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Fairyland 4
Module 1
1 Hello! -countries, appearance, 1.1 -Pupils Book
The Mirror character, family 1.2 -Activity Book
Super members, ability 1.3 -Vocabulary
Gran -household activities, 1.4 and Grammar
requests, sports, actions 2.1 practice
-the verb to be 2.2 -DVD
2 Chores -the verb have got 2.3 -Audio CD
Waterland -possessive adjectives 3.1 -Picture
A -the verb can 3.2 Flashcards
wonderful -present continuous 3.3 -Posters
time -prepositions of 3.4 -Teachers
movement Book
-writing about your -Teachers
super family Resource Pack
-a description of a
Module 2
3 In town -buildings, directions, 1.1 -Pupils Book
A new clothes, prices, the 1.2 -Activity Book
scarf The Green Cross Code 1.3 -Vocabulary
Green -jobs, daily routine, 1.4 and Grammar
Cross Code free-time activities 2.1 practice
-imperative 2.2 -DVD
-there is/are 2.3 -Audio CD
4 A space -prepositions of place 3.1 -Picture
trip XL in -plurals 3.2 Flashcards
concert! -present simple 3.3 -Posters
A -adverbs of frequency 3.4 -Teachers
happy -prepositions of time Book
person -writing about your -Teachers
neighbourhood, your Resource Pack
daily routine and
favourite subjects
Module 3
5 The -country code, rules, 1.1 -Pupils Book
Country illnesses, advice 1.2 -Activity Book
Code -food, containers 1.3 -Vocabulary
Yes, doctor! -must/mustnt, 1.4 and Grammar
Stay should/shouldnt 2.1 practice
healthy! -object pronouns 2.2 -DVD
6 Yumville -much/many/a lot of 2.3 -Audio CD
Meal -some/any 3.1 -Picture
Time -containers 3.2 Flashcards
On the -prepositions of place 3.3 -Posters
shelve -writing a letter giving 3.4 -Teachers
s advice/ about your Book
favourite food -Teachers
Resource Pack
Module 4
7 Animal -animals, habitats 1.1 -Pupils Book
elections -feelings, buildings 1.2 -Activity Book
The new -comparing animals, 1.3 -Vocabulary
President talking about their 1.4 and Grammar
Animal habitats 2.1 practice
homes -talking about feelings 2.2 -DVD
8 A little green -talking about where 2.3 -Audio CD
man you are 3.1 -Picture
Who was it? -adjectives 3.2 Flashcards
Just the -comparison 3.3 -Posters
other day -was/were 3.4 -Teachers
-writing about animals Book
and their habitats -Teachers
-about where you were Resource Pack
last weekend
Module 5
9 Knights -knights, castles, kings, 1.1 -Pupils Book
and castles queens 1.2 -Activity Book
It kicked me! -Willow and Emmas 1.3 -Vocabulary
A knight for father, famous people 1.4 and Grammar
a day! - talk about the past 2.1 practice
-tell a story 2.2 -DVD
-simple past (regular) 2.3 -Audio CD
10 Willows -writing about famous 3.1 -Picture
story people in the past 3.2 Flashcards
I love this 3.3 -Posters
tree 3.4 -Teachers
A better place Book
Resource Pack
Module 6
11 The -fairy animals, months, 1.1 -Pupils Book
fairy ordinals, penguin 1.2 -Activity Book
garden parade 1.3 -Vocabulary
Helping -holidays, things to take 1.4 and Grammar
Erlina on a holiday 2.1 practice
The -ask questions, talk 2.2 -DVD
12 Were going about animals, talk 2.3 -Audio CD
to fly about plans and 3.1 -Picture
Port intentions 3.2 Flashcards
Fairy Fly -question words 3.3 -Posters
away! -ordinals 3.4 -Teachers
-months Book
-will -Teachers
-be going to Resource Pack
-writing about an
-about your holiday
Happy Halloween!
Happy New Year!
Fathers Day!