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2 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact
Letter from Americas Cup Bermuda Chairman, Peter Durhager
and CEO, Michael Winfield

As discussed in PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Limiteds (PwCs) report on the

Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of the 35th Americas Cup (Americas
Cup) on Bermuda (the EESI Report), the Americas Cup Bermuda Limited (ACBDA)
formed sixteen working committees. The ACBDA assigned specific roles and
responsibilities to each committee. These committees worked long and hard to deliver
on those responsibilities. The Legacy & Sustainability Committee (the Committee)
had a different scope and were unlike the other committees in that much of their focus
was, by definition, post-Americas Cup. Their Sustainability Charter was broad however
and, as described in this report, they had a significant role in setting those objectives.
The Committee worked with all other committees, and all those involved in the event,
to deliver and measure the sustainability guidelines and deliverables. The Committees
focus was to encourage that all criteria were met, and indeed where possible, exceeded.

The ACBDA was always concerned that there be a legacy of the Americas Cup, that
hosting the largest event in Bermudas history would have long-term, positive impacts.
The EESI Report makes it very clear that Bermuda benefited significantly from the
Americas Cup. This report brings focus on the residual impact and, perhaps more
importantly, what opportunities arose or are still to be realized. What is clear is that
much of that potential will not be automatically recognized. Careful stewardship and
determined action will be required. Such action is beyond the purview of the ACBDA;
it is for others to grasp the mantle and to ensure the positive momentum created by
the Americas Cup and the resulting opportunities are not lost but are grasped and that
momentum is maintained.

We are proud of the work done by all those who served on our board and committees
and the many others who engaged with us from both within and outside of Bermuda.
They shared the single goal of delivering Bermudas Americas Cup with a degree of
excellence that would enhance Bermudas reputation on the international stage, on time
and within budget. A goal that was achieved.

We commend this report to those with an eye on the future. We believe we have
demonstrated that a large event can be delivered with a commitment to sustainability
and where long-term benefits can be captured. The Americas Cup should be looked at
as a beginning of a long-term process to capture and fully leverage the legacy benefits.

Peter Durhager Michael Winfield

Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Americas Cup Bermuda Ltd. Americas Cup Bermuda Ltd.
Letter from Americas Cup Event Authority CEO, Russell Coutts

Bermuda was a wonderful home for the 35th Americas Cup.

During the selection process for the 35th Americas Cup we knew there was something
special about the island, its people and what it had to offer as a platform for the most
prestigious international sailing event. However, I believe it exceeded a lot of peoples
expectations in many ways.

As only the sixth nation to ever host the Americas Cup in its history, Bermuda, and this
event, was unique and iconic.

On behalf of the Americas Cup Event Authority, the Teams, families and everyone who
participated in making this event possible, we would like to thank the people of Bermuda
for welcoming us, hosting us and for allowing for this event to be so spectacular and

Beyond delivering a world-class sailing event, we believe in the significance of using our
platform to help and leave a positive legacy to our host nation. It was incredible to see
how Bermudas people rally, and in particular the early support we had to launch the
Americas Cup Endeavour Programme which was truly inspiring.

Through the Americas Cup Endeavour Programme thousands of Bermudian children

have been provided with an opportunity to learn and grow through the sport of sailing,
and there will be thousands more to come. This legacy was close to my heart but the
following report gives you a sense for how wide-reaching the impact has been and we
hope will continue to be in Bermuda for many years.

My encouragement for Bermuda is that it builds from this. It seeks to find ways to build
from Americas Cup Endeavour Programme to connect back to its Maritime heritage. And
to consolidate its position as a world-class sailing venue.

We will miss the buzz of the 35th Americas Cup, the crystal blue water and beautiful
pink sand beaches. But most of all we will cherish the time we spent in Bermuda and
most importantly the opportunity to experience the warmth, happiness and generosity of
Bermudas people.

Sir Russell Coutts

Chief Executive Officer,
Americas Cup Event Authority
Letter from Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy & Sustainability Committee
Chairmen, Arthur Wightman and Garry Madeiros

This summer, Bermudians along with countless millions around the world witnessed
the captivating scenes of world class sailors and their machines vying for glory against,
arguably the most awe inspiring backdrop the Great Sound in Bermuda. Islanders will
remember this spectacle for a long time. And the worlds sailing community may also.

Memories are one thing. Legacy is another.

And for us, the legacy from hosting the 35th Americas Cup in Bermuda is more important
than the event itself. Our vision is simple; that by hosting the event, significant benefits
economic, social, and environmental would accrue to Bermuda and its people for
generations to come.

This is a long term vision.

Its objectives will be realized over years not months and will require careful stewardship
and collaboration. The signs are good, and the encouragement to all, is that we extract
every ounce of value from the investment to ensure that this significant investment
opportunity for the country of Bermuda is maximized.

Let us acknowledge the groups and individuals, both local and overseas, that this report
documents and who have made wonderful contributions to Bermudas legacy. At the same
time we recognize the substantial efforts of the members of the Legacy and Sustainability
Committee for their body of work.

And to Bermuda and its people for sowing the seeds of an incredible legacy.

Arthur Wightman & Garry Madeiros

Legacy & Sustainability Committee,
Americas Cup Bermuda Ltd.
6 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

1. Executive Summary 8

2. Approach 13

3. 12 Areas of Focus 14

1. Large-scale local or foreign direct investment 14

2. Permanent enhancement of Bermudas brand health and profile 15

3. Sustained improvements in GDP, jobs for Bermudians,

macro-economic diversification 16

4. Contribution within Bermudas tourism sector 20

5. Infrastructure and urban regeneration 22

6. Social cohesion and socio-economic equality by gender,

race, ethnicity and age 26

7. Maritime heritage and geographic location 30

8. Sailing, health and wellbeing 35

9. Philanthropy 38

10. Community engagement and volunteerism 40

11. Intellectual capital 44

12. Ability to deliver major projects to a truly world-class standard 47

Maximizing the Impact of Events 48

Examples of Future Events that Could be Considered 51

Looking Ahead 51

Appendix A Key Legacy Opportunities and Suggestions 52

Glossary of Terms 54

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 7

The 35th Americas Cup (the Americas Cup) provided firm shows that optimum timing for assessing legacy
Bermuda with a unique opportunity to host the most benefits is between two and five years after an event
prestigious international sailing event. It was also the owing to the fact that legacy benefits tend to accrue over
largest event ever to be hosted by the islands people. a period of years post event.
The opportunity came with responsibilities; not least to
ensure that the event was sustainably delivered but also This report contains information relating to:
to ensure that Bermuda and its people can benefit from
 he areas of focus of Americas Cup Bermuda Limited
its legacy for many years to come.
(ACBDA) - the local organization tasked with
An independent assessment of the sustainability of the delivering the event - to drive legacy outcomes;
event based on economic, social and environmental
 xamples of significant legacy benefits that have
criteria was performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers
already materialized; and
Advisory Ltd. (PwC), (the EESI Report), and is
publically available. While related to the event only it Insights and lessons learned that will allow Bermuda to
provides evidence of the significant benefits already extract greater legacy benefits from this event and also
accruing to Bermuda and glimpses of the further legacy from future events.
benefits to come. A recent study from a PwC network

Within one year of Two to five years Five to ten years Ten to twenty years
staging the event after the event after the event after the event

9% 62% 25% 4%

Source: PwC Sporting Leaders Study on Legacy SportAccord Convention World Sport &
Business Summit 20151

8 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Vision and focus
The ACBDA set a clear vision; that by
hosting the event, significant benefits
economic, environmental and social
would accrue to Bermuda and its
people for generations to come. It
established a specific committee,
the mandate of which was to help
to facilitate this vision. In doing so,
twelve broad areas of focus were
established, from which legacy
benefits were expected to accrue:

Large-scale local or foreign direct

Permanent enhancement of
Bermudas brand health and profile
Sustained improvements in GDP,
jobs for Bermudians, macro-
economic diversification
Contribution from Bermudas
tourism sector
Infrastructure and urban
Social cohesion and socio-
economic equality by gender, race,
ethnicity and age
Maritime heritage and geographic
Sailing, health and wellbeing
Community engagement and
Intellectual capital
Ability to deliver major projects to
a truly world-class standard

These areas of focus are not to be the areas described within this report.
confused with the Early Signs of Other key legacy opportunities and
Legacy as shown in the following suggestions are highlighted within
illustration. The items in the the twelve areas in this report and are
illustration are examples of legacy summarized in Appendix A.
opportunities which are embedded in

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 9




Advertising exposure that the Americas Cup brought to Bermuda, with TV and online
coverage is valued at $80.9m. Bermudas exposure was elevated on a global stage,
which boosted awareness of Bermudas tourism and international business potential.
134 superyachts visited Bermuda during the event, an increase of 135% compared to

prior year.




Dockyard buildings were refurbished, Cross Island was built, water production and IN
waste treatment facilities upgraded, and several large-scale infrastructure and

hospitality projects were accelerated that otherwise may have taken years to




Bermuda has proven it can successfully host large-scale global sporting events.
Bermuda has secured rights to host the ITU World Triathlon Series, Oyster Regatta and

International Moth World Championships in 2018. Other possibilities include Formula E

motor racing, international offshore powerboat racing and Red Bull Air Races.




T E A M S, A



From refurbished sailboats to school supplies, playground equipment, furniture,
hydration stations, Wifi devices for public schools and computer equipment, donations

were received by communities, schools, and government departments. These benefit

Bermudas communities, leaving a legacy on the island.



OVER 1,600
Bermudas school students engaged in sailing through after school programs and
extra-curricular activities. Over 1,600 students, 9 12 years old learned to sail while
studying STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). The
programme has secured funding for the next two years from the generous support of
companies from Bermuda.

10 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact



From a young girls lemonade stand to a large food distributor, florists, mechanics,
entertainers and more, the Americas Cup created and boosted numerous local business

opportunities. Many owners describe the event as that extra boost needed to really make

their businesses successful, and others saw it as that final incentive to initiate their own
business ideas.




Bermudas residents and visitors were officially trained as First Mate volunteers and
Certified Tourism Ambassadors. The skills they learned and experiences they shared are

lifelong and they contributed towards a more socially-minded community. 78% strongly

agreed that theyd volunteer again in Bermuda.


Bermuda basked in national sporting pride. Nine Bermudian youth were exposed to
a possible sailing career, males and females, pushed to their physical, intellectual and
emotional limits with full-time training and world-class competition. They were selected
from over 120 athletes and sailors who tried out for the squad.




The events Sustainability Guidelines and numerous Tactical Plans set standards and
developed intellectual property for future events. Considering social, environmental
and economic matters in delivering the event, the plans included Security, Medical,
Transportation, On-Water and Waste Management. A new level of inter-agency

communication, collaboration and coordination was formed.

-I S



Reclaimed land in Dockyard served as the home of the Americas Cup Village. Fully
serviced with IT, water, electricity, sewage, and drainage, the Cross Island Legacy
Committee will determine future use for Bermudas newest island.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 11

Key insights noted in this report are:

Hosting such events can serve to be catalytic for socio-

economic equality strategies;

Legacy outcomes should have primacy over other event

Widespread stakeholder engagement from the outset
optimizes investment returns and legacy outcomes;
Looking ahead A coordinated business development plan which is
Legacy outcomes will continue to accrue connected to a national strategy for events is a requisite to
to Bermuda whether through increased maximize foreign direct investment;
tourism, investor confidence, social and
Culture is a driver for economic change, reducing adverse
environmental initiatives or other areas.
environmental impacts and social inclusion;
Bermuda has an opportunity to generate
greater returns through continuing A strategy which connects community champions to
stewardship and focus. In delivering such predefined socio-economic objectives will facilitate better
a large event insights have been obtained outcomes;
which both inform how to maximize the
legacy impact from the Americas Cup A formal policy on volunteerism and multiculturalism will
as well as how to maximize legacies from result in more effective events;
other events.
Standardized economic, social and environmental
metrics are required to allow for consistent and timely
measurement of outcomes;
The ultimate legacy from Formal national image management will allow for proactive
the Americas Cup will targeting of brand and economic outcomes through
only be known some hosting events; and

time from today. For A national event authority is justifiable if a nation is

now, the signs are good. intending on hosting events of scale.

12 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Measuring the entirety of legacy impact of the event In order to gain an understanding of the legacy benefits
can only truly be determined in the fullness of time. of the Americas Cup for Bermuda discussions and
Accordingly, this report focuses on the immediate and interviews were held with key stakeholders including the
short to medium-term legacy benefits, whilst identifying ACBDA, the Americas Cup Event Authority (ACEA), the
where opportunities exist to build further legacy benefits individual Americas Cup Teams, the Bermuda Tourism
in the future. Authority (BTA), and a number of leaders in local
Bermuda businesses, amongst others. Supplemental
information has been gathered through online research
on a number of media outlets including articles in local
media, the Royal Gazette and Bernews in particular, as
well as global media channels, all of which are referenced

A number of interviews were conducted with residents

and businesses who were positively impacted by
the Americas Cup being hosted in Bermuda. These
interviews provided further insight into what benefits
and opportunities the local community has experienced
as a result of the event and a better understanding
of how the Americas Cup impacted them. A selected
number of these stories are reflected in this report as
Real Stories.

Each committee of the ACBDA was required to As noted earlier, the ACBDA concentrated its efforts
incorporate specific legacy planning into their tactical in twelve broad areas. It is important to note that the
plans and to report to the Committee on the legacy ACBDA had a role of influence but was not the ultimate
items achieved following the event. The committees decision-maker in many areas where legacy benefits
ranged from Local Business Opportunities, Health & could accrue. As such the ACBDA has attempted to
Safety, Infrastructure, Security, Telecommunications, and provide a platform that enabled an elevated chance of
Transport, to name a few. Many of the legacy outcomes legacy success yet relies substantially on the sustained
achieved by the individual committees are highlighted commitment from many stakeholders to ensure these
throughout this report. lasting benefits materialize.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 13

Key opportunities
P  ortfolio document titled Investing
1. Large-scale local or foreign direct investment in Bermuda Opportunities for
Foreign Investment
The Americas Cup strengthened for success. The Portfolio identifies Hotel investments including: The
Bermudas global image and a number of opportunities, including Loren, Caroline Bay (Ritz-Carlton),
positioning following the successful those with social causes, as well St. Regis, Hamilton Princess, Azura
execution of an event of this scale. as more traditional investment and Rosewood Tuckers Point
The increased global exposure, opportunities, including:
credibility and confidence in
Bermuda helped to capitalize on International business St. Regis Resort in St. Georges

foreign investment opportunities. broke ground in 2017
This is supported by the fact that the
Americas Cup Teams are funded by Hamilton Princess underwent

some of the wealthiest individuals $100 million in upgrades in the
globally. These individuals as well Philanthropy lead up to the event, and were
as international and local sponsors named the Official Hotel of the
provide connections to some of the Real estate Americas Cup.3
largest global corporations, capital
The Americas Cup helped to Azura, at the former site of Surf

markets and funding institutions,
serve as an impetus to encourage Side Beach Club, commenced
family offices and private wealth.
and accelerate increased levels development in 2016
With this comes the opportunity to
of investment in the hotel sector,
connect this investment capacity Rosewood Tuckers Point are

with an addressable portfolio of planning to invest $25 million in
investment, or indeed philanthropic The Loren at Pink Beach opened revamping the property.4
opportunities. early in 2017
The new owners of the Rosewood
Portfolio of Foreign Investment Caroline Bay at Morgans Point,
 Tuckers Point were quoted as
a soon to be Ritz-Carlton hotel, saying that the Americas Cup was
Early in 2017 the ACBDA produced a
opened its new marina for the a launching point for a long-term
portfolio document titled Investing
Americas Cup boost for the market.5
in Bermuda Opportunities for
Foreign Investment (the Portfolio)
with an objective to use the Portfolio
as a tool to attract global talent and
investment. This Portfolio forms a
part of the legacy of the Americas
The 35th Americas Cup shone the spotlight of the worlds
attention on Bermuda and provided spectacular television coverage,
Cup highlighting some of the showcasing the beauty of our island. As a result of Bermuda being
opportunities available to invest in selected as the host for this event, we significantly increased our
Bermuda, whether it is hospitality,
investment in hotel upgrades. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, as the
infrastructure, through education and
philanthropy or by purchasing real Official Host Hotel, saw a record number of first time visitors during
estate and becoming a member of the event, with guests benefitting from the newly renovated, state-
the Bermuda community.2 Effective
of-the-art facilities. We believe the exposure from the event, both
distribution and activation of the
Portfolio will be vital to its prospects broadcast and tourist, will encourage more visitors to think of Bermuda

when choosing their travel destination for years to come.

- Andrew Green on behalf of the Green family.

14 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

The Today Show visited and toured
Bermuda in May 2017, airing a
segment which showcased the island.
The show presented Bermuda as a
high-end travel destination, within
close proximity to the US, and
especially suited for those interested
in maritime tourism.10 Kathie Lee
Gifford, host of the Today Show,
explained of Bermuda to her vast
following: I forgot where I was. It
ACEA 2017 / PHOTO RICARDO PINTO was like getting lost in paradise.

Key opportunities
 uture sporting & non-sporting
2. Permanent enhancement of Bermudas brand health
and profile
 lobal media exposure, $80.9 in
Advertising Equivalent Value (AEV)
Hosting the Americas Cup bolstered reputation as a domicile for global
Bermuda in highlighting its global sporting events, but also the
stature and brand as an up-market continued influence of sports tourism the future events that Bermuda will
destination and international sporting on Bermudas economy. host. Refer to Maximizing the Impact
and event venue. The event has given of Events section.
Bermuda significant exposure on the The potential for future events
international stage. extends well beyond sporting events. Global media exposure
For example, up to 80 US lawyers
Future events visited Bermuda in August 2017 Over 452 million viewers from 163
after the American Bar Associations countries watched the event, by 31
Bermuda is now well positioned to (ABAs) annual conference in New broadcasters, and over 411 million
attract future sporting events and York. The ABA chose the island for media impressions generated
has already been chosen to host the a four-day break following its annual through social media channels.8
following: meeting a first for the organization
and a major boost for Bermuda The value of media exposure
International Triathlon Union from the event, referred to as
(ITU) World Triathlon Series in the Advertising Equivalent Value
2018, 2019 and 2020; Bermuda was able to deliver a world- (AEV) was calculated by an
class event which further translates independent study commissioned
Oyster Regatta in 2018;
into the confidence of the residents by the ACEA at $80.9 million.
Moth World Championships in of Bermuda, that the country can
do it again. Survey results show that AEV represents the value
2018; and
97% of residents who attended the Bermuda would have to pay in
Atlantic Anniversary Regatta in Americas Cup agree that Bermuda order to achieve the same level
2018. would be able to host an event of a of marketing exposure generated
similar size again in the future.7 by the Americas Cup. The
These events have the ability to exposure gained over the course
continue the momentum created Many of the lessons learned from the of the Americas Cup aids in
by the Americas Cup and work initial bid, planning, executing and the branding of Bermuda as an
to improve, not only Bermudas post event review can be applied to upscale vacation destination.

Bloomberg subsequently listed

Bermuda as a great vacation
alternative to The Hamptons.9

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 15

Hosting the Americas Cup provided the platform to show a global
audience Bermudas diverse attributes as both a world-class financial center
and idyllic vacation paradise. Americas Cup demonstrated that Bermuda is
differentthat its a conducive, convivial and effective place to host major

sporting events and top-level corporate business.
Ross Webber, CEO of the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA)

Key opportunities
Impact on GDP of $336.4 million,
3. Sustained improvements in GDP, jobs for Bermudians, inclusive of $90.8 million in
macro-economic diversification estimated future tourism spending
Enhanced local business
The Americas Cup provided an on-island, their expenditures went opportunities
opportunity for local vendors beyond those just in the Americas Local Business Directory
and businesses to upscale their Cup Village there were property Employment opportunities
operations through increased rentals, refueling for yachts, home
visitors. Encouraging existing and care services, bike rentals, food
new local businesses to participate and beverage and hospitality community partners to host six
in the Americas Cup was a goal of expenditures, transportation information sessions early in 2017
the ACBDA. The event proved to be services and a multitude of other to attract individuals and business
an exciting opportunity for small, necessities that added money to the across the island to understand
locally owned businesses to grow local economy. This money flowed what opportunities were available.
their business and gain exposure. throughout the Bermuda economy These ranged from marine services,
Sustained improvements in Gross from small-business to small- island-wide vending, land and water
Domestic Product (GDP) will be business, indirectly benefitting all transportation, entertainment, West
driven through a number of other Bermudians. End opportunities and East End
legacy opportunities, however opportunities.
construction, tourism and the The Americas Cup had an estimated
impact on the retail sector occurred A Local Business Directory was
impact on Bermudas GDP of $336.4
mostly from the bubble of activity created for all visitors and was
million, which is inclusive of $90.8 shared on the ACBDAs website.
surrounding the event. The short-
million in estimated future legacy This directory by no means
term increase in economic activity
from the event itself can be leveraged tourism spend. For a detailed represented all businesses and
to generate a lasting impact on the summary of the economic impacts entrepreneurs in Bermuda, rather it
Bermudian economy. refer to the EESI Report by PwC. was a representation of key services
and interested service providers.
Impact on Bermudas GDP The directory was communicated
Local Business Opportunities Group by various channels including, the
Over the course of the Americas Bermuda Yacht Services (BYS)
Cup, the spending of visitors, teams, The ACBDA in partnership with the and the superyacht agency, Blue
team members and foreign firms Bermuda Economic Development Water Alliance (BWA) Yachting,
had a multiplier effect on Bermudas Corporation (BEDC) created BTA, Marine & Ports, to name a few.
economy.11 Superyachts and visitors a Local Business Opportunities The intent is for this document to
injected money into the economy Group which exposed Bermudians be shared on the BTAs website, or
through more than just on-island to the opportunities presented a similar website after the Americas
purchases of goods. They also paid by the Americas Cup. This group Cup as a lasting benefit for future
landing fees, shipping fees, entry worked closely with the Chamber marine tourists.12
fees, and customs duties. While of Commerce, the BTA, and other

16 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Real Story
A few examples of business opportunities
directly attributable to the Americas Cup
are highlighted below: ASHLEYS LEMONADE
1 4 local businesses were chosen by
ACEA to operate as food and beverage
vendors in the Americas Cup Village
and catering for volunteers and the
workforce, providing an opportunity to
operate on a world stage in a setting
outside of the normal scope of business
in Bermuda.13 These vendors benefitted
from increased demand, experience in
dealing with the high levels of sustained
demand, as well as provided the Since the age of 7, 14-year-old Ashley Stephens has
opportunity to train more Bermudian impressed locals with her delicious lemonade at her well-
residents, provide employment and known lemonade stand, Ashleys Lemonade. Ashley saw the
exposure to entrepreneurship. 35th Americas Cup as a path to even more success, and it
was an opportunity that she did not want to miss. Ashleys
 ermudian individuals and businesses
B mother, Earlette Stephens, noted that while Ashley was
were hired privately for the Americas hesitant at first, considering the amount of work it would
Cup for example: take, her daughter pressed on.

 ermudian chef, James Perry, Once selected as a vendor for the Americas Cup Village,
returned to Bermuda for the initiated through the Bermuda Economic Development
Americas Cup to provide catering on Corporation (BEDC), Ashley hired 11 staff in total made
the superyacht hired by Butterfield up of family members, friends, and college students.
For Ashley, one of the most significant benefits of the
 ocal business Bermuda Smokehouse 35th Americas Cup has been increased brand recognition.
was hired by Groupama Team France She credits the positive impact to her business with the
to cater for their events. opportunity to be a vendor in the Americas Cup Village
and to the many articles and campaigns she was featured
 ocal supplier Butterfield & Vallis
in, such as the #OurAC campaign in the Royal Gazette,
experienced increased demand from
Bermudas local newspaper. Additionally, working with Chris
the activity around the Americas
Garland, Public Food & Beverage Concessions Manager for
Cup. They saw record sales and
the Americas Cup Event Authority (ACEA) and General
consequently paid 2,300 hours in
Manager for Flanagans, a local restaurant and bar, has
overtime to staff and hired 24 extra
enabled Ashley to learn the ins-and-outs of the restaurant
Bermudian staff to keep up with
Now that 35th Americas Cup is over, Ashley will continue
 he Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
to grow her business and use the publicity and awareness
recorded the best May occupancy
raised from the event as leverage for the next steps in her
figures in the hotels history. This
business whether that is opening more locations, selling
success further led to $200,000 in
merchandise, or creating a whole new business venture.
overtime pay for the staff at the hotel

Americas Cup.17

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 17

Real Story


J&Bs Wood Fired Pizza is a fully mobile and food industry and attending J&Bs Wood Fired Pizza experienced
pizza company offering a wide range of conferences and researching, it was the benefits of the Americas Cup both
food options. The inspiration for J&Bs announced that Bermuda would host the financially and through growth in brand
came when Michelle Jackson, co-owner, 35th Americas Cup which would create recognition. Tim stated; Because of
attended a conference in Colorado and new business opportunities. Both Tim Americas Cup we were able to get our
was introduced to mobile wood-fired and Michelle saw the opportunity to gain brand into the international and local
pizza ovens while searching for lunch. brand recognition for their new venture. community which will help us in our future
With Tim Jackson, co-owner, looking for business plans. Tim believes the legacy
a career change, the idea presented by Tim mentioned that working with the of the event is the learning experience
Michelle provided an innovative means of very professional staff at Americas Cup for Bermuda in hosting large-scale
delivering a classic staple to the Bermuda was a fantastic experience and it was international sporting events.
market. At the same time, they were great to see Bermudians supporting local
preparing to venture into the restaurant businesses with entirely Bermudian teams. SOURCE: INTERVIEW CONDUCTED WITH TIM JACKSON

18 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Real Story

While ORACLE TEAM USA, SoftBank Cup, but now she had
Team Japan, and Artemis Racing all the chance to make
made the big move to Bermuda several personal connections
years before the start of the Americas with Land Rover BAR
Cup. Land Rover BAR, did not make their and gain invaluable
official move to Bermuda until January experience. Even
2017, only five months before the start of while teaching the
the Americas Cup. Given the late move students, Fiona was
for the team, it was not possible for the able to earn a Post
families to secure a spot for their children Graduate Certificate
in a Bermudian school. Land Rover BAR of Education. PHOTO PROVIDED BY ACBDA

found Fiona Nusum, a Bermudian school

teacher, to teach the team members She also had the but they left Bermuda speaking fluent
and shore crews children for the six challenging task of setting up a temporary English after only six months.
months while in Bermuda. Fiona, flew up school for the 11 students. Desks, books,
to Southsea, England in October 2016 shelves, cubbies, carpets, stationary, and At the end of the Americas Cup, all of
to meet the families and the childrens whiteboards were ordered to make the the resources from the teams school
teachers to begin the process of preparing small cottage feel like a school. Online were donated to Purvis Primary School in
the kids curriculum. sessions were organized to keep the Bermuda. Purvis Primary was incredibly
students connected with their teachers thankful for the tables, chairs, books
Fiona finished her Masters of Education in and peers at home. As if the process shelves, art supplies, whiteboards,
2015, and she saw this opportunity with wasnt already challenging enough, Fiona stationary, and more. Fiona is now off to
the team as a fantastic prospect to gain also had to incorporate two students from Thailand to teach English, but she looks
unique experience. Fiona was excited Spain whose English skills were limited, forward to returning to Bermuda.
about Bermuda hosting the Americas

1 34 superyachts came to Bermuda year period leading up to and

over the course of the Americas during the event.
Cup (May and June 2017),
providing jobs for Bermudians at  ver 50 Bermuda residents were
marinas, and also for other needs hired by ACEA and Land Rover
of the clientele ranging from client BAR to drive the private luxury
charter registration, assistance to cars, including Land Rovers and
refueling, Customs & Immigration, BMW SUVs during the Americas
clearance help, berth reservations Cup. These individuals benefitted
and concierge services.18,19 economically, built connections
Employment opportunities with many people from around
 he ACEA employed over 60
T the world and have additional
New job opportunities were also Bermudians over the event period experience to add to their resume.
created as a result of activity relating with an additional 16 Bermudians
to the Americas Cup. employed full-time over the two-

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 19

86% of international spectators
stated that they are very likely or
likely to visit Bermuda again in the

Key opportunities
L  everage previous international
4. Contribution within Bermudas tourism sector visitors
Growth in hotel industry
The BTA has its own strategy for Growth in hotel industry Tourism reporting on private jet
developing the tourism sector which visitors
is distinct from the ACBDAs legacy The improvements in Bermudas
objective with respect to tourism. The tourism brand health have already
been felt by hoteliers. The owner Private jet visitors
two primary catalytic elements which
will require focus are: of the Royal Palms believes that
Bermuda is a destination that attracts
Bermuda is being put back on the
many high net worth individuals
(a) how to leverage the opportunity map as a high-end tourist destination
who travel to the island via private
to capitalize on brand and as a result of the Americas Cup and
jet. Prior to the Americas Cup the
the event will have a lasting impact
(b) how to attract financing that is BTA was only able to collect limited
on Bermudas tourism industry
both strategic and transformative to data on these visitors in terms of
and brand. Other examples of
secure a sustainably larger tourism purpose of travel and types of
investments and/or increased levels
economy in Bermuda. accommodations used. The BTA, with
of investments in the hotel sector are
the support from the Department
outlined in the Large-scale local or
As stated previously, the Americas of Immigration and H.M. Customs,
foreign direct investment section in
Cup presented Bermuda with the have now implemented the same
this report.
opportunity to capitalize on the forms that are currently used on all
Americas Cup brand and leverage Before June and after June, those commercial flights for private jet
the international exposure during the visitors would not be staying in our arrivals. This allows for the BTA to
event to increase global awareness of hotel if not for the Americas Cup, analyze trends within this important
Bermuda as a tourist destination. said Nicholas Weare, co-owner of segment of visitors.
the Royal Palms hotel. The image
International visitors Our owners have shown a
that Bermuda is portraying is similar
tremendous interest. We are seeing
Over the period of the Americas Cup to St. Barts and Monte Carlo high
an uptick more and more thats
(May and June 2017), Bermuda saw end and glamorous. Bermuda can
one of the reasons weve announced
64,000 commercial air visitors, of become a yachting destination, not
were flying to Bermuda...There is
which approximately 10,300 visitors just a yachting transit point.24
huge interest, especially as you guys
stated their purpose of travel was are having the Americas Cup there,
The new owners of the Rosewood
for the Americas Cup, either on says David Verani, Vice President of
Tuckers Point credited the BTA
vacation, visiting friends and relatives Sales and Marketing for PlaneSense, a
and the Government of Bermuda
or for business.20 The Americas Cup private jet operating company.26
(Government) with putting the
provided the opportunity to leave a
islands tourism industry on the right
lasting impression on these visitors
track, saying: I would say the future
and encourage them to return to
has never been brighter, based on

Bermuda. The Americas Cup helped
the last 15 months of data.25
to brand Bermuda as a new island Using the momentum of the
destination that many may not have Americas Cup to set the stage for
considered before.21
future tourism growth has always
been a goal of the Bermuda
Tourism Authority. Bermuda is
80% of international spectators
well on her way to accomplishing

stated that they would definitely
that goal.
recommend Bermuda as a place to
travel.23 Said Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief
Executive Officer, Kevin Dallas.

20 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Real Story

There are many Bermudians whose the teams travel, base operations,
careers accelerated as a result of the clothing, work permits, relocation, and
Americas Cup, and Patrice Phillips, even the teams community outreach
formally a Private Banking Representative program.
at Butterfield Bank, is an example of that.
When Butterfield Bank was chosen as the When she started in October of 2015,
Americas Cup official supplier, Patrice Patrice was one of approximately 12 staff,
managed the relationship with individuals and by the start of the event in May 2017
and Americas Cup Teams that were that number rose to over 70. Patrice
moving to Bermuda due to the Americas expressed that as a Bermudian, it was
Cup. She helped the new residents, such a great opportunity to be exposed
organizations, and teams set up accounts to many different areas and become
and credit cards, and she met with the proficient in so many ways all in such a
management of ORACLE TEAM USA, short period and she highlighted that the
Artemis and SoftBank Team Japan. role has since made her more competitive
and hirable within the international sports
SoftBank Team Japan was looking for a industry. PHOTO BY MATT KNIGHTON

personal assistant for the team skipper

and CEO, Dean Barker, and Patrice saw She agreed that had the Americas Cup you meet and connections you make are
this as a perfect opportunity as she was not taken place in Bermuda, she wouldnt extraordinary. Since her contract with
already familiar with the teams staff and have gained this experience nor would the team officially ended in August 2017,
accounts. Shortly after applying for the she have the opportunity to add new skill she is now interested in exploring tourism,
position, Patrice was hired as Barkers sets to her resume. The Americas Cup hospitality and event management.
Personal Assistant. Her responsibilities had a lot going on its fast-paced and a Patrice believes that her Americas Cup
ranged from coordinating the teams lot of fun. Ive never been involved with experience will have given her career a
public and media relations to organizing anything like this before, and the people significant boost.


Responses taken from a survey of Business Owners in Bermuda after

Americas Cup. Considering the definition of legacy for the Americas Cup
being an ongoing benefit, the lasting positive impact that this three-year
event has on Bermuda over the long-term, what do you consider to be the
legacy of the 35th Americas Cup for Bermuda?

Heightened Experience Worldwide Global Good Increased That we Increased

international on dealing exposure of awareness of were able to global Overall it was a
awareness of with large
visual financial showcase our
Bermuda as a Bermuda Bermuda as a exposure gain for the awareness successful experience
volumes of island with all
tourist its beauty tourism of the hosting a large, complex,
people over a
destination of the island of its natural
destination and its Bermuda multi-year international
and venue for
short period
people island beauty and
the kindness brand sporting event. In terms
sailing or of the locals of infrastructure
sporting performance, tourism,
events health and safety,
security, etc.


Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 21

Improved infrastructures leave a
lasting legacy, but if created with
the future in mind, newly built
infrastructures will also leave a
sustainable legacy behind.

Key opportunities
A  ccelerated infrastructure
5. Infrastructure and urban regeneration development in Dockyard (e.g.
Cross Island, Moresby House, Sail
Infrastructure is one of the While some projects were part of Loft, Prince Albert Terrace and the
fundamental, and most visible, legacy WEDCos long-term plan, elements Chicane building)
impacts of large sporting events. of which had been in the process of Enhanced water production facilities
Large events like the Americas Cup implementation prior to Bermudas Improved waste management
encourage infrastructure advances bid to host the Americas Cup, many program
and urban regeneration by providing if not most were advanced ahead Transportation upgrades
an end goal for improvements. The of schedule due to the Americas Telecommunication upgrades
Americas Cup was an incentive Cup.27 Buildings which received Enhanced security systems
for various stakeholders, including much needed restoration work and Wi-Fi equipment in community
private and public groups in upgrading were Moresby House, schools
Bermuda, to work together to meet Sail Loft, Prince Albert Terrace, and
common goals and tight deadlines as Chicane building. Most of these
a result of the required accelerated buildings were used for the Americas and sustainable commitment by the
infrastructure developments and Cup and are available for use after Government to continue with the
improvements that otherwise may the event. These works also had recycling program in Dockyard.
have taken years to complete. an impact on the local economy,
The Americas Cup Teams also
with local construction companies
The legacy benefits of the Americas invested in improvements to
employed to complete the work. For
Cup involving infrastructure are Bermudian infrastructure. Artemis
the renovations to Moresby House
notable and lasting, affecting all Racing chose to locate their team
alone, an estimated 20 to 30 local
Bermudians. The Americas Cup base on Morgans Point, kick starting
construction workers were hired.28
bid team and resulting ACBDA felt a number of developments on the
strongly that the infrastructure previously un-developed land.30
A number of the Americas Cup
should be thoughtfully developed so Teams bases have been acquired by During the initial construction phase
as not to create surplus, underutilized WEDCo, which includes the sheds of their base along the South Basin
capacity. Buildings and infrastructure of ORACLE TEAM USA, Land Rover in Dockyard, ORACLE TEAM USA
which were not identified as having BAR and SoftBank Team Japans. provided jobs for approximately 120
clear legacy benefit were to be local workers across 40 different
temporary and removed following the Prior to the Americas Cup, companies.31 Land Rover BAR,
event. WEDCo enhanced their waste SoftBank Team Japan and Groupama
management program to include Team France also developed their
Dockyard infrastructure recycling. Previously, the businesses bases along the same plot of land,
developments and investments and residents in the area did not providing further opportunities
participate in the island-wide TAG for locals.
The immediate surrounds of (tin, aluminum, glass) recycling
the Americas Cup Village saw program. As part of the sustainability
the most significant changes in initiatives for the event, the ACBDA
the lead up to the event. Most and WEDCo worked together to
notably, a number of buildings implement recycling in Dockyard.
were renovated and improved in Over 40 new recycling bins were
Dockyard, mostly completed by the placed in Dockyard which will
West End Development Corporation create a lasting legacy provided
(WEDCo). that WEDCo receives the support

22 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact


From virtually nothing, Bermuda and the Cup transformed

the Dockyard area, built a connected island/marina, set up
myriad mooring areas for visiting yachts, established an entire
event protocol for competitors and visitors, built an interactive
village for all ages including the cool Endeavour programme
for children and marketed the whole thing worldwide. And in
the end, it all came together as planned.

Andrew Howe, Sail Magazine29

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 23

Cross Island in the future that are successful and Basin in Dockyard.36 The potential
environmentally and economically for the Hamilton waterfront was
Integrating potential legacies with sustainable. Over 300 proposals have manifested during the Americas
the long-term development priorities been submitted to the Committee Cup and needs to be examined as
of Bermuda was a consideration thus far, with a focus on creating a sustainable facility.
of the ACBDA. One of the largest an eco-friendly business hub. We
developments arising from the suggest that more needs to be done  temporary floating dock was
Americas Cup is the construction to identify uses for the largest area of built next to the Causeway in St.
of Cross Island, an initiative that reclaimed land in Bermuda since the Georges to service yacht owners
was first considered in 2009. It is building of the airport.34 and customers arriving by plane.37
an artificial land mass created from While the dock was removed
310,000 cubic yards of aggregate Other infrastructure developments in August 2017, Government is
spread across 9 acres created to and investments investigating plans to build a
host the Americas Cup Village.32 The permanent dock near the airport
project had a budget of $39 million Outside of the Dockyard area, in the future.
and was the result of collaboration infrastructure and urban regeneration
between public and private groups were motivated by the Americas  s explained earlier, hotel
including WEDCo, the Ministry of Cup. The Caroline Bay Marina was developments such as The Loren,
Public Works and the Planning escalated to service superyachts the St. Regis and the Ritz-Carlton
Department, as well as private coming to Bermuda to watch the were encouraged by the Americas
construction companies and the races and will continue to support Cup and there is an expected
ACBDA.33 The land reclamation has the anticipated future growth of the increase in tourist activity as
meaningful potential. This significant superyacht industry in Bermuda.35 a result of the exposure that
opportunity must engage collective Growth in this industry will require Bermuda received from hosting
vision and work towards creating sustained focus and commitment to the event.
a lasting legacy for Cross Island attract this clientele, both new and
repeat visitors, to the island.  ocal businesses have also used
and ensure that the land has a
the Americas Cup as a reason
sustainable long-term purpose while
 ew marinas and marine services to undergo renovations. One
giving return to the investment and
have also been created at the example, Calypso, a long-standing
widening Bermudas resource base.
Hamilton waterfront, Hamilton establishment on Front Street in
The Cross Island Legacy Committee
Princess, and the facilities at South Hamilton underwent renovations
was created to find uses for the island

24 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Bermuda can boast to be the
first country in the world to offer
on water Wi-Fi capability
Michael Winfield, CEO of ACBDA.

prior the Americas Cup, citing the for example Wi-Fi on the water, superyacht marina. WEDCo
increase in air arrivals and tourism which was the first time this was teamed up with ROCON Services
from the Americas Cup as the provided in the world! (Bermuda) Ltd., a local Bermuda
reason prompting the renovations. 38 company that provides a wide
 ermudas schools will also
B range of engineering services
Public transportation also saw benefit by the ACBDA and ACEAs within Water, Waste-Water and
upgrades in the lead up to the gift of Wi-Fi capability equipment. Process Engineering sectors, in
Americas Cup, including the a public-private partnership to
ferry service, with improvements  ross Island will be connected for
create a new reverse osmosis
that will last longer than the all telecommunication future uses,
plant. This resulted in WEDCo
event.39 The upgrades will including for superyacht visitors,
increasing capability to produce
enhance Bermudians and visitors and any other alternative uses
500,000 gallons of water per day,
experience for years to come. going forward.
an increase from 200,000 gallons
Additionally, 15 more people were per day on the existing facility and
 aving a robust and reliable
hired to support the increased sufficient to address the needs
telecommunications network
ferry services, providing jobs of the Americas Cup event and
will also support new businesses
and training for Bermudians. A creating a lasting legacy for the
under development and
new online booking feature was West End of Bermuda.
encourage new thinking on
pioneered during the event, which
possible flexible working solutions
although purpose built for the As part of the overall security

as improved internet speeds
Americas Cup should act as a plan, CCTV played a key factor
and connections support video
catalyst for a cashless payment in the planning and operation
conferencing and alternative work
system for public transportation in of a safe and successful event.
Bermuda for the future. Partnering with CCS, who have
 ermuda Broadcasting Company been providing CCTV support
 ignificant investment in
S to the Bermuda Police Service
was chosen as an official
new telecommunications (BPS) since 2013, a system was
broadcaster of the Americas Cup.
infrastructure by the network designed and built for the ACBDA
As part of this undertaking, they
providers in Bermuda which in a utilizing some of the existing BPS
installed two new transmitters to
large part is capital expenditure infrastructure. The system was
ensure high-quality broadcasting
spending brought forward from also linked into Hamilton so that
of the races.40 These upgrades
future capital plans. Following monitoring could continue during
were made for the Americas
the Americas Cup, there is down periods and at night. At the
Cup, but will remain for the
significant improvement in outset it was envisaged that the
future to ensure higher quality
Bermudas telecommunications hardware would provide the BPS
broadcasting for Bermudians. The
network infrastructure in terms of with real legacy value by not only
new transmitters are also more
capacity, coverage, redundancy, upgrading a part of their existing
energy efficient, to create a more
and resiliency. Some of this infrastructure but also extending
sustainable future for Bermuda.
infrastructure, for example the CCTV into areas of the island not
temporary cell sites, can be  eading up to the Americas Cup
L previously covered.
redeployed for future events. it was determined that there
There was significant technical was a real need to increase
learning and development the availability of fresh water
opportunities for Bermuda capacity in Dockyard to service
telecommunication resources, the event village and the

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 25

Key opportunities
D  iversity in sailing and sporting
6. Social cohesion and socio-economic equality by programs
gender, race, ethnicity and age Diversity in volunteer programs

Bermudas history, political A customized version of the

environment, size, and resources Endeavour Programme was created
A survey was conducted on the 200
create a complex socio-economic by BF&M, the Americas Cup
graduates of the Americas Cup
environment that is not always Endeavour Programme and the
Endeavour Programme, with 42
perceived to be fair and equitable Bermuda Autism and Education
responses highlighting the following:
for all, irrespective of gender, race, Society to give children on the autism
ethnicity and age. The Americas spectrum the opportunity to learn
Cup provided an opportunity to to sail.42 Instructors stayed on the
highlight some of the challenges that boats at all times with the students
exist in the Bermudian community to offer them the experience and joy
pertaining to social inclusiveness of sailing. The results were touching Gender
Gender Nationality
and equity and did raise awareness and meaningful. A similar program
of these issues. While no one event can be implemented in the future as
will serve as a silver bullet in solving a form of recreational therapy for the
the socio-economic challenges in students. Male
(55%) Bermudian
the community, the Americas Cup Female
(45%) Bermudian
did raise awareness and provide A diverse group of Bermudians were
opportunities for under-represented selected to represent Bermuda in
groups. The ACBDA was deliberate the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup
in partnering with organizations (RBYAC). Young adults from across
such as the BEDC to ensure that Bermuda were encouraged to try
opportunities were provided for all out for the team, regardlessGender of their Nationality Race
parts of the community, laying the previous sailing experience. The
groundwork for future collaborative final team, TeamBDA, comprised
efforts for opportunities to encourage nine Bermudians, both male and
the development of a more inclusive female, black and white. While some
Male (55%) Bermudian only (55%) Black (43%)
society. team members had previous sailing
Female (45%) Bermudian and other (33%) White (29%)
experience, for others it was their first
Other only (12%) Mixed and O
Diversity in sports programs time competing in the sport. Three
Prefer not to
male members of the team were
One way in which this has been black, which is a first for the regatta
achieved is through the Americas Cup and can leave a lasting legacy in the
Endeavour Programme. The program sport of being more inclusive and
was open to all school children aged diverse. Members of TeamBDA have
9 to 12 and over 1,600 students from Gender Nationality of Race
Gender Nationality
been exposed to the possibilities
all backgrounds across Bermuda took a professional sailing career and to,
part in the sailing program.41 Children perhaps one day sail in the Americas
did not have to pay to participate Cup. For more details on TeamBDA
and participation did not require refer
Male to the Sailing, health
(55%) and only Black(43%)
Male (55%) Bermudian
Bermudian only(55%)
(55%) Black
any previous sailing experience. For wellbeing section in this report. White(29%)
Female (45%)
Female (45%) Bermudian and other (33%)
Bermudian and other (33%) White
more details on the Americas Cup Mixedand
Other only(12%)
(12%) Mixed
Endeavour Programme refer to the
Prefer notto
Sailing, health and wellbeing section
in this report.

26 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Participants who had
no previous sailing
experience prior to the
Americas Cup
Endeavour Programme


Participants who had Participants who would

no previous sailing definitely recommend
experience prior to the the Americas Cup
Americas Cup Endeavour Programme
Endeavour Programme to other students

86% 93%

Participants who would

definitely recommend
What do you believe are the key benefits of the Americas Cup Endeavour Programme?
the Americas Cup
PercentageEndeavour Programme
of total respondents (42) who indicated that the following were key benefits:
to other students
Inspiring children to participate in sailing related events 98%
93% Educational purposes 71%
Legacy of sailing programs and facilities in Bermuda 64%
Cultural and social benefits 62%

Uniting people 57%

Promoting healthy living 45%


Diversity in Volunteerism  1% of volunteers were Bermuda

6  mong the volunteers 36 different
residents and 39% came from languages were spoken.44
The Americas Cup Bermuda also around the globe including United
brought together a diverse group States, Britain, Canada, France Further details on the Americas Cup
of people through the Americas and New Zealand. Volunteer Program can be found in
Cup Volunteer Program First Mates the Community engagement and
presented by XL Catlin (Americas  hese volunteers represented 32
T volunteerism section below.
Cup Volunteer Program), bringing different nationalities from across
together 545 people from different 16 countries, ranging from ages 18 Demographics of the owners of
backgrounds who volunteered their to 87. businesses involved in the Americas
time in helping run the Americas Cup business opportunities are
Cup.43  6% were female and 34% were
6 highlighted in the EESI Report
male. by PwC.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 27

Real Story


In the summer of 2015, 125 hopefuls Personal Training Certificate. While boxing and rugby background but
tried out for TeamBDA with just 11 Ingham hadnt initially considered he is also pursuing a music career.
members making the final cut to personal training as a career path, Before being selected for TeamBDA,
represent Bermuda in the Red Bull it was the next logical step as he Warner worked at the airport and
Youth Americas Cup (RBYAC). For had always been athletic and spent worked on his music career. He is
these athletes, preparing for RBYAC his free time at the gym. When currently studying for his Personal
meant daily practices at a local asked about his favorite part of Training Certificate a step that he
gym, Beyond Fitness Bermuda, and the Americas Cup, Ingham stated hadnt previously considered but felt
focusing for a year in preparation for that the community was vital and that it was a natural move given that
the races. that even if they didnt appreciate he was always asked for advice at the
sailing, they would still come out and gym. He echoed the same sentiments
For Mustafa Ingham, wing grinder, support us as Bermudas national as his teammate, Ingham, in that
trying out for TeamBDA was his first youth team. He also noted that he the community support TeamBDA
entrance into the sailing world enjoyed being part of something received made the experience
urged on by his grandmother. Ingham from scratch. unforgettable. Warner and Ingham
has been a lifelong athlete but both teach a circuit class at Beyond
preferred football to other sports. Similar to Ingham, fellow wing grinder Fitness Bermuda that imitates their
While training for RBYAC, Ingham Shomari Warner had other athletic sail training routine with TeamBDA!
deferred his studies in motor vehicle interests besides sailing when he
technology and earned his W.I.T.S. decided to try out for TeamBDA in Mackenzie Cooper, the TeamBDA
(World Instructor Training Schools) 2015. Not only does Warner have a skipper, had sailing experience

28 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

before training for RBYAC. Currently, best youth sailors, TeamBDA made it help with the next TeamBDA if the
a student at St. Marys College to the finals and finished in 8th place, opportunity arises, to give back to
in Maryland, Cooper postponed a proud moment for the team and young sailors, after all, they have
his studies for a year to train for Bermudas community. In the final experienced.
the RBYAC. For him, the training series, they enjoyed a remarkable first
represented working to the next level place finish in one race. Many of the The 2017/18 Volvo Ocean Race
of performance. He remembers being competing teams had more sailing provided an immediate post
asked to answer a math question and training experience. Ingham, Americas Cup impact for two
during the selection process workout Warner, and Cooper noted that while TeamBDA members. Emily Nagel is a
to assess candidates mental capacity the competition was intense, they crew member with Team AkzoNobel
under exhaustion. For him, the enjoyed getting to know some of the and Mustafa Ingham has been
experience was unique because of other teams. assigned as a shore team member of
the support we saw during the week Team Turn the Tide on Plastic.
of sailing and all around Bermuda. For Ingham, Warner and Cooper,
they will be over the 24 year age limit
Of the 12 international teams for the next RBYAC - however, they SOURCE: INTERVIEWS WITH MUSTAFA INGHAM, SHOMARI WARNER AND

competing, comprising the worlds noted that they would be thrilled to MACKENZIE COOPER

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 29

Key opportunities
B  ermuda Maritime Academy
7. Maritime heritage and geographic location Development of new marinas
Promotion of superyachts
Bermuda has had a deep maritime The Academy would have three main
and visiting yachts (enhanced
history since 1609. In recent years, objectives:
this heritage has had less of a role
(1) To create a performance pathway Future yachting events in Bermuda
in driving the economy and creating
to develop Bermudas youth Economic opportunities in marine
jobs. However, the Americas Cup
sailors; industry
has provided the opportunity to
Protecting habitats
change this and use Bermudas
(2) To provide a hub for hosting
maritime heritage and geographic The commitment and support of
maritime events;
location to promote Bermuda on the various governing bodies paved the
international stage. Bermuda is also (3) To develop maritime careers; and way for new temporary provisions
an attractive destination for yachts for yacht chartering and cruising
in the winter and can be used as a (4) To claim Bermudas place as a legislations. A cohesive policy
safe harbor. Yachts are also attracted mid-Atlantic maritime and racing was drafted and designed to be
to Bermuda due to the geographic venue.45 welcoming to yachts along with
location. active and targeted promotion
This concept remains a possibility to enhance the success of the
Bermuda Maritime Academy and needs vision and supporters. superyacht industry in Bermuda. The
ACBDA drafted recommendations
To leverage Bermudas moment Promoting superyachts and other
on new policy and legislative
in the spotlight and to help foster visiting yachts
improvements to recognize the
a sailing and maritime legacy, it
During the Americas Cup, Bermuda interests of the local charter market
was suggested by ACBDA that the
demonstrated that it has high-end while enabling the Government to
development of a Bermuda Maritime
services to cater to the wealthier access revenue streams previously
Academy could provide maritime
superyacht clientele. untapped to create a substantial
education and training for local and
service industry with new and lasting
international students, host youth
 ermuda saw 134 superyachts and
B jobs as well as bring a highly valuable
performance sailing and other events,
611 cruising yachts visit the island source of new revenues to existing
and offer other marine, commercial
over the course of the Americas Bermuda businesses.
and other related services. Such a
Cup (May and June 2017).
Bermuda Maritime Academy has Although still in discussions, a
an opportunity to leverage the  ew superyacht facilities and
N number of Government departments
Americas Cup legacy by repurposing marinas were developed and and ministries are involved in
the Americas Cup buildings existing yacht service offerings reviewing the development of longer-
and structure on Freeport Drive, were enhanced to encourage term policies which would encourage
previously the Americas Cup Team repeat visits.46 the growth in superyacht tourism and
bases in the Royal Naval Dockyard. ensure a yachting legacy remains.
 overnment elected to introduce
temporary policies, in effect for Our hope is that Government will
one month before, during and one quickly move to put long-term
month after the Americas Cup. policies in place.

30 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

The challenge will be in finding a balance that provides the larger boats an In a Royal Gazette article, Craig
incentive to visit and stay without competing with Bermudas own yacht Christensen, President and CEO of
charter industry. Auckland, New Zealand, may serve as an example for
Morgans Point Ltd, said many of the
Bermuda. The city used the Americas Cup to develop their waterfront as a
superyacht hub following the 1995 and 2000 races they hosted. superyacht owners that we spoke
to over Americas Cup had never
Kevin Dallas, CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority said: Its very clear that been to Bermuda before on their
the legislation put in place during the Americas Cup was a huge incentive
yachts, Mr. Christensen said, they
for superyachts to visit Bermuda, stay longer and spend more into our local
think it is an idyllic place for sailing,
economy. We encourage Parliamentarians to create a similar environment
on a permanent basis, while also protecting local charter operators. This is especially in the shoulder months as
an absolute necessity if Bermuda is going to seize superyacht tourism as an most yachts are on their way to, or
Americas Cup legacy benefit.47 returning from the Mediterranean or
East Coast for the season.48

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 31

develop new yachting infrastructure
in St. Georges which will further
increase the job opportunities
available. The Hamilton waterfront
also has significant potential.

Protecting habitats

Land Rover BAR, with their

sustainability partner, 11th Hour
Racing, have been dedicated to
helping the lionfish problem in
Bermuda, a spiny and voracious
invasive species with no known local
natural predators, which threatens
Bermudas native fish and the
health of its coral reefs. They have
sponsored conservationists to deploy
a robot prototype designed to stun
and capture lionfish at depths that
human divers rarely reach.
Future yachting events Economic opportunities in marine
11th Hour Racing organized the
Future events such as the Oyster #EatLionfish competition, where
Yacht Regatta, Moth World There is also the opportunity to chefs from around the world
Championship in 2018, and hopefully create a legacy for the training and competed to create meals using
the recurrence of the Antigua to development of Bermudian residents Lionfish, to promote the fish as a safe
Bermuda race, Superyacht and J in this yachting industry to provide food to eat. Land Rover BARs lionfish
Class Regattas that took place during them with access to global maritime legacy project was recognized by the
the Americas Cup in Bermuda are opportunities. The creation of a Bermuda National Trust, highlighting
a part of the strategy to market new superyacht industry creates their work to preserve and restore
Bermuda as a yachting destination jobs at marinas for the servicing Bermudas heritage and to preserve
with a rich culture and investment and provisioning of yachts, repairs and raise awareness of the islands
opportunities.49 and crew. New services and service environment.
infrastructure were created in the
These future regattas will be lead up to the Americas Cup,
instrumental in attracting superyachts including Caroline Bay, Hamilton
to the island and sustaining the Princess Marina, Waterfront Marina,
legacy created by the Americas Cup. and Cross Island in Dockyard. There
is also a potential plan in place to

32 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Real Story


Land Rover BAR partnered with 11th Hour Racing, a
program that establishes strategic partnerships within
the sailing and marine communities that uses sailing
to highlight the importance of marine environment
conservation and sustainability.

In Bermuda, Land Rover BAR and 11th Hour Racing

launched some programmes and events to highlight
innovative and sustainable technology and to promote
the health of Bermudas marine environment, all during
their campaign to #BringTheCupHome, 166 years after it
left Britains shores.

In Dockyard, at the entrance of the Americas Cup Village, PHOTO HARRY KH/LAND ROVER BAR

Land Rover BAR and 11th Hour Racing launched the

to reduce food waste, reuse food scraps and donate
11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone with support from
unused leftovers to local charity, the Eliza DoLittle
partners including Bermuda Underwater Exploration
Society. Upon the pack up of the teams base, recycled
Institute (BUEI) and other local and international
ocean plastics were donated to the Eliza DoLittle Society
organizations. The #EatLionFish exhibit featured the
enough to retile their entire headquarters. Jennifer
prominent Bermudian campaign to raise awareness of the
Mahoney, Executive Director for the Eliza DoLittle Society,
invasive lionfish species that harm Bermudas diverse and
thanked Land Rover BAR saying that they commend
expansive marine ecosystems. A total of 8,000 visitors,
the team for their commitment to recycling, reusing and
including 1,800 students visited the 11th Hour Racing
reducing waste of not only their food products but all
Exploration Zone from February to June 2017.
elements of their operation. The food donated helped
Amy Munro, the Sustainability Manager for Land stock the shelves of our food bank with the remainder
Rover BAR, highlighted some other effective initiatives used at feeding venues throughout Bermuda. The local
undertaken by Land Rover BAR while in Bermuda. community will sorely miss them.
One example is the generous donation of solar panels
11th Hour Racings positive impact on Bermuda didnt
to Bermudas National Museum in Dockyard by the
go unnoticed as they were awarded both the Bermuda
renewable energy partner, Low Carbon, and the Stempel
National Trust Award and the 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year
Foundation, which is expected to reduce energy
Award in June 2017. While Land Rover BAR ultimately
consumption and related expenses by 20%. Land Rover
did not successfully Bring the Cup Home, their
BAR was also involved in some smaller initiatives to help
lasting impact on Bermuda will undoubtedly be forever
local divers by donating old carbon fiber to be reused
appreciated a success in itself!
as diving fins. Additionally, Land Rover BAR worked

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 33

Real Story


everything from taking part in wing

lifts to going on a four-hour ride on
the chase boats.

While she didnt get to compete

with TeamBDA, Emily was extremely
proud of the team and the progress
they made during the RBYAC. She
understood the hours and sacrifices
of each team member to compete at
that level. She noted that watching
them qualify for the final was a great
moment and very well deserved, they
represented Bermuda well.

Emily felt that the Americas Cup

Endeavour Programme was of great
benefit to local children benefits
By the time it was announced that member of TeamBDA. As a team she witnessed first-hand. She stated,
Bermuda would be the host of the member, she was able to foster There was some incredible talent
35th Americas Cup, Emily Nagel valuable relationships which included discovered as part of the programme
already had a love for the sport of mentorships with some of the worlds and many kids were introduced to
sailing. While Emily didnt come best sailors. the sport who would never have
from a family of sailors, she shared otherwise had the opportunity.
an enthusiasm for the sport. Emily Emily described leaving TeamBDA as
an incredibly hard decision. However, Emily has no plans to slow down in a
first sailed at the age of ten and had
a new opportunity arose, to work for sport that she has grown to love. Not
never looked back. Emily made it her
SoftBank Team Japan as a full-time long ago Emily dreamed of sailing in
mission to be selected for TeamBDA
member of their design and shore the Volvo Ocean Race that dream
when it was announced that Bermuda
team, and it was too exciting to pass is now a reality. It was announced in
would be entering a Red Bull Youth
up. This move for her proved to be September 2017 that Emily is now a
Americas Cup (RBYAC) team. She
rewarding as she was able to apply member of Team AkzoNobel, a Dutch
knew that as a female, it would be
what she had learned in university team, for the 2017-18 race. For Emily,
hard yet she committed herself to
in a practical setting. Working at this is just one step in marking her
this goal, sacrificing the common
SoftBank Team Japan, Emily had the place in history, a female in a male-
pastimes that a university student
opportunity to get involved in many dominated sport and a Bermudian on
typically enjoys. Her sacrifices paid
different aspects which included the world stage of sailing.
off when she was announced as a

34 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Key opportunities
D  evelopment of new sportspersons
8. Sailing, health and wellbeing
in Bermuda:
Endeavour Community Sailing,
Creating alignment between the Americas Cup, positive being engaged formerly the Americas Cup
legacy outcomes and the sailing community was one of in the program Endeavour Programme
the fundamental goals of the event. Within sailing, there in some degree STEAM educational programme
are a number of opportunities for legacies whether it be through after (Science, Technology, Engineering,
in the development of new sportspersons in Bermuda, school programs Arts, and Maths)
heightened awareness of health and nutrition or the and other TeamBDA
creation of new supporting industries. These legacy extra-curricular
outcomes are only made possible through private funding activities.50
and support with clear ownership and focus.
The Americas Cup Endeavour Programme has received
Development of new sportspersons in Bermuda generous support from companies in Bermuda over
the past two years, including ACEA who provided
Americas Cup Endeavour Programme significant funding and resources. With the conclusion of
the Americas Cup in Bermuda, Endeavour continues to
A large opportunity for legacy from the Americas Cup is
leave an indelible mark in the Bermuda community now
the development of sailors in Bermuda. A greater funnel
as a local registered charity (#977) called Endeavour
of talent can be created by connecting more Bermudians
Community Sailing. This wouldnt be possible without
to the sport at an early age, exposing them to sailing in
funding from local corporate partners which has been
order to create a lifelong interest in the sport. A broad
secured for the next two years helpingEndeavour to
vision to provide greater access to all children in Bermuda
sustain its impactful programs and to continue delivering
to sailing is an invaluable legacy for the island. This was
positive impact in our community. The Endeavour
made possible through the Americas Cup Endeavour
Programme has received high praise from parents and
Programme which incorporates the STEAM educational
teachers alike and has now evolved to being managed by
programme referring to Science, Technology,
its own Board. This is a program that must be preserved,
Engineering, Arts, and Maths. The program allowed
encouraged and supported.
over 1,600 students aged 9-12 from across Bermuda to
become involved in sailing, with over 5,000 students

In January 2017, two, 12 year-old, sailors were chosen

to travel to New Zealand for the OPen Bic National
Championships, Ahzai Smith and Christopher Raymond.
Both sailors were graduates of the 2015-2016 class of
Americas Cup Endeavour sailors and were chosen to
compete based on their performance in the program.
Both Ahzai and Christopher won their divisions.51 ACEA
and the Americas Cup Endeavour Programme facilitated
the experience at no cost to the students. Top sailors
from the program were also given the opportunity
to fly to Florida to participate in the OPen Bic North
Americans in Sarasota in March of 2017. Jade Smith and
Joanna Santiago were chosen to compete as novices,
sailing for just a year in the Endeavour Programme.
Joanna secured top female in the under-13 category.
Jade had a high score of 14th place with Joanna having
a high finish of 36th.52

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 35

STEAM education will be essential to the next generation
of youth in Bermuda, and around the globe, as the demand
for career ready scientists, technologists, engineers, artists
and mathematicians continues to grow.
Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle


TeamBDA Ultimately, TeamBDA created an opportunity for the

entire Island to participate in the Americas Cup
The creation of the RBYAC TeamBDA has aided in whether or not they are sailors or interested in sailing.
sportsperson development in Bermuda. TeamBDA was And what a success it was seeing all of Bermuda get
Bermudas entry in the 2017 RBYAC, a competition behind our team was one of the most uplifting and
designed to create a pathway for young sailors into the memorable experiences of the Cup and the fact that this
highest level of international sailing. The team was adopted team, started from scratch and selected from over 100
by ORACLE TEAM USA as its representative in the RBYAC. athletes and sailors, made it to the finals is a monumental
In December 2015, an initial group of 30 candidates was achievement for which we can all be proud. TeamBDA
identified - selected from over 100 athletes and sailors. members are already going on to achieve great things
This selection process was based on a series of grueling in collegiate sailing, international regattas and even the
assessments that initially sought to identify those capable Volvo Ocean Race. Peter Durhager, chairman of Red
of withstanding the extreme physical challenge of racing Bull Youth Americas Cup - TeamBDA.
a foiling catamaran sailing ability was just one of the
criteria looked at in evaluating the candidates. The final Connect2Sailing Program
team made up of nine young Bermudians - made it to
the finals in a monumental achievement for Bermuda. Digicel launched their Connect2Sailing Program over
TeamBDA is a privately funded enterprise supported the course of the Americas Cup to gain more community
by corporate and individual donations and goods and interest in sailing.53 The program brought nearly 700
services provided by local business partners. The team middle school children to the Land Rover BAR Team
will require ongoing private funding to create a lasting Base and the 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone. The
legacy and perhaps a future national sailing team. There program was designed to give youth more exposure to
is the potential to create an integrated strategy for the the technology involved in sailing in Americas Cup. It
financial support, training and development of sailors in also increased awareness of the sustainability initiatives
Bermuda. The fundamental challenge presented is with the surrounding the Americas Cup and the environmental
sustainability of this legacy. issues that Bermuda faces.

36 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Real Story


or graphic designer for the Americas
Cup. Christopher thanked Sir Russell
Coutts for allowing him to have all
the experiences he had during his
involvement in the program, made
possible bythe Americas Cup coming
to Bermuda.

In watching their sons involvement

in the Americas Cup Endeavor
Program, Christophers parents,
Deryck and Kim Raymond, stated
Through the Americas Cup sailing in 30 knot winds! that as a parent, I think that
Endeavour Programme, 13 year- Endeavour is one of the biggest
old student at Mount Saint Agnes In June 2017, Christopher was impacts for Bermuda. As there are
Academy, Christopher Raymond also a participant in the Blokart plenty of kids in Bermuda who still
was introduced to sailing for his Junior Regatta a land yacht race. want to sail, parents are now looking
first time in the spring of 2016. After Additionally, Christopher continued to the local yacht clubs to continue
showing an exceptional aptitude for to sail throughout the summer providing similar opportunities in
sailing, Christopher was one of two of 2017 with the Americas Cup the future. While Americas Cup
Bermudian students selected to go Endeavour Programme where he was wont be returning to Bermuda, the
to New Zealand for the OPen Bic able to take many wins against his legacy of sailing in Bermuda can
regatta to experience competitive fellow sailors. live on through the Americas Cup
international sailing. During his Endeavour Programme and other
Looking forward, Christopher would similar programs.
time in New Zealand, Christopher
still like to be involved in sailing with
experienced many things one of
his favorites - capsizing a boat while

Heightened awareness of health and nutrition such as that following the London 2012 Olympics, have
increased the frequency and participation of children in
The Americas Cup also provided the opportunity to physical education programs in schools. Some funding
leave a legacy of positive change for Bermudas health was required to do this but a large part of the legacy
and nutrition. By heightened awareness of the health involved increasing the frequency of mandatory physical
and nutritional standards of the Americas Cup sailors, education as well as the awareness and accessibility of
Bermuda residents became aware of improvements after school sports programs.
that can be made to their diet and exercise. Numerous
news outlets reported on the physical strength of the Creating new supporting industries
sailors, and the health of their diets. Gyms in Bermuda
also created Americas Cup inspired workouts, including Following the Americas Cup, Bermuda now has the
Beyond Fitness and the Hamilton Princess.54,55 opportunity to create further sailing legacies, beyond the
Americas Cup Endeavour Programme and TeamBDA.
Improvements in diet and exercise are most powerfully The creation of a Bermuda Maritime Academy could
deployed through engagements in schools. There is an provide, in addition to maritime career pathway
opportunity for a lasting legacy, requiring cooperation guidance, entrepreneurial opportunities and employment.
and support from both public and private sectors to Programs can also be implemented to provide pathways
continue implementing a program in schools to change for Bermudians to enter the sailing industry, following
behaviors. As a result of other large-scale events around the exposure Bermuda has received across the sailing
the world, legacies have been created to enhance physical community over the course of the Americas Cup.
education in schools. Large scale legacy programs,

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 37

Key opportunities
$  0.5 million donated to the Bermuda
9. Philanthropy community by ACEA and ACBDA
Donated office supplies and
The Americas Cup generated a large  eplica rudders and dagger
equipment, including Wi-Fi devices
influx of foreign capital into Bermuda, boards from the Americas Cup
to community schools
and brought with it a number of sailboats to the Masterworks
Furniture for low income housing
philanthropic activities. The Americas Foundation.
Weather service upgrades
Cup Organizers and Teams were
 he Fan Store container has been
T Gala raising over $0.6 million for
dedicated to philanthropy and
donated to the Ireland Rangers sailing programs
ensured that the Americas Cup left
Football Club, and approximately Sailing artifacts for transportation
a positive legacy in the host country.
295 trash bins were donated to museum
The Americas Cup Teams have
their own philanthropic endeavors, the Ministry of Public Works.
but also contributed to the local
ACBDA and ACEA are in the ORACLE TEAM USA donated:
Bermudian community as well.
process of donating all their indoor
and outdoor Wi-Fi equipment to  n AC45 boat and a wing to
Examples include:
the public schools, amounting to the Bermuda Vintage Transport
ACEA donated: approximately $145,000 worth of Museum Ltd.
materials which is enough to put
 emaining office supplies and
R  he teams canteen area, with
Wi-Fi into every public school in
equipment, including computer all the showers, dingy ramp
monitors, backpacks, caps, water and garages was given to the
bottles and sunglasses to local Americas Cup Endeavour Endeavour Sailing Community.
Bermudian schools, churches, Programme hosted a Gala in
 he sheds used for the sail boat,
government agencies, and June 2017 at Fort Hamilton which
wing, and boat building were
charitable organizations. raised nearly $610,000 net in funds
donated to WEDCo and have
which were split equally between
 urniture from over 20 apartments
F the potential to serve as the
Endeavour Community Sailing and
that were occupied by Americas Endeavour Sailing Center, as
Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.
Cup staff and Teams was donated were the office furniture and gym
to the Salvation Army. Americas Cup Race Management equipment.
(ACRM) donated $100,000 to the
 number of freshwater hydration
A Artemis donated the boat displayed
Bermuda Zoological Society through
stations were donated to 5 at their base at the Americas
the Government of Bermuda, they
primary schools and 1 middle Cup Village to the new Vintage
invested over $30,000 in Bermuda
school. Transportation Museum at the
Weather Services (BWS) to assist
entrance to the Royal Naval Dockyard
with the enhancement in the Pearl
 he 30ft by 65ft playground
T in Bermuda.
Island Weather Station. The ACRM
equipment, designed by Austrian
has also donated $50,000 in furniture Groupama Team France assisted
company Arti, which was located
to the Government following the the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo in
in the Kids Zone of the Americas
Americas Cup to use in future low cleaning turtles and by building a
Cup Village to the Botanical
cost housing.57 shaded area on Trunk Island to allow
for future outdoor classes.60
Some of the Americas Cup Teams
 icnic tables, lifejackets and
responded to the local need for
various sailing equipment has
support in various charities helping
been donated by ACEA to
the local communities. Including:
Endeavour Community Sailing.

38 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

SoftBank Team Japan, who was the
The Endeavour Community Sailing is currently negotiating with WEDCO
winner of Foil Fest 2016, donated
to occupy the land where ORACLE TEAM USA was based, which includes
their prize money of $6,250 to the
the refurbished toilet and shower facilities and changing rooms and
Reading Clinic and $6,250 to the
storage units. The programs existing base in Dockyard has been moved
Centre Against Abuse.58
to this location for a more permanent home.
Land Rover BAR, in partnership
11th Hour Racing awarded a grant to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation to
with the Bermuda National Museum,
incorporate programming focused specifically on the impacts of marine
provided funding to install 194 solar
debris in Bermuda for students aboard the vessel. The ultimate goal was
panels on the roof of the museum
to educate students on the impact of single-use plastics on marine life
which is expected to generate more
with a view to eliminating trash in the ocean.61
than 93,600 kWh of clean energy,
save 43 tons of carbon dioxide
per year and cut the museums
electricity bills by as much as 20 per
cent.59 Land Rover BAR donated
tables, chairs, bookcases, books,
unused exercise books, art supplies,
stationary, whiteboards, and storage
units to Purvis Primary School.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 39

Key opportunities
5  45 volunteers, all are Certified
10. Community engagement and volunteerism Tourism Ambassadors for Bermuda
Improved framework for volunteering
Community engagement is a Bermudians for groups to contact
Comprehensive model for
fundamental part of securing a for volunteering opportunities in the
volunteering for large-scale events
legacy. In order for large scale next 3 to 5 years. Overall, the First
Contact list / database of volunteers
events to be successful, such as the Mates Volunteer Program fostered a
for future opportunities
Americas Cup, the local population sense of community pride across all
Encourage sustainability behaviours
need to be involved and have a demographic groups in Bermuda.
and responsible actions
vested interest in the event.
The BTA worked with the Americas Increased awareness and
Volunteerism Cup Volunteer Program to hold continuation of practicing
31 sessions in May 2017 to train environmentally friendly measures
The 545 volunteers were integral volunteers to become Certified Educational programs to connect
to the success of the Americas Tourism Ambassadors. As a result, and engage the community
Cup. The Americas Cup Volunteer 545 volunteers from Bermuda and
Program provided an opportunity around the world became Certified
for Bermudians to become involved Tourism Ambassadors for Bermuda
in the event as volunteers.62 Major and can use the skills and knowledge
sporting events such as the Olympics they learned to improve the Bermuda
and the Americas Cup rely on tourism experience in the future.
volunteers to operate and provide
services to athletes, officials and 70 volunteers also underwent 67%
spectators. orientation for the event which
educated them on the history of the
The Americas Cup Volunteer Americas Cup as well as logistical
Program provided the opportunity information of the event. Role-
for Bermuda to develop and improve specific training was also conducted,
the framework for volunteering and overall volunteers received a
and provided opportunities for 67% of volunteers felt that
minimum of 12 hours of training in the
community members to connect they developed new skills as
lead up to the event. Volunteer
with volunteering. It has created a result of volunteering for
a comprehensive model for Leadership Training was also the Americas Cup
volunteering for large scale events conducted for all managers in charge
in Bermuda for the future. It also of groups of volunteers. This helped
further exposed the community to ensure that managers got the best
to the importance and value of out of their team and understood
volunteerism by engaging with the roles of volunteers to enable
a diverse and large group of operations to run as smoothly as 695
community members. possible, to learn skills for leading Training
large teams, and generating efficient Hours Hours Offered
Volunteers from the event are team work which can be applied in
registered in a database created future volunteering opportunities and
by ACEA and the ACBDA, and their careers.63
provide an accessible pool of

40 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Volunteers included the following:

 uest Services Ambassadors and On the Water

G Based on the First Mates Survey conducted by PwC in
Operation Marshals, with over 100 in each of these July 2017, with 82 responses, 67% of volunteers felt that
areas, and they developed new skills as a result of volunteering for
the Americas Cup:
 edia Services, Americas Cup Endeavour STEAM
Ambassadors, Hospitality and Stage Management/TV When asked what skills they felt they developed as a
Operations, all had approximately 15-30 volunteers in result of volunteering at the Americas Cup:
their teams.

What do you believe the key

skills you developed were?


72% 46% 46% 42% 33% 18% 18%

9% 9%

Teamwork and Communication Problem-Solving Customer Task Time Leadership Technical Marine Tourism and
collaboration Service Management and Management Skills Event
Prioritization Management


Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 41


Community Initiatives deployed to create long-term sustainable solutions to

help the environment.
A major sporting event like the Americas Cup provides a
perfect opportunity to encourage sustainable behaviours Martin Whitmarsh, CEO for Land Rover BAR, explained
and responsible actions. Protecting the environment was that Whilst the sailing community will be closely
a baseline requirement that each of the ACBDA, ACEA watching the racing in Bermuda over the coming weeks,
and the six Americas Cup Teams subscribed to for the its important that we also leave a positive legacy.
period leading up to and during the event. The solar panel installation at the National Museum is
important in helping to reduce the teams short term
The 35th Americas Cup Sustainability Charter impact, but also for offsetting our carbon footprint and
helping to demonstrate how we can build sustainable
For the first time in Americas Cup history, all participating
island communities.64
teams were signatories to a sustainability charter, named
the 35th Americas Cup Sustainability Charter, and Americas Cup Endeavour Education Station, presented
although not a signatory to the document, ACEA actively by Orbis
supported the agreement and implemented it across its
business operations. The charter outlined ten objectives A dedicated sustainability zone, the Americas Cup
that collectively aimed to positively impact environmental Endeavour Education Station, was set up in the Americas
stewardship and social responsibility, both within the Cup Village to feature activities exploring the importance
sport of sailing and the worldwide marine industry. With of improving the health of the worlds oceans by reducing
these groups leading by example and providing various ocean pollution and educating, inspiring, and mobilizing
educational programs amongst the Bermuda community, more people in our community to become healthy
there was every intention to leave a legacy of increased ocean stewards. Educational partnerships included Keep
awareness and continuation of practicing environmentally Bermuda Beautiful (KBB), the Bermuda Zoological
friendly measures. Society, the Seabin Project and the Bermuda Turtle
Project.A total of 1,935 students ages 8 through 13
Land Rover BARs Exploration Zone years old from 18 primary schools, 5 middle schools, 6
private schools and 1 home school visited the Americas
One example of an educational program was Land Rover
Cup Endeavour Education Station, presented by Orbis
BARs Exploration Zone, which was located at the team
between May 29th and June 23rd, 2017.65
base at the entrance of the Americas Cup Village. Nearly
2,000 children visited to learn about the importance The ACBDA hopes that the efforts made by various
of sustainability, reducing waste and sustainable organizations in educating Bermudas younger
technologies. The space was created to feature interactive generations will set a positive example of how individuals
exhibits and lessons to educate visitors on the technology and organizations should change their behaviors to
of the boats used to sail, as well as the technology become more sustainable.

42 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Real Story


Over the year leading up to the Americas Cup, SoftBank Endeavour Programme. Now Gihle can add sailing and
Team Japan hosted students from Sandys Secondary cooking to her ever-growing list of hobbies.
Middle School for classes in mathematics, physics, and
cooking, but also hosted some teachers for fitness In the fall of 2016, Argus, a local insurance provider and
courses and quiz nights. For teacher Shawna Simmons, partner of SoftBank Team Japan, hosted the Argus
the personalized fitness plan developed by trainer Ryan Community Day where an outdoor classroom was built
West was a once in a lifetime chance. Over the course at Sandys Secondary Middle School which included
of one month, 12 teachers visited the teams base to the launching of a tilapia fish farm. Students are now
participate in fitness classes, which came as a request responsible for feeding the fish and repurposing waste as
from one teacher. fertilizer for the Aquaponics garden in the school.

Gihle Dailey, an M1 student at the school, along with ten M3 student Keni Outerbridge also had the opportunity to
other students had a hands-on opportunity to learn participate in a work placement program with SoftBank
how to cook with the teams chef on-site. Gihle explains Team Japan every Tuesday afternoon. Keni performed
that it was at these cooking classes that she learned to supervised welding and woodwork tasks and assisted
make meringue her new favorite. Gihle, a committed where needed with building the teams boat. He is now
footballer, is one of the top athletes at the school, and looking forward to attending technical school in the UK in
for two years she participated in the Americas Cup the future.

These are just a few ways in which the

team and Argus partnered together with
the school and the community at large. Mr.
Chris Naylor, a teacher at the school, noted
that every student had the opportunity to
connect with the team whether it was
through educational lessons, riding in the
chase boat during practice or helping to
build up the school, including repainting
the school cafeteria.

Now, at the conclusion of the 35th

Americas Cup, while the team has left the
island, the relationship between Argus and
Sandys Secondary Middle School is set
to continue leaving a positive impact on
these students lives.


Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 43

Key opportunities
Sustainability Checklist
11. Intellectual capital Tactical Plans
Unification and sustained
One of ACBDAs legacy achievements was in the development of various cooperation across public and
skills and knowledge, creation of new standards on sustainability that can private bodies
be followed in the years to come, be it for an event of similar scale such Enhanced training opportunities
as the upcoming ITU World Triathlon Series, or other regattas. Part of this
process formed a new level of inter-agency communication, collaboration and Tactical Plans
In addition to the Sustainability
Sustainability Checklist Checklist, the various ACBDA
committees developed tactical plans
The ACBDA created a Sustainability Checklist which outlined key sustainability to ensure the overall sustainability
objectives for the ACBDA to achieve. These were adapted for the Bermuda of the event. These tactical plans
context from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Sustainable aligned with the sustainability
Events Guide (SEG) 2012. These guidelines embody the pillars of sustainability, objectives and encompassed the
giving consideration to social, environmental and economic matters. For following:
more details on the Sustainability Checklist and ACBDAs performance against
the objectives set out within, refer to the EESI Report by PwC. Transportation Plan

Medical Support Plan

The sustainability objectives capture various areas of sustainability
including: Security Plan

Reduce consumption On Water Plan

Reduce waste Waste Management Plan

Protect habitats Healthy and Safety Policy

Ensure accessibility and inclusion Emergency Response Plan

Promote engagement through communications The tactical plans helped form the
wider Event Management Plan which
Maintain safety and security was developed by ACEA, with the
contribution of the ACBDA.
Provide efficient public transportation
The Sustainability Checklist and the
Sustainable visiting yachts robust delivery plans established and
executed will be a lasting benefit
Sustainable caterers and food vendors
for any organizing body, either
public or private, as they can serve
as a framework for future events in

44 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Unification and sustained cooperation

Creating platforms for unification and sustained cooperation across private Extraordinary coordination
and public bodies was shown during the Americas Cup with many sectors
of Bermuda working together to achieve a collective vision. The positive
was required, melding of all the
outcomes of these efforts prove that events of this scale provide opportunities above into a single Bermuda
for collaboration and lasting relationships between the public and private team. They performed admirably,

they made us proud.

Michael Winfield, CEO of ACBDA.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 45

A prime example of how various (JESIP) Course held in January
Harmonization and team
agencies functioned effectively 2017. Attendees were comprised
work was evidenced by the
together is the JACC, which was a of members from many of the
coordination between the
first for Bermuda, coordinated by organizations mentioned above.
following groups:
Controlled Events from the UK. The The training was conducted by
Royal Bermuda Regiment JACC was essentially the hub of the two senior police officers from
Americas Cup 2017 operation and the United Kingdom in order to
Bermuda Police Service acted as the focal point for all event enhance skills required to ensure
related management of operations. effective interagency collaboration,
 ermuda Fire & Rescue
B The JACCs aim was to ensure that communication and cooperation in
Services event operations on water, in the the event of any major incidents.
event village and across the island
Customs and Immigration Nearly 100 Bermuda residents were
ran smoothly. The JACC provided an
opportunity for various functional involved with the on-water operations
St. Johns Ambulance
groups to tap into each others areas team which enabled increased
Red Cross of expertise and to develop working awareness and education of on-water
relationships that can be leveraged in safety and rules of the water and
 ing Edward VII Memorial
K the future. becoming ambassadors of proper
Hospital boat handling. Nearly 35 hours of
Bermudian teenager, Arden Vickers, on-water training was provided in
Department of Health worked with the JACC as a radio modern day race management, boat/
and log assistant. The experience vessel usage in local waterways
Marine & Ports
gave her a special insight into the and safety measures. This training
 ermuda Maritime Operations
B orchestration of large events and enabled an increased sense of on-
Center taught her skills that will be useful in water safety and rules in the boating
her future career as a special events community in Bermuda. These new
Bermuda Tourism Authority coordinator. Vickers told the Royal skills can be applied to help Bermuda
Gazette, I am incredibly grateful to residents find jobs in the marine
 epartment of
D have this opportunity to volunteer sector, and be passed on to other
Communications, and work this summer with the residents to create safer waters.
amazing people hired to run and
 inistry of Economic
M The ACRM team provided training to
organize the Americas Cup and
Development a number of meteorologists at the
learn everything I possibly can. The
experience is invaluable. BWS in the usage of weather data
Department of Immigration
from the Pearl Island Weather Station,
Department of Planning Enhanced training opportunities a facility installed for the Americas
Cup, in preparation for the event.67
Government House 62 people from across Bermuda The ACRM relied on this weather
attended the Joint Emergency data from the BWS throughout the
 K National Policing and
U Services Interoperability Principles Americas Cup.
Coordination Centre and UK

Border Force
I am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to volunteer and
545 volunteers work this summer with the amazing people hired to run and organize
 oint Agency Control Centre
J the Americas Cup and learn everything I possibly can. The experience
(JACC) is invaluable.


Arden Vickers

46 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Key opportunities
F  ull transparency and sound financial
12. Ability to deliver major projects to a truly management
world-class standard Timely assessment of impact
Gather learning experiences
From bid process through eroded public confidence (including Enhance public confidence
development, delivery and execution, outside Bermuda) the Americas Create single-point of contact
to wind down, the entire process has Cup is a shining example of what a Establish Bermuda Event Authority
been conducted transparently, with committed, aligned community can
excellent financial management and achieve with a shared vision and
good governance practices, strong strong leadership.

communications across multiple When Bermudians are
stakeholders and the community In addition, the creation of a single
and with a timely impact assessment point of contact within Government brought together with clear
across economic, environmental and the ACBDA and the Ministry objectives, adequate funding and
social dimensions. This represents appointed Government liaison officer,
good management, we can deliver
who held responsibility for liaison

a huge learning for the country
and a raising of the bar, reminding with all Government Departments, to international standards
Bermudians and the world that was a key ingredient in the successful
delivery of the Americas Cup. Michael Winfield, CEO of ACBDA
Bermuda can deliver on the global
The proposed Bermuda Event
Bermuda has not recently been Authority can build upon the levels
endowed with many examples of of inter-agency communication,
public initiatives being delivered collaboration and coordination to
in this manner and those have attract and manage future events.

Real Story

In an interview with Chris Garland, the ACEAs Public Food
& Beverage Concessions Manager, who was responsible for
managing and operating the food and beverage platform
at the Americas Cup Village, he stated that he now realizes
what it takes to get an event of this size going. He witnessed
collaboration among the various vendors, where more
sophisticated businesses helping to streamline the processes.
Chris believes that with the strict sustainability guidelines that
the vendors had to follow, it has increased awareness of waste
management best practices and green initiatives. He believes
that the Americas Cup has proven that you can change your
behavior and switch to an environmentally friendly mentality.
The environmental focus will have a lasting impact in Bermuda.
Chris also believes that the leadership of ACEA has left a
lifelong impression of the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice
necessary to succeed in this arena.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 47


Bermudas ability to deliver the Americas Cup is 3. Vesting stakeholders

a testament to its people, especially the myriad
organizers and volunteers, and Bermudas global brand. Widespread stakeholder engagement from the outset
Of paramount importance is the fact that to realize an optimizes investment returns and legacy outcomes. The
extraordinary legacy, a concerted effort has to be made identification of legacy outcomes in advance allows for
now and into the future. the opportunity to vest key stakeholders into the event
and its objectives. This requires a bi-partisan approach.
As Bermuda seeks to accrue value over the long-term
from the successful hosting of this event, an undeniable 4. Foreign direct investment
legacy benefit is to apply what has been learned to
The private and public sectors need sophisticated
future events, including mega events. There are
mechanisms to convert the interest of foreign direct
numerous insights many of which were apparent
investors who visit or become connected to Bermuda
previously and which received significant focus for the
into investments. This requires a coordinated business
Americas Cup. The following represent some of the
development strategy for events to dovetail into national
more critical which are recommended for consideration
by future event authorities or organizers:
5. Culture drives outcome
1. Socio-economic catalyst
Culture is a driver for economic change, reducing adverse
Socio-economic equality by gender, race, ethnicity,
environmental impacts and social inclusion. There is
age, education, employment, sexual orientation, safety,
also clear support that by hosting events a population
housing, ability, food security and family structure is a
becomes more interested in cultural activities and
matter of national importance and strategy. Hosting an
consequently creates a multiplier effect.
event is not the national strategy for socio-economic
equality. However, it should be catalytic. As each event 6. Community champions
is planned, objectives, leadership, funding, systems,
and processes should all be formalized to facilitate a The use of community champions to promote inclusion
national strategy that serves to empower and enrich the and engagement, running events that encourage
community. participation and good marketing and communication
are effective in delivering improved returns. Planning
2. Primacy of legacy outcomes which connects the selection of community champions
to predefined socio-economic objectives will facilitate
All events must be sustainably delivered from an
improved and more holistic outcomes.
economic, social and environmental perspective. Event
authorities or organizers should always prioritize the 7. Volunteerism and multiculturalism
legacy outcomes of the event over the short-term impact
of hosting the event itself. This prioritization should There is a rich history of volunteerism in the success
always take place pre-bid or establishment and be a of events. A national or event-based policy towards
critical determinant of whether to bid on an event or not. volunteerism will better facilitate the delivery of events.
Moreover, a policy on volunteerism and multiculturalism
would help establish a collective understanding of the
cultural importance of volunteerism.

48 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

8. Data and metrics

Standardized economic, social and environmental

metrics allow for consistent and timely
measurement of outcomes. Established systems,
processes and controls at a national level will
facilitate this.

9. Brand and national image

Formal national image management will allow

for proactive targeting of Bermudas brand and
economic outcomes through hosting events. The
manner in which Bermudas brand is portrayed
globally is of the highest importance for future
Michael Winfield, CEO of ACBDA said
10. Event authority

Start-up costs and effort to establish an event

authority are generally recouped over more
Bermuda has proven that when the
island comes together with a collective
than one event. Event authorities that are able vision, we can deliver world class
to connect key stakeholders in the community standards and Bermuda has punched
tend to be more effective vehicles for facilitating
above our weight and delivered a first
successful events and enhancing the legacy
benefit. A national event authority is justifiable if class performance to a worldwide

a nation is intending on hosting events of scale. coverage.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 49

Real Story


Chris Maughan offered charters during the Americas other than the financial boost he gained, the real value
Cup on his boat, Play Pen, which he explained was an of the event for his business was the exposure to a large
overwhelming success. He hosted over 300 first-time number of guests in a short period. I think the main
guests during the event in May and June 2017. Maughan legacy of this for me is the exposure to high net worth
explains, We provide a casual but high-level service and clients and the new friendships and relationships formed
the feedback had been overwhelmingly positive. With which I expect will drive future business. It was not just a
each group, I was able to deliver prime viewing of the charter but a real opportunity to showcase my product.
racing. I was able to recap races from prior days and He concluded that With the extra profits I earned, I can
to have chats about what we offer to the guests. My reinvest into my business and improve my offering to
focus is, and always will be, client service and building include two jet skis and two paddle boards. I now not
relationships. With each trip, I secured follow up charters only have a much larger client base but because of the
for after the Americas Cup which I believe for me is a additional amenities clients get exceptional value with
legacy of the Americas Cup. Maughan explains that each charter.

50 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

EXAMPLES OF Cultural and arts festivals

FUTURE EVENTS Music festivals

THAT COULD BE Food and wine festivals

Professional sporting events

(such as golf, cricket, rugby, tennis, football, cycling)



Triathlons and marathons

International swimming and endurance

competitions (pool and open water)
Full range of global competitive sailing classes and
regattas - for year-round training and racing

Formula E or equivalent motor race

International class powerboat racing

Red Bull Air Races

International product launches for major brands

Business and industry conventions

Global thought leadership events (such as TED Talks,

environmental summits, geopolitical summits)

International think tanks, multi national forums


The immediate benefits arising from the Americas Cup are

significant. The legacy benefits could be transformative.
These legacies will not happen without dedicated, focused
and energetic leadership. They need to be captured, defined
and followed through on. Regardless of ones opinion of the
Americas Cup, there is no question that it leaves Bermuda
with real ways to provide further benefits to our community.
That legacy is in the hands of its people.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 51

Large-scale local or foreign direct Social cohesion and socio-economic Community engagement and
investment equality by gender, race, ethnicity volunteerism
Portfolio document titled and age 545 volunteers, all are Certified
Investing in Bermuda Diversity in sailing and sporting Tourism Ambassadors for
Opportunities for Foreign programs Bermuda
Investment Diversity in volunteer programs Improved framework for
Hotel investments including: The volunteering
Loren, Caroline Bay (Ritz-Carlton), Maritime heritage and geographic Comprehensive model for
St. Regis, Hamilton Princess, Azura location volunteering for large-scale events
and Rosewood Tuckers Point Bermuda Maritime Academy Contact list / database of
Development of new marinas volunteers for future opportunities
Permanent enhancement of Bermudas Promotion of superyachts Encourage sustainability
brand health and profile and visiting yachts (enhanced behaviours and responsible
Future sporting & non-sporting legislations) actions
events Future yachting events in Increased awareness and
Global media exposure, $80.9 Bermuda continuation of practicing
in Advertising Equivalent Value Economic opportunities in marine environmentally friendly measures
(AEV) industry Educational programs to connect
Protecting habitats and engage the community
Sustained improvements in GDP, jobs
for Bermudians, macro-economic Sailing, health and wellbeing Intellectual capital
diversification Development of new Sustainability Checklist
Impact on GDP of $336.4 million, sportspersons in Bermuda: Tactical Plans
inclusive of $90.8 million in Endeavour Community Sailing, Unification and sustained
estimated future tourism spending formerly the Americas Cup cooperation across public and
Enhanced local business Endeavour Programme private bodies
opportunities STEAM educational programme Enhanced training opportunities
Local Business Directory (Science, Technology, Engineering,
Employment opportunities Arts, and Maths) Ability to deliver major projects to a
TeamBDA truly world-class standard
Contribution from Bermudas tourism Heightened awareness of health Full transparency and sound
sector and nutrition financial management
Leverage previous international Creating new supporting Timely assessment of impact
visitors industries Gather learning experiences
Growth in hotel industry Enhance public confidence
Tourism reporting on private jet Philanthropy Create single-point of contact
visitors $0.5 million donated to the Establish Bermuda Event
Bermuda community by ACEA Authority
Infrastructure and urban regeneration and ACBDA
Accelerated infrastructure Donated office supplies and
development in Dockyard (e.g. equipment, including Wi-Fi
Cross Island, Moresby House, Sail devices to community schools
Loft, Prince Albert Terrace and the Furniture for low income housing
Chicane building) Weather service upgrades
Enhanced water production Gala raising over $0.6 million for
facilities sailing programs
Improved waste management Sailing artifacts for transportation
program museum
Transportation upgrades
Telecommunication upgrades
Enhanced security systems
Wi-Fi equipment in community

52 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact

Real Story


PAR 3 is a boutique consulting company that provides In fact, Par 3 Consulting received many positive
sales and marketing advice as well as business guidance testimonials from clients during the event. One captain
and coaching. It began years ago after its owner, Anthony of a superyacht commended Anthonys service and the
Mocklow, decided he wanted to use his 20 plus years introduction to Bermuda, stating it was outstanding and
of experience in sales and marketing, the golf industry, way above their expectation level. Another stated that
business management and consulting skills to address an the services provided by Anthony and the team at Par 3
innovative niche in Bermuda that combined destination Consulting were over the top and they will be returning
golfing and luxury. to Bermuda as it is now one of the owners favorite
In late 2016, Anthony was contacted by Bermuda Yacht
Services (BYS) and BWA Yachting (Blue Water Par 3 Consulting has recently been appointed by Oceania
Alliance) to provide luxury golf and concierge services to Cruise Lines to provide luxury golf experiences and
the superyachts that would be visiting Bermuda for the specialty services for cruise ship passengers on route
Americas Cup. These services ranged from organizing to Bermuda, and in the future, Oceania will offer Golf
golf rounds to dining, spa experiences, transportation, Specialty Cruises to the island. Anthony believes that
and other luxury on-island experiences. there is a ripple effect triggered by these high profile
visitors. Many were visiting Bermuda for the first time for
Anthony witnessed first-hand the benefits of Bermuda the Americas Cup; they fell in love with the island and
hosting the Americas Cup. More than 490 rounds of what it has to offer and have stated that they will be back.
golf were booked during the event compared to 150 in
the same period in the prior year. According to Par 3 Anthony believes that the Americas Cup has left
Consulting, the business grew significantly due to the Bermuda with a legacy of increasing the potential for
Americas Cup. Anthony stated that the Americas many international sporting events in the years to come.
Cup accelerated his business growth by two years and He stated, The Americas Cup brought opportunity that
explained that it led to the hiring of additional Bermudian needs to be leveraged in the future.
support and staff members. Anthony developed strong
relationships with many captains of the superyachts, and
because of this, he believes that his business will thrive in
the years to come.

Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 53

Glossary of Terms

ABA American Bar Association

ACBDA Americas Cup Bermuda Limited

ACEA Americas Cup Event Authority
ACRM Americas Cup Race Management
AEV Advertising Equivalent Value
Americas Cup the 35th Americas Cup
Americas Cup Volunteer Program the Americas Cup Volunteer Program First Mates presented by XL Catlin
BDA Bermuda Business Development Agency
BEDC Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
BPS Bermuda Police Service
BTA Bermuda Tourism Authority
BWA Blue Water Alliance
BYS Bermuda Yacht Services
BWS Bermuda Weather Services
Committee Legacy & Sustainability Committee
EESI Report Economic, Environmental and Social Impact of the 35th Americas Cup on
Bermuda Report by PwC
GDP Gross Domestic Product
Government Government of Bermuda
ITU International Triathlon Union
JACC Joint Agency Control Centre
JESIP Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles
KBB Keep Bermuda Beautiful
the Portfolio the Portfolio for Foreign Investment
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Ltd.
RBYAC Red Bull Youth Americas Cup
SEG Sustainable Events Guide
STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths
TAG Tin, aluminum, glass
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme

WEDCo West End Development Corporation

54 Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact


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Americas Cup Bermuda Legacy Impact 55