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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mousa Al-Abbadi, MD Oscar Lin, MD, PhD

Carlos W.M. Bedrossian, Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia New York, New York
MD, FIAC R. Marshall Austin, MD Britt-Marie Ljung, MD
Department of Pathology Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania San Francisco, California
Rush University Medical School Ricardo Bardales, MD Adhemar Longatto-Filho, PhD
Chicago, Illinois Sacramento, California So Paulo, Brazil
SENIOR ASSOCIATE Mathilde Boon, MD, PhD John Maksem, MD
EDITORS Leiden, Netherlands Celebration, Florida
Zubair Baloch, MD, PhD. Joan Cangiarella, MD Ravi Mehrotra, MD, PhD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania New York, New York Alalhabad, India
Lester Layfield, MD Michele Carbone, MD Aziza Nassar, MD, FIAC
Columbia, Missouri Honolulu, Hawaii Rochester, Minnesota
Fernando Schmitt, MD Lucia Cardinal, MD Binnur nal, MD,
Dudelange, Luxembourg Buenos Aires, Argentina Ankara, Turkey
Barbara Centeno, MD Robert Osamura, MD
ASSOCIATE EDITORS Tampa, Florida Isehara-city, Japan
Lukas Bubendorf, MD David Chhieng, MD Lucio Palombini, Prof
Basel, Switzerland New Haven, Connecticut Napoli, Italy
Gilda da Cunha Santos, MD, PhD Beatrix Cochand-Priollet, MD, PhD Martha Pitman, MD
Toronto, Ontario, Canada Paris, France Boston, Massachusetts
Leslie Dodd, MD Hormoz Ehya, MD Ibrahim Ramzy, MD
Chapel Hill, North Carolina Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Irvine, California
Tarik Elsheikh, MD Esther D. Rossi, MD, PhD
Larissa Furtado, MD Cleveland, Ohio
Salt Lake City, Utah Rome, Italy
William Faquin, MD
Daniel F.I. Kurtycz, MD Mary Schwartz, MD
Boston, Massachusetts
Madison, Wisconsin Houston, Texas
Andrew Field, FRCPA
Suzanne Selvaggi, MD
Shahla Masood, MD Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Madison, Wisconsin
Jacksonville, Florida Raquel Garza Guajardo, Ph.D.
Monterrey, Nuevo Len, Mexico Jan Silverman, MD
Claire Michael, MD Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cleveland, Ohio Paolo Gattuso, MD
Chicago, Illinois Aylin Simsir, MD
Stefan Pambuccian, MD New York, New York
Kim Geisinger, MD
Chicago, Illinois Lambert Skoog, MD PhD
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Liron Pantanowitz, MD Stockholm, Sweden
Gary Gill,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Indianapolis, Indiana Edward Stelow, MD
Charlottesville, Virginia
Momin Siddiqui, MD Yun Gong, MD
Atlanta, Georgia Houston, Texas Philippe Vielh, MD, PhD
Villejuif, France
Ann Walts, MD Ellen Greenebaum, MD, MPH
New York, New York Helen Wang, MD, DrPH
Los Angeles, California Boston, Massachusetts
Rana Hoda, MD, FIAC
Gordon Yu, MD New York, New York Eva Wojcik, MD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Maywood, Illinois
Kusum Kapila, MD
Kuwait City, Kuwait Colleen Wright, MD, FIAC
MANAGING EDITOR Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Elizabeth Brenner Jerzy Klijanienko, MD
Paris, France Bin Yang, MD, PhD
Malden, Massachusetts
Tadao Kobayashi, PhD Cleveland, Ohio
SPECIAL TOPICS EDITOR: SOCIAL Ohtsu, Shiga, Japan Lourdes Ylagan, MD FIAC
MEDIA AND ONLINE EDUCATION Helen Koutselini, MD, FIAC Buffalo, New York
Xiaoyin Sara Jiang, MD Athens, Greece Gordon Yu, MD
Chiung-Ru Lai, MD, FIAC Philadephia, Pennsylvania
EDITORIAL BOARD Taipei, Taiwan Dani Zander, MD
Rodolfo Laucirica, MD Hershey, Pennsylvania
Andrea Abati, MD
Potomac, Maryland Houston, Texas

Diagnostic Cytopathology offers web-based peer review. We require authors to submit their manuscripts to our
online-submission and peer-review website at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/dc.
J_ID: Z85 Customer A_ID: Cadmus Art: DC##_04512_TOCC Date: 30-OCTOBER-17 Stage: I

VOLUME 45, NUMBER 12, 2017

Original Articles
Rosario Granados, Hilda TellezSafina, Isabel Solis, 1065 Cervical cancer screening cotesting with cytology and MRNA HPV E6/E7
Francisco Mateos, Jose Maria RodriguezBarbero, yields high rates of CIN2 lesions in young women
Jose Antonio Aramburu, Miguel Angel Huertas, Paloma Bajo,
Encarnacion Camarmo, Teresa Corrales, Pedro Medina,
Beatriz Calvo, Esther Martin, Laura Anta, Manuel Zamora,
and Teresa Alcaide
Published online 26 September 2017
Huifang Song, Chunmei Yun, Maoye Xu, and Dejun Sun 1073 Different expression about induced sputum cell sorting in the two main
Published online 13 October 2017 types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Alessandra C. Schmitt, Christopher C. Griffith, Cynthia Cohen, 1078 LEF1: Diagnostic utility in distinguishing basaloid neoplasms of the
and Momin T. Siddiqui salivary gland
Published online 3 October 2017
David N. Poller 1084 Value of cytopathologist review of ultrasound examinations in non
Published online 26 September 2017 diagnostic/unsatisfactory thyroid FNA
He Wang, Aatika Malik, Zahra Maleki, Esther Diana Rossi, 1088 Atypical salivary gland fine needle aspiration: Risk of malignancy and
Bo Ping, Ashish Chandra, Syed Z. Ali, Guido Fadda, interinstitutional variability
Jindong Wang, Seyedeh Elham Arab, Huaqing Zhao,
and Nirag Jhala
Published online 29 September 2017
Christopher LePhong, Elizabeth W. Hubbard, Stuart Van Meter, 1095 Squamous cell carcinoma in serous effusions: Avoiding pitfalls in this
and Laurentia Nodit rare encounter
Published online 11 October 2017
Jose rio Junior, Renata M| rian Nunes Eleuterio, 1100 Inflammatory cells in liquidbased cytology smears classified as bacterial
Leonardo Arruda Martins, Paulo Ce sar Giraldo, vaginosis
and Ana Katherine Silveira Goncalves
Published online 10 October 2017

Timely Reviews
Kelsey E. McHugh, Charles D. Sturgis, Gary W. Procop, 1105 The cytopathology of Actinomyces, Nocardia, and their mimickers
and Daniel D. Rhoads
Published online 9 September 2017

Images in Cytology
Rafael Mart| nezGiro n and Santiago Mart| nezTorre 1116 Calcified Curschmann's spirals and microliths in sputum smears from a
Published online 7 July 2017 case of pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis
Nagarjun Rao and Sherri J. Mann 1119 Fine needle aspiration cytology of acute blastomycosis thyroiditis
Published online 9 August 2017

Brief Reports
Ayperi Ozturk, Zafer Aktas, Aydin Yilmaz, Pinar Tari, 1122 An amazing cause of false PET positivity: Diagnosed after a lung cancer
and Funda Demirag surgery
Published online 26 June 2017
Diane HameleBena and Abel Arnoldo Gonzalez 1125 Urinary tract involvement of mantle cell lymphoma diagnosed by urine
Published online 30 June 2017 cytology
Sandhya John and Madelyn Lew 1128 Retinal pigment epithelium adenoma in vitreous fluid cytology
Published online 18 July 2017
JenFan Hang, Chung H. Shum, Syed Z. Ali, and Justin A. Bishop 1132 Cytological features of the Warthinlike variant of salivary
Published online 29 July 2017 mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Takashi Kato, Shin Ichihara, Hiroko Gotoda, 1137 Imprint cytology of clear cell sarcomalike tumor of the gastrointestinal
Shunji Muraoka, Terufumi Kubo, Shintaro Sugita, tract in the small intestine: A case report
and Tadashi Hasegawa
Published online 11 July 2017
Jessica Tracht, Ali M. Ahmed, and Frida Rosenblum Donath 1142 Fineneedle aspiration findings of a rare hematopoietic neoplasm
Published online 27 July 2017 presenting as obstructive jaundice
Sharon B. Sams, Kenneth D. Tompkins, Sarah Mayson, 1148 Oncocytic variant of medullary thyroid carcinoma; a rare tumor with
Christopher D. Raeburn, and Sanjana Mehrotra numerous diagnostic mimics by fine needle aspiration
Published online 12 August 2017

Letters to the Editors

Rafael Mart| nezGiro n, Santiago Mart| nezTorre, 1153 Tuberculous cervicitis: A brief report with cytohistological correlation
and Cristina Mart| nezTorre and differential diagnosis
Published online 10 September 2017
Charu Agarwal, Mukta Pujani, Nimisha Sharma, 1156 Apocrine carcinoma of breast: A rare entity posing cytological challenge
Deepshikha Rana, and Devender Prajapati
Published online 21 September 2017
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J_ID: Z85 Customer A_ID: Cadmus Art: DC##_04512_TOCC Date: 30-OCTOBER-17 Stage: I

Articles Accepted for Publication in Future Issues

Gozde Kir, Hatice Seneldir, and Billur Cosan Sarbay The clinical performance of computer-assisted liquid-based cytology,
primary hrHPV screening, and cotesting at a Turkish Tertiare Care
Ilaria Cozzi, Florina Anca Oprescu, Emma Rullo, and Loss of BRCA1-associated protein 1 (BAP1) expression is useful in
Valeria Ascoli diagnostic cytopathology of malignant mesothelioma in effusions
Hyun-Jung Kim, Chan Young Kim, Jinghui Jin, Moon Kyoung Bae, Aberrant single-minded homolog 1 methylation as a potential biomarker
Yun Hee Kim, Woong Ju, Yun Hwan Kim, Seung Cheol Kim for cervical cancer
Jack Yang, Fredrick S. Nolte, Olga S. Chajewski, Cytology and high risk HPV testing in cervical cancer screening program:
Kathryn G. Lindsey, Patricia M. Houser, Jalidsa Pellicier, Outcome of 3-year follow-up in an academic institute
Qun Wang, and Laleh Ehsani
Shiho Azami, Yuuji Aoki, Mizuki Iino, Asumi Sakaguchi, Useful aspects of diagnosis of imprint cytology in intraoperative
Kanako Ogura, Daiki Ogishima, and Toshiharu Matsumoto consultation of ovarian tumors: comparison between imprint cytology
and frozen sections

Cover legend: Case 1. (A) Diff-Quik stained smears showed bland squamous-appearing epithelial fragments in a
background of abundant mucin (200). (B) The epithelial cells had dense cytoplasm and cytoplasmic processes
(400). (C) In focal areas, lymphocytic infiltration within the epithelial fragments was noted (100). (D) Background
lymphocytes, histiocytes, and scant multinucleated giant cells were seen (100) (pages 11321136).

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