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Title:HP Unified Controllers - Rejecting Wireless clients with low RSSI - Explained
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FACT:HP Unified Controllers

FACT:New Day code - 5.20.R3308P29

SYMPTOM:Configuration parameter allows value between 0 to 30 but not clear whether the value is RSSI in dBm or SNR

CAUSE:Documentation not clear in explaning the unit value for the configuration parameter


From the WLAN configuration guide:

Rejecting wireless clients with low RSSI

Wireless clients whose packets have low received signal strength indicator (RSSI) cannot get good service or performance, but they occupy wireless channels, especially when they ar

This task configures an RSSI so that clients whose RSSI is lower than the configured RSSI cannot access the WLAN.

To configure the client-reject signal threshold:

1. Enter system view - system-view
2. Configure the client-reject RSSI - wlan option client-reject <value>

Since the noise could vary from environment to environment, we dont put the actual signal strength as the RSSI value in the configuration. Instead we simply specify
SNR value

Example: Customer want to reject client with SNR below 20

wlan option client-reject <value>

Above configuration will reject a client with below 20 SNR value.

In this case where reject client value is 20 and noise in the environment for example could be: -95dbm, then the actual signal (RSSI) can be derived as follows

Noise + SNR = RSSI dBm

-95dBm + 20 = -75 dBm

So any client with RSSI value around -75dBm when the noise floor is around -95dBm will be rejected by the controller.

Typical noise floor in the environment can be obtained from AP with the following command:

dis wlan ap <apname> verbose

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