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Twenty Questions Worksheet - Page 1 of 4

You can use this sheet to fill in your answers to the Game of Twenty Questions, and to take notes for later!

Part I: Core Identity (Clan & Family)

1). What clan does your character belong to? Ring Increase (1) Skill Increases (1) Status

2). What family does your character belong to? Ring Increase (1) Skill Increases (2) Glory

Part II: Role & School

3). What is your characters school and role? Ring Increase (2) Skill Increases (3-5) Honor

Techniques Available

School Ability

Starting Equipment Starting Techniques (25)

4). How does your character stand out within their school? Ring Increase (1)
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Part III: Honor & Glory

5). What is your characters duty to their lord?

6). What does your character long for?

7). What is your characters opinion of their clan?

Skill Increase (01) Glory Increase

8). What does your character think of Bushid?

Skill Increase (01) Honor Increase

Part IV: Strengths & Weaknesses

9). What is your characters greatest accomplishment so far? Distinction (1)

10). What holds your characters back the most in life? Adversity (1)

11). What makes your character feel at peace? Passion (1)

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12). What concern, fear, or foible troubles your character the most? Adversity (1)

13). Who has your character learned the most from during
Skill Increase (01) Advantage (1)
their life?

Disadvantage (1)

Part V: Personality & Behavior

14). What details do others find most striking about your character?

15). How does your character respond to stressful situations? Personal Outburst

16. What are your characters preexisting relationships with

other clans, families, organizations, and traditions?
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Part VI: Ancestry & Family

17). How would your characters parents describe them?

18). Who was your character named to honor?

Samurai Heritage (Result)

19). What is your characters personal name?

Part VII: Death

20). How should your character die?