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Raigad District List of Fort

Sr.NO Name of Fort Location Co-ordinates

1 Avchitgad Roha 182830N 7376 E

, Roha , 18 25 26.76 N,
2 Bhirwadi fort near 73 2 28.68 E

3 Dronagiri fort Uran Fort 18 52 1 N, 72 56 9.3 E

18 21 51.1 N,
4 Gosale Gad Roha 73 5 25.6 E
History Place to be visit

This fort is believed to be built by Shilahar

kings and subsequently used by the Nizam of
Ahmednagar. The great Maratha king The fort has a large dodecagonal-shaped cistern which was
Chhatrapati Shivaji is also believed to have used mainly for bathing and washing purposes. Nearby this
reconstructed this fort. The work was carried cistern there are 6 smaller cisterns which have potable
out in a hurry and hence the name 'Avchit' water. A small temple of the Pingalsai goddess is also
(hurry) 'gad' (fort). In the Third Anglo-Maratha situated atop. The main gate is also in good condition. There
War, this fort was won over by Colonel Prother are two cannons on the top of the fort. There are two good
from the Peshwas in February 1818 along with bastions one at the northern end and the other at the
other forts in the neighboring region. southern end. There is an inscription on the southern
bastion which says " Shri ganeshayanama shri jayadev shake
1718 Nal nam samvatsarae Chaitra shudha pratipada" there
are dense forest arount entire fort with leopard,monkeys &

In 1648, this fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj, There are four corner bastions and a main gate in good
along with Lingana fort, after capturing Kalyan. condition. There are many stone cut water cisterns on the
This fort was useful to keep watch on the fort. Two cannons are now moved to the temple at the base
Revdanda creek and to check the activities of of the fort. The view from the summit is pleasing with rice-
Siddhi. fields and dense pockets of jungle around.

This fort was under the rule of Yadav of

Devgiri.In 1530 this fort was repaired by the
Portuguese. In 1535 the father Antono-de-
porto constructed three churches Nosa
senhora, N.S.Da Penha and Sam Francisco.In
16th century this fort was capatured by
Adilshah and was in his control for some
period. Finally it passed to the hand of British.
On 10 March 1739 this fort was captured by
Manaji Angre along with the Uran fort.

The ruins of the fortification are seen on the fort. There is a church Nossa S
It is not known about who built this fort. In
the 16th century this fort was under the
control of Adilshah of Bijapur. King Shivaji won The long fortification around the narrow strip of Machi is in
this fort in 1648.This fort was encircled by good condition.There are caves and rock cut water cisterns
troops of Siddhi of Janjira when Afzalkhan had around the Balekilla hill. There is a escape gate which
tried to kill Shivaji at Pratapgad, However connects the narrow wall of fortification.There are two idols
Shivaji killed Afzalkhan and knowing this of Sharabh laying near the main gate.The toilet block on the
Siddhi also returned with the troops to fortification are also seen.There is cannon on the western
Janjira.At times this fort was in control of side of balekilla.
Siddhi, Angre and Maratha rule. Finally Col.
Prother captured this fort in 1818.

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