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It is Worthy to Try and Fail Something Rather than not Attempting

The question as to whether it is worthy to try something and fail or never trying at all is

controversial with equally divided opinions across the board. Primarily, those against the idea of

trying and failing dwell on the bad attitude associated with failure. In essence, society has

painted a dark picture towards failure. However, it is important to understand that there is great

value in failure. One learns a lot from failure. Some of the worlds most prominent and

successful persons in spheres such as business, sports, music, and politics have experienced

failure in their pursuits. However, failure did not kill their dreams but instead sharpened their

resolution and skills to try again, hence improving on their weaknesses and ultimately attaining

the desired success. In this backdrop, it is better to try something and fail rather than not


Failure offers an opportunity to learn. Joubert, Laporte, and McFarland contend that

failure has a great lesson for individuals to learn (37). This lesson is vital in preventing one from

failing in the same way in future. More important, failure enables an individual to know his/her

strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it is imperative to understand that the likelihood of failure

is inherent in almost all human activities and when one perceives it as a learning opportunity

then it becomes an element of value (Prentice 89). Similarly, failure is only an event, and not an

individual, nor an attitude; instead, failure is a stepping stone, which imparts experience in a

persons life (Mnim 46). In particular, failure offers an opportunity to correct ones mistakes and
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reposition oneself to try again. History is full of persons who built from failure to achieve

immense success. Henry Ford failed severally before succeeding in the automobile industry.

Henry Fords first company, Detroit Automobile Company failed and declared bankrupt in 1901

(Nair n.p). His second and third automobile companies also failed. Despite the failure, he

continued trying. Today, his Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automobile makers in the

world (Nair n.p).

In conclusion, it is worthy to try and fail rather than not attempting to do something.

Every failure has a great lesson, which provides an opportunity to learn and correct ones

mistakes. Failure is a stepping stone to success. More important, failure enables one to discover

his/her strengths and weaknesses.

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