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Profesional Prectes 2 (Early Chishood) Infometion and Guidelines forthe Superviion an Assessment of Pre-srvice Teachers Pages Appendix 1: Classroom Observation Template ‘The supervising teacher should use the template below to record observations on specific aspects of the pre-service teacher's classroom practice. A copy of the observation should be provided to the pre-service teacher for reflection purposes and to submit to the university as part of a university- based assessment task following the completion of the placement. (See pages 6-9 of this booklet for specific aspects of practice for observation and feedback during Professional Practice 2). [Classroom Observation Template | Supervising Teacher: Date: Toroiee lehofa Pre-service Teacher: Ciass/Year Level: anaes Ciroy indy. Focus for observation: (See Table 3 on Page 10) | APST descriptor/s: (See Table 3 on Page 10) Ss Tsai Theerd. at eae eopgek ard ~ Grey Crplarnach concepts Lines ~ seme reminders | Ord inrodwed fopcs well for mv hancls do gQhes. Soot > Recegntet ciudrens prer kradedge and wet Un to bullet carversahen curck QP clssion ‘Comments/questions for follow-up discussion and reflection (i thought...) LS Wert realty welt Consider PBABNG mrgdurak sata TO Uworledraot Sconerger hunt por jashwatk - differed seecto Crake a station for see — Cridren con access as their on ime — perhaps POWER pens, Loder Caos 9 magrityig glasses, - tis wy oloo lap BAH formotR asS2smrond, Caidniversty a