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1. FASTEN Fit to Work

All employees and contractors will be medically fit to climb.
No employees shall work at height if they are fatigued, distracted or stressed
No employee shall work at height if they are under the influence of drugs and
No employee shall work at height if they are under the influence of medication
that may cause drowsiness
No employee shall work at height if they have an injury that may affect their
ability to work safely.

2. FASTEN Arrangements
Pre-start checks shall be done to ensure everyone is authorized, trained and fit to
work on site
A visual check shall be made on all the equipment to ensure it is suitable for use
The site shall be checked to ensure it Is safe to Is the site safe to access and work
Weather conditions shall be monitored continuously for the safety of everyone on
Safe System of Work (SSoW) - A documented process must be in place to identify
significant risks and establish effective, practical controls and procedures.
Rescue plan - Ensure that you have a plan to deal with emergencies when
working at height.
Working at height must not take place at night, unless duly authorized and all
necessary precautions implemented
Before work starts put arrangements in place for any required shutdowns. Isolate
and secure all systems before work starts.
Drop zones shall be Defined and implemented. No unauthorized people shall be
allowed in the drop zones. Barriers and warning signs shall be used and hard has
shall be worn by those people authorized to enter the drop zone.
Hours of work must be controlled and monitored; no one should work more than
12 hours on any day.
Everyone shall be aware of the EMF risks and appropriate controls such as shut
downs, exclusions zones and RF monitors shall be implemented to prevent
Electrical - Never work on live equipment, unless the task is a recognized testing
procedure, undertaken by trained and qualified personnel, using approved test
Lone Working - Lone working is not permitted if the work involves the use of
personal fall protection equipment - there must be at least two people present.

3. FASTEN Supervision:
Site Supervisor shall ensure only authorized people can access the site - control
access by barriers, tape or by physically stopping people from entering.
Site Supervisor shall ensure everyone on site is trained to the appropriate level
for the task
Site Supervisor shall be empowered to control the work and has a duty to
The Supervisor shall ensure everyone has the right equipment and use it
If a task changes, it must be reassessed to ensure that suitable and appropriate
controls are in place.
Changes to the method must be agreed and documented.
The Supervisor shall be on site at all times to supervise any high-risk work.
A supervisor cannot be involved in the work whilst it is happening.

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4. FASTEN Training:
No employee will undertake any work unless trained in the tasks required.
All employees working at height must hold a valid certificate for the tasks they
All employees should be checked by site inspections, audits and spot checks.

5. FASTEN Equipment:
All equipment will be tested and checked prior to use and periodically.
The equipment that is used in working at height is essential in ensuring that the
job can be done safely, this means it needs to be appropriate for its intended
use, well maintained and familiar to those using it.
All safety equipment must be inspected by a competent person and checked
prior to use.
Fixed fall arrest systems are the preferred method of fall protection when
accessing a structure.
Personal Protective Equipment is Personal. It must be
Fit for purpose.
Used in the way it was designed for.
Issued to an individual for their use only - it should not be shared or left on a
Well maintained and in good condition.
Recorded whom it is issued to, when it was issued and when it should be

6. FASTEN Non-negotiable:
There is no excuse for cutting corners or rushing a job to get it done more quickly.
Unsafe behavior is never tolerated. FASTEN outlines Nokias expectations in relation to
working at height. This W@H rules apply to all Nokia business units and all contractors
and service providers conducting work on our behalf.







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