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9/9/2017 Principles of Fracture Mechanics - R. J.


R. J. Sanford, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering

Principles of Fracture Mechanics

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R.J. Sanford, Principles of Fracture Mechanics, Prentice Hall, Upper

Saddle River, NJ, 416 pages, 2003.

For a first course in the Mechanics of Fracture at the graduate level (or senior
undergraduates with a background in engineering mechanics).

The attention of Principles of Fracture Mechanics is on the mathematical

principles of linear elastic fracture mechanics and their application to
engineering design. The book is a self-contained manual on the mechanics
aspects of the theory of brittle fracture and fatigue and is suitable for either self-
study or classroom instruction. It includes a guided introduction to the linear
theory of elasticity with pivotal results for the circular hole, the elliptical hole and the wedge leading up
to the general problem of bodies containing cracks.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Fracture Mechanics.

2. Elements of Solid Mechanics.
3. Elasticity of Singular Stress Fields.
4. Numerical Methods for K Determination.
5. Experimental Methods for K Determination.
6. A Stress Field Theory of Fracture.
7. The Energy of Fracture.
8. Fracture Toughness Testing.
9. Fatigue.
10. Designing Against Fracture.
11. Elasto-plastic Fracture.
Appendix A: Comprehensive Exercises.
Appendix B: Complex Variable Method in Elasticity.
Appendix C: An Abbreviated Compendium of Westergaard Stress Functions.
Appendix D: Fracture Properties of Engineering Materials.
Appendix E: NASGRO 3.0 Material Constants for Selected Materials.
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9/9/2017 Principles of Fracture Mechanics - R. J. Sanford

A Solutions Manual is also available

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