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National Women Student Coalition

Article I: Purpose

It shall be the purpose of the National Women Student Coalition of the

United States Student Association to organize and advocate for issues
concerning members of this Coalition on the national level. These issues may
include but are not limited to funding for women's centers, recruitment and
retention of women on college campuses, and racial and gender prejudice.
This Coalition within the United States Student Association has been
established to provide women students across the United States a venue to
communicate with one another in an effort to solve these issues.
Additionally, it allows women from diverse communities,backgrounds, and
identities to learn from one another and forge a bond of commonality.

Article II: National Women Student Coalition Membership

Section 1 Coalition Membership: Membership shall be composed of

students throughout the United States who identify as women and shall not
be limited to students with USSA membership.

Section 2 Membership at Congress: At Congress, membership shall be

defined as those students who attend the meeting of the Coalition and
identify as women. Students attending the Coalition meeting will have voting
power to elect the new chair as well as the Action Agenda items and
Administrative Resolutions that the Coalition will sponsor in accordance with
the USSA bylaws.

Article III: Coalition Leadership

Section 1 Election of Leadership: The leadership of the Coalition shall

include a Coalition Chair elected at USSA's annual National Student
Congress. The members of the caucus who have attended both meetings of
the Coalition during the National Student Congress will have voting power to
elect the Chair.

Section 2 Leadership Roles and Responsibilities: The chair of the

Coalition will act as the representative of the Coalition on USSA's Board of
Directors. The Chair will be responsible for carrying out the duties of a Board
Member in accordance with USSA's Constitution and Bylaws.
It shall also be the responsibility of the Chair to appoint Coalition
organizers. Appointments shall be made within two months after the close of
Congress. The Chair, along with the appointed Coalition organizers, shall be
responsible for communicating with the membership and organizing USSA
campaigns selected at the National Student Congress. The number of
appointments made is at the discretion of the chair.

Section 3 Vacancies: In the event that the elected Chair can no longer
fulfill the duties required of their position, applications will be circulated to
the Coalition membership. Applicants who have attended the preceding
National Student Congress or had been an organizer working with the
previous Chair shall take priority. The newly appointed Chair must seek final
approval of the majority of the Board of Directors.

Section 4 Leadership Transition: It shall be the responsibility of the

outgoing Chair to provide the incoming Chair with a transitional report on
their work throughout the year. This report should also contain the contact
information of student leaders with whom the outgoing Chair worked
throughout the year, as well as information on their experiences as
chair,including successful and unsuccessful campaigns. This report will be
provided regardless of the attendence of the outgoing Chair at the National
Student Congress at which the incoming Chair is elected.

The outgoing Chair should present the report to the incoming Chair by the
close of Congress with the exception of the Congress at which these bylaws
are enacted. For the year the bylaws are enacted, the outgoing Chair will
have two weeks from the close of Congress to present the report to the
incoming Chair.

Article IV: Meetings of the Membership

Section 1 Meetings: The membership will officially meet twice throughout

the year and must take place during the National Student Congress. An
official meeting may take place at the National Student Legislative
Conference, as deemed necessary by the Chair and the Conference

Section 2 Coalition Communications: Coalition leadership will stay in

contact with Coalition membership throughout the course of year to update
the membership on the progress of USSA campaigns and the Coalition. This
contact may be in the form most preferred by the Chair, including but not
limited to: Facebook, email, or phone. Coalition leadership shall
communicate with the rest of the membership once a month.
Section 3 Coalition Outreach: Coalition leadership will be responsible for
communicating with Coalition membership and leaders on campuses
throughout the National Women Student Coalition. Coalition leadership
should act as a resource to these organization leaders and update them on
USSA campaigns.

Article V Amendments and Approval of Bylaws

Section 1 Approval of the Bylaws: The Bylaws of the National Women

Student Coalition shall be approved by a majority vote of the membership
survey over the semester during the first meeting of the Coalition at the
National Student Congress.

Section 2 Amending the Bylaws: Any voting member attending the

National Student Congress can make amendments to the bylaws during the
first meeting of the Coalition at Congress. Amendments to the bylaws must
be approved by a majority vote of the membership. Amendments approved
at the National Student Congress will take effect once the chair submits the
final version of the bylaws to the Chair of the Board within two weeks of the
close of Congress.

Amendments can be recommended to the National Women Student

Coalition Chair and Vice Chair at any point throughout the year.
Recommended amendments cannot take effect until they have been voted
on by the membership at the next meeting of the National Student