Consider We followlog. statements
d lougillldlnal strain pnd twlc<! tl1e ILoop 1 When trequerrcy ratio 1s <..2 , the force

trnnsmilled to the foundations is more
9, On a plane.. resultant stress is meltned at an than the exciting force
angle of 45 to the plane If the normal 2. Wtwn frequency i& > 2, the force
$tress J00 i'lbnm1, the shear on the n:ansmitted to the foundations
inereases as the damping is decreased
ra plane is
a. 71.5 N/ mm0
b. J(J() N/mm'
3. 11u.: !Ulalysis of basL-.e!tcited vibrations
issirulln to that \'ibrations.
c, 86.6 N/mm1 Which oftbese-statements are
d t208Nimm 1 a land1
10 A steel rod I0 mm in diameter aod 1 m b. Hnd 3
long is heated from 20"C to 120(', = c. I and3
200 GPa and et = 12 " IO"' per c lfthe d l.2 and 3

rod Ts not free to the thermal stress

Cou$idor tltc foll<>wittg statementS
is 1 'lltemtiJJ'Ia;;tics a srrong
a. 120 Ml'a (tcnl'ile) i mermolecular bonding compared to
b. 240 MPtt ( tensile) that of thermosetting plastics

c. 120 MPa (<:ompressrl'e) 2. Plastics have a high creep under

conrinllol)s loading .
t1 24(1 Ml' (comnressive)
3 ErublinlemeJtLQCcurs i11 plastics at Jow

of these.statentents are
a. I and1
b. 2 and 3

c. I and 3
fhe shear torce diagTam 1s sfiown ab.ove d. I. 2 and .J
for a loaded beam. The correspond111g IS. In onhogonal cuning. shear augle is the

a11gle between
a, shear 'IJld the cutting velndty
b. shear plane and the rake pi nne

c. $heilr plane and 1he Wrtieal tlircctit)n
d. shear plane and lhe direction of
elongatioll of crystals i" the cbip
(b) 16 M:.tch l;lst I Jl nnd
correct answer;
List (Matertnl)
uf 14
1\. PIAstioo- 20. A mi lling of 70 mm diamct.:r with
fl. l"ru;t imn (medium) t 2 teeth is operntin& at n euulng speed of
C. Slllinlc:S.qtccl 22 mlmin and teed oi'O.OS mrrt/ll,mh '11tc
D, AJutuiujum feed per minute is
L;.t Tl (RUIQ<I Cu1tiJ,g Speeil in mlmin) :o. I tO mlll!min
I b. ;tS mm min
2. IS c., 6 mmlm in
3. 20 d. 60 mm_min
... 450 21. Li:lt (Material 10 he Cast) w'lth List
s. 220 It r\llt11\'ance in rilmfm ) imd

Cutles: !:tlCcllllcCt)ni:t!l
A 13 (' D Lit r
,t, I ' 2 4 A. (Trey east irlln
b. '
2 s I B. flf'J SS
c. 1 s 4 C. Steel
d. 2 1 1.), Zinc

17. l'ool moteriol not suiloo to resist:lnce II
3 1. 7 - lll
<L. AlunUllium oxido 2. 15

b. St:ellitot 3. :w
c.. H:igb 3peed steel 4 24
d. M1&onlte Coocs:
I H. C'oosidcrihc rullowiog stalllJUCOili-
ra .\ .B c 0
Chipping of cutting tool i due> to a. I Z 4
l. tool mnterinl being ton britlle b. 4 I 2
2. hot hardness ol' Ute toolonaletbJ c., 1 4 3 2
3. high positive mkc nnglo of the tool d. 3 2 l
\Vhich of these ore correc.f,1 12. Which one oi !11<: followina c not a .fualure
n_. 1. 2and 3 of ge;u hobbling: proo:,ess? -
b. I anll 3 a. lliglo rate of production

c. 2 ond 3 b. Generation ofholical gcars

d I nnd 1 c, Very :occomte l<)oth profile
19. Mnkh l, ist l wit)l n select Uoct d. Getteration orintem.a l l!'!al'll
C\)ni'Ct 41\li\VCI' '23. 111e back' effect in jll\!!111 worldng io
Li." I (Operation) li. clastic recovery or the Rhcc.-t mellll after

/\.. r(;IM''nI ofthe lond

K BClring b. the <lri!Pn al 5hnpc ul' the
C. Cmmtcr l11?ring no<ltal

0 , Counter c. rcleli!C u( SIC/red energy in the shec.1

r,igt n (.-\pplioatinn) mellll
I IJst;d fb r c:nlargiog lhc end of a loQic 111 d. p>rliJII mc!Jll

give it .:onio:Al for u shon 24. M3tolo List with Ltijl U antl Ute
2. tlsod for enlarsi11s llllly a r1 J

J>vrloon of tho holu 1\ . Punch plte

3. U11cd fvr fUI L'ihulg lto1o B. Stripper
lfsed (Qr eulllflling n h<J ic C. StO(tt>et
Codes: D. Knocl< out
A 13 C D L.islll (Function)
a. 3 2 4 1 L Assisting wlthdrnwol ofUtc punch
b. I 4 2 3 2. Advnncing the workpoe"o through
c. 3 2 I correct di1anc.:
d. 1 2 4 3 3. Ejtction of tlt work-piece fl'om tlie
( n:vity

I of 14
noldlng tl>C .ffinll punch In the prr,per c. d.iffcrcnec in entb3lp) between
pos ition aturated air at tempernture and
('odes: that ir
.\ D C D d. diffdrcm:c in untmpy lletwcc.n
" 4 3 2 I snturnted nir ;ot aurface lempemlun: :qui
2 I 4 3 that
c. 4 I 2 3 29. Tlti: drug. co.:ffi.cicnt l'or Onw
J. 2 3 4 1 11 ith number (Ru)
2S. "l'he cimtmuity equation in Q ditlCn.'tltinJ a. Retll
lilr'm i:r )), Re

Re' 1
:1. !i!_ !t!_- c:tJIIStMt
d I' p d. Rot"'
Jf II 31), Mo lclo List I with Li51 U ond liOCI the
b. .J:...
M dV .Jp
List I (Basic Ide:tl Flow)
f' 11.. a r unili>rm flow over

.:. '"' riV - 1'1
.4 I' d011blet
t.l. .!d4 l eW
B. Superpofillou o.f unlJom1 Jlo11 over a
26. 26. Velocity defect il1 1Joundnl) l)'llf" &oun:.e and 3 sink

theory l .tef1ned "" C. SupCI'j>OJWon of o uniform flow o1er
ct. the: crrur m the mcll!!Un:mc'nl ul' JOHN:e
velocity .1t any JX!inl in the h,>ui>dar) D. Supdrpositlon of a free vorte.x Oow
laver nJong with ll unifo rm flo\\ over .a
h clitrerence between >he veluclly "'
ra point within lhc boun(hr) lg) cr nnd the.
rr.,., .stream velocity
I isl ll (E:<omple)
I. Flow owr n lmlfR:t11kin<> body
c, Ute difference between tbc veloe>ty ot 2. Flow over o Rnnkiuc o\a!
any point wiUnn U1e boundary layer 3. a rotating hody
and \clod I neao't:r the boundary 4. Flow over a sfationary body
'l ibc between ibc t point Codo';
in lhc boundary layer and 1he Crc:i: A 13 C D

stream vel'X'ily a, 4 1 2 3
27. 27. Whlcll oflhe following stntcments h. 3 2 I 4
is con<cct? 4 2 I 3
Oehnmiditier coil surface temperature d. J I 2 4

i ahove the dew point temperature but 31. The s4unrc-root of th" rntiu incrtf;t fore:<}
b,;Juw Uu: frcoziug to gravity l't!rce is
b. Dc:bunojdificr coil swfncc tomperalure a. RcyMOids oumbot

ir holo'f the dew point temperature bu> h. l'rourle num her

freezing point lemper>tUrl= c. munher
c.. D<ilutruOiti.:r eu il t..Oif"''"'lure d. number

is be low both rite dew point .3;2. TI1e C)[ b<luudury

lempernture and the freezina point at tl.l.<;tance lC from cdg() 0\ er
lentpernlnrll not plate VJrrics ns

d, DclmmjJ ifi.:r coil ll:mp<'t'tlturc n. xt<:<

is obo1o: both the dew point b. l(tr..
temperature lbe freezina point c, x''
temperntuo:e d.
2!1, L'otru heal transfer from 2 W<!tlcd SUJface J3. For two-dim"Jl>ional fluid elemonl ius y
depends upon planQ Uoc robtio n>l component ,. givbn b)
dillercmce lD tcmperatvrc l>e>weeJt
surliH.-e -.lr . 1l ii)
b. diffcn<cnce tn bum.idity utio of und
airsaturate<J at wet sudilec tempcroture

'i ol 14
b Both A tand R ore true but R L' Mt rhe
b com:ct of A
c. A itruc but R ts fa be
I d. A be hut R rruc
;l& As<crti01J (. \ ): cast inS
d m =.!.[t\ n. prn=s '' IIJ lruc centrifugal
C0SIIn8 C)(CCfll lhol IX.'llfr3fl)()re UM:d
.<4. ,\senJOn (I\ 1: The spceck ot roo I in it to fomt onnersurliocc
'Jlrndle lire U>lt.'lll) dC>Ioi!Jlcd 10 fullu\\ ReJson IR) In emtcentrifugal .:asling
lhc oxi:! uf!pin is alwo) \crtical.

I pmgn::.si<Jil.
peed ll. 13otlo A '"'d R Jl c I rue It ts lloc
Reuon (R) II i cosier lu
pnrsre i(>n lhmugh c<lm:c:t "'JIIo!ll>tion ofA
'" jplmerrieol
guanng. h 8oth /\ and R m: true hUI R "' nnlthc
C!Jm:<:t c\plonatinn <IfA
:r. DotlJ A and R nre lruc nn(J R it tllo
corm:t c:q>illnolion (lf A .:. \ i> lruc but R k fobe
d \ is fkc but It iJ lruc

h Roth \ ond R are I11Je bUI R i5 nol the
cxpln!ll>tion of A W. Assertion I;\): for ductile nr.ucriol <;tress
11. .\is IJIW bulR i< far.e shin cun-o os "slraig hl line upto lhe yieltl

d A 6 F.. be bul R ,. lru"
Rc:uon (R). Ill<: rruotwol foUo'" !looke r"
3S (A): 'I he "'
mnohinc h>Ois help> lu
tnn(hining :tceuracy, a. Uotb A ond R .,.., lllJe Md R u Ore
ra Reoson (R)' fhe stabiloty of lhe srst.-.n con"ct "-'<plortuion of A
improv"" due 1-o lho b Hotb ,\ and R ore lruc bot R "' not the
inlrodudion of feed bad controL C()rrect explonooion ofA
c. A lll Inn: but R IS ft.e
Both . \ nd R arc lruc and R 11 the
oorrecl e.q>lo!ll>t:oon ol \ d. A ;. false buo R i< 1ruc
Ill. PI: Mom17lllion mc:lhod for
b. Both <\ nnd R an: 1111e but R nor 1hc
of po"der s cwn-1!15 of
con-ect "-'r>l>notion uf A
c. \ IS tnoc bur R is folc noechanicoJ di.intcgcntlon of onolt<31

d. A fa but R i rruo stream mto line P"rli<>IC5.

IR): i\lomi7alion mcohnd ;, nn
.\s<c:rtroo (.1\ 1: lot Ore csc: of >pur
e-<ccllt!11 mean' of mking j)ll\\ (rom
the: laclh c:.xc.:ouc pwc rollinj!
m0110n Wolh r01pect to cch othor from Uoe high tcmpcrnturc onet.1b.
on!(agemcnt 10 riA u. Dollt 1\ :nod R oro nod R IS ohc

commenot mt nl of
\l<lrrcct f'l:ploMi ion A
Reawn (R). 'Ore in\Oiutoo or II. lludo A and R true bul R Ill nol tire
ute which correct CXfJIIu rtimo of i\
mnling teeth ore conjug

<( gc:urinJI. c. \ lruc holl R is f.obc

ohcy lhc: low
d. \ i f>lsc hut k i> truo:
> Rl!th 1\ 4nd R ore lrue >nd R ti the
c.'plolll>tion Qf1\ 41 Ass11ion (t\1: Cotnpaou<:$ mvc.ting in

R 111'0 11\oe hul R I; n<>t the CQUIIII j.,_., II ith higlo inflntf011 r"ICII ll.'>C
b HO!h \
Om:ct c\ttlamLHIII vr A pa) l>ntk l"'ffod method lbr capitol
1!. .\ 0, true but R i fJI>c

rl. A is false hut R i! ltue Reason (R): 'lhe op<;rnli ng tlo\\s in

(A): Spot wcldin.!! i adopted tn such invt:Srmunlli rg prc:ci<c iJ ""d casilv

"':ld lwo O\<tbpped metal berween
a. Both A and K. arc lnte and R IS
'" o point..
COt'r<cl cxplnnaliun of A
n co son I R ): In lhi< pruucss when Is
swilched on. Lhc: lapped of metol ore b. Uolh ..\ nd R ""' lruU but n 1!1 1tol lhc
hcotcd in n:stncted ore;o correct explato:otli>n of ;\
Both A aud R ore true and R ;, lire c. A 1s true but R os

correct cxrtlonaiion of A d. A false but R i!J true

6 "' 14
42 Asertion (.\ ): Cltronocycle graph 1.1 useful with sudd.en expamion or udden
1n sc:thug the dln.>ction as well ru. of cont= tloo.
tM mO\ omelll of U1c human fll)th A and R 3re lnlc ond R 11\c
elc.:mculli, Cuottt Of t\
(R): A Ncord of pafh of mnvement b. B<1th A nil R >re true hu1 R ;. not the
i at'fcclcd hy continuous snurcc nrlig)lt I!On'Cc t expbn:llion ,,r A
BoUt i\ aod R are true nod R II Ute " A true but R is fa)>e
correct e,xplonation or1\ d. A ;, fob'C but R is
h Fkith <\ and R ore true hut 'R It not the> 47. l:onider the following <b1ernents
oom:ci espl3noliC\n M A I. Fn>rn it is

c. A is 11 ue but R is always 111 c.lls1 '""'
tl A ;, fnl!c but R itrue ribM<)n the ,.,,oi11n thnn on
43. (AI; line lio> ide:,
llhi)Vc the h)'(ln ulic: grsde line Jttll Is 2. C:.st irott is an cxec:l)eot chl)icc (1)1'
nlwa)" p3nUcl to lL tnllchinc tool guides nnd from,.,.,
RcnliQn (R) ' ll>o vertic) diflt,rencc 3. Cost Iron parts hove low notch

between energy gr:oae line oml hydrnnlic sensitivity.
line is il<jualto t.be velo<:lty head. \Vhicb of t.bese ate '"" = t1
"" Both A aud R ore true allJ R is lhc:c a. L 2 and 3

con'llct expLmnJ.lon of A b. 2 and 3
1>. Both A and R U')le but R i> nollhe c. I and
con'Cet eJq>bnatlon or A. d. I and 2
c. A is truo but R is fol"
ra Consider the lb lto" ing slntcrucoiS:
d, A is false but R is true 1. Critocal or whirling speed or the ,;holt
44, AssertiOn tA): W:11er will lheze nt a is the speed al which ii lends to v obr:ole
llitlher tolllJll:ratui'C> tf the pressure i1> \ iolc:utlv in tl10: tra11sverse direction.
irn:reascd. 2_ l'o liud.thc mlurnl frcqucuey ofn hnJl
fU..son (K): \\.oter e'<pands on l'reezins c."rryin.g 'i.e\>m:sf loads. tbe- energ_v
whioh by Clapeyron's givet< method gives npp1'oxinlllle l'esulls.
uegntlvc slope for Ute cu!Yc. 3. Dunker Icy$ gi\'cs A"<ltirnle
o. Both A nd R ore true !ina R is the:

results of tho naturnl frequency of .1

eXplonoti(>n or A $1\all carrying Jn:ul.
h, Bnll !I und R arc U'Uc but R not tho \Vhicl nf i a.r.: e<or.ecC?
con'CC!t orA a, I tml)'
A is true but R !'! f:tLt )). 2 and :>-

d. A i but R is true c:. I ll1l d :;

-15. (.-\ ): l3)'Jl3S$ fa1t!r vf . d. I. 2 anJ 3
lccl'l:!ls_c with lh:ll1'ce iu r,., vclt>city. -19. 1\.fi td t Li>t I witll Lun IT nd cle"1 tloe

(R): Air gets more time tn c:nn-c:ct umwer:

the: cooling coil ot lower f.1ce veltJcity, l,ist I (fvlc<:hnniclll l'roptrl) )
Bl)th A ntl R tru" anti R is the: A, Sttengtl1 ll):w)

oorruel 4Xj)!Anotion o}f A B.

b. Both A and R are true btJt R io not tlle C.
""rm!l c:Xplmation of A 0. Ductility

.:. A is truo but R i> l111se List IT (Meosurcd in Tcnns II)

cL ?1 is rlsc bot R i true L Pcrccntngo: elongation
4(). A'"ert iot (A); H e;rd lo (or 2. Modutll!! of elnsticil)
expan:don IS more Ut:ul the hed loss [Qr 3. Endurance bmit
s_udd.ll ror the .same dinmo<!.:r 4. lmpacl sll'ens lh
ratio. Codes:
Reason tR): Head loss ,aries as the square A <8 C U
of too ratio o[ lloe upstream and L 2 I 3 4
dtJWnstJo:uu vt:locili-s in tbt pipe fitted b. J I 2 1
c 2 d 3 1

loti J I
d. J I 2
50. 50. Consider the following stateLncnl!l:
I. lhoCII) is in better
lor the of
cJuL'lile materials.
2. Ma.,imum nonnul thcol) gives
gond prcdicuon for the fuflurc ofhrill lc
3. Moduli or ehtsticit) in 1r11siou uttil
C'\mpressinrt ore DS>tlnl<d tO be

in the Str>:SS nnolysi of For the nrmngem<:nl sbomt in tlte ligure.
curVed benms. wbl\t is !be furce witb "bicb a person
\Vhicb uf these s UtiCillClliS is/urc CUITCCI? weighing 500 K pulls the rope dt,lvrtwurt.l
a, 1, 2nndJ utA to supporl himsclf lilmng7
b. I and2 o. 166.7N
c. 3 only

b. 200 N
d. l und 3 c. 150 N
51 tl. 500 N

+---- ., 54. v. L F. m ontl u !"CJlrescnt dis plnccmcnt,

vC!Iouity. time, fQr,:c. (JJid
acoeleraliotl Match List I
(bpression) "ilh Ust II 1
ra l'rinciplcl) und sdert Ute correet rulsWtr.
List !
A, ' "' lit' 91
B. y c Q[ -> ll
l' s = 41
A tlitTerelllilll pu!Jey is ,.-ubjectctl to belt D. f - DIH "' O
tensinns sh011 n in Lite dfagrnm. "I he Ustll
resulting force und momcn1 when 1. C<\JlSWnt occclcrntiM

U1llttemd to tltc centre of tlte puiiC) nre. 2. Vnrinble occclcrnlion

re;peCLi WI) 3. f)"Aicmbcrrs princ.iplc
a, 400 'N :utd 0 Ntn 4. Uuifnnu motion
b. N and I00 Nrn Codes:
c. 500 N ond 0 Nm A B C D

d. 500 N .md WO Nm a 1 I 4 J
52. b. 4 3 2 I
c. 2 3 4 1

d. 4 I 2 3
55. A cin:ulur dl;;c rolls tlown wltloo111 slip 1111
on inolin11 llle ru.Lio Llri\!i rolulionul

kinetic cncrg) lo the tohtl cncrg) Is

8. 1/4
100 "" b. 112

Tbe fi1rcc F such thot bmlllhc burs AC and c. 113

BC (AC' and BC' tW L'<.JUal in k"llglh) as tl. 1/J
shown in Ute ligurc are idcnlfcally 5(). Consider the f(llh"' ing stale1nents:
1s Cariok.s acccloration uppcur.:
a. 70.7 N tn the acceleration nnnl).sls of the
b. 1110 N f11llnwing plan or
!!. t4 1AN I. Whilwortll qi.Jick-rewm mechnnism
J. 168 N 2. Slider-crank mechunism
S3. 3. "cmch-Y11kc
Which I'I' Lltcse l<lure Oltrroct']

g of 1-1
n. 1. 2w1dJ b. Druupfng ta.ctor
b. I Wid 1 c. L<ll\atillunic
c. 2and3 d. M3gnilication factor
d. I only 1\2.
57. Which tllle uf l.he following is au
straight mechanism using lower pairs?
t1. Wuus mechanism
b. O=hopper o1echanism
mechnni.<m )
d. mechnni m

58. Consider the li;JIIowing '1lll<m(nls in A
re_S[K'I..1 (If l'uur- bar
In the cpicyclknl gear !min shown in the
L I\ possihlt 111 hal'c U1e length of om:
flgllrt'. T, = T 8 = 21), l'or lhrtt
1ink thrm thu sum of h:ngths 1f
revolltljOII$ nf the !lfiU. tho [l Will
01u thl'<'e
2. I f the sum Ill' the lengthS of the

u. 6 rL-volutlOrb
nnd the longest links than lho b. 2.5 rc\'(!lutions
sum or lengths of the other t\1 o, i1 is
c. 3 1\!\ olutions
known as Ornss lloff s Unkage.

d. 9 re\'Olutloos
3. It ;, possible 10 htwe the sum ut' lhu
63. Which one nf' 1hc following st&tcmellls In
lengths of the sboL1est and the lunges! respect ptolllcs for gcor te-eth os
links greater thnn thai of the remaining not correct','
lwo links.
ra a. occurs in Involute profiles
Which of these statements osrarc com:ct'l
b. ln>olut<: roo1h limn is to
a L2and3 chnngt: in ccnm: between the
b. 2 ;!ltd J miSe circles
c. 2 only c. Basic ruck f(Jr irwnlute prolilc has
d. J !itraightline form
rhe height of wnu' s gowmm Js
tl. Pitch diruneters or t WO milling
n. pmporli<lnnl hl the speed
in olut" gears are directly proponional

b. proponiomtl to the [speed)" to lhc bnse clrck diameters

c. inversely prnp<lf[ioual w the speed Trn iJjc on the roMs b). llglus
d. pro(lUrtiumol lo Ill\? (speed)
" here the tinting operates
irn:s p.:ctiw ur the intc11sity CJf trnllk js nn

r c"<ample of
a. Clased loor conu'Ol

b. 1Jndtr-.1il.mpo:d cunltol
c-. Open loop control

k I d. Ovcrdnmp<'d
1he f:ogum shuws a cdtlcaU) damped


springmllSS undergoing
denree of freedom vtbmlions. If m 5
and k ::!0 Nlm. the value of
.. .


)'! ,fl
a. IONslm
b. 20Ns/m In the wvcn conligurtlun or
c. 4:NS1m mechtul1sm o. shown in the ligun:. VA=
d. 8 Nsfm 40 m/s and Y t 30 m/s. '1he mag_nilulle of
61. 1n
subjected to damp..'!! lim:cd vchlcily of 13 relative hl thc slider A
th< r.uio tlr is
disrlnm.mmnl tu the smtic is a. 30 mls
knnwn as b. 40
11. Crilll'ftl dtunpiug rutiu c. 50 miN
d, 30 3 JlliS 4.
Oldllnnl"s couplin& is nn il.-L'fSinu the or
chain used in
u. Whfl"onh quiciHc.tum Ciltk,;:
b, Elliplicnl lrnmmel A a C D
c Rfllflry engine a l 1 I
tl Univenml juiltl b. 2 I 4 J
67 In balnncing of ott-l ine Cttgmes, l!, 4 I 2 3
firing onkr helps to conrrollhc magnitude d, 2 3 4 1
t:\f 72. Which ol' the foliowing tlte

a. Pnmar} lorces <nly charactemucs of
IJ S<condof)' IoNes 11n ly I, ; peed ul' produerion
e. r>rimnr} l'on:cs nnd primary c11uplo:s 2. GooJ finish
on I) J . Dlmcm;fons cun be mo intuinc<l witlt
tL l'ruuar} and secundury Oltly dose
68. Tbe of dtn..-ct und cr:lllks 4 . MeCh1111ical properties o f the "-'irudct.l

u;cd In for products urc in li!nl" ''' lhnt o l
11. the (."t!ntrnl Ouctuutions rolled prDducts
b. ltaluncrng and Select the com:ct using I he oodt'>

1!. koncnitttic gtvcn belo\\
.t Vibrnlllln unulvsi!. a. I and 2
69 Whith l)rte of the Fulluw ing Is not tilt b. I 2 and J
eJec1tk reststnce rnetlvtl uf \\cldln.!,\1
ra c.
u. Plcctro slag welding d. I nod 4
b. l'ercusston wcldmg 7J AJ rollnt ICJI1 j)Cf(llttrC, which UIICur the
c. Scam wcldmg: following IS the correct sequence o(
d. Flash \\cldmg incrcnsing hardness of the tool mntcrillls'!
70. tn one selling of rolls in a 3-lugb rolltng a Castnllo) - !ISS
mill. one gets. ll. HSS- Cnsr alloy Cemmic Carbide
a onetcductiou ut dtickncss HSS - Cust alloy Cnrhide- Cct4mic
b. two reductio us m. rluckncss

d. llSS CMbiJe - Cc11mtie

c. three reductions in d1ickness 74
d, t\1'0 or three in
depending upon the sellfn!l
71 I ist I (Forging Opemtion) with List

II ()I' Qpe.mti<lnl and

select the corre<:t nnswer
List I ""'!"!t-
Titc lool life curves (or two A und a

>\ Eilging are shown ln the ligurc und chcy follo\V the
A Fullcring lool lite cqunllou VT" C Constdor the
C.:. Dmwiog lo llowing staccments

D. Swaging I. Value or n for both the roois is same

list II 2. Value o(C (ur both the IIIOIS tSSnme

3. Value or (' for tOOl A \\ill he 11reatcr

chon lhat l'or lhc 1001 ()

4. VuJuc t>( C for tool (j wll) be llfCIIICr
than tbnt for the tool J\
Which of th.:se statements is/are correct?
a. I 11nd 3
h. I
c. 2 onLy
d. 4 only
75. As the cutung speed iucrilUscs

''" more heat " 10. the work c. :u .2,q
plece an<l le$8 heat 1> 10 the d. 2. <U. I
lOIII 80. Wlich One M U\c foiiC\Wing dues not li)rm
h. IUOI'<; is eruried AWO)' by (he chijl a I"'''
of tbe direct cost oJ' 11
and IC!i heot c< '"'""milled t<) tool a, lost 11f specialtl)l>ling used
c.. more hent is t<J both the h. l"qMf <1f mnterial use;!
c.hip nd tltc lO<ll "- CosLofntoterial
<L more heat 13 transmitted tO t>olh tbe d. Wng11 of the lnbow
WQr\; pie<:e the t11oi l$1 . !\latch I wfth l.isl II and
76. Which of l'oiiQivintt prodU\:ed h)' cOm>cl >nSWtr

1owder mctullurgy prncoss? Li!l f (CostElcmcut)
I, ide die> A. Di.count
2. P<JrllU!I B, Prep.ratihli nf the m#chinc for n
3 . Stoall produ.:t
4. Paris with inlri.,.tt shap.:s C. :-J'egolllltions. with w nJors
Solec.l Ute corrccl answer using t.h..: code,; D. Romt fur the warehoue

given below: l.islll (1'ypeofCosl)
a. 1- land 3 l. Ordering cos1
b. ], 2 :wtl4 2. Mlllc-ri.1J QOSt

c. 2.3and4 3 . SclAip cost
do 1,3 ,.nd4 4. C.;nrying<XJst
77. 1n paris produc.ld bv [lowder ntl.li1Ul'JlY Cooes:
process. prc.sintering is done.. to
ra .\. B C 0
n. increase lhe toughness of the a. 2 I J 4
CO Ill po nen I h. -1 3 I 2
b. incretl<e tiLe density ofllc c. 2 3 I 4
C>. bonding of nonntetaJiio d. ,J
1 3 2
pnn ieles 82. \\lhioh rnte of tlte follo\\'ing oomlCtly
d facilitate of lite pan rept-es.:nt.<; t.be #verage: inl'entocy turnover
78. Coruidll! Ute following slatOOtenl!. lu rnlio for 11111' mntorials?

respect of fubricotlon of pins tic products a. .\nnual saiCIIarulunl invcnlori

I C'llntJ1re$-<inn m<IJiclin,g is nnalog<1us 10 b. ,>\.verage 1\fc\rking volum el
hvt of ro,dt;red total pi'Qductilln volume
2. mouldmjt modifiMtion uf c., AnoUlll t:OnsumplionlannWII invc:nll)ry
C<JntpM>icrn d. Volllnle of opnre onnual snle

3. Injection moulding li tO die s.;. Which or the following are the

<If melllkl t:lc:mcmts uf in ""Pita!
-t 'fTlltmf.,. muulJu'!! is !<imibt h) budgeting?

hyclr:mlic t:,'<1nJ6ion I. Dividend

Which ,,,.,hese nre 2. rctine.l
.1,I nnd 2 3. Loao to otler compnni...;

b. 1 and3 -+. Del'rocintion

"'- 5. New in' etments
d. 2. 3 ond 4 Solec.l the = t U<lng th .:<>des

79. CMsld;:r the fo llowing .:oustitue.ll of giVen bdoW

capital 1\udgctin.g: l, 2nod 3
I Slwn range capill b. 2. 3and4
2. Long range c.lpltal budgetirlg c. I. 3 and .S
3 . Search I'or opporlu.o.it[c and <our= d. 2.4 onJ 5
4. .M.oasurcmcot of worth and sc:lectlon S4. The lnyout of sbip bullding indusuy
'r he correct sequence of thee <tops lrom hould be
t.he:comnu:ncernenl is Prttt-ess b yout
1L 3. 2.. L -1 b. Group layout
b. 2. 3. 4, I c:. Fixed Joyout


d, Producllayout d omce eM + 1md dlstrtbut iO!l
liS. Qf Hmbs are 1hruugh c.\penscs
I. Elba" In resp'Ct Qf time Jludy. nawh Lis1 I
2. Fing<'r (Si1U11tioos) wltb Us1 11 tAIIowauce) and
3. Hip select l.be corred umwer
" Shoulder Usrl
.s Wrist A. To allow for personal needs
Whm I Sel)uencc in b ro delay'" wuo k
Ol'dcr Of IOI.IIItlll Ill or lillie C' Otfcrctl undeo eircwns1nnces u1
IUld to oununa;s

fi1dguc in,ottd'l
a, 3, 4. I. S_.. .l List II
b. 2, 5 , I .t. 3 I Contingency allowance
c. S. 2. 3.. l. 4 2 f'olfcy alLowaoce
ll. 4. 3. 2, 1.5 3. Injury allowance
86 I Relaxation aUo" ;mce

r A ll C
I 11. 4 I 2

I .11\ 1d I
b. 3 1
t t'. 4 3
"\I ll 89
d 3 2
Ma1th I is1 with LIS! II und selecl 1hc
ra R rorrect answer:
lost r tClnu'l5)
rhe f!IVen
shows ihe ul' A. Opemd\111 process chnn

ihc pcnodoc rt\lt:W m A. Flow process chnn
m vclllol)' comrol system. Mntch LtSI I C: Flow dlagrw1n
(C'hurntlensttci) w11h list II aud 0 PR1' cluut
select lhe correct answer Ustll tApplicationsJ

List l I. Scheduling proJtlCl openuions

A- Lead time To study bad.:tmding and rraffic
B Ordered quanlft) congcsfil)n
C. Sofcty 3 fO aiiiii.)'ZC IOdil'fft COSLS A$

0 Rov1ew Pft!IJ(I m:ncnlll hundhnt: cos1

II 4 ro study rel:uion5 bclw"'"' OflurrnloltS
I 01! Codes.

2 . Fll 1\ B C D
J . co
4 . R 1A
4 3

5. AD c. , 3 ..t I
d If I 1 J
A B C 0 \\1uch of 1he foliO\\ inj; rue the

1 4 2 s charnc1erlsucs ofJOb order prcxhlclfon1

S I 4 J 1. I hgh de!,'fee of prodUction control
c:. 3 4 S I required
tL S 4 2 3 ' Division of labour is dfective
Which of 1he follo''"'g is i:l.J1ICSSill" 3 Detailed schedule is needed for eacb
[or the mart.et pnce? ro111ponen1
Scllollg + d$cOulll. Ill I A Oe,, ible Jayoul u preferr\!d
h. pnce discou111 10 Sclctt lhc con\let ans"':r u.\ioltl thu codes
c, Total cost ' d1scouuLW dlslnbuwr f!l\'ell below

12 of 14
I. 3 Qnd o1 respectively, Uten rmusiu-Cl:.peyron
h , equation applied to chang" of from
liquid tC\ \apuur
I 11nd 3
.1. 3 ond4
dp- (\ -h, )
91. The In metnl outting can . rlt- (11, - lo, )
convonienUy be determined by
a. insL'Illina tJoannocouplc on tbu job dp
h instoUing thet111ocoul)le rm the tool b. dl . T(I; 11 )
c <:11 lorimetric.set up

d, radiLion c.. - ...
Identify ()f .;hngc 11f ' ttr r
system In wlucb the IY<I,.k 1s !!f:._ (11_ - h.)'l
mroumum d. t;IJ - (JJ, h,-)
o. l<otbermol
97. A gas turbine cycle with Infinitely large
b lsochonc

uunober of $Uigos during compressiott and
c. Hentropic apnnsion approch.,;
d. Ptll)IJ'ophit a, Stirling eycle
93. A c.ych: during which_
b. A!kinson

there fout boot lPn&fers Q11 = 220 k1.
Qn =- 2S kl. Q,. = ISO kJ. Q.,
= S() kJ.
d. Hrnvton cvcle

n,c work during tlu-;:c of the rrt,.,.,.,<li iK

W1: ; IS kl. w,_. ; 10 U. W.ct., 60 kJ. 98. Tlte COP of-. refrtglll':llOr on n rever..ed
ra Cnmot cyclt is 3. Tlte ro1o of higher
The work the .J J
temperature to the \ower
. 230 kJ
temperature \i.e. T:l T a) is
b t) ld
a. l.25
c:. 2.W kJ
b. 13
cL 150 k1
c. lA
Which onu of Lb" following slnh:meolll i&
d. l.2

For pn t11e
a. C'l13nge In entropy dur!i\8 1Werswlc
adiab>tic is 1.<1'0
h. linll'opy on ereas<>s willl til addition or
H! J, r(! ).] equolta
bcot !1. let<!

u. 'fhrollling is cnnslrult b. cr1 c;,

axponsiQn proce<> c. R
1), l'hunge in enlrot>Y when ; i$ d. R'l'
ltcted und"r pr.,.sure is given

100. For n non-flow con.tont pre'5nre

bySJ -: mCp log. Tzfft lloe be;, I <:.X<lhllllj!C is cquol to
95. !l u, T. v, s, h ond p ID intomnl energy
- 7.ertl
temperature, ''obm1a, entropy. enlbn lpy

b. wolk don"
lind pressure res)X'ctively: aud subscript 0 c. the eba'1!le in jotcmn l energy
rcfo"' to ouviroruncnllll ooudltiaru;_ d. lhe cbnnge in
avn ilnbility function ror n closed rystem ;.

101 For a r<'lll lhennodynamic cycle

giveu by
:l, U Pu\- - l'f.\ n. tlfntt < rr,
b, u IJQ" T9" h l)lo/Q I V
c. b l p0v T..
(fJt/Q r = o)
<l h ""'' T olS
tf h, p. '('and -. refer to onU1nlpy. presure. d. (fJJQ ' I :Ill
tomp<:r.nurc and S)X'cilic volum"
rc:8p.:ctivcly: nd I' refer tC) 102.. A higher value of Vander Wa>ls" constant
sntwation cQUdilions or vapour ond liquid for a gll> indicate5 tltat U\e

13 ul IJ
n.. ol the gaJj hove $maller L P"-""'ns wblne
diameter 2. de
b. gas can b.: eaSily liquefi.:d 3 singing
c. gal bighc:r molecular weiJ!,hl {'u11i$ lnging
d. gas''""'
.nole<!ul> 11ciglll Codes:
103. Consider o.n actual rugun\!1'3tivc Rnnkine A .B c D
cvcle with one open l'ecd water he.1ter. l' or a. I 2
.;c:b steam entenng . U1e .. "' kg 2 3 .. 1
sWl!m Sp<'<lillc etlilllllpy ofl11 s bled
&om the turbine. Spedfic cnlbal1>Y of
c, ' 2 4 1 5

J 2 4 3
water entaring the heorer is h, , The
ltiR lu steam and otha- vapour cycles. tbe
i< pectroc etuho lpy of (turated liquid
process of n!moviug l!l
Juuvlng IJ1c heate. !. uqua lla

... tnlt, - (hl hd a. Scavenging proce$S
h ht - Ill (hl h, ) h.

e. h, - m jh, - h,) c. !;xl,.,ust
d. ml12 - 012 - h11 d. process
III-I 1;1 the ol' ""l'.:rsarurated steom 11(11\ Ul9. Which of the following tclntionij n1ust hold

through nozzle. which uf Ute following rur ttn irrigation!& I tlow jn
!tlaleml.!n(s_ anJ corrc..::t?
Uu: >< - y pl>ue'l
L Avuibbillty
in Vu
2. 1\.fas llow CCid't.ci,..,t a. - - - ==- 11
0 ex
ihl i/wl
3. Nw..zl<: veludty coeffic.ienl is less ll>a11 b. - - - - -11
WJity {); t1x
Soled the C.01Te4:-t :a.m1wm ustng lhe codes
iJw iiv

g iven below Q,> o:
u. I. 2
b. J :llld 2
d. q.,

.:. 2 aml3 110. The cncffioient nf (iiclion i ' in lerrM of

cl. l oud 3 sheur -stres$ tc, is g-Iven hy
105. Whieb of the followmg Jl1<1ftllal power
pL1n1a will have IJu: h&hesl overall thennal
a. r = rv"ZT
eflicieucyJ b. I'= to' I" ;

c. f = llpv1
o. Stcllm power planL
h. GlU turbine power plonl d. 1=
Combined gos and power plnnl Ill. Vclvcliy n lilrbulenl

ooundary lnycr follows

cl. Diccl power plnt
a. Log.uitlunicJaw
106. !'he tu.nction of the moderator in 11 nuclenr
J,, Pmbolic law
rcucwr is to

n. stop chain ieaction c, low

h. reduce neutron d. lnw
112. oro r<:c.iprocoling

c ttbsurb noutrons
cl_. reduce tamporature
is by
lsolhcmml ww k
107 L"n f wltb LiJt IT and solcct the:. a.
corrc:ct aRSWer: Jndi<lltod wed ..
List l (Fe3lure) lndioated wnrl;
A. Single slllge lul'biuu 19:1thmnnl wrrrk
B. Pt<:SSUI'C CUIIIJXJIIUding c. Adob.-111c wurk
t.ndu;:tLcd worl;
C.. Vc:locily compounding
D , turbine lodacat<u
LIS! rl (Turbine I AdJb! rc

14 ltl
the lilllowing suuomonts: c.
If llllliSI uir is adiabaticully in on
flir wt(l;her than

I wc1 bulh oemums
2. relative humidit) incrcn>es
3. dry bulb d.

buroidil) ratio decrcasas

,,, l. landJ
of statemenls are correct?

{X ,, "

c. 2. 3 und 4
d.. 1.3:wd4 118 The equuuon rders ru
114 /\ solid r ll OfiLS With half of its volume COIISCrvDiiOII u(
lotunetS<!tl in wa1er :llld solid Q lluals with a.

t\HHhinJs 11f its voluonc iunnets<d in h. llneur

water. lhe of P and Q nre c, ungulnr
111 rhc ratio d. <Jiler,)
:1. I 2 119 In o nomml shock wave 111 one-

b I:J noll
c. 2 : 3 a. pressure. and
d. 3 : 4 mcrcnse
11 S. raWhich one llf the f11lli1Wing is the mo>t 1. vciCICil) . and dCn'iil}
lmportnnl function or increase
cxvansion c. ttnd 1cmpcrnrure
:1. 'l'o control tltc degree ofsupcrhc.ut dccreusl'
b. To evaponnor tempcr.nure d. vclocil) , pr115surc11nd dcnsJtydcol'\.asc
c. ro conrrol tloc pressure drop l20 Cootsidcr rhc to llowong. "'
d. To Cllntml tltc cwponnor pressure n:specl ofceutrltilgal pumps
1111. tn is rhe I"Jtio nf lhc rntc ofproduoiiM of I. Hend developed is proportional to t]oc

neutrons to 1hc rot-e ofloss nf nrmrons. 1hc squlltl! of lite speed of rota1ion
nli!CIOr is Cltlled a crftlcul rcacwr. when 2. llackwnrd curved bladed tmpellers are
tt k=O used u1 cemrifugnl pumps,
h. O< k < I 3. pumps gencia:tl) do not require

c. k & I priming.
k > I 4, Mulristage pumps wuuld give lugher
11 7. v, II' represrnl pcriphl'nll. pwponional 10 lhe number

;ond relariw w loe11ies. nnd

sul11'< I and 2 reti:no inlet und outlet, 1hen Which ofllt.:sc ore Qorrccl'/
which or lite lhllo111ng velocity I und 2

trinnglt;, could he u ro:tiCiiOn sr;tgt b. lund 3

with reacuon mor" Ihan 5()%? c, 3 nud
(1, d. I and4