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The What is so unique to KEIRs design?

KEIRs design relies on the controlled use of compressed air which is allowed to
decompress to atmospheric pressure within a carefully sized chamber. The air
Frontiersman sm
accelerates to nearly the speed of sound in a thin layer surrounding the wire.
This release of kinetic energy stored when the air was compressed does far more
AIR-WIPE work than other systems that rely on high volumes of air. The wire path is lined
with high-density ceramic material for long life. The configuration of the
ceramic keeps the wire centered within the airflow. patented design

Two styles to choose from.

KEIR offers two designs that incorporate the same proprietary concept. One is primarily for bare wire
consisting of a polymer mounting block with a high-density, wear-resistant ceramic insert that is hand
pressed into the mount and seals with O-rings. The other is a split design for jacketed wire or cable
which opens to allow welds or extrusion bulges to pass through without damage, or is used where it is
not practical to thread the wire through an Air-Wipe when setting up the line.

The SURE SHOT. Part No. 85-150

Used on bare wire with line speeds up to 5,200 feet per minute, the SURE
SHOT is a versatile solution to wet wire problems. Sizes for wire from .020
Finally, an Air-Wipe that really works! up to 1.375 fit with two standard mounting configurations. Custom designs
for flat cable or larger diameters are available. Typically offered with a 2 x 2
Just when you had about given up on x 2 mounting block, SURE SHOT inserts can be manifold mounted or
finding an Air-Wipe that would dry your inserted in clamped blocks for multi-wire lines with centers as close as 1.
wire completely with compressed air, KEIR
Mfg. has developed a dependable, simple
and cost-effective new design. The SPLIT SHOT. Part No. 85-250/350
KEIRs clamshell style SPLIT SHOT Air-Wipe is a highly effective, rugged
Boldly independent by design, reliable powerhouse in a small package. Ceramic inserts line the wire path and keep the
yet thrifty, our FRONTIERSMAN makes the wire centered within a powerful airstream. A tough polymer housing
most of any situation. incorporates an integral hinge that can take abuse yet comes apart easily for
service. All fasteners, springs and hinge pins are stainless steel. Each unit is
Designed to use the full potential of the sold with its own pressure regulator and gauge so that proper settings are easily
compressed air source to perform the work of monitored. The standard housing for wire up to .460 is only 2 1/2 wide x 2
drying your product, the FRONTIERSMAN tall x 3.5 long.
quietly accomplishes more with less.

High density ceramic inserts in a tough KEIR Mfg., Inc. is a manufacturer of technical
polymer housing provide a long rugged life ceramic products designed for long life. We
have dedicated ourselves to making products
U.S. Patent 5943729 issued 8/31/99 that enable your business to run more
efficiently. Call us toll free 800-992-2402
Why Not Build The
Best If You Know
Ceramics made for life. FRONTIERSMAN sm

> All Stainless Steel Fasteners & Springs. KEIR Mfg., Inc. AIR-WIPES
> Durable ceramic inserts can be replaced.
Try our Air-Wipes for 30 days, A revolution in the making!
and if you are not convinced they
> Tough polymer housings withstand outperform any other Air-Wipe
youve tried, just return them for full

> Simple construction and design for easy U.S. Patent 5943729 issued 8/31/99
installation and maintenance.
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> Set air pressure and never adjust again. 14335 Foothill Road
Golden, CO 80401 USA
Tel: 303/699-2930
> Use the minimum CFM to get dry wire.
> Lower db levels than other designs.

> The most cost-effective solution for In Argentina contact: You should be thinking about more important
Jezabel Sinesia things than whether your Air-Wipes are doing what
drying wire. Designed and priced to save Bialet Masse 542 they are supposed to!
you time and money. 1406 Buenos Aires-ARGENTINA
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